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Monday 6 May 2024

Richard Flew and Joan Thorne

Rackenford : Village Sign & Road
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Richard Flew, [then] of the Parish, Labourer, married Joan Thorne, also then of Rackenford, Spinster on 6 May 1765 at All Saints Church, Rackenford. Witnesses to this marriage were John Way and Christopher Kingdom. There are no baptism records in the right period for a Richard Flew in Rackenford, however, there was a Richard Flew, son of Richard and Jane Flew, bap. 10 Feb 1743 in Stockleigh English, which possibly relates. The most likely baptism for Joan Thorne was that on 16 Mar 1749, the daughter of Robert and Mildred Thorne, making her 16 at the time of her marriage. 

Richard and Joan Flew had four children:
  1. Richard Flew bap. 29 Sep 1765
  2. Thomas Flew bap. 12 Jun 1768. There was a burial on 21 Mar 1778.
  3. John Flew bap. 4 Mar 1772. (Assume died in infancy.)
  4. Elizabeth Flew bap. 19 May 1775 
The same day as Elizabeth was baptised, 19 May 1775, Joan Flew was buried.

Richard Flew remarried to Elizabeth Tommas (sic), also at All Saints Church, Rackenford, on 27 May 1776. Witnesses to this marriage were John Way and Arthur Saunders. There was a baptism of an Elizabeth Thomas on 4 Mar 1749, in Thelbridge, Devon, the daughter of Robert and Joan Thomas.

Richard and Elizabeth added three more children:
  1. Jane Flew bap. 25 Nov 1776
  2. Hugh Flew bap. 28 Feb 1779
  3. John Flew bap. 30 Jan 1781. Burial on 4 Feb 1781.
Then Elizabeth Flew was buried on 7 Dec 1783, also in Rackenford.

Richard Flew, of this Parish, Husbandman, married for the 3rd time to Ann Kingdom, of Rackenford, Spinster, on 14 May 1787. Once again, John Way was one of the witnesses. The other looks like William Griffin. Ann Kingdom (bap. 17 May 1761 in Rackenford), was the daughter of Christopher Kingdom (who was a witness at Richard's first marriage) and Mary Taylor.

Richard and Ann added 7 further children, bringing his total to 14:
  1. Mary Flew bap. 30 Mar 1788
  2. Arthur Flew bap. 16 Sep 1789
  3. Sarah Flew bap. 22 May 1792. Infant, buried 3 Jun 1792. Pauper.
  4. Ann Flew bap. 28 Dec 1794. Infant, buried 15 Feb 1795.
  5. John Flew bap. 20 Mar 1796
  6. Ann Flew bap. 21 Jan 1798. Buried 19 Feb 1798.
  7. Ann Flew bap. 24 Aug 1800. Buried 14 Sep 1800.
Richard Flue (sic) Snr was buried in Rackenford on 26 Feb 1809.

It's unclear when 3rd wife, Ann Flew, died.

Monday 3 July 2023

William Stone and Mary Thorne

Langford Budville : St Peter's Church
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William Stone (son of Thomas Stone and Dolly Carpenter, bap. 3 Nov 1799) married Mary Thorne on 3 Jul 1820 at St Peter's ChurchLangford Budville, Somerset. William and Mary Stone were some of my 3rd great-grandparents. Witnesses were Ann Waygood and William Bridges. The groom is described as a 'Sojourner' - temporarily residing in the parish - a blow in - which makes sense, as we know he was from Kentisbeare, over the border, in Devon. 

Records show they had three children, all baptised in Langford Budville:

  1. William Stone bap. 1 Apr 1821
  2. Thomas Stone bap. 4 Jan 1824
  3. Henry Stone bap. 26 Oct 1828 

Mary Stone (née Thorne) died - the burial record says she was aged 33 (b. 1799) - and was buried on 9 Sep 1832 at Langford Budville. Given her age and the timing, I'd imagine there's at least an evens chance that Mary died having a fourth child, although I've not found a relevant record to support this.

William Stone then remarried Elizabeth Sprague, from Ashbrittle, 10 years his junior, on 5 Feb 1834, also in Langford Budville. They had one daughter: 

  1. Mary Ann Stone, baptised 25 Dec 1834 in Langford Budville.
Court Place, Ashbrittle
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In 1841, William (40), Elizabeth (30) - William is listed as M. S. (male servant) and Elizabeth as F. S. (female servant); William Jr (rounded down to 15) - I actually think they've confused which son was at home and this was Thomas - and Mary Anne (6) are living at Hill Cottage, Holcombe Rogus, Wellington.  William Stone (20) was living (working?) in the household of James Stephens (50) in the village of Langford Budville. While, Henry Stone, age rounded down to 10 (actually 13), was employed as a servant to the family of Richard and Martha Barton at Higher Wellesford, Langford Budville,. 

"Richard Barton was born in Churchstanton, Somerset, in about 1817. I think that he was baptised at Otterford with his brother John Barton on 16th March 1817. He married Martha Surridge in Tiverton Registration District during 1841 and they were probably living at Langford Budville, Somerset, until at least 1844. At the time of the 1841 census Richard was farming at Higher Wellesford, Langford Budville. He was described as a twenty-year-old farmer, not born in the county of Somerset, and his wife, Martha, was aged twenty and born in that county." - Pedigree of the Bartons 

In 1851, William and Elizabeth were living at Trace BridgeAshbrittle with Mary Anne (16), who has become a 'Nurse Woman' and Henry Sprague (6), lodger, born in Exeter, while Henry (21) was a servant (Farm Servant/Ag Lab) to James and Elizabeth Talbot at Appley, Stawley, Wellington, Somerset.

In 1861, William Stone (62), Agricultural Labourer, and Betsy Stone (53) are living in a Private Cottage at Court Place, Ashbrittle, "Court Place Farm has been a feature of Somerset’s Tone Valley for centuries. Some of its pastures still bear the names they were given over five hundred years ago."

William Stone was buried on 7 Feb 1869 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle