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Wednesday 26 June 2024

Wilhelm Kritzer and Flora Wilhelmina Gleichauf

The Catholic parish church of St. Johann in Donaueschingen, Germany. The building with a double tower façade in the Bohemian Baroque style was built from 1724 to 1747 to a design by the Prague architect František Maxmilián Kaňka. Photo H. HelmlechnerCC BY-SA 4.0.

Wilhelm Kritzer (b. 10 Jan 1844), son of Michael Kritzer and Maria Agatha Hall, married Flora Wilhelmina Gleichauf (b. 26 Jan 1851), daughter of Johann Nepomuk Gleichauf and Waldburga Baur, on 26 Jun 1873 at the Katholisch (The Catholic parish church of St. Johann, consecrated to John the Baptist) in DonaueschingenVillingenBaden, Germany. 

Wilhelm and Flora Kritzer had five children, all baptised in that same church:
  1. Amalia Kritzer b. 7 Oct 1873, bap. 19 Oct 1873
  2. Julius Kritzer b. 18 Aug 1874, bap. 23 Aug 1874
  3. Karl Kritzer b. 3 Nov 1875, bap. 14 Nov 1875
  4. Josef Kritzer b. 30 Oct 1877, bap. 11 Nov 1877 
  5. Wilhelm Kritzer b. 10 Mar 1879, bap. 23 Mar 1879,
    but who sadly died on 14 Sep of the same year.

Eldest son Julius Kritzer of 26 Karlstrasse, Donaueschingen, Germany died on 12 Feb 1925. (Karlstraße, appears to be the town's main street.) Probate was granted, however, in 1929, in England, to Mortimer Rooke, solicitor, attorney of Justina Kritzer, widow. It seems strange to have probate granted in England, unless they also spent time in the UK, but I can find no record of either of them having done so and no other record of Julius, nor Justina.

The three other surviving siblings certainly came to Britain to work in service in some very distinguished households and were in the UK at the outbreak of the First World War, where they found themselves at the epicentre of the anti-German hysteria and Spy Feverincited by the press

Pelham Place, South Kensington
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Amalia Kritzer (27), daughter of Wilhelm Kritzer and Flora Gleichauf, in 1901, was employed as a Lady's Maid in the household of spinster sisters, Mary and Adela Ram at 20, Alexander Square, Kensington, a garden square in London's Chelsea, SW3. (Like the private communal gardens seen in Notting Hill.) 

In 1911, she was working as Lady's Maid for a 3rd sister, Elizabeth Ram at 19 Pelham Place, Kensington. The two older Ram sisters were born in France and the latter in Ireland, so the family don't appear on any census in England until we find them, living with their father, Stephen Ram, in the similarly upmarket Egerton Gardens, in 1891, where he was 'Living on own Means'. (Stephen Ram (1819-1899), of Ramsfort ParkGoreyCounty Wexford, Ireland (The Rams of Gorey), had married Mary Christian Casamayor at Marylebone Church on 6 Aug 1839, with whom he had 7 children.)

In 1921, Amalie Kritzer (47) Lady's Maid from Baden, Germany was still working for Elizabeth Ram (62) at 19, Pelham Place, South Kensington, London. Living with Miss Ram was her niece, Christina M Ram and the pair were attended by Amalie, a Cook, a Parlourmaid and a Housemaid.

Elizabeth Ram died, at 67, in 1926 S Quarter in KENSINGTON Volume 01A Page 111 and The London Daily Chronicle of 15 Oct 1926 reported on, "£300 A YEAR TO MAID. Miss Elizabeth Ram of Pelham Place, South Kensington, whose estate is valued at £100,441 [nearly £8 million in 2024], left £200, the contents of her rooms, and £300 a year to her maid, Amalie Kritzer."

Amalie Kritzer, spinster, of 125 Beaufort St, Chelsea, London died, aged 60, on 4 Oct 1934. She left £1267 5s 8d (~£114,000 in 2024). Probate was granted to Mortimer Rooke and Alexander Herbert Macdonald, solicitors.

Source of the Donaubach in Donaueschingen (historically considered the source of the Danube)
Donaueschingen, in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) near the confluence of the two sources of the river Danube, close to the borders with Switzerland and France, is postcard perfectThis video gives us a look around the town today and the pronunciation of Doe-now-ess-shingen. 

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Francis Blazey and Amy Rosa Joslin

Regent's Canal, Bow Common
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Francis Blazey (bap. 18 Oct 1867), son of Samuel Blazey and Elizabeth Wiggins, married Amy Rosa Joslin (b. 5 Feb 1865 in Kensington), daughter of Robert Hurrell Joslin from Chelmsford, Essex and Ann Graver from Hemsby, Norfolk, on 19 Jun 1892, at Saint John The Evangelist, Golding Street, Saint George in the East, where their marriage service was performed by Daniel Radford, Curate. (The church was closed during the Second World War and demolished in 1964.) Witnesses were Valentine and Caroline Wolf.

