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Monday 13 November 2023

Thomas William Colwill and Olivia Trevail

St George's, Hanover Square
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Thomas William Colwill (b. 1861 in Pimlico), son of Henry Colwill and Mary White, married Olivia Trevail (b. 1854 in Luxulyan), daughter of Joseph Trevail and Jane Rundle, at St George, Hanover Square on 13 Nov 1886. Witnesses were Kate Archer and Charles Trevail, the bride's sister and brother.

Thomas and Olivia had two children:
  1. Harry George Colwill born 1888 in Pimlico
  2. Elsie Mary Colwill born 1896 in Dalston
In 1871, at 20, was a kitchen maid in the household of Francis Gosling, Banker, at Wellbury House, Great Offley, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. (Goslings Bank was one of the banks merged into Barclays Bank in 1896)

In 1891, Thomas Colwill (29) Labourer joiner, living at Chichester Street, St George Hanover Square, with wife Olivia Colwill (33), son Harry (2), as well as four boarders: Charles Usher (26), Walter Wilham (35), Constance Wilham (25) and Ernest Aller (24). Thomas claimed to be from Taunton, Somerset. He wasn't. Following the clues, we discover that Thomas William Colwill, born in Pimlico in 1861, was the son of Henry Colwill, Joiner, and Mary White - who married in Wells, Somerset, in 1857. Thomas William Colwill was merely baptised at St Thomas, Wells, Somerset, in 1861. 

By 1901, Thomas Collwell (sic) (39) Builder's foreman, living at 24, Back Common Road, Lake Avenue Terrace, Chiswick, with Olivia (36), Harry (12) and Elsie (4), had remembered that he was born in Pimlico.

In 1911, Thomas Colwill (49) Foreman Joiner, Olivia Colwill (53), Harry Colwill (22) Joiner and Elsie Colwill (14), were living at 21 Slowmans Cottages, Ashingdon Road, Rochford, Essex. 

In 1921, T W [Thomas William] Colwill (59) Commercial Traveller; Olivia Colwill (63) and Elsie Mary Colwill (24) Clerk at the Ministry of Pensions, were living at 108, Oval Road, Croydon, Surrey.

Thomas W Colwill died, aged 69, in 1930, in Croydon.

Olivia Colwell died, aged 83, in 1937, also in Croydon.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

William Penfold and Mary Ann Charlotte Gunn

Lingfield, Surrey
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Looking towards the Grade I listed church of St. Peter & St. Paul.

William Penfold (bap. 5 Nov 1826 at St Mary the Virgin, Hartfield), son of William Penfold and Hannah Humphrey (m. 1821) married Mary Ann Charlotte Gunn (bap. 25 Jul 1830 at St Nicholas Church, Chiswick), daughter of Robert Gunn and Dinah Powell (m. 1812) at St Peter and St Paul, Lingfield, Surrey on 11 Oct 1851. Witnesses were Thomas and Hannah Tharp.

William and Mary Ann had nine children:
  1. Jane Penfold b. 1853 D Quarter in EAST GRINSTED Vol 02B Page 94, bap. 30 Oct 1853 at St Peter and St PaulLingfield, Surrey
  2. William Robert Penfold b. 1855 D Quarter in CROYDON SURREY Volume 02A Page 123, bap. 20 Jan 1856 in Croydon, Surrey, died 1856 J Quarter Volume 02A Page 82, buried on 13 Apr 1856 in Croydon.
  3. John Robert Penfold b. 12 Apr 1857 J Quarter in EAST GRINSTEAD Volume 02B Page 98, bap. 24 May 1857 at St Mary the Virgin, Hartfield
  4. Arthur Edward Penfold b. 1859 J Quarter in EAST GRINSTEAD Volume 02B Page 99, bap. 5 Jun 1859 at St Mary the Virgin, Hartfield
  5. Amelia Dinah Penfold b. 1861 S Quarter in EAST GRINSTEAD Volume 02B Page 104, died, age 5, in 1867 J Quarter Volume 02B Page 74
  6. Frederick William Penfold b. 20 Jul 1863 in EAST GRINSTEAD 
  7. Charles Penfold b. 31 Oct 1865 in EAST GRINSTEAD Vol 02B 104
  8. Thomas Penfold b. 1868 J Quarter in EAST GRINSTEAD Vol 02B 111. Died, aged 19 on 20 Apr 1887, at St. George Hanover Square
  9. George Albert Penfold b. 1870 S Quarter in EAST GRINSTEAD Volume 02B Page 114, died, age 3, in 1874 J Quarter Volume 02B Page 82, bur: 14 May 1874 St. Mary's Church, Hartfield, Sussex
Later newspaper reports allude to the existence of four [surviving] brothers.

