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Thursday, 4 August 2022

George Prior and Mary Hockley

St Mary, Little Easton, Essex
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George Prior (bap. 24 Dec 1820 in Great Dunmow), son of William Prior and Sarah Shed, married Mary Hockley, daughter of Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason at the Church of St Mary the VirginLittle Easton, on 31 Oct 1845.

George and Mary had five children:
  1. William Prior b. 1848 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 74, bap. 5 May 1848 at St Mary the Virgin, Little Easton
  2. Sarah Prior b. 1849 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 75, bap. 18 Dec 1849 at St Mary the Virgin, Little Easton
  3. Emma Prior b. 1851 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 91, bap. 23 Feb 1851 at St Mary the Virgin, Little Easton
  4. George Prior b. 1853 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 273, bap. 10 Nov 1853 at St Mary the Virgin, Little Easton
  5. Edith Prior b. 1856 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 299, bap. 27 Jul 1857 at St Mary the Virgin, Little Easton. Died aged 1, in 1858 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION  Volume 04A Page 262 and buried on 17 Mar 1858 at St Mary the Virgin, Little Easton
On Edith's baptism, her father's occupation is listed as Gardener.

In 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891, the family lived in Park Road, Little Easton. They look to have lived at the same address for almost 50 years, which is rare and suggests also that George had steady employment from one employer, rather than moving from farm to farm yearly as many did.

In 1861, George Prior (40) Garden labourer, Mary Prior (36), William Prior (13) Farm work; Sarah Prior (11), Emma Prior (10) and George Prior (7).

In 1871, George Prior (50) Gardener, Mary Prior (45) and just George Prior (17) Coal Porter left at home.

In 1881, just George Prior (60) Garden labourer and Mary Prior (58).

In 1891, George Prior (69) Garden labourer with Mary Prior (65).

George Prior died, aged 72, and was buried on 28 Mar 1893 at Little Easton.

Former Almshouses, Church Row, Little Easton
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In 1901, Mary Prior (79) Widow, was living at the Alms Houses, Little Easton.

There had been Almshouses, near the church-yard, built by Lord Maynard, in about 1716, for the residence of four poor widows to be appointed by his heirs. The current Grade II listed former almshouses, were apparently built in 1895. The date and a 'W' are placed centrally. The 'W' perhaps stands for Warwick, as apparently Frances, the Countess of Warwick, had them built. By 1902 they were accommodating six old people - one of whom was Mary Prior. Perhaps George Prior had worked for the Countess in the gardens of Easton Lodge

Mary Prior died, aged 85 and was buried, on 28 May 1907, at Little Easton.

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Moses Doe, Harriet White and Mary Ann Norman

St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch High Street
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Moses Doe (bap. 4 Feb 1821), the youngest child of Henry Doe and Elizabeth Doe, married Harriet White (believed bap. 6 Oct 1822), daughter of Mark and Rhoda White, at St Leonard's, Shoreditch on 30 Sep 1844.

Moses and Harriet had three sons:
  1. Charles Doe b. 1845 S Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 12 Page 278, bap. at Walthamstow, St John the Evangelist
  2. Benjamin Doe b. 1848, reg. 1849 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Volume 12 Page 320, bap. Walthamstow, St James the Great. Died, aged 13, in 1862 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION  Volume 04A  Page 34, and is buried at Walthamstow, St Mary the Virgin.
  3. William Doe b. 1851 J Quarter in WEST HAM UNION Vol 12 Page 317
In 1851, Moses Doe (30) Labourer from Essex was living in Black Horse Lane, Walthamstow, West Ham, with wife Harriet (29) from Dunmow, Essex; Charles Doe (5), Benjamin Doe (1), William Doe (0) and Roda (sic) White (50) Widow, House Servant, Mother-in-Law from Fakenham, Norfolk.

(In 1841, Rhoda White (42) was in the household - presumably as a servant - of James Samms (67) at Manor Farm, Little Easton (Little Easton Manor). Mark White had been buried on 11 Apr 1834, in Little Easton.)

In 1861, Moses Doe (40) Grocer, at Sinkers Bridge, Walthamstow, West Ham, with Harriet Doe (36), Benjamin Doe (11), William Doe (10), Kate Stacks (2) Granddaughter from Middlesex and Elizabeth Martain (51) Widow, Lodger from Hackney. I've been unable to find Charles Doe, who would have been around 15 and probably out working. (There is a death of a Charles Doe in West Ham in 1861, but this record can be discounted as the deceased was aged 3.) With only three sons, who were too young, Kate Stacks cannot be the Doe's granddaughter and must be the lodger's granddaughter.

In 1871, at Shern Hall Place, Walthamstow, West Ham were Moses Doe (50) Undergardener Domestic Servant from Little Canfield, Essex; Harriet Doe (49) from Little Easton and William Doe (20) Groom. (Shern Hall: stood in impressive grounds of more than 18 acres that contained landscaped gardens, a large T-shaped pond, orchards, meadowland, farm buildings and stabling.)

Harriet Doe (52) was buried on 7 Jan 1874 at St Paul's Church, Rusthall.

Moses Doe (53) Widower, Gardener, remarried to Mary Ann Norman (39) Spinster, on 7 Mar 1875 at Tunbridge Wells, Congregational Church.

Moses and Mary Ann added one further son:
  1. John Doe b. 1876 S Quarter in TUNBRIDGE Volume 02A Page 603, bap. at Tunbridge Wells, Congregational Church.
There is no sign of Moses, Mary Ann nor John on the 1881 census.

Mary Ann Doe died, aged 54, and was buried on 13 Mar 1888, also at St Paul's Church, Rusthall. Moses Doe died, aged 68, on 24 Jun 1888 and was buried on 27 Jun 1888, also at St Paul's Church, Rusthall, along with his second wife. Sadly, the gravestone mentions "a long and painful affliction".

St. Paul's Church, Rusthall Common
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