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Sunday 24 March 2024

Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin

St Mary Ashwell - Chancel
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Stephen Wilton (bap. 25 Dec 1777), Bachelor, son of Richard Wilton and Mary Robinson, married Elizabeth Hankin (bap. 28 Aug 1777), Spinster, daughter of Robert Hankin and Elizabeth Edwards, both 'of the parish', at St Mary the VirginAshwell, Hertfordshire on 24 Mar 1803. Both appear to have signed their own names. One of the witnesses was an Elizabeth Abbot.

They had nine children, the first six baptised in Royston, Hertfordshire: 

  1. Mary Wilton b. 1804, bap. 25 Feb 1807 
  2. Elizabeth Wilton b. 1805, bap. 25 Feb 1807
  3. Martha Wilton bap. 25 Feb 1807 
  4. Henry Wilton bap. 15 Jan 1809
  5. Richard Wilton bap. 20 Mar 1811
  6. Ellenor Hannah Wilton b. 5 Aug 1812, bap. 11 Jan 1829
  7. Joseph Wilton b. 1815
  8. Ann Wilton b. 1817
  9. Sarah Wilton b. 1819
In 1792, at the age of 15, Stephen Wilton had been apprenticed to William Haggis in Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire, as a Collarmaker. On Ellenor's baptism, Stephen's occupation is listed as Harness Maker (trade also carried on by his sons Henry and Richard). I'd assumed a Collarmaker was making collars for men's shirts, but I guess it was 'collars' for horses.

Stephen Wilton died, at 62, in 1839 in Royston.

In 1841, Elizabeth Wilton (60) was living at Lewers Cottages, Royston with Ellen Wilton (22), Ann Wilton (20) and a Mary Whitechurch (16), all Dressmakers. Ellen will actually have been 29, but when unmarried daughters are beyond 'one and twenty', you probably won't tell the whole truth. :)

There is then a record of a death and non-conformist burial of an Elizabeth Wilton of the right age (69), born 1777, in Great Dunmow in 1846.

Nazareth Gardens, Peckham Rye
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In 1878 Gordon Road Workhouse was built in the grounds of Nazareth House

Ann Wilton despite never marrying, had two children: 
  1. Stephen Wilton b. 1848 J Quarter in SAINT GEORGE THE MARTYR SOUTHWARK Volume 04 Page 461
  2. Martha Wilton b. 1860 J Quarter in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 469
In 1851, Ann Wilton (34) Visitor and Stephen Wilton (3) Nephew, were staying with her brother-in-law and younger sister, Thomas and Sarah Clark, at South Place, Saint Giles Camberwell, Camberwell, London.

On 5 Aug 1867, Stephen Wilton (18) Harness Maker, 5ft 3in with brown hair, blue eyes, a fresh complexion and a scar on his chest, was sentenced to 20 days in Wandsworth Prison and a £2 fine, for Assault. Again, on 19 Apr 1870, Stephen Wilton (21) Harness Maker, 5ft 6in, with one previous conviction, was sentenced to 1 month in Wandsworth Prison, also for Assault.

In 1871, Ann Wilton (54), Needlewoman, 'wife's sister' was again living with Thomas and Sarah Clark, in Blakes Road, Camberwell, with her children, Stephen Wilton (23), Harness Maker, and Martha Wilton (10) Scholar. 

In 1881, Ann Wilton (64), was listed as an inmate at the Workhouse Gordon Road, Camberwell. (With Thomas Clark, having died in 1877 and sister, Sarah then lodging with her own daughter, options must have run out for Ann.) Martha Wilton (21), in 1881, was a General Servant to John Newlands (61) Warehouseman Fancy Goods, at 16, Talfourd Road, Camberwell.

In 1891 Ann Wilton (73) was again an Inmate in Camberwell Workhouse.

She must have left the workhouse at some point, because the Workhouse Admission and Discharge Records show Ann Wilton (77) being (re)admitted to Camberwell Workhouse on Thursday, 18 Jul 1895.

In 1901, Ann Wilton (83) Pauper was once again at Camberwell Workhouse.

According to the Register of Deaths in the Constance Road Workhouse, Camberwell, Ann Wilton died there, on 18 Feb 1909, and was buried on 23 Feb 1909 at Camberwell Old CemeterySquare 75, Grave 21367.