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Friday 22 March 2024

William Nunn and Susanna Byatt

All Saints' Little Canfield
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William Nunn (bap. 8 Apr 1798 in High Roding) son of William and Mary Nunn, married Susanna Byatt (bap. 11 Jun 1803 in Little Canfield), daughter of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, at All Saints, Little Canfield on 22 Mar 1819. William was 21, Susanna was possibly not quite, or maybe just, 16. 

William and Susanna, it appears, had seven children:
  1. William Nunn bap. 16 Jun 1822 at All Saints, High Roding
  2. Elizabeth Nunn bap. 13 Jun 1824 at All Saints, High Roding
  3. Sarah Nunn bap. 14 May 1826 at All Saints, High Roding. Died, aged 6, in 1832 and was buried in High Roding
  4. George Nunn bap. 27 Jun 1830 at All Saints, High Roding
  5. James Nunn bap. 25 Nov 1832 at All Saints, High Roding
  6. Sophia Nunn b. 7 Jun 1835, bap. 5 Jul 1835 at Thaxted Parish Church. Died, aged 18, in 1853 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 194 and was buried in Thaxted
  7. John Nunn b. 24 Jan 1837, bap. 2 Apr 1837 in Thaxted
But then Susan Nunn died aged 35 in 1839 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 12 Page 73 and was buried on 4 Feb 1839 in Thaxted.

In 1841, William Nunn (listed as 40) was living in Cutlers GreenThaxted with William Nunn (20), Eliza Nunn (20) - son William Nunn had married Eliza Thompson, in Dunmow registration district, in the 1st quarter of 1841 - George Nunn (11), James Nunn (9), Sophia Nunn (5) and John Nunn (3).

The 1851 census is missing and I didn't find the family in 1861.

In 1871, William Nunn (71) Agricultural Labourer, Widower, was seemingly living alone at 38 Park St, Thaxted. There are, of course, a lot of gaps in the records, but William appears to be unusual for his time, in that he does not seem to ever remarry and nor does he have any help at home, appearing therefore to have worked and brought up his children single-handedly.

In 1881, however, we find William Nunn (84) Pauper, Widower among inmates at the Union Workhouse, Great Dunmow, at that time the only place to get elderly or medical care. Unsurprisingly, William Nunn died, aged 84, in 1882 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 329.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

James Waterman and Tamar Hockley

All Saints, High Roding
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James Waterman (bap. 5 Aug 1821 at Hatfield Broad Oak), son of Isaac Waterman and Jane Hasler, married Tamar Hockley, daughter of Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason, on 22 Nov 1850 at All Saints, High Roding.

James and Tamar had two sons:
  1. James Waterman b. 1852 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 303, bap. 30 Jan 1853 at All Saints Church, High Roding.
  2. John Waterman b. 1857 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 319, bap. 25 Apr 1858 at All Saints Church, High Roding.
In 1861, James Waterman (40) Agricultural Labourer, Tamar Waterman (33), James Waterman (8) Scholar and John Waterman (3) were living in High Roden Street, High Roden (sic) (High Roding, obvs), Dunmow, Essex.

In 1871, living "In the Street, High Roothing, Dunmow, Essex" (hopefully, not too literally) were James Waterman (50) Groom, Tamar Waterman (45), James Waterman (18) Carpenter and John Waterman (13) Ag Lab.

In 1881, they had moved to Cannons Road (presumably Cannons Lane), Hatfield Broad Oak Aka Hatfield Regis, Dunmow, Essex. James Waterman (60) Groom; Fanny Waterman (55) from Great Dunmow (same age, I have no doubt this is Tamar) and John Waterman (23) Carpenter.

In 1891, on the Stortford Road, Little Canfield, Dunmow, Essex were James Waterman (69) General Labourer and Tamar Waterman (65).

Tamar Waterman died, aged 71, and was buried on 14 Mar 1898 in Great Dunmow (although the record isn't precise about which churchyard).

In 1901, James Waterman (79) Widower, Retired Groom from Hatfield Broad Oak, was living alone, still on the Stortford Road.

James Waterman died, aged 84, in 1905, in Great Dunmow.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Charles Young and Sarah Charlotte Hockley

High Roding
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High Roding is very much a linear settlement with very little development
back from The Street - which follows the line of a Roman Road.

Charles Young (b. 1857 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 309), son of Isaac Young and Emma Holgate, married Sarah Charlotte Hockley (b. 5 May 1860 in Great Dunmow), daughter of William Hockley and Charlotte Cock, at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, on 9 Nov 1890.

Sarah Charlotte Hockley had an illegitimate child, Alice Jane Hockley b. 1879 M Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A 472, bap. 14 Sep 1879 at St Mary the Virgin - the baptism confirms Sarah was her mother. In 1881, Alice was staying with her grandparents, while Sarah C Hockley (20) was working as a Domestic Servant in the household of Amelia Hockley (32) widow, Lodging house keeper at Hockerill, Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire. Alice Jane died, aged 8, in 1887 J Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A 314 and was buried on 7 May 1887.