Francis and Amy had six children, all born in St George in the East

  1. Hilda Alice Eleanor Blazey b. 1892 S Quarter in ST. GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 370 (Died, aged 1, on 1 Jul 1894 S Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 205 and was buried at Margravine Cemetery, Hammersmith, Section 8 Letter K No. 7)
  2. Rosalie Hilda Blazey b. 7 May 1895 (1895 J Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 390)
  3. Alfred Hurrell Blazey b. 28 Jul 1898 (1898 S Quarter in ST GEORGE-IN-THE-EAST Volume 01C Page 366), bap. 14 Aug 1898 at the church of St George in the East, in Cannon Street Road, Stepney.
  4. William Francis Blazey b. 27 Jan 1902 (1902 M Quarter in ST GEORGE-IN-THE-EAST Volume 01C Page 345)
  5. Dorothy Alice Blazey b. 1904 M Quarter in ST. GEORGE-IN-THE-EAST Volume 01C Page 357. (Died 1904 D Quarter Volume 01C Page 243)
  6. Ida Winifred Blazey b. 24 Aug 1907 (1907 S Quarter in ST. GEORGE-IN-THE-EAST Volume 01C Page 325)
Their address at the time of Alfred's baptism was 35 Tarling Street, St George in the East and Francis Blazey's occupation was Dock Labourer. After double-checking through records, it seems he was the only child they had baptised.

In 1901, living in 35, Tillman Street, St George in the East, were Francis Blazey (33) Labourer (civil service), Amy (33), Rosalie (5) and Alfred (2).

By 1911, they had moved to 22 Upper Chapman StSt George in the East. Francis Blazey (44) described as "Leading Man Of Labourers", with wife Amy Blazey (44), Rosalie (16), Alfred (13), William (10) and Ida (4). 

In 1921, still living at 22, Upper Chapman Street, St George in the East, London, were Francis Blazey (54) Charge Man & Labourer employed by the Admiralty; Amy Blazey (53), Rosalie Blazey (25) Clerk; Alfred Blazey (22) Clerk for the Admiralty; William Blazey (19) General Labourer for the Admiralty; Ida Blazey (13) and Annie Wood (24) Cook, Boarder.

Frances Blazey of 22 Chapman Street, E1, died, on 18 Apr 1938, aged 70 and was buried at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Tower Hamlets, London. He left £313 9s 7d (worth £21,610 in 2021) to his widow, Amy Rosa Blazey.

In 1939, Amy was living with her married daughter, Ida Jarvis, at 30 Warren Road, Merton, Surrey. Rosalie Blazey, Coal Merchant's Clerk, was still living at 22 Chapman Street, Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, Stepney.

Amy R Blazey died, in Surrey, on 1 Apr 1941, aged 75. She was also buried at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Tower Hamlets, London.

  • Rosalie Hilda Blazey of 4 Queensbridge DriveHerne Bay, Kent died, on 2 Jul 1981, aged 86. She had never married. 
  • 2nd Lieutenant Alfred Hurrell Blazey served in the The Duke Of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment) during World War I and on 21 Feb 1922 was appointed to the Civil Service, Admiralty, as a Writer in HM Dockyards and Naval Establishments. In 1925 Alfred Hurrell Blazey married Violet Catherine Petrie, in Poplar. They appear to have two sons, born 1928 and 1930 (in 1939 could be evacuees). In 1939, Alfred and Violet were living at 4 St James's Avenue, Bromley, Kent. Alfred H Blazey died, at 61, in 1959, in Bromley, Kent. Violet Catherine Blazey (b. 1 Nov 1898), of 4 St James's Avenue, Bromley, Kent, died at 93, on 19 Jan 1991.
  • William Francis Blazey married Lilian Selina Martin (b. 25 May 1898) at St. George in the East, in 1922. They had one daughter, Lilian Ida Blazey (b. 1923 - d. 20 Dec 2016 in Herne Bay, Kent). In 1939, William F Blazey, Crane Driver, his wife and daughter were living at 36 Boundfield Road, Hither Green, Lewisham. Lilian S Blazey died, at 68, in 1966, in Lewisham; William Francis Blazey died, at 66, on 24 Jan 1969, in Bromley, Kent.
  • Ida Winifred Blazey married Herbert James Valentine Jarvis (b. 8 Feb 1910), in 1935, in Stepney. They had a daughter, Doreen Ann Jarvis (b. 22 Dec 1936 - d. 31 Aug 2017) and a son in 1948. In 1939, Herbert J Jarvis, Fishmonger's Shop Assistant, Ida W Jarvis, Doreen A Jarvis and Amy R Blazey, were living at 30 Warren Road, Merton, Surrey. Herbert James V Jarvis died in 1978 and Ida Winifred Jarvis died on 6 Apr 1984, both in Crawley.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Walter White and Florence Mary Parsonage

St John the Baptist Church, Holland Road, London W14
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Walter White (b. 1869), Fruiterer, of 155 Holland Road, son of Walter White and Hannah Blazey, married Florence Mary Parsonage (b. 18 Aug 1875 in Hammersmith), of 157 Holland Road - the girl next door - daughter of Edward Parsonage, Builder's Foreman from Wem, Shropshire, and Eleanor Agnes Crosbie, at St John The Baptist, Kensington on 21 Feb 1898.

