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Thursday, 22 April 2021

John Henry Charles Sweeney and Susannah Harvey

John Henry Charles Sweeney
and Susannah Harvey

Image provided by Jon Gilbert, 
descendant of Rosina Sweeney

John Henry Charles Sweeney, son of John Sweeney and Anne Elizabeth Gabbaday, married Susannah Harvey, daughter of John Harvey and Esther Glede, on 6 Jul 1862 at the church of St John the EvangelistLimehouse. The bride was 16 and the groom, listed as a Seaman, will have been 23 at the time of the marriage. Witnesses were the bridegroom's father, John Sweney (sic) and the groom's sister, Mary Ann Sweeney. 

John and Susannah had eleven children: 

  1. Susannah Sweeney born 5 Jun 1862
  2. John Sweeney born 6 Apr 1864, bap. 5 May 1864 at St John the Evangelist (died 1866, aged 2)
  3. Esther Ann Sweeney born 1866 (died 1866, aged 0) 
  4. John Sweeney born 12 Dec 1867, bap. 5 Jan 1868 at St John the Evangelist.
  5. Job Sweeney born 6 Feb 1870, bap. 11 May 1871 at St John the Evangelist.
  6. Thomas Sweeney born 25 Dec 1871, bap. 15 Feb 1872 at St John the Evangelist.
  7. Henry Sweeney born 13 Jan 1874, bap. 12 Mar 1874 at St John the Evangelist.
  8. Mary May Sweeney born 1876 (died 1877, age 1)
  9. Mary Matilda Sweeney born 11 Mar 1878
  10. Charles Sweeney born 17 Jul 1880
  11. Rosina Sweney born 4 Jun 1883
Notice that the 3rd child has been named Esther Ann - these are the names of the two grandmothers, maternal first, paternal second - and I believe this is significant: there are suggestions that this is a pattern within the family. 

With three having not survived infancy, this explains the eight listed in the family bible. There are no more civil registrations to support further reputed issue, though, of course, there could have been stillbirths or miscarriages.

St John the EvangelistLimehouse (bombed in 1940 and since demolished).

In 1871, John Sweeney (63), carpenter - John Henry Charles' father - is listed as the head of the household at Stephen Cottages, James Street, St Anne, Limehouse. Then there is John Henry Charles (31), labourer, wife Susan (26), daughter Susan (9), plus sons John (3) and Job (1).

In 1881, at Stephen Cottage, 1, Limehouse, Stepney, we find John (41), Dock Labourer, wife Susannah (36), daughter Susannah (18), Tailoress, John (13), Tea Packer, Job (11), Thomas (9), Henry (7), Mary (3) and Charles (0). 

In 1891, at Stephensons Cottages, Condor Street, Limehouse, Stepney (no doubt still the same place), were John (52), Labourer, Susannah (47), Job (21), Packer, Thomas (19), Labourer, Mary M (13), Charles (10) and Rosina (7).

In 1901, at Stephenson Cottages, 1, Limehouse, Stepney, are John Sweeney (63), Dock Labourer, Susannah (54), Thomas (29), General Labourer, Matilda (23), and Rosina (18), both Confectionery Packers. 

And finally [for now], in 1911, the address as 1 Stephensons Cottages, Conder St, Limehouse, with all the kids having flown the nest, there are just John Henry Charles Sweeney (71), now a Night Watchman and Susannah (65).

Susannah died in 1918, aged 72. John H C died in 1922, aged 83.

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