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Monday, 9 August 2021

Henry Wood and Mary Jane Melhuish

Kentisbeare: St Mary's churchyard
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Henry Wood, son of James Wood and Harriet Gollop, married Mary Jane Melhuish at St. Mary’sKentisbeare on 31 May 1866. 

Henry and Mary Jane had ten children:
  1. Charles Henry Wood born 1866, bap. 19 Aug 1866 at All SaintsBlackborough, Devon (Demolished 1994)
  2. William Wood born 1869, bap. 27 Mar 1869 at St. Mary’sKentisbeare
  3. Emma Jane Wood born 1871, bap. 3 Sep 1871 in Kentisbeare
  4. Alice Wood born 1874, bap. 18 Jan 1874 in Kentisbeare. (Died 1874, aged 3 weeks and buried on 25 Jan 1874, also in Kentisbeare.)
  5. Henry Wood born 1875, bap. 3 Feb 1875 in Kentisbeare
  6. Amelia Wood born 1877, bap. 3 Jun 1877 in Kentisbeare
  7. Walter Wood born 1879, bap. 25 Dec 1879 in Kentisbeare
  8. Alice Mary Wood born 1882, 4 Jun 1882 in Kentisbeare
  9. Ellen Wood born 1887, bap. 9 Mar 1887 in Kentisbeare
  10. Frederick Wood born 1889, bap. 11 Aug 1889 in Kentisbeare
On Charles Henry's baptism in Blackborough (was it here as it was so soon after the wedding), Henry and Mary Jane are described as "Tinkers in Kentisbeare", an archaic term for an itinerant tinsmith who mends household utensils.

In 1871, they were living in the Village, Kentisbeare with Henry Wood (28) Farm Labourer from Kentisbeare, Devon, wife Mary Jane (24) purportedly from Plymouth, with Charles Henry (6), William (2) as well as Henry's father, James Wood (57), mother, Harriet (51), brother James (12) and sister, Sarah (8). 

In 1881 and still living in the Village, Kentisbeare, are Henry Wood (38), Mary J (34), William (12), Harry (6), Amelia (4) and Walter (1). Charles Henry (15) had already left home and was working as a Farm Servant (indoors) for William Snell (48) Farmer of 118 Acres at Bishops Farm, Kentisbeare, while Emma Jane (9) was staying nearby with her grandmother, Harriet. 

In 1891, living in a Cottage, Kentisbeare (undoubtedly the same place), are Henry Wood (48), Mary J (44), Charles (24), Emma J (19), Henry (16), Milly [Amelia] (14), Walter (11), Alice (9) and Ellen (4). 

In 1901, back in the Village, Kentisbeare (same place), there were Henry Wood (59) now a Carter on Farm, Mary Jane (55), Charles Wood (34) Single, also a Carter on Farm, Ellen Wood (14) and Henry Melhuish (44) Lodger.

Henry Wood died, aged 63 and was buried on 13 Mar 1904 in Kentisbeare.

In 1911, Charles Wood (44) Widower and Waggoner on Farm has become head of the household with, Mary Jane (65) and brother Walter (31). 

Charles Wood predeceased his mother and died in 1933 at 68.

Mary Jane Wood died in 1935, at 87.

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