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Monday 3 June 2024

George Charles Breame and Alice May Howes

Spire of Holy Trinity, Norwich
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George Charles Breame (b. 20 Nov 1890), son of Robert Breame and Caroline Bell, married Alice May Howes (b. 31 Oct 1899), daughter of William Harman Howes and Elizabeth Eliza Blazey at Holy Trinity church, Heigham, Norwich, Norfolk on 3 Jun 1922.

George and Alice had two sons, born at 23 Manchester Street, Heigham:
  1. George Charles Breame b. 31 July 1923
  2. William Robert Breame b. 21 Nov 1924
In 1939, living at 15 Henderson Road, Norwich, Norfolk were George Charles Breame Snr, Builder's Labourer; Alice May Breame; son George Charles Breame, who at that time, was employed as a Saw Mill Labourer, and a closed record that I assume relates to his brother.

In the 3rd quarter of 1945 (the same time as my parents married), George Charles Breame Jnr married Anna Thornton in Cleveland, Yorkshire. This couple had three daughters - all young enough to still be alive - who are my 4th cousins. I remember meeting them once when I was a child.

In 1946, William R Breame married Doris Buck, in Norwich.

George Charles Breams (sic), but date of birth quoted correctly as 20 Nov 1890, died in the second quarter of 1974. He will have been 83.

Alice May Breame died in Oct 1984, in East Dereham, Norfolk. She would have celebrated her 85th birthday at the end of that month.

George Charles Breame Jnr died in February 1998, aged 74.

William Robert Breame died on 21 Aug 2007.

Alice May Howes was my grandmother's 2nd cousin and is exactly the same age and is related to her in the same way as the singing, dancing, Winifred Constance Stanley Trevail, about whom I'm certain we knew nothing. Three very different women, brought up in three very different countries. 

Growing up, I'd met "Cousin George from Norwich", George and Alice's son, a few times, but had no idea whose cousin he was or how we were connected. This is why I had to follow this line down to work out that he was my father's 3rd cousin. You have to go right back to Francis Stephen Blazey and Hannah Minns, my 3rd great-grandparents, to find our common ancestor.