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Saturday 13 July 2024

William Stone and Hannah Westcott

Church of St John the Baptist, Wellington
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William Stone (bap. 1 Apr 1821 at St Peter's ChurchLangford Budville), eldest son of William Stone and Mary Thorne, married Hannah Westcott (b. 8 Feb 1831), daughter of Thomas Westcott and Hagar (Ann) Mitchell, at the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Wellington, Somerset, on 13 Jul 1850. One of the witnesses was Mary Ann Westcott, Hannah's sister. Hannah was baptised Anna Westcott (due to pronunciation, probably) on 19 Jun 1831, at the The Lower Meeting Independent Formerly Presbyterian, Wellington, Somerset and in 1841, Hannah Westcott (10) was living at Tone Wharf, Wellington Somerset with her parents, Thomas and Ann Westcott. 

Tracking down the children of this marriage has been proving difficult, with no birth records for half of them, but include the following half-dozen: 
  1. William Stone b. 1851 in Devon (listed on 1861 census)
  2. Mary Ann Stone b. 1854 in Ashbrittle, Somerset (on 1861 census)
  3. Hannah Maria Stone b. 1861 S Qtr in PONTYPOOL Vol 11A 122
  4. Thomas Stone b. 12 Aug 1864 in Usworth, Durham 
  5. Edith Ellen Stone b. 1866 D Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A 428
  6. Isabella Stone b. 1870 S Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A 479
Those at the GRO, the mother's maiden name is listed as Westcott.

In 1851, William Stone (28), Agricultural Labourer, was living at Whipples, Holcombe Rogus, with wife Anah (21). Whipples Farmhouse, Tracebridge, is a Grade II Listed Building. Living at Whipples also was Henry Tremlett, a Dairyman, for whom William was presumably working. 

In 1861, however, William Stone (40), married, Pitman from Holcombe, Devon was a lodger in the house of Elizabeth Archer (50), widow at Nailers Shops, New Row, Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham. While Hannah Stone (29) from Wellington, Somerset was living at Garndiffath, Trevethin, Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales with son William Stone (10) born in Devon, England and daughter, Mary Ann Stone, born in Ashbrittle. 

In 1871, living at Washington New Row, Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham were William Stones (sic) (under estimated to 43) Miner from Somerset; Hannah Stones (39), William Stones (19) Miner; Anna Maria Stones (9), Thomas stones (5), Edith Ellen Stones (3) and Isabella Stones (11 m).

William Stone died at 55 in 1875 S Qtr in CHESTER LE STREET Vol 10A Page 356 and was buried on 24 Jul 1875 at Holy Trinity Church, Usworth.

In 1881, Hannah Stone (49) widow, mother-in-law, was living in the household of Miles Handy (35) Coal Miner from Wallsend, Northumberland and Mary A Handy (27) from Somerset, with Thomas Stone (16) Coal Miner (putter) born in Usworth, Durham, brother-in-law and Isabella Stone (10) born in Washington, Durham, sister-in-law and William Handy (25) Coal Miner, boarder, also from Wallsend, Northumberland, Miles' brother. 

In 1891, Hannah Stone (59), widow, was living on her own means in the household of William Handy (34) Coal Miner at New Rows, Little Usworth, Chester Le Street - her home, but he presumably became head as a man. In the household also were Hannah's daughter, Isabella Brack (20) and her husband John Brack (23) from Byker, Northumberland, Coal miner deputy.

In 1901, Hannah Stone (70), widow, mother-in-law, from Wellington, Somerset, was living in the household of John Robert Brack (34) Coal deputy overman and Isabella Brack (30), and their then five children, at 10, New Rows, Washington, Great and Little Usworth, Chester Le Street, Durham.

Hannah Stone died, aged 78, in Chester Le Street, in 1909.

  • William Stone married Ann Jackson in Kelloe on 8 Sep 1873
  • Mary Ann Stone married Miles Handy in Chester Le Street, in 1872
  • Anna Maria Stone married John Hodgson in 1883
  • Thomas Stone married Polly Beaty in 1888
  • Edith Ellen Stone married William Brabbon Simpson in 1889
  • Isabella Stone married John Robert Brack in 1890

Wednesday 3 July 2024

William Stone and Mary Thorne

Langford Budville : St Peter's Church
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William Stone (bap. 3 Nov 1799) son of Thomas Stone and Dorothy Carpenter, married Mary Thorne on 3 Jul 1820 at St Peter's Church, Langford Budville, Somerset. Witnesses were Ann Waygood and William Bridges. The groom is described as a 'Sojourner' - temporarily residing in the parish - a blow in - which makes sense, as he was from Kentisbeare in Devon.

