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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Pedigree of the Fullers

Many of us know where we are descended from one of George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley's children, so here is a pedigree, showing just those of their direct ancestors I've been able to identify (each indent is a further generation). Click on the links and individual pages lead to other family members, offspring, siblings, etc., where I've researched them. This is a slower process than you could ever imagine, but at the same time, worth mentioning that pages will and do change when I add more research and link people to their relevant pages.

Thursday, 20 May 2021

John Byatt and Jane Stokes

All Saints, Little Canfield - Chancel
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John Byatt (bap. 3 May 1778 in Elsenham), son of John Byatt and Sarah Pewter, married Jane Stokes, daughter of Robert Stokes and Susanna Judd, on 24 Nov 1800 at All Saints Church, Little Canfield, Essex.

John and Jane Byatt's children, baptised in Little Canfield, were:
  1. Susanna Byatt bap. 11 Jun 1803
  2. Jane Byatt bap. 9 Jun 1811
  3. William Byatt bap. 6 Mar 1814
  4. John Byatt bap 3 Oct 1819
  5. Catherine Byatt bap. 4 Apr 1824
  6. George Byatt bap. 30 Sep 1827
In 1841, John Byatt (65) Labourer, Jane Byatt (56), George Byatt (13) and Jane's widowed mother, Susan Stokes (78) were living in Hickeys Lane, Little Canfield. Living next door to them was son William Byatt.

John Byatt died, aged 80, and was buried on 14 Jan 1858 in Little Canfield.

In 1861, Jane Byatt (79) was living at 6, High Canfield Lane, Little Canfield.

Jane Byatt died and was buried, on 10 Aug 1866, at All Saints, Little Canfield.

Robert Stokes and Susanna Judd

St Mary, Great Canfield - East end
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Robert Stokes (bap. 28 Apr 1765), son of Robert and Prudence Stokes of Great Dunmow, married Susanna Judd (bap. 24 Jun 1764), daughter of John and Susanna Judd, on 20 Apr 1784 at her parish of St Mary, Great Canfield. 

Robert and Susanna had five children:
  1. Jane Stokes bap. 29 Aug 1784 in Great Canfield
  2. John Stokes bap. 5 Nov 1786 in Great Canfield
  3. William Stokes bap. 8 Nov 1789 in Great Canfield
  4. Joseph Stokes bap. 25 Sep 1792 in Great Canfield
  5. James Stokes bap. 28 Aug 1796 in Little Canfield
Robert Stokes died, aged 75, and was buried on 11 Aug 1840.

In 1841, the widowed Susan Stokes was living with her daughter, Jane Byatt, in Hickeys Lane, Little Canfield. Susan Stokes died and was buried, on 1 Mar 1852, at All Saints, Little Canfield. She will have been 88.

These pages are notes on work in progress, so expect changes as further research is done. Follow That Page can monitor changes.

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