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William Bridle and Lucy Jane Stone

St Peter’s Church, Uplowman
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William Bridle (24), eldest son of Henry Bridle and Emma Lucas, and Lucy Jane Stone (23), 9th and youngest child of Henry Stone and Mary Ridgeway, married in her parish at St Peter’s Church, Uplowman, on 16 Oct 1895. Witnesses to the marriage were Lucy's brother, Francis Stone and her niece, Ellen Stone

In 1891, William Bridle (20), Horse Driver, had been a boarder in the household of Mary Jennings in Westexe South, Tiverton, while Lucy Stone, was a General Servant in the employ of Charles E Tutton, Chemist, in Gold Street.

The couple had just one child, a daughter, Nellie Bridle, born 20 Feb 1898, and baptised on 7 Apr 1898 at St George's Church, Tiverton. Interesting that both sisters, Harriet and Lucy Jane named their daughters Nellie within a year of each other. Was this due to the popularity of the name at that time, or could it be taken as an indication that the sisters were very close?

111 Chapel Street, Tiverton (with the white door)

In 1901, William Bridle (29), Coal Yard Labourer, Lucy Jane (28) and Nellie (3) were living at School Board House, 111, Chapel Street, Tiverton. (111 Chapel Street was also the address given by Lucy's brother Charles at the time of his marriage to Emma Middleton in 1896.) There was a school, where there is a green bush, just beyond these houses, on the map of the area in 1890.

In 1911, all three are at the same address, with William (40) now employed as a Carter, with Lucy Jane (38) and Nellie Bridle (13) was still at school. 

William Bridle died relatively young, at 55, on 5 Aug 1926. 

By 1939, Nellie had married and she and her husband, Lewis William Kerslake and their son William were all living with the widowed Lucy Jane, who was undertaking Sewing and Domestic work, still at 111 Chapel Street. 

Lucy Jane Bridle died on 18 Apr 1944, aged 72. Probate was granted on 8 Jun that year, to her daughter, Nellie Kerslake. Lucy Jane left effects valued at £1912 15s 2d, worth approximately £85,345 today.

Chapel Street, Tiverton in 1890

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