Walter and Florence had four children:

  1. Dorothy Eleanor White born 1899 in West Ham
  2. Elsie Ivy White born 1902 in West Ham
  3. Walter Edward White born 1905 in Brentford
  4. Pansy Alice White born 27 Sep 1908 in SteyningWest Sussex

In 1911, Walter White (42) Conductor motor bus, wife Florence Mary (35), Dorothy Eleanor (12), Elsie Ivy (9), Walter Edward (5) and Pansy Alice (2), were living at 30 Percy Road W, Hammersmith. Percy Road is in Shepherd's Bush in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

In 1921, Walter White (51) working for the London General Omnibus Co, was at 74, Becklow Road, Hammersmith, London, with Florence Mary White (44), Elsie Ivy White (19) Ledger Clerk and Pansy Alice White (12).

Walter White died, aged 64, in Kensington in 1934. 

In 1939, Florence Mary White, widow, was living with her daughter, Pansy A Pearson, at 5 Lansbury AvenueFeltham, Middlesex. Florence Mary White, died in Middlesex South, on 2 Feb 1951, aged 75, leaving £6 19s (£225 today), to Pansy Alice Pearson, married woman.

Saturday 21 October 2023

John Benjamin Botterill & Everlda J C Summers

St John the Evangelist, Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill - Sanctuary
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View of St. John's Church from St. John's Gardens

John Benjamin Botterill (b. 1864), son of Daniel Botterill and Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, married Everlda Jane Caroline Summersdaughter of Thomas and Ann Summers (who in 1871 had lived in Testerton Street, Kensington), at St John the EvangelistLansdowne CrescentNotting Hill on 21 Oct 1889

John and Everlda had four children: 

  1. Thomas Daniel Botterill born 1891
  2. Everlda Botterill born 20 Sep 1892
  3. Benjamin Tompson Botterill born 1895
  4. Mary Botterill born 1902
Princess Royal Public House
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In 1891, they were living at 115 High StreetLewisham, with John B (26), Butcher, Everelda (25), their first child, Thomas Daniel (0) and Elsie Jones (43), Ladies Nurse, a widow from Catford, London, lodging with them.

But in 1900 and again in 1901, they were at the Princess Royal at 22, Longley Road, Croydon, where his uncle, John Soppit, had employed John Benjamin Botterill (36) as his Licenced Victualler Manager. Living there also were Everlda (35), Thomas Daniel (10), Everlda (8), Benjamin Tompson (5) and John's father, Daniel (69), who is listed as a widower - which is a mystery, because his wife, Sarah, was alive and living in Lewisham at the time.

Then on 16 Oct 1902, John Benjamin Botterill (38), appeared at the Quarter Sessions in Maidstone, accused of stealing, by his uncle, John Soppit.

From the Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 23 October 1902


John Benjamin Botterill pleaded not guilty to stealing two boxes containing 51 cigars, one bottle of brandy, three bottles of whiskey, etc., belonging to John Soppitt, at Cudham, on August 7th.

Mr. C. S. Fooks prosecuted, and Mr. Hohler defended.

John Soppit, formerly licensee of the Princess Royal, Croydon, deposed that in 1898 he took the prisoner, who was his nephew, into his employ as manager and paid him at first £2 15s per week, and after £2. The net takings of the house were not satisfactory to him at the latter part of the prisoner's management. Prisoner left on June 23rd of this year. Then witness looked through the books. Prisoner had bought goods unauthorised, and after his departure witness found some scales missing. He afterwards found them in the prisoner's possession at the Blacksmiths' Arms, at Cudham, and he also found a couch there, which had been at the Princess Royal. Other things, including glasses, were also missing.

By Mr. Hohler: The couch was never given to the prisoner by him. He did not know that the bottle of brandy was given to the prisoner by the wholesale firm, and was not aware that the cigars were brought from the result of a draw from the slate club. The reason he saw the gas mantles were his was because they were the same kind as those used at the Princess Royal, and the glasses were similar to those belonging to witness. The labels with the prisoner's name on, which were on the bottles, was not printed with the witness's consent.

Sergt. Humphrey deposed to searching the Blacksmith's Arms, and finding the mantels in a box among some children's clothes.

Cross-examined: The prisoner had an excellent character. The goods had evidently not been unpacked after the move.

