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Tuesday 7 May 2024

William White and Ann Francis

All Saints' Church, Mattishall, Norfolk

William White (bap. 20 Jul 1806 at St Margaret, Garvestone), only child, son of Jacob White and Rose Bunkall, married Anne Francis (b. 3 Dec 1802 in Mattishall Burgh), daughter of William Francis and Sarah Homes, at All Saints' Church, Mattishall, Norfolk on 7 May 1826

Records exist for this couple having nine children:

  1. Mariann White bap. 8 Oct 1826 in Mattishall
  2. Anne White bap. 16 May 1830 in Mattishall (assume died in infancy)
  3. Anne White bap. 23 Oct 1831 in Mattishall 
  4. William White (b. 1834) bap. 26 Jun 1836 in Mattishall
  5. Sarah White bap. 26 Jun 1836 in Mattishall
  6. Elizabeth White bap. 27 May 1838 in Mattishall
  7. Hannah White bap. 23 Aug 1840 in Mattishall
  8. Maria White bap. 31 Jul 1842 in Mattishall
  9. Walter White, b. 16 Nov 1845 in Thorpe (1845 D Quarter in BLOFIELD UNION Volume 13 Page 20) (Birth, marriage and death certs held.)

In 1841, William (35) and Anne (35) were living 'Near the Church, Mattishall' with children: Mariann - listed as Mary - (14), Ann (9), William (7), Sarah (5), Elizabeth (3) and Hannah (0), as well as an Ann Clark (55).

By 1851, they had moved to Thorpe Road, St Andrew Thorpe with William (44) Gardener, Anne (47), Ann (19), William (17), also employed as a gardener, Hannah (10), Maria (8) and Walter (5). Sarah White (15) Servant in the household of John Baker at 16 Victoria Street, Lakenham. Elizabeth White (13) was Servant to Susannah Balley (28) Gentlewoman, on Thorpe Road.

In 1861, at Red Lion Hill, Thorpe were William (54) Gardener, Anne (54), Hannah (26), Maria (18) and Walter (15).

In 1871, William White (64) Gardener, and Anne White (68) were in Thorpe Street, Thorpe St Andrew, with granddaughter, Mary Ann Watson (13).

William White died just 16 days after the 1871 census was taken, aged 64, on 18 April 1871 and was buried at the Rosary Cemetery, Norwich.

16 Oct 1871: The will of William White late of Thorpe St. Andrew in the County of Norfolk, Gardener, who died 18 April 1871 at Thorpe St. Andrew was proved at Norwich by Francis Anthony Martyn of the City of Norwich Upholsterer one of the Executors. Effects under £100. (Francis Anthony Martyn was William's son-in-law, then married to daughter, Ann.)

In 1881, Ann White (78), widow, was living with her daughter Ann Martin (sic) (49), also then widowed, in Lothian Street, Norwich. Ann White died in 1889, aged 86 and is buried with her husband at the Rosary Cemetery. After contacting a local history group in in Thorpe St Andrew , I was contacted by former Sheriff of Norwich, Nick Williams, whose wife had seen my question and who provided photos and even a plan, which made the plot very easy to find. The Rosary Cemetery itself is notable, nay unique, too, as it was the first non-denominational cemetery in England. Laid out in 1819, it celebrated it's 200th Anniversary in 2019. Nick Williams, who is also involved in The Friends of the Rosary Cemetery, has now written several books on the burial site and here talks about The History of Rosary Cemetery

Headstone for William White and Ann Francis (left) Plot D3/578

Monday 8 January 2024

William Francis and Sarah Homes

Mattishall, All Saints Church: The sanctuary
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William Francis (b. 1773), son of William Francis and Mary Gunn, married Sarah Homes (bap. 16 Feb 1776 at St Peter’s, Mattishall Burgh), daughter of James and Mary Homes, on 8 Jan 1799, at All Saints' ChurchMattishall

Records suggest that this pair had at least five children: 
  1. Anne Francis born 3 Dec 1802, bap. 10 Apr 1803 at Mattishall Burgh
  2. Sarah Francis born 30 Apr 1805, bap. 19 May 1805 at Mattishall Burgh
  3. Harriet Francis, born 25 Jul 1813, bap. 19 Sep 1813 at Mattishall
  4. Stephen Francis bap. 14 Mar 1816 (buried 8 Apr 1816) at Mattishall
  5. Martha Francis bap. 9 May 1817 in Mattishall
The baptism records for Harriet, Stephen and Martha lists their father's occupation as Labourer.

In 1841, William Francis (65), Ag Lab, wife Sarah (60) and daughter Martha (20), are shown as living at Badley Moor, Mattishall. 

William Francis was buried on 13 Dec 1848 at All Saints', Mattishall

In 1851, Sarah Francis (76), widow, pauper, was lodging with John Durrant and his wife Martha (33) - Sarah's daughter - in East Tuddenham. 

Sarah Francis was buried, on 22 Feb 1852, at All Saints, East Tuddenham.

Monday 1 January 2024

William Francis and Mary Gunn

St Peter’s Church, Mattishall Burgh

William Francis and Mary Gunn, a pair of my 5th great-grandparents, were married, on 1 Jan 1771, at St Peter’s Church, Mattishall Burgh.

Records exist for the baptisms, also in Mattishall Burgh, of three children: 
  1. John Francis bap. 19 Apr 1772
  2. William Francis bap. 14 Nov 1773
  3. Mary Francis bap. 28 Mar 1779
William and Mary were buried at All Saints' Church, Mattishall. Mary was buried on 14 Apr 1816. The record states that she was 73 and born in 1743. William was buried little more than a year later, on 18 May 1817. His burial record says he was 76, born in 1741, but I haven't located their baptisms.

Churchyard at All Saints' Church, Mattishall

Sunday 12 November 2023

Jacob White and Rose Bunkall

St. Nicholas Church, Dereham

Jacob White and Rose Bunkall, married on 12 Nov 1805 at St. Nicholas ChurchDereham. Jacob, the son of Jacob White and Elizabeth Thompson, was baptised at All Saints ChurchShipdham, on 23 Jul 1770 (where his parents had married just two months earlier on 19 May 1770). Rose, the daughter of William and Margaret Bunkall, was born in December 1766 and baptised at St. Nicholas Church, Dereham on 1 Feb 1767.

Jacob and Rose were already 35 and 38, respectively, at the time of the marriage, but are described as a single man and a single woman. The lateness probably accounts for why they appear to have had only one child: 
  1. William White, baptised on 20 Jul 1806 at St MargaretGarvestone
Rose White died, with age estimated at 62, and was buried on 6 Jul 1827, at All Saints, Mattishall. (Mattishall is where son William lived at that time.)

In 1841, Jacob White (70) was living South GreenMattishall

Jacob White died, aged 76, in 1844 M Quarter in MITFORD AND LAUNDITCH Volume 13 Page 181.