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Wednesday 8 May 2024

James Edmond and Sarah Ann Wood

British Cemetery Graves, St Sever Cemetery Extension Photo: GiogoSome rights reserved

James Edmond (b. 1888, in PrestonpansMidlothian, Scotland), son of George Edmond, married Sarah Ann Wood (bap. 12 Jul 1885 in Kentisbeare) daughter of James Wood and Mary Ann Melhuish, at St. Mary’s, Kentisbeare on 8 May 1911. At the time of the marriage, James Edmond was a Lodging House Keeper and Sarah was a Domestic Servant. Both gave their address as Ponchydown, Kentisbeare (former Ponchydown Inn in Blackborough).

James and Sarah Ann had three children:
  1. James Roland George Edmond b. 24 Jul 1912 in Scotland, bap. 29 Dec 1912 at Blackborough, Devon, although the family's address on the baptism record was given as 2 New St, Prestonpans.
  2. Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond b. 23 Dec 1914 (1915 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 666)
  3. Constance Mary Helen Edmond b. 11 May 1917 (1917 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 537)
On 23 Jun 1906, James Edmond enlisted for Short Service in the Scots Guards. He served until 23 Jun 1909 and was transferred to the reserve. However, he was mobilised again on 5 Aug 1914, the day after Britain declared war on Germany. James was promoted to Corporal in 1915 and Sergeant in 1916. His army record states that he embarked on the "SS Queen Alexandria", in Southampton on 9 Aug 1916, arriving in Le Havre the next day.

Admitted to hospital on 14 May 1918, dangerously ill, having received a gunshot wound to the head, James died of his wounds, at the No 5 General Hospital, Rouen, on 25 May 1918. Sgt James Edmond is buried at the St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Plot: Q. I. A. 3.

In 1921, Sarah Ann Edmond (36) Widow; James Roland George Edmond (8), Arthur Cecil Ronald Edmond (6) and Constance Mary Helen Edmond (4) were living with Sarah's mother, Mary Ann Wood, at Downlands, Kentisbeare.

Devington Park, Exminster
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A huge complex of apartments, housed in what was once the Devon Mental Hospital.

However, Sarah Ann Edmond, widow, of The Mental Hospital, Exminster (originally Devon County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster), died at 48 on 4 Dec 1933 (1933 D Quarter in ST. THOMAS Volume 05B Page 76), leaving her effects to her son James Roland George Edmond, Guardsman.

Constance M H Edmond, in 1939, Incapacitated, was resident at the The Royal Western Counties Institution For Training And Treatment Of Mental Defectives, Starcross. "Originally known as the Western Counties Idiot Asylum, this institution opened in 1864 in a house and land, rented from W.R. Courtenay, 11th Earl of Devon." "It later became known as the Western Counties Institution, Starcross, and was certified as 'a residential special school for mental defectives'. Residents were trained in carving, weaving, basketry, lace-making and carpentry, and worked on the institution's agricultural holdings." It was closed in 1986, and demolished.

Constance M H Edmond died, aged 32, in 1949 S Quarter in DEVON CENTRAL Volume 07A Page 303. 

Thursday 11 April 2024

Hugh Flew and Mary Wood

Rackenford : Village Road
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Hugh Flew (bap. 28 Feb 1779), son of Richard Flew and Elizabeth Thomas, married Mary Wood (bap. 26 Dec 1780), daughter of George Wood and Elizabeth Tucker, at All Saints Church, Rackenford on 11 Apr 1805.

Hugh and Mary had ten children, all baptised in Rackenford:
  1. William Flew bap. 29 Sep 1805
  2. Elizabeth Flew bap. 28 Feb 1808
  3. John Flew bap. 28 Jan 1810. (Buried on 26 Sep 1835.)
  4. Mary Flew bap. 26 May 1812
  5. Ann Flew bap. 5 Jun 1814
  6. Sarah Flew bap. 1 Sep 1816
  7. Jane Flew bap. 1 Jan 1820
  8. George Flew bap. 1 Jan 1822
  9. Thomas Flew bap. 11 Jan 1824
  10. Susanna Flew bap. 21 May 1826. (Buried 26 Oct 1828.)
In 1841, living in the Village, Rackenford, South Molton, Devon, were Hugh Flew (60), Mary Flew (60), William Flew (30), Ann Flew (27), Sarah Flew (25) and Thomas Flew (15). Also in the household were Mary Wood (35), Mary Ann Wood (10) and Elizabeth Wood (2), as well as John Baker (25). Elizabeth Flew (32) was a Female Servant in the household of Thomas Tanner, Farmer, at Creacombe Barton and in the same household was John Flew (3), who was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Flew, Spinster, baptised in Rackenford on 4 Feb 1838; Jane Flew was a Female Servant at Little Hensley, Tiverton; there was a George Flew (15) Apprentice at Lower Thorne, Rackenford.