In 1861, William Penfold (34) Agricultural Labourer was living in Hartfield Green, Hartfield, East Grinstead, Sussex with wife Mary Ann Penfold (30), Jane Penfold (7), John Penfold (4) and Arthur Edward Penfold (2).

In 1871, still in Hartfield Green, Hartfield, Sussex, were William Penfold (44), Mary Ann C Penfold (40), John R (14), Arthur E (11), Frederick W (7), Charles (5), Thomas (3), George A (0) and Henry Care (15) Nephew.

William Penfold died, aged 46, and was buried in Hartfield on 1 Mar 1873.

In 1881, Mary Ann Penfold (50) widow, was living at the Old Turnpike House, Hartfield - a later newspaper article mentions that her late husband, William Penfold, had been the toll house keeper - with Thomas (13) and Charles Payne (9) Boarder. Frederick William Penfold (18) was at the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda; Charles Penfold (17) Grocer's assistant was living in Mitcham, Surrey in the household of his older brother, John Edward Penfold; there's no knowing where Arthur Edward Penfold was at that time.

Mary Ann Penfold died, aged 55, in 1886, in Chelsea. Newspaper reports indicate that she had died during an epileptic seizure.

Sunday 30 July 2023

Henry Charles Orton and Dahlia Trevail

St Mark's Church, North Audley Street, London W1
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Henry Charles Orton, Widower, Carpenter of Shepherd's Market married Dahlia Mackness, Widow, of 1 Park Lane, London, daughter of Joseph Trevail, Farmer at the parish church of St George's, Hanover Square on 30 Jul 1881

Henry and Dahlia had two children, both born at 6, Church Road, Watford:
  1. Charles Orton b. 3 Jul 1882, bap. 24 Sep 1882 at St Andrew's, Watford
  2. Emily Maud Orton b. 21 Sep 1884, bap. 2 Nov 1884 at St Andrew's
Dahlia Trevail, daughter of Joseph Trevail and Jane Rundle, in 1871, was cook to Thomas William Bramston, Conservative Member for South Essex, at the family estate of Skreens, Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex. Then, in 1876, aged 27, she had married Frederick Mackness (bap. 14 Feb 1827), a sawyer, son of George and Susanna Mackness, at St Mark, North Audley Street (St Mark's, Mayfair, now home to Mercato Mayfair). The marriage was short-lived, because in the 4th quarter of that same year, Frederick died, aged 49. 

In 1881, Dahlia Mackness (31), widow, was once again employed as a cook, in the household of Sir William Miller, 1st Baronet in London, at 1, Park Lane. 

It was "third time lucky" for Henry, son of Charles Orton and Mary Leach, born in Warwickshire in 1838. Henry had first married Elizabeth Neal on 11 Oct 1863 in Leamington Spa, but Elizabeth died, aged 31, in 1867, in Shipston-on-Stour. That marriage didn't produce any children. Henry then married widow, Ellen Reynolds (née Carpenter), in 1869, in what was then Aston, Warwickshire. They had three daughters: Florence Mary Orton, was born in 1870, in Southam; Nellie Rose in Warwick in 1873 and Lizzie in Watford in 1877. Ellen Orton died, aged 47, also in Watford, where Henry C Orton (42) Builder's foreman, was living at 6, Church Road, in 1881.

In 1891, Henry C Orton (52) Carpenter, wife Delia (sic) (42), Florence (21), Charles (8), Maud (6), plus boarders: Samuel Cos (21) and Albert Batchelor (19) were living in London at Worcester Street, St George Hanover Square.

