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Friday 24 November 2023

John Byatt and Jane Stokes

All Saints, Little Canfield - Chancel
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John Byatt (bap. 3 May 1778 in Elsenham), son of John Byatt and Sarah Pewter, married Jane Stokes, daughter of Robert Stokes and Susanna Judd, on 24 Nov 1800 at All Saints Church, Little Canfield, Essex.

John and Jane Byatt's children, baptised in Little Canfield, were:
  1. Susanna Byatt bap. 11 Jun 1803
  2. Jane Byatt bap. 9 Jun 1811
  3. William Byatt bap. 6 Mar 1814
  4. Elizabeth Byatt bap. 6 Oct 1816, died aged 31, in 1847 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 77, buried 8 Jun 1847
  5. John Byatt bap. 3 Oct 1819
  6. Catherine Byatt bap. 4 Apr 1824
  7. George Byatt bap. 30 Sep 1827
There are significant gaps between those births, so there may be others.

In 1841, John Byatt (65) Labourer, Jane Byatt (56), George Byatt (13) and Jane's widowed mother, Susan Stokes (78) were living in Hickeys Lane, Little Canfield. Living next door to them was son William Byatt. Son John Byatt was living in the household of John Rickett (4) at Goldings, Netteswell, Essex.

John Byatt died, aged 80, and was buried on 14 Jan 1858 in Little Canfield.

In 1861, Jane Byatt (79) was living at 6, High Canfield Lane, Little Canfield. 

Jane Byatt was buried on 10 Aug 1866, at All Saints, Little Canfield.

Friday 17 November 2023

John Byatt and Sarah Pewter

St Mary the Virgin Elsenham - East end
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John Byatt married Sarah Pewter (bap. 4 Apr 1754 at St Mary's Church, Ware, Hertfordshire) daughter of George and Grace Pewter, at St Mary's Church, Elsenham, Essex on 17 Nov 1775. Various records of the marriage spell his surname as Biatt and one calls him James, but as time goes by, the spelling Byatt becomes consistent and all other records are for John.

John and Sarah had nine children, baptised at St Mary's Church, Elsenham:
  1. William Byat (sic) bap. 21 Apr 1776
  2. John Byatt bap. 3 May 1778
  3. James Byat (sic) bap. 15 Mar 1780
  4. Elizabeth Byatt bap. 10 Dec 1782 and again on 6 Mar 1783 (There isn't time for this to have been a different child, so I wonder if the first is a private baptism at home and the second in the church?)
  5. Mary Byatt bap. 17 Jul 1785
  6. Susan Byatt bap. 23 Nov 1788 (Died 31 Dec 1788)
  7. George Byatt bap. 28 Feb 1790
  8. Thomas Byatt bap. 26 Aug 1792
  9. Sal Byatt bap. 3 Jul 1796 (Buried 8 May 1797) The baptism record for this child specifies the sex as male. On the burial, the child is described as a daughter. We may have found our first transgender relative.
Sarah Byatt died, at 69, and was buried on 8 Feb 1824, in Elsenham.

There is a death and burial of a John Byatt, aged 83 (b. 1757), in Royston, Hertfordshire, in 1840. If one of the children moved there, it might confirm if this is the correct record, but at first glance it appears possible.