Hugh Flew died at 74 in 1850 J Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 10 Page 163 and was buried in Rackenford on 2 May 1850.

In 1851, with address merely listed as Cottage, Rackenford, were Mary Flew (70) Widow and George Flew (29) Agricultural Labourer. Elizabeth Flue (sic) was still Servant to Thomas Tanner, Retired Farmer, in Witheridge with her son John Flue (sic) (13) still living with her.

In 1861, Mary Flew (80) Widow, Lodger and Pauper, was living with her son-in-law James Chamberlain (50) at Cottages on Village, Rackenford.

Mary Flew died, age estimated at 83, in 1862 S Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 268 and was buried on 4 Oct 1862, in Rackenford.

  • John Flew married Susanna Wood in Rackenford on 31 Mar 1834
  • James Chamberlain m. Mary Flew in Rackenford on 27 Oct 1839
  • John Baker m. Sarah Flew at St Peter's, Tiverton on 28 Jun 1841
  • William Chamberlain married Ann Flew in 1843
  • William Flew married Sarah Fewings in Q1 1845
  • John Baker married Jane Flew on 11 Nov 1847 in Creacombe
  • Thomas Flew married Maria Yendell on 7 Nov 1850 in Creacombe

It's clear James Chamberlain and William Chamberlain are brothers, so we have yet another pair of brothers, marrying two sisters in the family.

The John Baker who married Sarah Flew in 1841 was a Carpenter, bachelor, listed as son of Wm Baker. The John Baker who married Jane Flew in 1847, was also a Carpenter, listed as a bachelor, son of Robert Baker. It was allegedly this latter John Baker who was lodging with the family in 1841. Further research is needed, but were these perhaps the same person?

Monday 19 February 2024

James Wood and Harriet Gollop

Kentisbeare: village stores and Post Office
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James Wood (b. 1814), son of Henry Wood, Shoemaker, with residence in Bathwick, Somerset, married Harriet Gollop, daughter of Robert Gollop and Jane Horton on 19 Feb 1840 at St. Mary’sKentisbeare Devon. 

Records suggest that James and Harriet had at least seven children: 
  1. Mary Jane Wood b. 1840, bap. 14 Jun 1840 in Widworthy
  2. Henry Wood b. 1842, bap. 30 Oct 1842 in Kentisbeare
  3. Ann Wood b. 1845 and/or 1854 (see below)
  4. Charles Wood bap. 9 Sep 1849 in Kentisbeare
  5. Emma Wood b. 1852, bap. 4 May 1856 in Kentisbeare
  6. James Wood b. 1857, bap. 2 Aug 1857 in Kentisbeare
  7. Sarah Ann Wood bap. 5 Oct 1862 in Kentisbeare
In 1841, Harriet Wood (20) and her daughter Mary (1) were living in Harriet's mother's household at Lusehayne, Widworthy. It was quite common for women to go back to their mother's home to give birth to first babies. James, presumably, was away working, but I've not found where.  

In 1851, James Wood (37), wife Harriet (32), Mary (9), Henry (8), Ann (5) and Charles (2) were living at Lower Croyle, Kentisbeare. Mary J (10) was also once again listed as staying with her grandmother in Widworthy.

In 1861, living in North Street, Kentisbeare, were James Wood (47), Harriet (43), Charles (10), Ann (7) and James (4). NB: Ann's age just doesn't stack up. She should either have been 15, or this is a different child, but I can find neither birth or death registrations, nor baptisms around either date to clarify.

In 1871, James Wood (57), Harriet (51), James (12) and Sarah (8) were living with son Henry Wood and his family in Kentisbeare Village.

James Wood died in 1880, aged 65. 

In 1881, Harriet Wood (64) Widow, Unemployed, was living in Kentisbeare Village with son James (23) and granddaughter, Emma (9) [Henry's daughter].

Harriet Wood was buried on 3 Jan 1889, in Kentisbeare.

Sunday 10 January 2021

William Houseden Wood and Eliza Wykes

The Tigers Head, Bromley
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William Houseden Wood, son of George Wood and Harriet Goddard, (bap. 7 Jan 1855 at St Michael's ChurchEast Peckham where his father was Parish Clerk and Sexton) married Eliza Wykes (b. 22 Mar 1857), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, in Bromley, Kent in 1885.

