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Thursday 30 November 2023

Robert Hockley and Elizabeth Neve

All Saints Church, Stisted, Essex
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Robert Hockley (bap. 1 Oct 1775 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow), son of Robert Hockley and Elizabeth Cramphorne, married Elizabeth Neve of Stisted, at All Saints Church, Stisted, Essex on 30 Nov 1797.

In 1799, the records of Country Apprentices, inform us that William Lammas was indentured to Robert Hockley, Tailor. This William Lammas would have been his cousin, son of William Lammas and Mary Hockley, Robert's aunt.

However, Elizabeth Hockley, wife of Robert Hockley, Tailor, died at just 27 and was buried on 23 Feb 1800. She had given birth to a daughter, who was christened, Elizabeth Hockley at 3 weeks of age on 25 Feb 1800. The infant died at 2 months and was buried, at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, on 16 Mar 1800, with a sad note on the burial record saying "The mother dead."

Unsurprisingly, on 20 Nov 1801, Robert Hockley of this Parish, Widower, remarried this time to Mary Hayward of the Parish of Halstead in the County of Essex, Spinster, at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow. They were married by License in the Presence of Thos. Lilly and Elizabeth Hockley.

Robert and Mary's son, Ebenezer Hockley b. 6 Jun 1804, bap. 3 Aug 1804, was listed among Dunmow (Independent): Births & Baptisms.

But Mary Hockley wife of Robert Hockley died, aged 30, on 19 Aug 1805 and Essex Non-Conformist Church Records list that she was buried on 23 Aug 1805. There was also a Non-Conformist burial of a Mary Hockley on 30 Aug 1805, so, although there is no corresponding baptism, nor is the age of this deceased listed, my fear is this may be the death of another infant.

So, on 12 Jul 1808, Robert Hockley, Widower of this Parish, married for a third time to Mary Harvey, Widow, of the Parish of Great Sampford, again at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, the record stating, "Married in this Church by License. In the presence of Thomas Reynold and Sarah Cornell." It hasn't been possible to work out what this Mary's maiden name was.

This Robert and Mary Hockley had at least these two daughters:
  1. Eleanor Hockley b. 1811, died aged 33 on 21 Dec 1844 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 56 and Essex Non-Conformist Church Records show she was buried on Christmas Day, 25 Dec 1844.
  2. Lueza Hockley bap. 4 Mar 1814, listed in Dunmow (Independent): Births & Baptisms. Died on 7 Nov 1814 and was buried on 11 Nov 1814. 
Pigot's Directory of Essex 1823 lists Robert Hockley as a Tailor and Draper.

In 1841, Robert Hockley (65) Tailor and Draper was in High Street, Great Dunmow with Mary Hockley (64), Eleanor Hockley (30) and Mary Fewell (17) Female Servant. Their position in the High Street was interesting: 

The first household listed in the High Street, Great Dunmow in 1841 was that of Samuel Thorn (40) Shoe Maker. Next door was Robert Hockley, Tailor and Draper. Then George Saich (25) Ostler. It doesn't tell us which establishment, but as an Ostler, it must have been a Coaching Inn, so my feeling is most likely the Saracen's Head Hotel, the 15th century Coaching Inn at 30 High Street, Great Dunmow. (Saich later went to the Neville Arms, Wendens Ambo). The other side of the hostelry were Henry Wilton and Mary Barton, then Henry Wilton, Saddler - in whose household was Henry Wilton Pryor - and then John Prior (55) Basket Maker - father of Charles Prior married to Mary Wilton - who were next and Richard Wilton was lodging next door.)

Mary Hockley died at 66 in 1843 D Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 12 Page 59.

In 1851, Robert Hockley (76) Widower, Tailor from Great Dunmow, Essex, was living in Fryerning, Essex with James French (14) Ag Lab, Lodger in his household. (Robert's son, Ebenezer Hockley (44) Draper and Tailor, was at that time also living in Ingatestone Street, Fryerning with his family.)