Charles and Sarah Charlotte Young added three children:

  1. Alice Annie Young b. 1891 S Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 649
  2. Arthur William Young b. 1894 M Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 703
  3. Charles Montague Young b. 6 Jun 1897, reg. 1897 S Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 741

In 1891, Charles Young (33) Agricultural Labourer and Sarah Charlotte Young (31), were living with Charles' widowed father, Isaac Young (68) and sister Lois Annie Young (26) in High Roding, Essex.

In 1901, Charles Young (42) Horse Keeper on Farm, Sarah Young (40), Alice (9), Arthur (7) and Charles (3) were living at Brands Farm, Great Dunmow.

In 1911, Charles Young (51) Horseman on Farm, Sarah Young (50), Arthur Young (17) also Horseman on Farm and Charles Young (13) General Labourer on Farm, were living at Brands Farm, Great Dunmow. Brands Farm, Ongar Road, DunmowBrands Farm House dates from the early 16th century and is Grade II* Listed. Alice Annie Young (19), meanwhile, was a Domestic Servant in the household of Harry Gowlett (53) Farmer at The HallGreat Canfield. (The History of Great Canfield mentions The Hall.)

In 1921, Charles Young (62) Farm Foreman for H Gowlett Esq Farmer; Sarah Charlotte Young (61) were still at Brands Farm, Great Dunmow, with Claude Leslie Dodd (19) Railway Clerk from Stratford, Essex, as a visitor.

Charles Young died, aged 69, in 1926 D Quarter in DUNMOW.

In 1939, Sarah C Young was living, alone, at No 3 Sandpit Cottage, Bacon EndGreat CanfieldHope End Green

Sarah Charlotte Young died, aged 80, in 1941 J Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 1674. The Essex Newsman of 10 May 1941 saw fit to report on the "SUDDEN DEATH - Mrs Sarah Charlotte Young, aged 80, was found dead in her bedroom. Death was due to natural causes."

  • Alice Annie Young married Harry Crow in Dunmow, in 1915.
  • Charles M Young married Ethel L Owers in Dunmow, in 1918.

Sunday 5 November 2023

John Easter and Edith Hockley

All Saints, High Roding
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John Easter (b. 1859 in Dunmow, Essex), son of Charles Easter and Jemima Thurley, married Edith Hockley, daughter of William Hockley and Charlotte Cock, at St Mary the VirginGreat Dunmow on 5 Nov 1887

John and Edith Easter had eight children:
  1. Edith Jane Easter b. 21 Nov 1888 in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 600
  2. Alfred John Easter b. 9 Jul 1890 in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 626
  3. Annie Adelaide Easter b. 6 Dec 1893 in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 649
  4. William Charles Easter b. 14 Feb 1896 Volume 04A Page 709
  5. Elizabeth Ada Easter b. 22 Mar 1897 in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 715
  6. Mabel Mafeking Easter b. 23 Apr 1900 in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 802. Named after the events of the Siege of Mafeking, although The Relief of Mafeking, for the troops, didn't come until the following month.
  7. Stanley James Easter b. 6 May 1903 in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 905
  8. Leonard Frank Easter b. 20 Nov 1904 in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 870
In 1891, with their address listed just as Cottage, Street, High Roothing (High Roding), were John Easter (31) Agricultural Labourer, Edith Easter (29), Edith Jane Easter (2) and Alfred John Easter (0).

In 1901, living at The Wantz, High Roding, Dunmow, Essex (Wantz Cottage is a Grade II Listed Building today), were John Easter (41) Agricultural Labourer, Edith Easter (39), Edith J Easter (12), Alfred J Easter (10), Annie A Easter (7), William C Easter (5), Elizabeth A Easter (4) and Mabel M Easter (0).

In 1911, still in The Street, High Roding, we find John Easter (51) Horseman on farm, Edith Easter (49) Domestic; Alfred J Easter (20) Blacksmith journeyman; William C Easter (15) Farm boy; Elizabeth A Easter (14) General domestic servant; Mabel M Easter (10), Stanley J Easter (7) and Leonard F Easter (6), the last three still at school. That year, Edith Jane Easter (22) was a General domestic servant in the household of Arthur William Catling at 'Gwendon' Torrington Park, N Finchley, Friern Barnet, Middlesex, while Annie Adelaide Easter (17) was employed as a General domestic servant by Arthur Carwithen at 29 Macdonald Road, Friern Barnet N, Friern Barnet, Middlesex.

In 1921, still living in High Roding, were John Easter (61) Farm Labourer; Edith Easter (59), Mabel Easter (21) General Domestic Servant; Stanley Easter (18) Horseman; and Leonard Easter (16) Farm Labourer.

John Easter of The Street, High Roding, died on 13 Nov 1930, aged 69, and was buried on 18 Nov 1930 at All Saints Church, High Roding.

In 1939, the widowed Edith Easter was living with her son-in-law Allan G Bacon, married to daughter Annie Adelaide, at 13 School Villas, Dunmow.

Edith Easter died on 15 Apr 1947, aged 86, and was buried, on 19 Apr 1947, at All Saints with her husband where Essex Monumental Inscriptions say they have "a pointed top headstone with flat mantle top shoulders forming side panels with roses in relief, kerb with two corner posts."