Prisoner gave evidence on oath, and said that his uncle gave him the couch. The cigars he bought as his share in the money out of the slate club, the money to be spent in the house. The bottle of whiskey and brandy was given to him by the wholesale houses in 1899. The bottle of gin was given to him by his uncle.

The jury at this point stopped the case, and the prisoner was discharged. 

The Blacksmith's Arms, Cudham
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As we can see from the report above, John Benjamin Botterill, in 1902, had gone to the Blacksmith’s ArmsCudham (in the London Borough of Bromley), although not for long. (Read about this beautiful pub's history here.)

Prince Frederick, Bromley
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Chris Whippet -

In 1911, we find John Benjamin Botterill (46), Licenced Victualler, at the Prince Frederick, Nichol Lane, Bromley, Kent, with wife, Everlda Jane Caroline Botterill (45), assisting in the business, Thomas Daniel (20), engineer's fitter, Everlda (18), dressmaker, Benjamin Thompson (15), Mary (8) and Esther Elizabeth Challen (19), Servant. They were still there in 1913.

In 1921, John B Botterill (56) from Deptford, London was Club Steward at Stratford Engineers Club, & Institute Ltd, living in at 167, Romford Road, West Ham, Essex with Everlda J C Botterill (55), Benjamin T Botterill (23) Milk Carrier for the Stratford Cooperative Society and Mary Botterill (18) Drapers Assistant at Allders Limited, in Croydon.

We next catch up with the family, in 1939, living at 44 Wellington Avenue, Hounslow, Middlesex. Living with John Benjamin Botterill (75), described as a Retired Fitter's Mate, are wife Everlda J C (74), daughter Everlda White, dressmaker, widowed, and her daughter, Jean M White (16) and a Leslie F Taylor, Gentleman's hairdresser, presumably a lodger.

Everlda Jane Caroline Botterill died, aged 77, in 1943, in Brentford. 

John Benjamin Botterill died, in 1948, aged 83, in Ealing. 

Saturday 16 September 2023

William Blazey and Mary Anne Clarke

St Saviour's Church, Knightsbridge. Photograph by John Salmon.

William Blazey (b. 7 Nov 1853 in Heigham, Norfolk), youngest son of Francis Stephen Blazey and Hannah Minns, married Mary Anne Clarke (b. 1862 in Furneux Pelham, Hertfordshire), daughter of Joseph Clarke and Elizabeth Randle, at the Church of St SaviourUpper Chelsea, on 16 Sep 1877. William was then a Servant, of 151 Pavillion RoadKnightsbridge. Mary Anne listed her father as Joseph Clark, Farm Steward. Witnesses were William Clarke, probably Mary Ann's older brother, and Elizabeth Lasthman.

William and Mary Ann Blazey had 10 children:

  1. Francis William Blazey b. 29 Dec 1878 (1879 M Quarter in CHELSEA Volume 01A Page 350), bap. 2 Mar 1879 at St Barnabas, Pimlico
  2. Maud Elizabeth Blazey b. 1881 J Quarter in ST. GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE Volume 01A Page 432
  3. Frederick John Blazey b. 18 Aug 1882 (1882 S Quarter in ST. GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE Volume 01A Page 457), bap. 8 Oct 1882 at Holy Trinity, Vauxhall Bridge Road
  4. Annie Ellen Blazey b. 25 Feb 1884 (1884 M Quarter in ST GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE Volume 01A Page 494), bap. 23 Mar 1884 at Holy Trinity, Vauxhall Bridge Road
  5. Florence Emily Blazey b. 26 Feb 1886 M Qtr in FULHAM Vol 01A 333
  6. Sydney George Blazey b. 1 Jul 1888 S Qtr in FULHAM Vol 01A 272
  7. Alice Mary Blazey b. 26 Jan 1892 M Qtr in FULHAM Vol01A 299
  8. William George Blazey b. 1892 M Quarter in FULHAM Volume 01A Page 299 (Died in 1892 J Quarter in FULHAM Volume 01A Page 220)
  9. Lily Ada Blazey b. 1893 S Quarter in FULHAM Volume 01A Page 268 (Died aged 20 in 1913 S Quarter in FULHAM Volume 01A Page 300)
  10. Charles William Blazey b. 1895 J Quarter in FULHAM Volume 01A Page 344, bap. 29 Jul 1895 at St Peter's Fulham
All of the birth registrations have the mother's maiden name CLARKE

Obviously, Alice Mary and William George, born in the same quarter of 1892, were dizygotic (fraternal) twins, of whom only Alice survived.

In 1881, William Blazey (27) Cab proprietor from Norwich, Norfolk and Mary A Blazey (29) from Hertforshire, were living at 16, Trinity Mews, St George Hanover Square, Westminster. While I cannot account for the absense of Francis William (2), neither can I find him listed elsewhere.