The Essex Standard on 12 Nov 1858 reported that on the "4th instant Josiah Martin St. John, of Brighton, was charged with stealing a time-piece from Mr. Robert Hockley, tailor, of Ingatestone." So he was in Ingatestone by then.

Robert Hockley died in 1861 D Quarter in CHELMSFORD Volume 04A Page 86. The Essex Standard of 13 Nov and 15 Nov 1861, reported, "Nov 6th, at Ingatestone, aged 85, Mr. Robert Hockley, formerly of Dunmow."

Monday 7 August 2023

Ebenezer Hockley and Betsey Mumford

St Mary, Great Dunmow
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Ebenezer Hockley (b. 6 Jun 1804 in Great Dunmow), son of Robert Hockley and Mary Hayward married Betsey Mumford (bap. Elizabeth on 29 Mar 1807 in Great Dunmow), daughter of James Mumford and Mary Stubbings, at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow on 7 Aug 1827. They were married in this Church by License with Consent of Guardians and Parents. In the Presence of Simon Mumford, Charles Mumford, Mary Elizabeth Mumford, John Tuck and Eleanor Hockley. (There on 27 Dec 1827, Ebenezer and Betsey Hockley witnessed the marriage of John Tuck and Mary Elizabeth Mumford.)

Ebenezer and Betsey Hockley had four children:
  1. Emma Hockley b. 10 Mar 1829, bap 15 May 1829 
  2. Robert Hockley b. 5 Oct 1830, bap. 7 Nov 1830
  3. Joseph Hockley b. 23 Jul 1832, bap. 28 Aug 1832,
    (d. 22 Sep 1832, buried 28 Sep 1832)
  4. Joseph Hockley b. 5 Jan 1835, bap. 26 Jul 1835
All were from "England, Essex Non-Conformist Church Records".

In 1841, Ebenezer Hockley (30) [rounded down] was living in Ingatestone Street, Fryerning with Robert Hockley (10), Joseph Hockley (6), Simon Mumford (15) and Elizabeth Rolph (20). Betsey was not listed in the household and I was unable to find her elsewhere. Could just be an omission. That year there was an Emma Hockley (13) in a large household (all female, school maybe) in High Street, Witham, Essex that may relate.

On 6 Jul 1841, the Essex & Herts Mercury reported, "Charles Grant 40 charged with having stolen 50 yards of diamond cotton the property of Ebenezer Hockley, Fryerning— One month’s hard labour."

In 1851, Ebenezer Hockley (44) Draper and Tailor from Great Dunmow was still in Ingatestone Street, Fryerning with Betsey Hockley (43), Emma Hockley (22) and Robert Hockley (20). While, Joseph Hockley (16) from Ingtestone, Essex was an Apprentice in the household of Samuel Hurrell (41) Tailor and Hatter in South Street, Bishop's Stortford

Ebenezer Hockley died at 50 in 1854 S Quarter in CHELMSFORD Volume 04A Page 120.

On 11 Feb 1858, Betsey Hockley, Widow then resident in Felsted, Essex, daughter of James Mumford, Saddler, married James Laver, Widower, son of Joseph Laver, in Fryerning, Essex.

In 1861, James Laver (73) Farmer Of 130 Acres Employing 6 Men 3 Boys from Cressing, Essex was living at Bannister Green, Felsted, Essex with Betsey Laver (55) Farmer's Wife; William Suckling (15) Farmer's Servant and Martha Murage (18) General Servant.

It would appear that James Laver died, aged 79, in 1868 J Quarter in BRAINTREE Volume 04A Page 202 and was buried in Shalford, Essex.

In 1871, Betsey Laver (64) Widow, was living in the household of Lawrence Orpen (75) Farmer, in Rivenhall, Essex, described as his "Friend". 

