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Monday 17 June 2024

Thomas Ridgway (Ware) and Ellen Copp

St. Michael's church, Highworth
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Records suggest that Thomas Ridgway married Ellen Copp (bap. 13 Mar 1870 in Broadclyst, Devon), daughter of John Copp and Charlotte Clements, in Highworth, Wiltshire, in the 4th quarter of 1889. So far, so unremarkable, except this was not Thomas Ridgway, this was Thomas Ware (b. 30 Aug 1863 in Ashbrittle) son of Thomas Ware and Harriet Ridgeway, going by his mother's maiden name, without any doubt because, on 27 Jun 1888, he had deserted from the Royal Marines. Ellen Copp certainly knew who she was really marrying, because her brother John Copp, had married Thomas' sister Emma Ware in Tiverton, in 1884.

Thomas and Ellen had five children:
  1. Thomas Ware Ridgway b. 1890 D Qtr in HIGHWORTH Vol 05A Page 22. Died at 21 in 1912 J Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 501
  2. Alice Ware Ridgway b. 1893 S Quarter in HIGHWORTH Volume 05A Page 8. Died 1893 S Quarter in HIGHWORTH Volume 05A Page 4
  3. Florence May Ridgway b. 1894 S Qtr in HIGHWORTH Vol 05A Page 2
  4. William Henry Ridgway b. 1895 D Quarter in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 410, bap. 5 Sep 1895 in Cadoxton-Juxta-Barry as William Henry Ridgeway, son of Thomas, Labourer, and Ellen with the family's address as 18 Hannah Street. Died 1896 S Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 233
  5. Alice Ridgway b. 1899 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 465. Died 1899 S Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 294
The mother's maiden name on all the births is COPP.

In 1891, Thomas Ridgway (29) Labourer railway works from Ashbrittle, Devonshire (sic) was living in Thomas Street, Highworth, Swindon, Wiltshire with Ellen Ridgway (21) from Broadclyst, Devonshire; Thomas W Ridgway (0) and Robert Ware (21) General railway labourer from Tiverton, Devon, Lodger, but who was, of course, Thomas' brother. In fact, if it hadn't been for his brother staying with him, I probably wouldn't have found Thomas.

Thomas 'Ridgway' died, at 35, in 1898 D Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 216.

Ellen Ridgway (30) Widow, daughter of John Copp, married Charles Chislett (35) (b. 2 Jul 1864 (1864 S Quarter in WILTON Volume 05A Page 189), bap. 2 Oct 1864 in Steeple Langford, Wiltshire), Widower, son of John Chislett and Martha Rowe, at the Church of St Cadoc, Cadoxton, on 1 Feb 1900. One of the witnesses was John Copp, presumably Ellen's brother. 

Charles Chislett (19) from Steeple Langford, Wiltshire had enlisted in the Royal Artillery at Fort RownerGosport on 18 Oct 1882. He was then 5ft 5in with a fresh complexion, hazel eyes and dark brown hair and served in the army until 16 Oct 1894. His medical record shows him in Hilsea, Coventry, Aldershot - at the latter two places he was treated for Gonorrhea - and in Fermoy in 1888, where he was treated for Primary Syphilis.

Charles Chislett had previously married Kate M'Donald in Fermoy, Cork in Q4 1889. In 1891, Charles Chislett (25) Groom from Langford, Wiltshire and Kate Chislett (23) from Ireland were living in Mill Lane, Warminster, Wiltshire. The marriage does not appear to produce any children and Kate Chislett died, at 32, in 1898 D Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 220.

Charles and Ellen Chislett added four sons:
  1. Wyndham Baden Chislett b. 1900 D Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 441
  2. Charles John Chislett b. 1906 M Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 515
  3. William Henry Chislett b. 1908 S Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 498
  4. John Chislett b. 1910 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 537
On the first and the last, the mother's maiden name was listed as COPP. On the registrations for the middle two it was wrongly, but helpfully, listed as RIDGWAY. As I've seen before, this probably depended on whether the question asked about a woman's birth surname or previous name.

In 1901, Charles Chislett (37) Coal Merchant was at Witchill House, Barry, Wales with 'Helen' Chislett (33), Thomas Chislett (11) [Thomas Ridgway]; May Chislett (7) [Florence May Ridgway] and Baden Chislett (6 months).

