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Sunday, 18 July 2021

Stanley William Stone and Eveline Ann Skinner

Terraced houses, South Molton
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Stanley William Stone (b. 7 Jan 1903), the tenth and penultimate child of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, is listed on the 1939 Register, by which time he had already been widowed. Living with him at that time, at Foxdon Cottage, South Molton, were an Emily A Crook (b. 1894) - Stanley's elder brother, Frederick James Stone, was married to a Jessie Ann Crook, so family perhaps? - and son, Leslie Walter Stone (b. 17 Mar 1928). On the birth registration for Leslie, the mother's maiden name was listed as Skinner. 

However, there was no record of a marriage of a Stone and a Skinner. 

Eventually, I found Stanley W Stone's marriage to Evelyn A Robjohns, in South Molton, in the first quarter of 1926. Born Eveline Ann Skinner in 1896, she was the daughter of James Henry Skinner and Sarah Jane Cockram and, in 1901, had lived with her family at Backston Cottage, Rackenford and 1911 in East Anstey. Evelyn A Skinner had married George Henry Robjohns (b. 1897), in Tiverton, in 1920, however, he had died in 1925, aged only 28. (The couple had a son, George Henry Robjohns, b. 10 Oct 1920, who died, in Tiverton, in 2003.)

Then Evelyn A Stone died in 1935, aged just 38.

Stanley William Stone died in 1947, aged only 44.

Leslie Walter Stone married in 1949 and died, on 10 Apr 2008, in Sidmouth.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Ernest John Hill and Irene Venetta Stone

North Devon : Grassy Field & Cattle near Rackenford
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Irene Venetta Stone, the ninth child of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, married Ernest John Hill, in Tiverton, in Q2 1919. Ernest, born 16 Nov 1882, will have been 36 and Irene 19. The couple's first child, John Hill, was born on 18 Oct 1919. Five more followed between then and 1931. 

The records for four of the children are still closed on the 1939 Register, so they may still be living. In 1939, the entire family was living at East Wilson Farm, Rackenford (PDF) with Ernest J Hill engaged in Mixed Farming. 

Ernest J Hill of East Wilson Farm, Rackenford, died, aged 61, on 9 Dec 1943 and in 1944, Probate was granted to his widow, Irene Venetta Hill, to whom he left effects valued at £1723 10s 3d (worth £78,376.29 today). 

In the second quarter of 1944, daughter Mary A C Hill (b. 8 Mar 1926) married William Coles and in the fourth quarter of 1945, Irene V Hill remarried to William C Coles. In 1939, there had been a William Coles (b. 8 Mar 1917) living with his widowed father, William C Coles (b. 8 Oct 1878) at 11 Bolham Halt, Chettiscombe, so it seems mother and daughter married father and son.

William C Coles died, aged 84, in Tiverton, in 1959.

Irene Venetta Coles died in 1980, in her 80th year.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Thomas Middleton

East Anstey: Woodland by the entrance to Higher Radnidge Farm and Radnidge House.
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Thomas Middleton (bap. 25 Jul 1841), was the youngest child of Robert Middleton and Elizabeth Baker, and younger brother of Jane Middleton

In 1861, Thomas Middleton (19) was employed as a House Servant in the household of James Perryman at Higher Radnidge Farm, East Anstey

A Thomas Middleton married Harriett Collard on 7 Sep 1862 in Rackenford (would need certificate to prove), but can find no further record of them.

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