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Wednesday 27 December 2023

William Tubb and Sarah Chard

The nave at St Mary's, Portsea
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William Tubb (b. 1785), son of William Tubb and Jane Bound, married Sarah Chard (bap. 2 Feb 1787 at St James' Church, Poole), daughter of George Chard and Ann Hellier, at St Mary's Church, Portsea on 27 Dec 1807

The font at St Alban's, Copnor
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Basher Eyre
William and Sarah Tubb appear to have had eleven children, all baptised also in the first church of St Mary's. The font still exists, but is now located in St Alban's Church, Copnor.
  1. William Tubb bap. 1 May 1808
  2. James Tubb b. 30 Apr 1809, bap. 23 May 1809
  3. Samuel Tubb bap. 16 Jun 1811
  4. Sarah Jane Tubb b. 30 Sep 1812, bap. 3 Jul 1814 
  5. Mary Tubb b. 15 Jan 1814, also bap. 3 Jul 1814 
  6. John Tubb bap. 12 Feb 1816
  7. Thomas Tubb bap. 24 Apr 1820 (Later records suggest he was probably born in 1818.)
  8. Alfred Tubb bap. 2 Oct 1820
  9. Hannah Tubb bap. 23 Nov 1823. Buried 27 Aug 1826, also at St Mary's.
  10. Henry Tubb bap. 12 Jun 1825
  11. Edward Tubb bap. 18 Nov 1827
The baptism records for Mary, John, Thomas, Alfred, Hannah, Henry and Edward all list their father as Ropemaker of George's Row.

This was the same period, same church (& font) in which Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Charles Dickens were baptised, in 1806 and 1812, respectively. Even though the Brunel family moved away to London in 1808 and the Dickens only moved into the area in 1809, the chance that this Tubb family and those of Brunel or Dickens - even if not moving in the same circles - being under the same roof at the same time, has to be quite high. 

Sarah Tubb of George's Row, died at 45, and was buried, on 4 May 1831.

Alfred Tubb must have died around 1841. There is no death or burial record (abroad or at sea maybe?), the Index To Death Duty Registers list his father, William Tubb of 12 Bow Street, Landport, Portsea as Administrator.

In 1841, William Tubb (54) was living in the household of daughter Mary (27) and son-in-law, John Windel (37) in Bow Street, Portsea, along with his youngest two sons Henry Tubb (15) and Edward Tubb (13). 

 (The Portsmouth Encycopedia says, "Bow Street ran east from Commercial Road just north of the Railway Terminus (1847) (now Portsmouth & Southsea Station) to Dorset Street. Bow Street was later re-named Station Street.")

In 1851, William Tubb (64) Widower, Ropemaker was once more listed merely as a visitor, in the household of John and Mary Windel in Bow Street, Portsea, this time along with just his son Henry Tubb (25) Ropemaker.

In 1861, William Tubb (76) Superannuated Rope Maker (who said he was from Poole, Dorset, but this was actually where his late wife was from), was living at 33, Bow Street, Portsea and had gone back to being the head of the household after the death of his son-in-law, John Windell in January of that year. Living there with him were his daughter, Mary Windell (48) Widow; Thomas Noble (33) Coppersmith from Newport IOW, Grandson-in-law; Sarah A Noble (29) Wife of Coppersmith, Granddaughter-in-law (Sarah Ann Windell, as was, was Mary's step-daughter); Ellen Windell (17), Edward Windell (6) and Eliza Noble (2), also listed as a Granddaughter, but if we were being pedantic, she was actually William's step-great-granddaughter.

Son Samuel Tubb (58) Seaman of Bow Street, Landport, died on 19 Apr 1869 and was buried on 22 Apr 1869 at Portsea Cemetery. 

In 1871, William Tubb (85) Rope Maker was still in Bow Street, Portsea, then in the household of Alfred John Rees (27), listed as his wife's grandfather. (Alfred's wife, Ellen, was the daughter of John and Mary Windel.) That year, Henry Tubb (45) Rope spinner from Landport, Hants was an Inmate at the Alverstoke House of Industry, Near Gosport. (The full title of the Alverstoke Workhouse was the House of Industry.) Henry then just disappeared.

William Tubb, Rope Maker of Bow Street, Landport, died on 19 Aug 1872, aged 87, and was buried on 23 Aug 1872 at Portsea Cemetery.