In 1891, William Blazey (37) Omnibus driver; Mary A Blazey (38), Francis Blazey (12), Maud Blazey (10), Frederick Blazey (8), Annie Blazey (7), Florence Blazey (5) and Sydney Blazey (2) were living in Fulham.

In 1901, at 37, Bishops Road, Fulham, London were William Blazey (46) Omnibus driver; Mary Anne Blazey (48), Francis W Blazey (22) Builder's clerk; Maud E Blazey (20) Barmaid (retired); Frederick J Blazey (18) Stock broker's clerk; Annie E Blazey (17) Dressmaker; Florence E Blazey (15), Sydney G Blazey (12), Alice M Blazey (9), Lily A Blazey (7), Charles W Blazey (5) and Charles E Hall (35) Lodger, Married, Omnibus driver.

Then the first Mrs Mary Anne Blazey died, aged 54, in 1905 J Quarter in FULHAM Volume 01A Page 215.

On 15 Oct 1905, at Saint Peter's Church, Devonia Road, IslingtonWilliam Blazey (52) Widower, Driver, son of Francis Blazey (deceased) married again to Mary Ann Clark (41) Spinster of 71 Prebend Street, Islington, daughter of William Clark, Carman. Her father was also from Norfolk. Coincidence, or has the family tree just become another convoluted, twisting monkey puzzle?

This Mary Ann Clark (no final E's), brought with her an illegitimate son, John William McCallam Clark b. 1903 S Quarter in ST MARYLEBONE Volume 01A Page 540. A 'gentleman' by the name of McCallam may be implicated.

In 1911, William Blazey (57) Bus Driver from Norfolk; Mary Ann Blazey (47) from Islington; Lily Blazey (17), Charles Blazey (15), William McCallam Clark (7), David Howe (46) Lodger, Motor bus Driver and Lily Holmes (22) General Domestic Servant, Visitor were at 37 Racton Road, Fulham. Alice Blazey (20) was Under Housemaid in the household of Cecil Fane (54) at 27 Beaufort Gardens, Kensington (a stone's throw from Harrods Department Store.)

In 1921, William Blazey (67) Taxi driver, Out of Work, was living alone at 5, Adeney Road, Hammersmith and described himself as Widowed. However, just over a mile away at 25, Gratton Road, West Kensington, were Mary Ann Blazey (56) Daily woman, listed as married, with her son, John William Clark (17) Clothes Shop Assistant. Had William not used 'Widowed', this could simply have been for work, but as it is, it looks as if they'd separated.

Mary Anne Blazey (59) died in 1924 M Quarter in KENSINGTON Vol 01A Page 291. There was the extraneous E on her middle name this time.

William Blazey (80) died in 1934 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 640.

Tuesday 5 September 2023

Herbert Fleming Trevail and Alice Maud Stanley Blazey

Kensington: St. John the Baptist Church, Holland Road
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Herbert Fleming Trevail (b. 1877 in Lambeth), son of Charles Trevail and Mary Flemming, married Alice Maud Stanley Blazey (b. 21 Dec 1875 in Dinapore, India), daughter of Francis Robert Blazey and Louisa Susan Stanley, both of 155 Holland Road, Kensington, on 5 Sep 1898, at St John the Baptist church, Holland Road, Kensington, London. Witnesses were Francis Robert Blazey, the bride's father and Edwin Flemming Trevail, the groom's brother. My 3rd great-grandparents, Francis Stephen Blazey and Hannah Minns were Alice's grandparents, which makes her my 1st cousin 3 times removed.

Various records point to Herbert and Alice having seven children:
  1. Daisy Trevail b. 1899 S Quarter in LAMBETH Volume 01D Page 464. (Died 1899 S Quarter in LAMBETH Volume 01D Page 343)
  2. Winifred Constance Stanley Trevail b. 16 Sep 1900 (1900 D Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D 386), bap. 4 Nov 1900 at St Anne, South Lambeth
  3. Eric Herbert Stanley Trevail b. 29 Jul 1904 (1904 S Qtr in HATFIELD Vol 03A Page 796), bap. 18 Sep 1904 in WelwynHertfordshire
  4. Stillborn child b. 25 Oct 1908 in Christchurch, New Zealand
  5. Lancelot Edwin Stanley Trevail b. 30 May 1910 in Christchurch, NZ. 
  6. Edna A S Trevail (if I was betting, I'd go for Alice Stanley), born and died in 1915 in Balmain North, New South Wales, Australia
  7. Carmen Joyce Stanley Trevail b. 1917 in New South Wales, Australia
The mother's maiden name on the first three in England was BLAZEY.

There is only a record of a burial of a stillborn child (gender unknown), simply listed with the surname Trevail, born 25 Oct 1908, and buried at Linwood Cemetery, Linwood, Christchurch City, Canterbury, New Zealand. That would indicate that Alice was pregnant during the voyage. This pregnancy also fits neatly into the otherwise long gap between 1904 and 1910.

