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Sunday 25 February 2024

Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin

A Fine Day in February (Hellesdon) - John Middleton (Before 1856)

Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin, a pair of 6th great-grandparents, married in Hellesdon, Norfolk on 25 Feb 1758. Let's hope it was a fine day for them. 

Robert was recorded to have been a widower at the time of his marriage to Hannah. Although I've not [yet] located the earlier marriage, records show the burial of Sarah Marsh, wife of Robert Marsh, in Hellesdon, on 24 Dec 1755, with whom he'd had several children, all baptised in Hellesdon: 
  1. Keziah Marsh bap. 7 Jan 1738 
  2. Samuel Marsh bap. 27 Oct 1740
  3. Robert Marsh bap. 6 Sep 1741
  4. Kerenhappuch Marsh bap. 5 Mar 1744
Keren-happuch (Hebrew: קֶרֶן הַפּוּךְ‎ Qeren Happūḵ, "Horn of kohl") was the youngest of the three beautiful daughters of Job, named in the Bible as given to him in the later part of his life, after God made Job prosperous again. Keren-happuch's older sisters are named as Jemima and Keziah

(Clearly, they knew their bible, but I didn't find a record for a Jemima.)

Robert Marsh's second marriage only seems to have produced one child: 
  1. Hannah Marsh bap. 18 Feb 1759
Parish Church of St Mary, Hellesdon
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Thursday 19 October 2023

Robert Marsh Minns and Mary Kett

Ruins of St Bartholomew, Heigham, Norwich, Norfolk

Robert Marsh Minns (b. 1776), son of David Minns and Hannah Marsh, married Mary Kett on 19 Oct 1801 at St Bartholomew's, the Parish Church for Heigham, Norfolk. Mary Kett, baptised here at St Bartholomew's on 1 Oct 1780, was the daughter of Hannah Kett and, just in case there was any doubt, the record of Mary's baptism states that she was 'Baseborn' (illegitimate). (I wonder if they were related to Robert Kett, leader of Kett's Rebellion.)

Robert and Mary also wasted no time in starting a family:
  1. Robert Marsh Minns b. 1 Apr 1802, bap. 4 Apr 1802
  2. Mary Ann Minns b. 17 Jan 1805, bap. 20 Jan 1805
  3. John Minns b. and bap. 19 Jul 1807
  4. Ann Minns b. 14 Sep 1810, bap. 16 Sep 1810
  5. Hannah Minns bap. 24 Jan 1813
  6. David Minns b. 22 Jun 1815, bap. 25 Jun 1815
  7. Elizabeth Minns b. and bap. 29 Mar 1818
  8. Harriot Minns b. and bap. 15 Feb 1824
Several of the baptism records, which all took place at St Bartholomew's, Heigham, list Robert's occupation as Husbandman

In 1829, Mary Minns (née Kett) died, aged 49. She was buried on 17 Jun 1829 in the churchyard at St Bartholomew's, Heigham. The church was destroyed by German bombs on April 27, 1942 and the graveyard was grassed over in the 1950s. No trace of any grave remains.

St Mary's churchyard Hellesdon
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Robert remarried Ann Clark, widow, on 13 Nov 1831, also at St Bartholomew's, Heigham. 

In 1841, Robert Minns (55), Ann (55) and his two youngest daughters, Elizabeth (20) and Harriet (15) were at Upper Heigham. 

Robert Marsh Minns, of Heigham, died in 1865, aged 88, and was buried on 31 Jan 1865 in the churchyard of St Mary, Hellesdon (where his grandparents had married and his mother was baptised).