Betsey Laver died at 71, in 1878 M Qtr in BRAINTREE Vol 04A Page 269.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Joseph Wilton and Ann Thurlbourn

High Street, Great Dunmow
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Joseph Wilton (b. 1815 in Royston, Hertfordshire), son of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, married Ann Thurlbourn (b. 9 Sep 1820 in Cambridge), daughter of John Thurlbourn and Rhoda Poarcher, in Cambridge in Q2 of 1841, and brought his new wife to Great Dunmow, where in 1841, we find Joseph Wilton (25) Tailor and Ann Wilton (20) in the High Street, where his uncle, eldest sister and two brothers already lived. If one could take a time-machine back to Great Dunmow in 1841, imagine how long it would take to get any shopping done after greeting all the family en route!

Joseph and Ann Wilton had thirteen children:
  1. Sarah Ann Wilton b. 1842 M Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 12 Page 84 
  2. Edwin Joseph Wilton b. 1843 D Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 12 Page 77
  3. Eleanor Wilton b. 1845 D Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 12 Page 77
  4. Kate Wilton b. 1846 D Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 12 Page 75 (d. 1870 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 294)
  5. Clara Jane Wilton b. 1848 D Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 12 Page 67
  6. Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton b. 1850 J Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 12 Page 87 
  7. Alice Maria Wilton b. 1852 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 316 (d. 1854 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A  Page 242)
  8. Lydia Ann Wilton b. 1853 D Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 273
  9. Alice Maria Wilton b. 1855 S Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 297
  10. Herbert Charles Wilton b. 1857 S Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 304 (d. 1858 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A  Page 261)
  11. Fanny Wilton b. 1859 M Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 372
  12. Marion Louisa Wilton b. 1860 D Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 308 (d. 1861 M Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 228)
  13. Frederic John Wilton b. 1862 S Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 334 (d. 1879 S Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 234)
Most of the registrations correctly spell the mother's maiden name as THURLBOURN, so someone in the family must have been literate.

Having often joked that I come from a long line of Essex girls (white stilettos optional), little did I know quite how much influence on 'Essex style' (stop thinking TOWIE), my relatives may have had, having served the clothing needs of the population in Great Dunmow for probably three centuries or more.

Robert Hockley (bap. 1775), who may also have been my relative, was listed as a tailor in Pigot's Directory of Essex 1823 and as a tailor and draper in the High Street in 1841. They may have been in competition, but as Robert Hockley was then 65, there also exists the possibility that my Wilton relatives took over the business from my Hockley ones. Joseph Wilton was once again listed in White's Directory of Essex 1848, as a Tailor and Draper.

The difference between tailor and draper is that tailor makes, repairs, or alters clothes professionally, especially suits and men's clothing while draper is one who sells cloths; a dealer in cloths; as, a draper and tailor. And a clothier is a person or company that makes or sells clothes or cloth, while an outfitter is a shop selling men's clothing.

As the census returns for 1851 in Great Dunmow are missing, we have to wait until 1861 - when Joseph's occupation is described as Tailor And Clothier - to encounter them again. That census locates Joseph's premises three-doors-down, on the same side of the road, from the The Saracen's Head Hotel, with a confectioner and a clockmaker between them and a draper and grocer on the other side, with eight of the nine then surviving children still at home.

In 1871, Joseph Wilton, Clothier, employing 3 men and 1 boy, was still in the same position with the Willis brothers next door (although the clockmaker had changed career to become an insurance agent) and then the Parker family, confectioners. In the Wilton household were Joseph (56), wife Ann (50), Edwin Joseph (27), Eleanor (25), Arthur (20), Lydia Ann (17), Alice Maria (15), Fanny (12) and Frederick (8). Clara Jane (21) was living with her sister, Sarah Ann Jarvis (28), also in the High Street, Great Dunmow.

Joseph Wilton died, aged 58, on 11 Aug 1873 (1873 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 242) from Consumption (Tuberculosis) and was buried on 18 Aug 1873, leaving effects valued 'Under £600'. 

Ann Wilton died, at 56, on 15 Nov 1876 (1876 D Quarter in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 248) and was buried on 22 Nov 1876 in Great Dunmow. 