In 1901, Alice (25) was at her father's household at 31, Sinclair Gardens, Hammersmith, Fulham, along with her daughter, Winifred Constance Stanley Trevail, while Herbert (24) Carpenter and Joiner, was alone at what was presumably their home at 83, South Lambeth Road, Lambeth. 

On 5 Aug 1908, Mr H Trevail (31), Mrs A Trevail (32), Miss W Trevail (7) and Master E Trevail (2½), embarked in London on the SS Miltiades. They were bound for Sydney, where they arrived in the September. 

They were in Lyttelton, New Zealand in 1909 - where Herbert's aunts, Ellen Higgs and Mary Ann Burn Trevail Bawden then lived - because reports in the Lyttelton Times in Oct 1909 detail that Miss Winnie Trevail was appearing in one of the principle roles in a production staged by the Garrick Juvenile Opera Company, at the Opera House there.

In 1911, Herbert Fleming Trevail, carpenter, and Alice Maud Trevail were listed on the New Zealand Electoral Rolls at 56 Stanmore Rd, Linwood, Christchurch. (Herbert's aunt, Jane Rundle Robinson, lived in Christchurch.)

Then in 1913, we find both of them listed on the Australia Electoral Rolls at Mount Victoria, Hartley, New South Wales, Australia.

Painting of the British ocean liner RMS Olympic by Fred Pansing

On 2 Feb 1927, Herbert Trevail (49), Alice (50), Lance (16) and Carmen (10) sailed from Southampton to New York on the White Star Line's RMS Olympic. They gave their last address in the UK as 62 Milton Road, Wallington, Surrey, the home of Herbert's parents. On 29 Aug 1927, they left San Francisco, bound for Sydney, on the RMS Tahiti. (Known for the Greycliffe disaster.)

Herbert must have made another visit to England, because on 1 Mar 1933, he sailed, on his own, from Southampton to Sydney on the SS Moreton Bay.

In 1935, Herbert and Alice Trevail are both listed on the Australia Electoral Rolls at 3 Griffiths Avenue, North Bondi, New South Wales

On 8 Jul 1949, Mr H. F. Trevail (72) Builder, and Mrs A. M. Trevail (74), travelled from London (Port of Tilbury) to Sydney on the SS Orontes

Herbert Fleming Trevail died on 26 Nov 1961 in Ashfield, Sydney NSW.

Alice Maud Stanley Trevail died on 9 Mar 1965, in Dade, Florida, USA.

  • In 1923 Eric H S Trevail married Miriam E Tuppling, in Balmain South, New South Wales, Australia. They went on to have two children: Conway Eric Stanley Trevail who married Beryl Pearl De Berg and Lois Winifred Stanley Trevail who married Ross Munro Brown, both in Waverley, New South Wales, Australia in 1944.
  • Lancelot Edwin Stanley Trevail married Nancy Mary Harris Matthews in Waverley, New South Wales, Australia in 1935. Lancelot Edwin Stanley Trevail, Casket Maker, died on 6 Sep 1947, in Bondi, NSW.
  • On 30 Sep 1937, Miss C. J. S. Trevail (21) travelled from Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney on the MS Wanganella, her profession listed as Theatrical. Carmen Joyce Stanley Trevail married Leslie Earnest Hull in Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia in 1938.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Francis Robert Blazey and Maria Emily Andrews and Louisa Susan Stanley and Elenora Matilda Audric

Church of St Thomas The Martyr, Oxford
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Francis Robert Blazey (b. 1 Aug 1833), son of Francis Stephen Blazey and Hannah Minns, first married Maria Emily Andrews (bap. 22 Mar 1840 at St Thomas the Martyr, Oxford), daughter of Charles Andrews and Eliza Sparks, at St Thomas the Martyr's Church, Oxford, on 22 Aug 1859. Witnesses to their marriage were William Griffin and Mary Ann Griffin.

Francis Robert Blazey had five children with his three wives: 
  1. Francis Charles Blazey b. 1860 J Quarter in OXFORD Volume 03A Page 543, died aged 4 in 1864 S Quarter in WITNEY Volume 03A Page 418, buried 1 Aug 1864 at St Mary, Witney (with Maria Andrews)
  2. William James Blazey b. 1863 S Quarter in WITNEY Volume 03A Page 589. No further records found. Died an infant? (with Maria Andrews)
  3. Alice Maud Stanley Blazey b. 21 Dec 1875, bap. 31 Jan 1876, in Dinapore, India. (with Louisa Susan Stanley)
  4. Constance Ellen Blazey b. 1890 J Quarter in ISLINGTON Volume 01B Page 224, bap. 1 Jun 1890 in Holloway, Islington, with parents listed as Francis Robert Blazey, Licenced Victualler, and Margaret Matilda Eleanor Blazey, of 54 Hampden Road, Islington - formerly the address of the now demolished Royal Oak Tavern (with Elenora Audric)
  5. Harry Robert Blazey b. 5 Apr 1899 J Qtr in KENSINGTON Vol 01A Page 103, bap. 6 May 1899, son of Francis Robert, Retired Engineer, and Ellen Nora Blazey of 155 Holland Road (with Elenora Audric)
In 1861, Francis Robert Blazey (27) Fireman, wife Maria (20) Dressmaker and their son, Francis Charles (1) and Samuel Blazey (19), Francis' younger brother, were living at 2, St Pauls Street, Blockhouse, Worcester.

