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Monday 18 December 2023

Henry Caddy and Selina Mary Ann Harcus

St Mary, Dock Road, Chatham
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The church, now closed, is mainly late C19 but a few Norman features still remain.

Henry Caddy (24), Shipwright, son of John Henry Caddy and Sarah Kirkby, married, Selina Mary Ann Harcus (20), daughter of John Harcus and Selina Patrick, on 18 Dec 1870 at St Mary's Church, Chatham. Witnesses were her brother Henry George Harcus and Sarah Caddy, Henry's sister.

In 1871, Selina Caddy (21), Henry Caddy (24) Shipwright, were living with Selina's widowed mother, Selina Harcus (47) Licensed Victualler at the Chest Arms, 55 High Street, Chatham.

Henry and Selina Caddy then had one daughter: 

  1. Selina Sarah Caddy, b. 15 Jan 1872 (1872 M Qtr in MEDWAY Vol 02A Page 470), bap. 11 Feb 1872 at St Mary's Church, Chatham.

Selina Mary Ann Caddy was one of the witnesses to the marriage of her brother Henry George Harcus and Susan Alice Tubb, on 29 Dec 1872.

Then on 18 Dec 1874, at All Saints Church, HaggerstonSelina Mary Ann Caddy (24), 'Widow' (no she wasn't, unless her father-in-law listed a ghost in 1881 - see below), who, nevertheless, listed her father (correctly) as John Harcus, Tailor, married Lewis Betjemann (31) Bachelor (nope), Sergeant in the Army, who named his father as John Jacob Betjemann, Gunsmith. 

John Jacob Betjemann, Gunmaker, had married Elizabeth Bull in 1825 and was in Whitechapel in 1841 and Bethnal Green in 1851. He died in 1853. 

Baptised Ernst Luy Ficktohr Betjeman (sic) on 3 Mar 1844 at Christ Church, Spitalfields, he was their youngest child, listed as Ernst (7) in his parents' household in 1851 and as Lewis Betjemann (17) Cabinet Maker, when living with his widowed mother, Elizabeth, in Haggerston, in 1861. 

As 'Herns' Lewis Betjemann, Cabinet Maker, he had previously married Mary Sarah Jane Blumson, daughter of Benjamin Blumson, Dyer, at St James', Shoreditch, on 5 Nov 1863. This couple had at least two daughters: Mary Ann Betjemann b. 1 Dec 1863 (1864 M Quarter in SHOREDITCH Volume 01C Page 204), bap. 20 Dec 1963 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green; and Caroline Betjemann b. 1866 M Quarter in SHOREDITCH Volume 01C Page 182. When daughter Mary Betjemann (20) married on 2 Feb 1884, she listed her father as Lewis Betjemann, Cabinet Maker and George Christian Betjemann, who was Lewis' brother, was one of the witnesses at her marriage. Reverting back to Bachelor in 1874 was well fishy and lead me be certain they were both committing bigamy. That Mary Sarah Jane Blumson went on to have another four children with Henry Thomas Comte and lived until 1924, confirms it.

Selina claiming to be a Widow, one might assume Henry Caddy had died ... However, in 1881, we find Henry Caddy (34) Shipwright, alive, listed as married, living in the home of his father, John Henry Caddy (59) Joiner (he had been a Joiner at the Dockyard) and his second wife Elizabeth Caddy (61) at 50, Church Road, Gillingham, Medway, Kent, with no mention of Henry's wife or child. (Henry's mother, Sarah Caddy, had died in 1866 and John Henry Caddy had married widow, Elizabeth Fowler, on 26 Mar 1874).

After that I can find no more records for Henry Caddy, not even a death. 

Selina Sarah Caddy doesn't appear on a census either, until 1891, when we find George Lewis (47) Caretaker from Mile End, Middlesex at James Allen's School, Townley Road, Camberwell (James Allen's Girls' School), with wife Selina Lewis (41) Housekeeper from Chatham, Kent; daughter listed as Selina Lewis (19) also from Chatham, Kent, with two Assistant caretakers. It's clear that Lewis Betjemann has Anglicised himself to George Lewis. Subsequent records, which I found first, show that these are the right people however.

On 13 May 1894, Selina Sarah Caddy (22) married William Slate (24) at the church of St Michael, Burleigh Street, Westminster (Initially a chapel within the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, closed 1905 and was demolished.)

William and Selina Sarah Slate had at least eight children:

  1. Victor Alfred William Slate b. 30 Nov 1895 in HOLBORN 01B 683
  2. Eleanor Selina Slate b. 11 Nov 1897 in HOLBORN 01B 687
  3. Alfred John Slate b. 10 Aug 1900 in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 469, bap 2 Sep 1900 at St. James' Church, Walthamstow
  4. Doris Margaret Slate b. 13 Oct 1904 in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 458, bap. 13 Nov 1904 at St. James' Church, Walthamstow
  5. Wilmet Geraldine Slate b. 24 Mar 1908 J Quarter in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 455, bap. 19 Apr 1908 at Walthamstow St. James the Greater. Died at 16 months in 1909 S Quarter in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 170 and buried on 21 Aug 1909 at Queen's Road Cemetery, Walthamstow.
  6. Lily Slate b. 12 Aug 1910 in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 474, bap. 9 Sep 1910 at St. James' Church, Walthamstow
  7. William Leonard Slate b. 1913 D Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 929
  8. Philip Albert Slate b. 1917 M Qtr in WEST HAM Vol 04A Page 724
George Lewis was buried at Queen's Road Cemetery, Walthamstow, Grave 656A, on 14 July 1898 (there was a death of a George Lewis, aged 54, in 1898 S Quarter in LONDON CITY Volume 01C Page 8, which I believe may relate), however the burial record shows that the purchaser of the plot was Selina Sarah Slate, confirming that this certainly was the correct burial.

In 1901, Selina Lewis (51) Widow, General shop dealer, from Chatham, Kent, was living at 52, Gladstone Road, Walthamstow, West Ham. William Slate (32) Bookbinder, was living at 81, Gladstone Road, Walthamstow, West Ham with Selina Slate (29) from Chatham; Victor (5), Selina (3) and Alfred (0).

In 1911, at 23 Camden Road Walthamstow, Walthamstow, were William Slate (41) Bookbinder, Selina Slate (39) from Chatham, Kent; Victor Slate (15) Junior clerk; Eleanor (13), Alfred (10), Doris (6), Lily (0) and Selina Lewis (61) Mother, Widow, Dressmaker from Chatham, Kent.

In 1921, William Slate (51) Book Binder; Selina Slate (49), Violet Slate (25), Eleanor Slate (23), Alfred Slate (20), Doris Slate (16), Lily Slate (10), William Slate (7), Philip Slate (4) and Frederick Crisp (30) Visitor were all at 13 Forster Road, Walthamstow. (Frederick Crisp later married Eleanor Slate.) Selina Ana Lewis (71) was a boarder at 89, Hartington Road, Walthamstow.

Selina M A Lewis died, aged 88, at 13 Forster Road, Walthamstow and was buried at Queen's Road Cemetery, Walthamstow on 26 Sep 1938.

In 1939, William Slate (b. 1 Jul 1869), Groundsman and Sarah Selina Slate (b. 15 Jan 1872) were at 13 Forster Road, Walthamstow. William Slate died, at 89, in 1958 and Selina S Slate died, at 95, in 1966, in Waltham Forest.