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Tuesday 5 January 2021

William Flew and Sarah Bennett

Shop and post office, Rackenford
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William Flew (bap. 16 Nov 1834 in Rackenford, Devon), son of Richard Flew and Ann Hagley, married Sarah Bennett (b. 1845 J Quarter in CREDITON UNION Volume 10 Page 79) in the 4th quarter of 1863, in Crediton.

Sarah Bennett was born on 16 Jun 1845, the illegitimate daughter of Jane Bennett. Her birth was registered by a Mr Leach, Master of the Workhouse, Crediton, on 20 Jun 1845. In 1851, Sarah (6) was living with William and Ann Bennett at Courtlage, Morchard Bishop, Crediton, listed as their niece. In 1861, Sarah Bennett (17) was House Servant in the household of William Davy, Farmer and Miller at Stone Mill, Leverton Road, Chawleigh, Crediton. Sarah's grandparents, the parents of both her uncle William Bennett and her mother, Jane Bennett, were Richard Bennett and Mary Richards.

William and Sarah Flew had four children: 
  1. Thomas Flew b. 11 Feb 1864 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 475, bap. 18 Feb 1864 at All Saint's Church, Rackenford
  2. Mary Jane Flew b. 3 Sep 1865 S Quarter in CREDITON Volume 05B Page 387, bap. 6 Sep 1865 at St David’s Church, Thelbridge
  3. Sarah Flew b. 31 Dec 1867, reg. 1868 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 470, bap. 22 Mar 1868 at All Saint's, Rackenford
  4. William Flew b. 1870 M Qtr in SOUTH MOLTON Vol 05B Page 480
The GRO birth registrations confirm the mother's maiden name as Bennett.

In 1871, William Flew (30), Sarah Flew (26), Thomas Flew (7), Jane Flew (5), Sarah Flew (3) and William Flew (1) were living at Windsor, Rackenford, South Molton, Devon. William Flew's birthplace was listed as Rackenford, although Sarah's was listed as not known; the two older children's birthplace was listed as Thelbridge and the two younger ones, Rackenford. Living with them was Ann Flew (72), William's mother, listed as Mother-in-Law.

Sarah Flew died, age estimated to 29, on Christmas Eve 1872 of "diarrhoea" which may mean Typhoid (1872 D Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 302) and was buried on 29 Dec 1872 in Rackenford.

In Sarah Child's, Rackenford, A Short History, we read that, Thomas Flew aged 11 years 3 months, was admitted to Rackenford school on May 24 1875. "Thomas came from Winsor Cottage on Sideham farm, a good two miles’ walk from school; his father was a labourer working for Mr Beedell [Robert Beedell 1817-1886] on Sideham and his mother had died three years earlier. Thomas’ sister Mary Jane aged 8 joined him at school in October."

William Flew remarried to Jane Middleton, in Knowstone on 2 Sep 1875.

William Flew died, age estimated as 40, from measles and pneumonia, in March 1876 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 344 and was buried on 5 Mar 1876. His widow Jane was present at that death.

The descendants of William Flew and Sarah Bennett:

On March 13 1876, however, the school records tell us that, “Thomas and Mary Flew have left, gone to the workhouse." Sarah Child in, Rackenford, A Short History, continues that, "Their stepmother seems to have managed to keep their 7 year old sister but for Thomas, Mary and 6 year old William there was no alternative." Mary Jane Flew, age estimated as 13, died in 1880 M Quarter in South Molton Workhouse and "as was the regulation, she was buried in Rackenford at the parish expense", on 7 Feb 1880.

In 1881, Thomas Flew (16) Farm Servant (Indoor) was back at Sideham, Rackenford. Sarah Flue (sic) (12) was a General Domestic Servant to Elias Mills, Farmer, at Lower Southdown, Burrington, while William Flew (11), sadly, was still an inmate of the Union Workhouse, South Molton.

In 1891, Thomas Flew (25) was still Agricultural Servant to Robert Beedell, Farmer (son of his earlier boss) at Syd[e]ham, Rackenford; Sarah Flew (23) was a General Servant at Lewiss Elstone, Chulmleigh, South Molton. William Flew, by then 21, seems to have evaded being listed on this census.