William and Eliza had eight children:
  1. William Thompson Wood b. 1886 J Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 404. Died, aged 5, in 1892 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 901
  2. Frank Houseden Wood b. 25 May 1888 S Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A 388
  3. George Frederick Wood b. 1890 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1125. Died 1890 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 607
  4. Harriet Elizabeth Wood b. 23 Jun 1893 S Qtr KENSINGTON 01A 104
  5. Eliza Kathleen Wood b. 4 Jul 1895 S Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 436, bap. 21 Jul 1895 in Bromley, Kent
  6. Edith Mary Wood b. 30 Nov 1896, bap. 27 Dec 1896, reg. 1897 M Quarter in BROMLEY Volume 02A Page 440
  7. William Tompson Wood b. 1898 D Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 433, bap. 6 Nov 1898. Died 1899 M Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 303
  8. William Jeffrey Wood b. 23 Jan 1901 M Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A 472
In 1891, William H Wood (30) was at the Duke of Kent, 9, Point Hill, Greenwich with Eliza Wood (33), William Wood (5) and Frank Wood (3).

In 1901, William Wood (47) Licenced Victualler, was at the Tigers Head P H, Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent. (The Post Office Directory also places him here in 1903 and 1913.) Also listed there were Eliza Wood (44), Frank Wood (12), Harriet Wood (7), Kathleen [Eliza Kathleen] Wood (5), Edith Wood (4), William Wood (0) and Eva Bryant (20) Servant, Barmaid. 

In 1911, William Houseden Wood (56) Licenced Victualler was still at the Tiger's Head, 14 Masons Hill Bromley (More historyMore images. Now the Crown of Bromley) with Frank Houseden Wood (22) Quantity Surveyor; William Geoffrey (sic) Wood (10), Eliza Wood (55), Harriet Elizabeth Wood (17) Telephone operator; Eliza Kathleen Wood (15) and Edith Mary Wood (14) - note the sexist order. The 1911 census also confirms that the couple had eight children during their 26 year marriage, with five still living.

In 1921, William Houston Wood (sic) (66) Retired was at 14, Queen Road, Bromley, with Eliza Wood (64), Harriet Elizabeth Wood (27) Civil Service Telephone Asst Supervisor; Eliza Kathleen Wood (25) Teacher; Edith Mary Wood (24) Civil Service Clerk and William Jeffrey Wood (20) Bank Clerk.

William Houseden Wood died, at 77, in 1930 D Quarter in BROMLEY.

In 1939, Eliza Wood (b. 22 Mar 1857), Widow, Retired, Incapacitated, of Private Means, was living at 10 Hawes Lane, Bromley, Beckenham with Sarah M A Wise, Domestic Servant, who I assume was looking after Eliza.

Eliza Wood died, aged 82, in 1939 J Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 828.

  • Frank Houseden Wood married Hilda Pyrke, in Bromley, in 1915. In 1918, he was listed as an Absent Voter from 97 Masons Hill, Bromley, being A/sgt Major in the 1st London (City of London) San Co. Hilda Wood died, aged 36, in 1926, in Bromley. Frank H Wood then married Annie Stella Gould (b. 6 Jan 1898), daughter of Hugh Tyler Gould and Isabel Barker, at St. Martin, London (which I take to mean St Martin-in-the-Fields), in 1929. In 1939, Frank H Wood, Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Annie S Wood were living at Whiteleaf, Edward Road, Bromley. Frank Houseden Wood died, in Bromley in 1970 and Annie Stella Wood also died, in Bromley in the last quarter of 1970. Neither marriage produced issue.
  • Alan Roy Taylor (b. 30 Sep 1893), son of Frederick George Taylor and Phoebe Harrison Player, married Harriet Elizabeth Wood, in Bromley, Kent in 1921. In 1939, Alan R Taylor, Banker's Clerk and Harriett E Taylor were living at 14 Hawes Lane, Bromley. Alan Roy Taylor of Bourne Cottage, High Halden, Kent, died at Ashford Hospital, on 26 Oct 1959, aged 66. There is a death of a Harriet Taylor, aged 70, in Maidstone, Kent, in 1964, which may relate.
  • Maurice Edward Taylor (b. 14 May 1897), also son of Frederick George Taylor and Phoebe Harrison Player, married Eliza Kathleen Wood in Bromley, Kent, in 1922. In 1939, Maurice E Taylor, Bank Clerk, was living alone at 11 Links Road, Bromley, while Eliza K Taylor was in the household of John Westacott, Farmer, at Pleystowe Farm, Capel, Dorking, Surrey. Maurice Edward Taylor of 37 Wordsworth Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, died on 3 Apr 1972. Eliza Kathleen Taylor of Lynton, Totteridge Common, High Wycombe, died on 22 July 1986.
  • Henry Robert Turnock (b. 31 Jul 1898 in Bromley, Kent), son of Frederick Thomas Turnock and Isabel Harlow, married Edith Mary Wood, in Bromley, Kent, in 1922. In 1939, Henry R Turnock, Insurance Company Clerk and Air Raid Warden, was alone at 2 Tudor Gardens, Bromley, while Edith M Turnock was a Patient at the Royal Free Hospital, Camden. Both Edith Mary Turnock and Henry Robert Turnock died in the 2nd quarter of 1983, Henry died on 26 Jun 1983, in the district of Hastings & Rother.
  • William Jeffrey Wood married Elsie Buxton Phillips (b. 19 Jan 1888 in St Pancras), thirteen years his senior, daughter of James Raper Phillips and Louisa Buxton, in Camberwell, London in 1927. In 1939, William J Wood, Chief Bank Clerk and Elsie B Wood were living at 177 Crofton Road, Locksbottom, Orpington, Kent. Elsie Wood died in 1972, in Tonbridge, Kent and William Jeffrey Wood died the following year, 1973, in Southwark, London.