In 1911, living at 52 Barry Road, Cadoxton, Barry, Glamorganshire, Wales were Charles Chislett (45) Brake Driver; Ellen Chislett (41), Thomas Ridgeway (20) Goods Porter, Step-Son; May Ridgeway (16) Step-Daughter; Baden Chislett (10), Charles Chislett (5), Harry Chislett (2), John Chislett (11 months), plus George Bellamy (29) and Harry Bellamy (20) Boarders.

Ellen Chislett died, at 49, in 1918 M Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 541.

In 1921, still at 52, Barry Road, Barry, were Charles Chislett (58) General labourer; Wyndham Baden Chislett (19) Rivet Warmer; Harry Chislett (13), John Chislett (11), Maud Chislett (22) Daughter-in-law (married to Wyndham); Florence May Thomas (27) Step-Daughter (Florence May Ridgway had married Henry Thomas in 1920); Henry John Thomas (0) (Florence's son) and Florence Maud Chislett (3) (Daughter of Wyndham Baden Chislett and Maud McKinley who had married in 1917).

In the 3rd quarter of 1924, in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales, Charles Chislett married for the 3rd time, to Emma J McIntosh. Born Johanna Emma Helps in 1880 J Quarter in PONTYPRIDD Volume 11A Page 358, daughter of William Helps and Alice Louisa Smith, presumably her father must have died, as her mother remarried Thomas Matthews. When she was registered at Cilfynydd Primary School (Girls), as Emma Juana Helps, with Thomas Matthews listed as her parent, her birthdate was quoted as 9 Jun 1881 (one year too late). In 1911, George McIntosh (47), Emma McIntosh (33) and their two children, George McIntosh (11) and Jessie McIntosh (10) - for whom there are no GRO birth registrations - were living at 153 Lewis Terrace Crumlin, Near Newport, Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire, Wales. That census claimed that they had been married for 12 years (fitting in with the ages of the children), whereas in reality, they did not marry until early 1912, in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. In 1921, George and Emma McIntosh were living in 22, Fairford Street, Barry, Glamorganshire, Wales. George McIntosh died, at 60, in 1924 J Quarter in CARDIFF Volume 11A Page 340.

In 1939, living at 52 Barry Road, Barry, were Charles Chislett, General Labourer Retired, birthdate given as 2 Jul 1862 (1864) and Emma Chislett, whose birthdate was listed as 9 Jun 1879 (this time adding a year).

Charles Chislett (80) died in 1944 M Qtr EAST GLAMORGAN Vol 11A 1004.

Emma Chislett died at 79 in 1957 D Qtr in EAST GLAMORGAN Vol 08B 393.

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Jane Ridgeway and Thomas Vickery

Tiverton : St Peter's Church
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Jane Ridgeway (b. 1839 in Ashbrittle, Somerset), daughter of James Ridgeway and Mary Ann Lock, married Thomas Vickery (bap. 23 Nov 1834 in Sampford Peverell), son of James Vickery and Elizabeth Webber, on 7 May 1865 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. Witnesses were Jane's brother and his wife, Thomas and Ann Ridgeway; at St Peter's in March of that year, Thomas Vickery and Jane Ridgway had been witnesses to their marriage.

In 1871, Thomas Vickery (37) Farm Labourer, Jane Vickery (32) and George Coombe (37) Miller, Lodger, were living at Lands Mill, Uplowman.

Thomas Vickery died, aged 45, and was buried on 16 Apr 1879, in Uplowman.

In 1881, Jane Vickery (43) Widow, Laundress, was living with her brother-in-law and sister Henry and Mary Stone, still at Lands Mill, Uplowman.

Jane Ridgeway remarried to James Copp (b. 24 Feb 1832 and bap. 11 Mar 1832), son of Thomas Copp and Elizabeth Hall, at St Peter’s Church, Uplowman, on 24 Jun 1882.

Neither marriage produced any children.

In 1891, James Copp (59) Mason and Jane Copp (52) were living at Woods Tenement, Pinnex Moor, Tiverton. (If now replaced by the 'bungalow land' of Pinnex Moor Road, 'tenement' suddenly sounds wildly enticing!)

In 1901, James Copp (69) Mason and Jane Copp (62) were living at 67, Barrington Street, Tiverton.

Jane Copp died in 1905, aged 66. James Copp died in 1911, at 78.