Records suggest they had three sons, all baptised in Langford Budville:

  1. William Stone bap. 1 Apr 1821
  2. Thomas Stone bap. 4 Jan 1824
  3. Henry Stone bap. 26 Oct 1828

Mary Stone (née Thorne) died - the burial record says she was aged 33 (b. 1799) - and was buried on 9 Sep 1832 at Langford Budville. Given her age and the timing, I'd imagine there's at least an evens chance that Mary died having a fourth child, although I've not found a record to support this.

William Stone then remarried to Elizabeth Sprague (bap. 11 Apr 1807 in Ashbrittle), daughter of James Sprague and Mary Davy, on 5 Feb 1834, also in Langford Budville. William and Elizabeth had one daughter:

  1. Mary Ann Stone, b. 17 Aug 1834, bap. 25 Dec 1834 in Langford Budville.
In 1841, William (40), Elizabeth (30) - William is listed as M. S. (male servant) and Elizabeth as F. S. (female servant); William Jr (rounded down to 15) - I think they've confused which son was at home and this was Thomas - and Mary Anne (6) were living at Hill Cottage, Holcombe Rogus, Wellington. William Stone (20) was living and working in the household of James Stephens (50) in the village of Langford Budville. While, Henry Stone, age rounded down to 10 (actually 13), was employed as a servant to the family of Richard and Martha Barton at Higher Wellesford, Langford Budville. "Richard Barton was born in Churchstanton, Somerset, in about 1817. I think that he was baptised at Otterford with his brother John Barton on 16th March 1817. He married Martha Surridge in Tiverton Registration District during 1841 and they were probably living at Langford Budville, Somerset, until at least 1844. At the time of the 1841 census Richard was farming at Higher Wellesford, Langford Budville. He was described as a twenty-year-old farmer, not born in the county of Somerset, and his wife, Martha, was aged twenty and born in that county." - Pedigree of the Bartons

In 1851, William and Elizabeth were living at Trace Bridge, Ashbrittle with Mary Anne (16), who has become a 'Needle Woman' and Henry Sprague (6), lodger, born in Exeter, while Henry (21) was a servant (Farm Servant/Ag Lab) to James and Elizabeth Talbot at Appley, Stawley, Wellington, Somerset.

In 1861, William Stone (62), Agricultural Labourer, and Betsy Stone (53) were in a Private Cottage at Court Place, Ashbrittle, "Court Place Farm has been a feature of Somerset’s Tone Valley for centuries. Some of its pastures still bear the names they were given over five hundred years ago."

William Stone died, with his age overestimated as 75 (70) in 1869 M Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 289 was buried on 7 Feb 1869 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle.

In 1871, Betsy Stone (64) Widow, Farm Labourer was still living, this time alone, in a Cottage, Ashbrittle.

In 1881, Betsy Stone (74) Widow, Pauper was a Lodger in the household of Charles Kingdon (26) Farm Labourer at 1, Pitt Cottages, Ashbrittle.

Elizabeth Stone died at 83 in 1890 J Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 231 and was buried on 11 Jun 1890 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle.

Court Place, Ashbrittle
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Wednesday 24 January 2024

Henry Stone and Mary Ridgeway

Church of St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle
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A plaque near The Ancient Yew of Ashbrittle declares, "Generations of local people
have cherished this tree, one of the oldest living things in Britain."

Henry Stone (bap. 26 Oct 1828 in Langford Budville, Somerset), son of William Stone and Mary Thorne, married Mary Ridgeway (bap. 28 Dec 1833 in Ashbrittle, Somerset)daughter of James Ridgeway and Mary Ann Lock, at her parish of St John the BaptistAshbrittle, on 24 Jan 1854. Witnesses were George Churly and Mary Ann Churly (who had married in 1853), Mary Ann Stone, as was, was Henry Stone's half-sister.

Henry and Mary Stone, a pair of my 2nd great-grandparents, had nine children. Frederick James was born in Stawley and the rest in Ashbrittle, Somerset. All were baptised at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle.

  1. Frederick James Stone bap. 25 Dec 1854
  2. Henry William Stone bap. 13 Jul 1856 
  3. John Stone bap. 23 May 1858 (Died, aged 24, on 27 Aug 1882)
  4. Mary Ann Stone bap. 5 Feb 1860 
  5. Tom Stone b. 11 Dec 1861, bap. 4 Feb 1862
  6. Harriet Stone bap. 2 Apr 1865 
  7. Francis Stone b. 1 Feb 1867, bap. 3 Mar 1867
  8. Charles Stone b. 8 Apr 1869, bap. 9 May 1869
  9. Lucy Jane Stone b. 11 Apr 1872 (1872 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 374), bap. 26 May 1872
Lucy Jane's birth was the only one that was registered at the GRO and upon which the mother's maiden name was listed as RIDGWAY.