Saturday 9 January 2021

William Northcott and Emma Jane Wood

Fore Street, Cullompton with the grade II listed White Hart
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William Northcott married Emma Jane Wood (b. 1871), daughter of Henry Wood and Mary Jane Melhuish from Kentisbeare, Devon, in 1896. Five years earlier, in 1891, William Northcott (19) Blacksmith, had been a lodger at The White Hart, Fore Street, Cullompton, but I've not found him before that. 

William and Emma's children included: 
  1. Maud Wood, Emma's illegitimate daughter, b. 1894 and baptised on 19 Feb 1895, when she was 14 months old, in Kentisbeare
  2. William Henry Northcott b. 8 Mar 1897 (not seen after 1911)
  3. Arthina Northcott b. 14 Oct 1898, bap. 2 Nov 1898 in Cullompton
  4. Elizabeth Northcott b. 1900 (died 1900 aged 0)
  5. Charles John Northcott b. 23 Feb 1902, bap. 23 Mar 1902
  6. Albert James Northcott b. 30 Aug 1903, bap. 16 Sep 1903 in Cullompton (died 1904, aged 0)
  7. Florence Northcott b. 25 Oct 1907, Emma's illegitimate daughter

In 1901, William Northcott (31) Blacksmith Journeyman from Branscombe, Devon (not identified relevant birth), wife Emma Jane (30) from Kentisbeare, along with Emma's daughter, Maud Wood (7), William Henry Northcott (4) and Arthenia Northcott (2) were living at Church Cottages, Cullompton.

William Northcott (33) died and was buried on 15 May 1904, in Cullompton.

Charles John Northcott was registered at Elmore School, Tiverton in 1908, with his address as Elmore Workhouse. In 1911, Emma Northcote (sic) (37) Widow, Laundress was living at 7 Rices Court, West Exe South, Tiverton with William (14) Errand Boy, Arthina (12), Charles (9) and Florence (3). 

In 1917, Emma Jane Northcott remarried to Arthur Southcott. What were the chances? Arthur Southcott, born 30 Jul 1883, bap. 9 Aug 1883 at St Peter’s Church Tiverton, therefore 12 years younger than his wife, was the son of Frederick Southcott and Eliza Harris

Charles John Northcott (17) joined the Royal Tank Corps on 19 Aug 1919.

In 1921, Arthur Southcott (39) Married, Private in the Army 4th Defence Batt Devon Regt, from Tiverton, Devon was at 5, Homefield Place, Fore Street, Exeter, Devon. Charles John Northcott (19) Army Private was at Hare Park Camp, Curragh, Ireland.

Arthur Southcott died in 1935, in his early 50's.

In 1939, Emma Jane Southcott, Widowed again, was living at 7 Bartows Causeway, Tiverton with Dorothy A Evans (Arthina Northcott married Ernest F J Evans in 1918), Laundress, and Dorothy Florence Northcott (b. 16 Nov 1916, mother's maiden name Northcott, so appears to be Arthina's illegitimate daughter), who worked at the Lace Factory and one other person. 

Emma Jane Southcott died in 1947.