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Job Thomas Sweeney and Elizabeth Fuller

St Helen & St Giles, Rainham - Sanctuary
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Job Thomas Sweeney (b. 27 Aug 1897 in Mile End, London), son of Job Sweeney and Eliza Louisa Tompson, married Elizabeth Fuller (b. 22 Mar 1901 in Rainham, Essex), daughter of George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley, at St Helen and St Giles, Rainham, 100 years ago today on 9 Dec 1923.

There were no wedding photos, I was told, because of the obviously expected arrival of their only child, Ivy Elizabeth Sweeney b. 5 Mar 1924. My mother didn't have her birth certificate, the original having been lost when their home was bombed in WWII and she'd always been adamant that she was born in one of the Peabody Buildings. Had she ever obtained a copy, then she'd have discovered that she was, in fact, born at 35 Gladstone Buildings, Willow Street, Shoreditch. (And therefore missed out on a historical 'claim to fame' too, because Police Sergeant James George Byfield, witness in one of the Jack the Ripper murders, had lived in Gladstone Buildings, Shoreditch in 1881.)

Built in 1868, the Gladstone Buildings, were demolished in 1977. The site today is, ironically, the location of the Luxury Nobu Hotel London Shoreditch. The previous building on that site certainly wasn't luxury, however, as the Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch in 1879 details:

GLADSTONE BUILDINGS, WILLOW STREET.—"In these model dwellings there are 168 suites of apartments, each suite having a separate water supply, and closet accommodation, situate in the scullery. None of the closets were properly supplied with water, so as to flush the pans effectually. The cisterns in which drinking water was stored were all uncovered, placed over the closets close to the ceilings, and immediately under the closet of the apartments above. Several of the tenants complained that their drinking water was polluted with foul liquids dripping from the ceilings, by reason of defective closet arrangements, and many of the ceilings bore evidence as to the fact."

This Charabanc excursion must presumably date to 1924 or 1925.
Joe and Bet, with baby Ivy on her lap, are in the rear seats of the vehicle.

It must have been after the death of Job's father on 6 Dec 1924, that they moved back to 102, Fore Street, City of London, where Eliza Louisa Sweeney, continued as Housekeeper for Hoffnung & Co Shipping Merchants. 

My mother frequently claimed she was Confirmed at St Paul's Cathedral, but I've been unable to confirm (pun intended) if this is true. And even if it were, it should have been unlikely, as there's no record of her ever being baptised - a not-at-all uncommon omission with a baby's such 'premature' arrival. 

They were still in Fore Street in 1939, with Eliza L Sweeney, Housekeeper; Job Thomas Sweeney, Supervisor Tobacco Packing (employed by W.D. & H.O. Wills); Elizabeth Sweeney; Ivy E Sweeney, Shop Assistant and James Edward Bird, Police Constable (who I can only assume was lodging with them) and remained until their home was destroyed in WWII, thought to have been on or around the night of 29–30 Dec 1940, during the so-called Second Great Fire of London. They were away from home that day, so suffered no physical injury, but lost their home and every material possession they'd owned. 

They then moved out to Hornchurch and in the 1960's, Bet & Joe 'retired' to Pitstone, in the countryside of Bedfordshire. There, granddad carried on his hobby of fishing and was a bailiff on the nearby Grand Union Canal; he did detailed woodwork, inlay and marquetry; embroidered hassocks that were (maybe still are) in the church of St Mary the Virgin in Ivinghoe and grew very tidy rows of vegetables in his garden.

(Right: Bet and Joe on the seafront at Weymouth in the early 1960's.)

Bet Sweeney died on 22 Dec 1980. 

It was absolutely no surprise that, without his lifelong love, Job Thomas Sweeney died eight months later to the day, on 22 Aug 1981.

James William Fuller and Maria Phillips

St Mary, High Road, South Woodford - East end
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James William Fuller, son of Robert Fuller and Elizabeth Ann Bradley, married Maria Phillips, the daughter of Isaac Phillips and Caroline Elizabeth Taylor on 9 Oct 1859 in Woodford. James' grandparents, Robert Fuller and Elizabeth Bass, married in the previous, medieval, incarnation of this church, but this time will have taken place in the building, from 1816, that stands today.