Court Place, Ashbrittle
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In 1861, Henry (31) and Mary (27) were also living in a Private Cottage at Court Place, as were Henry's parents at that time. With Henry and Mary were the four children born to date; Frederick (6), Henry (4), John (3) and Mary Ann (1), along with Jane Ridgeway (28), Sister-in-Law (Mary's sister).

In 1871, with their address merely given as Cottage, Ashbrittle, were Henry and Mary with Mary Ann (12), Tom (9), Harriet (6), Francis (3) and Charles (1). Frederick Stone (16) Ag Lab Indoor', was working for Henry Oxenham at Chevithorne, Tiverton. Henry Stone (13), Indoor Agricultural Labourer working for Richard Poole (62) a Farmer at Bathealton, Somerset.

In 1873, aged 15, John Stone, was arrested and taken to the Devon County Prison, on 2 Jun, accused of "Attempting to ravish and carnally know Maria Disney on the 28th May, 1873, at Hockworthy." The committing magistrate was J. C. New, Esq., of Cullompton, but John wasn't tried: the bill was ignored for assault with intent to ravish, indecent assault and assault. No further details or clues as to why the case did not proceed, but as Peter Calver of Lost Cousins suggested, securing a conviction was difficult in those times. [On the 1871 census, Mariah Disney (then 12, so 14 at the time of the alleged assault), daughter of John Disney, farm labourer, was living at Hockford Barton, Hockworthy. We may assume she was the young lady in question. John's sister, Harriet Stone, married their first cousin, James Ridgway. James Ridgway's mother was Ann Tooze, who's own mother was Eliza Disney, so there's no doubt that John was also "keeping it in the family"!]

In 1875, the family were living in Hill, Huntsham, according to son Francis Stone's school record, when he was enrolled at Huntsham County Primary School that year. At the time he left school in 1879, Francis was attending school in Chevithorne, so presumably the family had relocated there.

Some of the listed buildings at Widhayes

By 1881, the family had moved to Lands Mill, Uplowman (Lands Mill (now demolished) was part of the Widhayes estate, so assuming Henry was employed by Edward Chave at Widhayes Farm. The stable block, barn, linhay, gate house and farmhouse at Widhayes are Listed Buildings) with Henry (51) and Mary (49), Harriet (16), Francis (14), Charles (11) and Lucy Jane (8), granddaughter, Ellen Snow (2) and widowed Sister-in-Law, Jane Vickery (43). Visiting were Mary Ann Tarr (27) and Jane Tarr (22), General Servants. Widening the area of search, I eventually found John Stone on the 1881 census living in the household of Henry Payne, Railway Tunnel Miner, at Railway Hut, Hurst Green, Oxted, Godstone, Surrey. Living there were Henry Payne (31), his wife, four children aged 5 to 11, as well as nine men, all boarders, all railway tunnel labourers. And at the bottom of the long list was John Stone (22), Tunnel Miner's Labourer, born in Somerset. The Oxted Tunnel - on the Oxted line, which passes under the North Downs in two tunnels, and then splits into two branches at Hurst Green, adjoining Oxted in Surrey - opened in 1884. Living in such horrendous conditions, with so many people crammed into an overcrowded space, lacking in facilities, will have been a perfect environment for transmitting infectious diseases ...

Because one year later, John Stone, "Labourer on Railway", died, aged just 24, on 27 Aug 1882, in Uplowman. His sister, Mary Ann Prescott, was present at his death. Wondering if he'd been killed in an accident, I'd ordered his death certificate, but John had died of the all-too-common Phthisis (Tuberculosis). He was buried, on 3 Sep 1882, in the churchyard at Uplowman.

Mary Stone died, aged 52, on 28 Dec 1885 (1885 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 306) and was buried on 3 Jan 1886, also in Uplowman. 

In 1891, Henry Stone (63), Widower, was living at Greengate Cottage in Uplowman, with daughter Harriet (25), son Francis (23), granddaughter, Ellen Snow (12) (Henry's daughter) and grandson Francis (3) (Harriet's son).

In 1901, Henry (71), Widower (listed incorrectly as Henry Ridgway), working as a Labourer on Roads, was still living at Greengate, Uplowman, this time in the household of James Ridgway (34), who was married to Harriet Stone.

Henry Stone died, aged 72, on 26 Nov 1901 and was buried on 30 Nov 1901 at Uplowman. Henry and Mary are buried together in Uplowman Churchyard along with their son, John. Finding their grave was something I came across quite by accident online, thanks to the magnificent work of Janice Dennis, contributing at Find A Grave. We'd even been to the church and didn't bother to look, because we didn't expect the family to have had the resources.

Grave of John, Mary and Henry Stone in Uplowman Churchyard.