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Monday 18 September 2023

Thomas Wilkey and Eliza Flew

Church of St James, Swimbridge
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Thomas Wilkey (bap.7 Jul 1822 in Bratton Fleming), son of John and Mary Wilkie married, Eliza Flu (sic), daughter of Arthur Flew and Sarah Hines, at The Church of St. James, Swimbridge, on 18 Sep 1848. Their marriage service was conducted by the famous Vicar of Swimbridge, John Russell (The Rev. John "Jack" Russell, who first bred the Jack Russell Terrier).

Thomas and Eliza Wilkey had four daughters, of whom only one survived:
  1. Lucy Wilkey b. 1849 S Quarter in BARNSTAPLE UNION Volume 10 Page 21, bap. 19 Aug 1849 at St James, Swimbridge. Died, aged 2, in 1852 M Quarter in BARNSTAPLE UNION Volume 05B Page 361 and was buried on 21 Mar 1852, also at St James, Swimbridge.
  2. Rhoda Wilkey b. 1852 M Quarter in BARNSTAPLE UNION Volume 05B Page 461, bap. 30 May 1852 at St James, Swimbridge.
  3. Lucy Wilkie b. 1855 M Quarter in NEATH Volume 11A Page 404. Died aged 5 in 1860 M Quarter in NEATH Volume 11A Page 289 and was buried in Llangynwyd, Glamorganshire, Wales
  4. Sarah Wilkie b. 1858 J Quarter in NEATH Volume 11A Page 455. Died aged 1 in 1859 J Quarter in NEATH Volume 11A Page 296.
In 1851, in the Village, Swimbridge, Barnstaple, Devon, were Thomas Wilkey (28) Ag Lab from Bratton, Devon; Eliza Wilkey (24) from Rackenford, Devon; Lucy Wilkey (1) born in Swimbridge; Arthur Flew (60) Ag Lab, Father-in-Law from Rackenford; Sarah Flew (70) Mother-in-Law, from Exeter and John Flew (8) Nephew, from Rose Ash, Devon. (John Flew bap. 23 Apr 1843 in Rose Ash, Devon was the base - illegitimate - son of Charlotte Flew.)

Eliza Wilkie died, aged 31, in 1859 J Qtr in NEATH Vol 11A Page 301.

On 8 Apr 1860Thomas Wilkie, Widower, married Mary Thomas, Widow, daughter of Thomas Lewis, at St Cynwyd's Church, Llangynwyd.

In 1861, Thomas Wilkins (sic) (38) Shearer; Mary Wilkins (sic) (39) and 9 year old daughter [Rhoda] were living in the household of George Ley, also from Bratton, Devon, in Brown Street, Llangynwyd, Glamorgan, Wales.

In 1871, Thomas Wilkey (47) Labourer, Mary Wilkey (listed as 40) and Roda Wilkey (19) as well as three boarders, were living in Cwm Du, Glamorgan, Wales, where inhabitants were employed chiefly in iron and coal works.

In 1881, listed as Thomas Wilkes (sic) (58) Plate Layer from Barnstaple, Devon and Mary Wilkes (sic) (52) from Cowbridge, Glamorgan, were living at 7, Treharne Row, Cwmdu, Bridgend, Glamorganshire, Wales. 

Thomas Wilkie died at 62 in 1883 M Quarter in BRIDGEND Volume 11A Page 380 and was buried in Llangynwyd, Glamorganshire, Wales.

Mary Wilkie remarried Thomas Adams on 10 Mar 1884, in Llangynwyd.

In 1891, Thomas Adams (50) from Berkshire, England and Mary Adams (listed as 60) were living in High Street, Glyncorrwg Late Llangynwyd, Glamorganshire, Wales with five lodgers in the household. 

Mary Adams died, she was said to have been 63, but lost 10 years decades before, so was actually 73, in 1894 M Qtr in NEATH Vol 11A  Page 491.