Thomas Flew (33) Servant from Rackenford, son of William Flew, married Elizabeth Ann Marshall (32) Servant from Knowstone, at St Peter's Church, Knowstone on 31 Mar 1897. Elizabeth Ann was the daughter of James Marshall and Mary Flew. Mary was the elder sister of Thomas' father, William - so the couple were first cousins. They had one son, William James Flew b. 19 Feb 1898 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 400.

William Flew (28) Post Man, son of William Flew, married Joan Priest (bap. 28 Jun 1868 in North Molton), daughter of William Priest and Harriet Galliford, on 6 Oct 1897 in North Molton, Devon. This couple also had one son, Ernest William Flew b. 6 Apr 1902 J Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 398, bap. 20 Apr 1902 in North Molton.

In 1901, living at Zeal Cottage, Bampton, were Thomas Flew (37) Agricultural Labourer; son, William Flew (3); sister, Sarah Flew (31) House keeper and Robert Flew (5) Nephew [1]. Elizabeth A Flew (36) was a Patient (Lunatic) at the Devon County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster (later Exminster Hospital). William Flew (30) Rural Postman and Joan Flew (32) were living with Joan's widowed mother, Harriet Priest (65) at Tellacott Cottage, North Molton.

[1] Robert George Haymon Flew b. 11 Nov 1895 D Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 395 and bap. 9 Dec 1895 in South Molton, was the illegitimate son of Sarah Flew (and, presumably, a Mr Haymon). In 1901, Robert Flew, son of S Flew of Zeal Cottage, was registered at Shillingford And Petton County Primary SchoolShillingford, Devon. A date of leaving of 31 Oct 1902 is listed on the school register. As Robert George Edward Flew, age 6, of Zeal Cottage, Bampton, he died in 1902 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 279 and was buried at Petton Chapelry on 8 Nov 1902.

Elizabeth Ann Flew, died aged 43, at Devon County Lunatic Asylum, in 1908 S Quarter in ST THOMAS Volume 05B Page 40 and was buried on 10 Aug 1908 at the Exminster, Devon County Asylum Cemetery.

In 1911, Thomas Flew (45) Carter on Farm, Sarah Flew (41) Sister, Housekeeper and William James Flew (13) were at Higher Coombe, Uplowman, Devon. William Flew (41) Rural Postman, Joan Flew (42) and Ernest William Flew (8) were living in East Street, North Molton.

In 1921, Thomas Flew (57) Farm Labourer, Out of Work and Sarah Flew (53) were living at Worth Cottages, Silverton, Devon; William James Flew (23) Cowman was at Poundland Farm, Silverton, Devon; William Flew (51) Town Postman, was living at 16, East Street, South Molton with Joan Flew (53) and George Somerwill (75) Old Age Pensioner from Swimbridge, Boarder.

Ernest William Flew, son of William Flew and Joan Priest, married Elsie May Baker, daughter of Richard Baker and Ellen Irwin, in Cardiff, in 1927. (Elsie May's parents were from Ilfracombe and Coombe Martin, respectively.)

William Flew died, at 63, in 1933 S Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 368.

In 1939, Thomas Flew, Incapacitated, Widowed and his sister, Sarah Flew, still keeping house, were living in High Street, North Petherton, Bridgewater, Somerset; William James Flew was a Cowman at Manor Farm, Marsh Green, Whimple, Exeter, Devon; and Ernest W Flew, Test Baker Flour Mill (he also had a civilian role as a Special Constable) and wife Elsie M Flew were living at 7 Treorky Street, Cardiff, with Elsie's widowed mother, Ellen Baker.

  • Thomas Flew (80) died in 1944 S Qtr in BRIDGWATER 05C 310
  • Sarah Flew (78) died in 1946 D Qtr in BRIDGWATER 07C 103
  • Joan Flew (88) died in 1956 S Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 08B 163
  • William James Flew (74) died in Taunton, Somerset in 1972
  • Elsie May Flew died in Cathays, Cardiff on 18 Apr 1984
  • Ernest William Flew died, in Cardiff on 1 May 1985