James and Maria had 9 children, baptised in RainhamSt Helen and St Giles:
  1. William James Fuller b. 1860 S Quarter in THE ROMFORD UNION Volume 04A Page 97, bap. 6 Sep 1860
  2. Emily Elizabeth Fuller b. 1862 D Quarter in THE ROMFORD UNION Volume 04A Page 113, bap. 30 Nov 1862
  3. James Fuller b. 1864 D Quarter in ROMFORD UNION Volume 04A Page 119, bap. 27 Nov 1864
  4. George Fuller b. 19 Oct 1866 (1866 D Quarter in THE ROMFORD UNION Volume 04A Page), bap. 18 Nov 1866
  5. John Fuller b. 1869 M Quarter in ROMFORD Volume 04A Page 140, bap. 31 Jan 1869
  6. Frederick Fuller b. 1871 J Quarter in ROMFORD Volume 04A Page 140, bap. 4 Jun 1871
  7. Elizabeth Fuller b. 1873 S Quarter in ROMFORD ESSEX Volume 04A Page 167, bap. 7 Sep 1873
  8. Annie Fuller b. 1876 M Quarter in ROMFORD Volume 04A Page 210, bap. 5 Mar 1876 (died at 9m in 1876 D Quarter in ROMFORD Volume 04A Page 101 and buried, on 12 Nov 1876, at St Helen and St Giles)
  9. Alfred Robert Fuller b. 1880 S Quarter in ROMFORD Volume 04A Page 253, bap. 8 Aug 1880
All of the GRO registrations give the mother's maiden name PHILLIPS.

[There was a 10th child, Ellen Fuller, born 1867, attributed to this family. However, checking the GRO entry, the mother's maiden name is listed as WHITTAM. That child's baptism, on 8 Dec 1867, in Upminster, lists the mother's first name - Eliza. There was a marriage of a James Fuller to an Eliza Witham, in South Weald, in 1855. Most likely, these were the unfortunate Ellen's parents. This child died, aged 1, in 1868 and was buried on 11 Oct 1868 at St Helen and St Giles, Rainham. So she isn't one of ours.]

In 1861, James Fuller (25) Agricultural Labourer, Maria (23) and their 3 month old son, William, were listed at 'Cottage, Rainham, Essex'. 

In 1871, in Back Street, Rainham, were James Fuller (36) Ag Lab, Maria (34), William (11), Emily (9), James (7), George (5), John (2) and Frederick (0). 

In 1881, address upgraded to Village Back Street, Rainham, were James Fuller (46) Ag Lab, Maria (43), sons James (17), George (15), John (13) all Ag Labs, Frederick (10) and Elizabeth (8) were at school and, Alfred (0).

And in the same place in 1891, James Fuller (57) Ag Lab, Maria (53) and just George (24) and Alfred (11) still at home. They'd taken in two lodgers instead: Charles Valentine (24) and David Joslin (46), both Ag Labs.

In 1901, James Fuller (66) Farm Labourer, Maria (64) and just Alfred (20) Ag Lab still at home with one boarder, Albert Hardcastle (26) Farm Labourer.

In 1911, at Mitchells Cottages, Rainham, there were James William Fuller (77) no longer working, wife Maria (74). Albert Hardcastle (36), Boarder, had become a Platelayer on the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway.

James Fuller died, aged 76, in 1911.

Maria Fuller died in 1919, aged 81.

Isaac Phillips and Caroline Elizabeth Taylor

St Margaret, The Broadway, Barking - Chancel
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Isaac Phillips, son of Joseph Phillips and Ann Clarke, married Caroline Elizabeth Taylor on 16 Sep 1832 at St Margaret's Church, Barking

Isaac and Caroline had 12 children. Those that were baptised, were at St Helen and St GilesRainham:
  1. Henry Phillips bap. 29 Sep 1833 
  2. Isaac Phillips bap. 16 Apr 1835 
  3. Maria Phillips b. 19 Aug 1837 (unnamed on reg), bap. 17 Sep 1837
  4. James Davis Phillips, b. 1841, bap. 26 Jan 1841 (buried 31 Jan 1841)
  5. Alfred Davis Phillips b. 1842, bap. 14 Aug 1842 (died in 1842, age 0)
  6. Jacob Phillips b. 1844, bap. 26 Mar 1844
  7. Rebecca Phillips b. 1846, bap. 13 Aug 1846
  8. Abraham Phillips b. 1849, bap. 23 Feb 1849
  9. Anne Phillips b. 1851 (no mention beyond GRO reg)
  10. Thomas Phillips b. 1854
  11. Hester Phillips b. 1857
  12. Alfred Phillips b. 1861
The use of Davis as a middle name for both James and then Alfred leads me to believe that this may have been Caroline's mother's maiden name - it's a convention I've seen used frequently in this period - however, I've been unable to find Caroline's baptism, nor a marriage between a Taylor and a Davis. 

In 1841, the family, living in Rainham, consisted of Isaac Phillips (25) Ag Lab, Caroline (25), Henry (8), Isaac (6) and Maria (4). Also living with them were Elizabeth Parker (75) and Mary Taylor (60). The 1841 census doesn't give us relationships, but could this latter have been Caroline's mother? 

