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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Pedigree of the Fullers

Many of us know where we are descended from one of George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley's children, so here is a pedigree, showing just those of their direct ancestors I've been able to identify (each indent is a further generation). Click on the links and individual pages lead to other family members, offspring, siblings, etc., where I've researched them. This is a slower process than you could ever imagine, but at the same time, worth mentioning that pages will and do change when I add more research and link people to their relevant pages.

  1. George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley
    1. James William Fuller and Maria Phillips
      1. Robert Fuller and Elizabeth Ann Bradley
        1. Robert Fuller and Elizabeth Bass
        2. Henry Bradley and Mary Thompson
          1. Thomas Bradley and Sarah Garton
      2. Isaac Phillips and Caroline Elizabeth Taylor
        1. Joseph Phillips and Ann Clarke
    2. James Hockley and Elizabeth Wilton
      1. George Hockley and Eliza Crow
        1. Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason
        2. William Crow and Judith Doe
          1. Henry Doe and Elizabeth Stones
            1. John Doe and Jane Brand
      2. Richard Wilton and Catherine Byatt
        1. Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin
          1. Richard Wilton and Mary Robinson
            1. Henry Wilton and Martha Douse
              1. Henry and Elizabeth Wilton
        2. John Byatt and Jane Stokes
          1. John Byatt and Sarah Pewter
          2. Robert Stokes and Susanna Judd
            1. Robert and Prudence Stokes
            2. John and Susanna Judd

Monday, 17 May 2021

Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason

St Mary, Broxted - Chancel
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Daniel Hockley, Labourer, married Sophia Mason on 17 Jul 1815 at the parish church in Broxted, Essex. Witnesses were Samuel Mason and Amelia Baker. 

Daniel and Sophia had nine children:
  1. George Hockley bap. 1 Oct 1815 in Broxted
  2. Lucy Hockley bap. 26 Oct 1817 
  3. Eliza Hockley bap. 23 Jul 1820 
  4. Mary Hockley bap. 9 May 1824
  5. Tamar Hockley bap. 8 Oct 1826
  6. Sarah Hockley bap. 10 Aug 1828 (buried 14 Sep 1828)
  7. Sophia Hockley bap. 14 Aug 1831
  8. William Hockley bap. 15 Sep 1833
  9. James Hockley bap. 5 Aug 1838
From Lucy onwards, they were baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow.

v. Tamar as a name: There are three characters in the Bible with this name. 

Youngest child, James, usefully, falls within Civil Registration and, the record at the General Register Office confirms the mother's maiden name as Mason.

Halfway House, near Great Dunmow, Essex
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Robert Edwards -

In 1841, at Halfway House, Great Dunmow, are Daniel Hockley (50), Sophia (45), George (25), Eliza (20), Tamar (15), Sophia (10), William (8), James (2) and Lucy (0). This Lucy, is the daughter of Eliza Hockley, Single Woman.

Sophia Hockley died, aged 46 and was buried, on 23 Oct 1842, at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow.

In 1861, the widowed Daniel Hockley - age wrongly estimated to 62 - was living in the household of son William Hockley (27), now married to Charlotte (née Cock) (27), their daughter Sarah C (1) and William's brother, James (23).

Daniel Hockley died in 1868, at which time his age was estimated to 81.

For now Daniel is the earliest of my Hockley ancestors that I can find an actual trail of records to in order to be fully confident are correct. He is reputedly the son of Daniel Hockley and Sarah Turner - and thus brother of Sally Hockley - but I've found no record of his birth (or baptism) to prove this. There is however, a listing of a Daniel Hockley, baptised in Broxted in 1790 - date which would agree with the age given in 1841 and location that would make sense with the marriage - son of John and Mary Hockley. This looks just as likely. 

St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, Essex - Churchyard
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © John Salmon -

If you're related to any of the people written about, I'm guessing you'll recognise them from the surnames. If you are, do please get in touch.