Son, Francis Charles Blazey, died in Witney, Oxfordshire, in 1864, aged 4.

The next record tells us Maria Andrews Blazey, wife of F. R. Blazey, Driver E.I.R. (East Indian Railway Company), died from Cancer on 4 Sep 1873, aged 32y 7m, and was buried on 5 Sep 1873 at Dinapore, Bengal, India. (Dinapore was a British garrison town in the 19th century, now called Danapur, it's about 10km NW of Patna, and 500km NW of Calcutta, now Kolkata.)

On 9 Apr 1874, in Dinapore, India, Francis Robert Blazey, 41, married Louisa Susan Stanley, who was 16 (b. 21 May 1857 and bap. 25 Jun 1857, at Poona (now Pune), India), daughter of Augustus George and Eliza Jemima Stanley. 

Louisa's siblings: Morgan Stanley and Rosina Gelstow Stanley were born in Allahabad in 1859 and 1860, respectively, and Mary Augusta Stanley was born in Mirzapur in 1863. Brother, Augustus George Stanley, born 1862, died aged 3, from "Convulsions" on 6 Jun was buried on 7 Jun 1865, in Cawnpore (now Kanpur, famous for the 1857 Siege of Cawnpore). On the burial record, Augustus George Stanley's occupation is given as Tehsildar (A tehsildar is a tax officer accompanied by revenue inspectors, though I shall forever equate him to Joseph Sedley, the collector of Boggley Wollah in Vanity Fair.)

Eliza Jemima Stanley, had died on 3 Sep 1867, aged 29, and was buried the next day, in Cawnpore. Under cause of death: "Uncontrollable vomiting from Hepatic congestion brought on by hard drinking." There's a death of an Augustus George Stanley in Bombay, India on 28 Apr 1878, which may relate.

Alice Maud Stanley Blazey, daughter of Francis Robert Blazey and Louisa Susan Stanley, b. 21 Dec 1875 and bap. 31 Jan 1876, in Dinapore. Both the marriage record for Francis and Louisa and the baptism record for Alice Maud Stanley Blazey give their residence as Khagoul (now Khagaul). 

Louisa Susan Blazey died, aged 27, on 2 Mar 1884, at sea, from Softening of the Brain (Cerebral softening, also known as encephalomalacia).

Francis Robert Blazey (51), Widower, Gentleman, of 9 Union Terrace, then married Elenora Matilda Audric (24) at St James' Church, Norlands on 23 Apr 1885. The bride, of 161 Holland Road [Islington], listed as a Spinster, named her father as John [Jean] Baptiste François Audric, Cabinet Maker. 

In 1891, at The Swan Inn, The Common, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire were Francis R Blazey (57) Publican; Margaret M Blazey (30) from Whitehaven, Cumberland; Alice Maud Blazey (15), Constance Blazey (0), Elizabeth Stiles (28) and Elenor E Stiles (1) Visitors and Maud Millers (9) Stepdaughter. 

The Eastern Post of 3 Nov 1894 under Transfer of Licences in Tower Hamlets, "in the Parish of St Mary, Stratford, Bow: Milford Castle, Cadogan Terrace, Baptiste de Bolla to Francis Robert Blazey." This was a typo as it was the Mitford Castle, 129 Cadogan Terrace, Bow E9, a pub that, now gone, was already infamous then as the public house to which the victim, Thomas Briggs, was brought when his body was found on the tracks behind the pub on July 9 1864. He would later die and become the first ever murder victim on a British train. (An oddly ironic, if darkly appropriate, pub for an ex-train driver!)

In 1901, at 31, Sinclair Gardens, Hammersmith, were Francis R Blazey (68) Retired Engineer, Norah Blazey (39), Constance E Blazey (10), Harry R Blazey (2), daughter Alice Maud Trevail (25) - Alice married Herbert Fleming Trevail - Winifred S Trevail (0) Granddaughter, Katherine Pye (56) Boarder, Thomas R Cox (24) Boarder, Nellie Kent (19) General Domestic Servant, Margaret Bennet (56) Visitor and Kate Eames (47) Visitor - Sick nurse.