Rebecca's baptism in 1846 lists her father's occupation as Shepherd.

In 1851, in the Upminster Road, Rainham, we find Isaac Phillips (38) Shepherd, Caroline Phillips (38) birthplace Woolwich, Kent; with children: Henry (17) Ag Lab, Isaac (15) Ag lab, Maria (13), Jacob (7), Rebecca (5) and Abraham (2). They also had a lodger, Henry Neville (18), also an Ag Lab.

In 1861, with their address listed as Fran House, Cottage, Rainham, there are Isaac Phillips (48) Ag Lab, Caroline (48), Jacob (17) Ag Lab, Rebecca (14), Abraham (12) Ag Lab, Thomas (7) Ag Lab, Esther (sic) (4) and Alfred (0). 

In 1871, at Back Street Cottage, Rainham (Back Lane/Street becoming part of Upminster Road, these different addresses are probably all the same place), this time are Isaac Phillips (58) Ag Lab, Caroline (58), Thomas (17) Ag Lab, Hester (14) Domestic Servant and Alfred (10) Ag Lab.

Caroline Phillips died, aged 67, and was buried on 31 Oct 1880 in Rainham.

In 1881, still in the Village Back Street, Rainham, Isaac Phillips (68), widower, Ag Lab, is living with his daughter, Esther (sic) (24) as his housekeeper.

But in 1891, Isaac Phillips (76), widower, Field Labourer, is listed as an Inmate at the Workhouse in Romford. He was still resident at the Romford Union House (later Oldchurch Hospital) at the time of his death the following year, 1892, aged 78. He was buried, on 5 Nov 1892, in Rainham.

Oldchurch Hospital, Romford
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Thomas Phillips and Mary Ann Wright

St Margaret’s Church, Barking
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Thomas Phillips, son of Joseph Phillips and Ann Clarke, brother of Isaac Phillips, married Mary Ann Wright on 23 Apr 1826 at St Margaret's Church, Barking, where his brother married six years later. The census records from 1841 to 1881, show these brothers were living next door to one another. 

Thomas and Mary Ann had six children, all of whom were also baptised at the church of St Helen and St GilesRainham:
  1. Hester Maria Phillips bap. 8 Mar 1829
  2. William Thomas Phillips bap. 21 Aug 1831
  3. Richard Wilkinson Phillips bap. 16 Mar 1834
  4. Angelina Caroline Phillips born 1837, bap. 1 Sep 1837
  5. Ellen Jane Eliza Phillips born 1841, bap. 31 Jan 1841
  6. Joseph Phillips born 1844, bap. 3 Mar 1844
Again, the use of Wilkinson as a second name makes me think this is probably Mary Ann's mother's maiden name. And the fact that they named a son Joseph in 1844, also makes me more convinced that the death of a Joseph Phillips in Orsett in that same year, was indeed Thomas and Isaac's father.

In 1841, in Rainham, was Thomas Phillips (35) Ag Lab, Mary (35), Hester (12), William (10), Richard (8), Angelina (4) and Ellen (0). Living with them were an Esther Wilkinson (40) who I'd guess was a relative of Mary Ann's; Martha Ward (50) and William Marlow (35) Ag Lab.

In 1851, address listed as Upminster Road, Rainham, there were Thomas Phillips (46) Ag Lab, Mary Ann (45), William Thomas (19) Ag Lab, Richard (17) Ag Lab, Angelina (13), Ellen (10) and Joseph (7). They have two lodgers: Edmund Earnel (38) and Hezekiah Dowset (26), both Ag Labs.

In 1861, Thomas Phillips (56) Ag Lab, at Fran House, Cottage, Rainham, with Mary Ann (55) and just Joseph (17) Ag Lab still at home. So a third lodger: James Wood (32), George Whitbread (22) and John Simpson (18), Ag Labs.

In 1871 at Back Street Cottage, Rainham, Thomas Phillips (66) Ag Lab, Mary (65) have Mary Ann Searles (12) and William Searles (10), granddaughter and grandson, living with them. (Angelina had married a George Searls in 1858.)

Then in 1881, at the infamous Village Back Street, Rainham, Thomas Phillips (75) General Labourer and Mary (74), had their grandson Edward Turben (22) Labourer in Manure Factory, living with them, as well as James Whiting (22) and Alfred Whiting (19), lodgers. (Edward Turben was the son of Ellen Jane Eliza Phillips, who had married Henry Turben in 1858.)

Mary Ann Phillips died, aged 77 and was buried on 30 Mar 1884 in Rainham.

Thomas Phillips died, aged 81, and was buried on 21 Jul 1887.