Then Henry Charles Orton died in the 4th quarter of 1892, aged 54.

Various newspapers in Apr 1893 reported on:

The case of "Orton v. Simpson" came before Judge Bayley and a jury at Westminster County Court for a partition of the damages. Mrs Dahlia Orton and her children claimed £280 under the Employers' Liability Act from Messrs. Simpson and Company (Limited), engineers, of Pimlico. The husband was an engineer, and on 3 Dec last was killed whilst in the employ of the defending company through the bursting of a defective cylinder. The plaintiff had two children, aged eight and ten years, and there were two children of the deceased by a former marriage, aged 18 and 21. The defendants admitted their liability and paid £210 into court, which sum the plaintiff accepted, at Westminster County Court yesterday applied under Lord Campbell's Act for a partition of the damages. The jury awarded the plaintiff £50, the two children by a former marriage £5 each, and the plaintiff's two children £75. 

In 1901, Dahlia Orton (52) widow, was living at 16, Balfern Grove, Chiswick with Charles Orton (18), Emily M Orton (16) and three boarders: Alfred Hooke (22), Thomas Willcox (25) and Albert Clarke (27).

In 1911, Dahlia Orton (62) was staying with her daughter and her husband, William Charles Creedon (27) Licenced Victualler at the Builder's Arms8 Wyvil Road, Lambeth. (William Charles Creeden and Emily Maud Orton married, in Brentford, in 1907 and, in 1910, William Charles Creedon had been landlord of the Oxford Arms, 77 St Peter Street, Bethnal Green.)

In 1921, Dahlia Orton (72) Widow was once again living with her daughter and son-in-law, this time back at 16, Balfern Grove, Chiswick, Middlesex.

Dahlia Orton died in 1925, aged 76, in Brentford.

Sunday 31 January 2021

Daniel Soames Reeve and Martha Hobbs Day

Walkern : Parish Church
of St Mary the Virgin

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Daniel Soames Reeve (b. Daniel Soames, 1852 D Qtr in DAVENTRY Volume 03B Page 85, as his parents didn't marry until 1857), son of William Reeve and Maria Soames, married Martha Hobbs Day (b. 24 May 1845 in Cambridge), daughter of John Day and Ellenor Hannah Wilton, in the 4th quarter of 1880, in Royston, Hertfordshire.

Daniel and Martha had one daughter:
  1. Ellen Maria Reeve b. 2 Jan 1884 (1884 M Quarter in HERTFORD UNION Vol 03A Page 474), bap. 27 Apr 1884 in Walkern, Hertfordshire. Birth record confirms mother's maiden name DAY and the baptism record lists Daniel's occupation as Groom.
In 1881, Daniel S Reeve (29) Groom was living in Water Lane, Kneesworth (Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth), with Martha Reeve (33) Dressmaker and Ellen Day (64) Mother (Martha's mother), Widow, Dressmaker.

In 1891, Daniel S Reeve (38) Groom, Martha Reeve (41) and Ellen Reeve (7) were living in Odsey, Ashwell Road, Guilden Morden.

In 1901, Daniel Reeve (49) Groom, Martha Reeve (52) and Ellen Reeve (17) were at The Lodge Farm, Burlington Lane, Chiswick.

In 1911, Daniel Soames Reeve (60) Tram Washer, living at 20 Duke Road, Chiswick, with Martha Reeve (66). This record confirms that they had been married 31 years and had one child, who was still living. (Ellen Maria Reeve had married Walter Ernest Oliver in Brentford, Middlesex, in 1902)

In 1921, Daniel Reeve (68) Tram Washer for London United Tram Co Ltd, and Martha Reeve (76) were living at 64, Duke Road, Chiswick.

Martha Reeve died, at 76, in 1921 S Qtr in BRENTFORD Vol 03A Page 61.

Daniel Soames Reeve died, aged 86, in 1938 J Quarter in BRIXWORTH Volume 03B Page 112. (In 1939, his son-in-law and daughter were living in Nether Heyford, so one assumes Daniel had been living with them.)