Francis Robert Blazey is said to have died around 1905. Although I can find no record to confirm this, he doesn't appear to be on the 1911 Census.

Norah Blazey died in 1909 M Quarter in ST MARYLEBONE Volume 01A Page 442, with her age then estimated as 45.

Saturday 16 January 2021

Joseph Tiff and Eliza Blazey

Lane leading to a farm in Badby, Northamptonshire
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Joseph Tiff (bap. 6 Dec 1846, in Badby, Northamptonshire), son of John Tiff or Tift and Ann Watkins married Eliza Blazey (b. 1851), daughter of Francis Stephen Blazey and Hannah Minns, in 1876, in Kensington, London.

In 1861, Joseph (14), one of 7 siblings still at home in Badby, like his father was employed as an Agricultural Labourer. His elder brother, Thomas, was a blacksmith. But by 1871, Joseph (24) servant unemployed, was lodging with a William Potter from Suffolk, at Adam St, Marylebone, London.

In 1881, Joseph Tiff (32) Green grocer and his wife Eliza (31) were living at 9, Union Terrace, Kensington, London with Francis Blazey (13) - Eliza's bother Samuel's eldest son - employed as their Shop boy.

And in 1891, still at Union Terrace, Kensington, were Joseph Tiff (42) Green grocer, Eliza (40), with four of their nephews: Frances Blazey (25) Dock Labourer; Walter White (21) Shop Porter (Hannah's son); Alfred Blazey (21) (Samuel's younger son) also a Dock Labourer and Joseph Tiff (11) from Badby, Northamptonshire (son of one of Joseph's brothers).

This couple don't appear to have had children of their own, but look to have played an important role in the lives of their nephews.

Listed as Eliza Tuff (sic), died, aged 41 in 1892 M Quarter in HOLBORN Volume 01B Page 700.

Joseph Tiff died, at 46, in 1894 J Qtr in KENSINGTON Vol 01A 74. 

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Mark King and Anna Kritzer

London : Kensington - Hyde Park Gate
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The three siblings, children of Wilhelm Kritzer and Flora GleichaufAmalia KritzerKarl Kritzer and Joseph Kritzer (who married my great-grandmother's half-sister), came to England to work in service, being employed in some very distinguished households. However, they were somewhat eclipsed by their aunt, their father's younger sister, Anna Kritzer (b. 1849), who could well be the inspiration for them coming to London to pursue these careers.

In 1881, Anna Kritzer (31) was Lady's Maid in the household of Hermann de Stern, described merely as a Merchant, from Germany at 4, Hyde Park Gate, Kensington. Baron de Stern (1815–1887), a member of the Stern family, originally from Frankfurt, was a German-born British banker and senior partner of the firm of Stern Brothers and one of the wealthiest businessmen in nineteenth-century Britain. His wife was Julia Goldsmid.

In 1891, Anna Kritzer (listed as 32, actually 42), was still a Lady's Maid at Hyde Park Gate. The head of the household is listed as Emily A Stern (76). However, I feel sure there are errors in this listing and that this is Hermann and Julia de Stern's daughter, Emily Theresa de Stern, born 1846.

In 1901, Anna Kritzer (47 with rebate), from Donaueschingen, Germany, was Lady's Maid to Lady Sherborne (38 - er, nope, she was 55) at Hyde Park Gate, who was Emily Theresa de Stern (1846–1905), daughter of Baron Herman de Stern, who had married Edward Dutton, 4th Baron Sherborne in 1894.

By 1911, Anna Kritzer (60 ish), now of independent means (retired) and listed as a Naturalised British Subject - for which I can find no evidence, the only record being for her nephew, Karl - was still living in South Kensington.

Then in the 3rd quarter of 1916, at 67, Anna Kritzer married, Mark King, a Bricklayer from Oxfordshire, widower, whose first wife, Elizabeth, had died in 1912. (The Kings had lived in Seymour Place, Kensington, since the 1880's.)

In the previous couple of years, Anna's nephew, Karl Kritzer, had been the butt end of the anti-German press, her other nephew Joseph had been interned as part of the mass internment of registered Enemy Alien men. Her niece, Amalia Kritzer, then in her early 40's, probably wouldn't have wished to pursue such an option, since marriage would have meant giving up her career, but I can see why Anna would find a gentleman to give her a non-German surname and, potentially, the British nationality that she was making claim to, but didn't have. Then Mark King died in early 1920, aged 68.

In 1921, there was an Annie King, Widow, claiming to be 66, but having avoided listing any birthplace whatsoever, working as a Housekeeper in a household at 60, Porchester Terrace, Paddington, London. Head of the household is a visitor, Max de Elin (70) followed by another visitor, Adda Merenberg, who was from Wiesbaden, Germany. This is just such as situation, I feel, in which we would find Anna King (née Kiritzer). 

Anna King died, aged 75, in the 1st quarter of 1925, in Kensington.