Kate Wilton had died, from Consumption (Tuberculosis) aged 23, in 1870 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 294 and was buried on 24 Jan 1870; Sarah Ann Jarvis died at 31, in 1874 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 271, again from Consumption (Tuberculosis) and was buried on 8 Jan 1874; and Frederick John Wilton died, aged 17, in 1879 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 234 and was buried on 20 Aug 1879. The level of loss in this family is heart-breaking. 

In 1881, it fell to Edwin Joseph Wilton to carry on the Outfitters Shop, High Street, Great Dunmow, assisted by his brother Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton (30) Clothier. Eleanor Wilton (29 ish) Tobacconist; Clara Wilton (27) Tobacconist, Tom Jarvis (13) Cashier Clerk, Nephew born in Thaxted [William Thomas Jarvis son of Sarah Ann Jarvis] and a Lodger were at 3, Duke Street, Chelmsford, Essex. Alice Marie Wilton (25) Governess and Fanny Wilton (22) Governess were elsewhere in the High Street, Great Dunmow.

In 1891, Alice Wilton (31) Schoolmistress; Fanny Wilton (28) Schoolmistress; Eleanor Wilton (38) Dressmaker; Clara Wilton (36) Dressmaker and Lillie Wilton [Lydia Ann] (32) Governess. The last three were visitors in the household of the first two in the High Street, Great Dunmow. 

In 1901, Eleanor Wilton (claiming to be 45) Dressmaker and Clara Wilton (42 ish) were living in Fairfield Road, Chelmsford; Arthur T Wilton (50) Clothiers Assistant, was a Lodger at The Brook, Great Dunmow. Lydia A Wilton (42), Alice M Wilton (41) and Fanny Wilton (37) were all listed as Teacher Private School and living together in New Street, Great Dunmow.

Alice Maria Wilton died at 51 in 1906 J Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A 385. Essex Newsman of 9 Jun 1906: "MISS ALICE WILTON, of New Street, Dunmow, died very suddenly on Friday last. The deceased lady was in her usual health until the previous Wednesday afternoon, when she was seized with pain, and on the doctor's arrival it was found necessary for her to undergo and operation without delay. This was carried out, but death followed very soon afterwards, from heart failure. The funeral took place at the Congregational Church Burial Ground on Tuesday, when a large number of fiends attended, The mourners were Mr E J Wilton of Brighton and Mr Arthur Wilton, brothers; Messrs J W Beard, L Saville, A Dennis ad J V Mackenzie, Mr James Mackenzie, Mr & Mrs Scarfe, Mr & Mrs Dennis, the Choral Society, the Choir, the Misses White (old pupils), Mr & Mrs Budd, of Chelmsford, and the pupils of the school. The funeral service was conducted by the Rev D B Thomas.

In 1911, Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton (60) Outfitter, was a Boarder in Market Street, Great Dunmow; Eleanor Wilton (55 ish) Dressmaker and Lets Apartments was still living in Chelmsford with sister Clara Jane Wilton (51) and two Boarders; Lydia Ann Wilton (47) School Mistress and Fanny Wilton (42 ish) Music Teacher were still in Great Dunmow. 

Clara Jane Wilton died at 70 in 1919 D Quarter in CHELMSFORD.

In 1921, Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton (70) Formerly Clothier, was an Inmate in Severalls Mental Hospital, Colchester (Severalls Hospital: the Evil Inside The Asylum); Eleanor Wilton (72) Lodging house keeper; Lydia Ann Wilton (56) and Fanny Wilton (52) were at 10, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford with Thomas Cunnington (23) Accountant Clerk from Gorleston on Sea, Boarder.

Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton died at 72 in 1923 M Quarter in COLCHESTER Vol 04A Page 772; Fanny Wilton died at 67 in 1926 D Quarter in CHELMSFORD Vol 04A Page 620; Lily Wilton [Lydia Ann] died at 74 in 1928 M Quarter in CHELMSFORD Vol 04A Page 724 and Eleanor Wilton died at 82 in 1928 J Quarter in CHELMSFORD Vol 04A Page 684. 

None of them, other than Sarah Ann and Edwin Joseph, ever married.