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James Flew and Elizabeth Zelley

Tiverton : St Peter's Church
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James Flew (bap. 26 Aug 1818 in Rackenford, Devon), son of Arthur Flew and Sarah Hines, married Elizabeth Zelley (bap. 27 Dec 1829 in Tiverton, Devon), daughter of Joseph Zelly and Susanna Serles, at St Peter's Church, Tiverton on 29 Sep 1852. Witnesses to their marriage were Joseph Zelley, who may have been the bride's brother and a Mary Ann Leigh.

James and Elizabeth had seven children:
  1. Emma Flew b. 21 Jun 1853 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 388, bap. 10 Jul 1853 at St Peter's, Tiverton
  2. Charles Flew b. 23 Mar 1855 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 397, bap. 15 Apr 1855 at St Peter's, Tiverton
  3. Fred Flew b. 1857 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 401, bap. Frederick Flew on 4 Jan 1857 in Loxbeare, Devon
  4. Susan Ellen Flew b. 1858 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 407. Died, aged 3, in 1862 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 259 and was buried in Withleigh, Devon
  5. Ann Eliza Flew b. 8 Feb 1860 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 443, bap. 18 Mar 1860 at St Peter's, Tiverton
  6. Mary Ann Flew b. 1 Jan 1862 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 457, bap. 26 Jan 1862 at St Catherine's Church, Withleigh
  7. Elizabeth Flew b. 29 Aug 1863 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 425, bap. 13 Sep 1863 at St Catherine's, Withleigh
In 1861, the household included: James Flew (38), Elizth Flew (32) Emma Flew (7), Charles Flew (6), Fredk Flew (4), Susan Flew (2) Anna E Flew (1) and Mary Southwood (75). Susan Flew (2) and Anna E Flew (1) were also listed as staying at Lower Wyke, Tiverton with Mary Elson (45).

James Flew died, age estimated to 44, in 1864 M Quarter in TIVERTON.

Elizabeth Flew remarried to John Cann, 16 years her junior, on 15 Jan 1871, at Cove, Devon. Her children, Emma Flew & Charles Flew, were witnesses.

John and Elizabeth Cann added one son:
  1. William Cann b. 11 May 1871 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 447, bap. 27 Dec 1871 at St Paul's Church, Tiverton
In 1881, living in Hammetts Lane, Tiverton were John Cann (36) Shoemaker from Sandford, Devon; Elizabeth Cann (51) Laundress; William Cann (9) Scholar; Emma Flew (27) Step-daughter, Dressmaker; Fred Flew (24) Step-son, Whitesmith; Eliza Flew [Ann Eliza] (21) Step-daughter, Laundress; Mary A Flew (19) Step-daughter, Laundress and Frank Leigh (15) Boarder. Charles Flew had married in 1877. Bessie Flew [Elizabeth] (17) was Shop Assistant to John Harwood, Baker & confectioner in Fore Street, Tiverton.

In 1891, John Cann (46) Bootmaker was in Fore Street, Tiverton with Elizabeth Cann (61), William Cann (19) Blacksmith; Emma Candy (37) Married, Step-Daughter, Dressmaker and William E Heath (9) Grandson. 

In 1901, we find John Cann (56) Shoemaker in Hammett's Square, Tiverton with Elizabeth Cann (only 68) Laundress; William Cann (30) Blacksmith and Emma Candy (48) Married, Laundress.

In 1911, John Cann (66) Formerly Boot and Shoe Maker of No Occupation, and Elizabeth Cann (81) were still living in Tiverton.

Elizabeth Cann died at 85 in 1915 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 731

John Cann died in 1916 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 531.

John Kerslake and Mary Ann Beedell

Mid Devon : Higher Pitt Farm
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John Kerslake married Mary Ann Beedell, in Tiverton, in 1880. The marriage record names her merely as Mary Beedle (sic), but on each of their children's baptisms, she's listed as Mary Ann and on each of the civil registrations of the births, her maiden name is Beedell (a name we've encountered before, when Temperance Southcott married her second husband, Francis Thomas Beedell.) So far, I haven't been able to find the births or parents for either John or Mary Ann to be able to establish the link (if there is one) between these people.

John and Mary Ann Kerslake had ten children: 
  1. Jane Kerslake b. 19 Mar 1880, bap. 4 Jan 1881 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. Their abode at the time of Jane's baptism was Clayhanger.
  2. Ernest John Kerslake b. 5 Aug 1881
  3. Alice Elizabeth Kerslake b. 21 Jun 1883
  4. Lewis William Kerslake b. 16 Nov 1885, bap. 31 Dec 1885 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. Residence was Burlescombe.
  5. Albert Henry Kerslake b. 6 Dec 1887
  6. Edwin Beedell Kerslake b. 2 Jan 1890
  7. Geoffrey Kerslake b. 1892. (Buried 29 Jun 1892 in Washfield.)
  8. Florence Ellen Kerslake b. 1894, bap. 2 Dec 1894 in Loxbeare. Address was Buttermoor Farm, Washfield, John Kerslake was Dairyman Farmer.
  9. Manuel Charles Kerslake b. 17 Nov 1900, bap. 24 Dec 1900 at St George's Church, Tiverton. Residence was Castle Barn Farm, Exeter Hill.
  10. Frederick Kerslake b. 5 Nov 1902, bap. 4 Dec 1902 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. At East Bicknell Farm, Cove, John was a Dairyman.
In 1881, John Kerslake (35) was a Farmer of 30 acres at Goldsmoor [Farm], Sampford-Peverell, with Mary Kerslake (25), Jane Kerslake (1), William Kerslake (4) Visitor and 'Eles' Biddle (13) Servant.

In 1891, at Higher Pitt Farm, Washfield, were John Kerslake (43) Farmer, Mary Kerslake (33), Jane Kerslake (11), John Kerslake (9), Alice Kerslake (7), Lewis William Kerslake (5), Albert Henry (3) and Edwin Beedell (1).

In 1894, five of the children were enrolled at Loxbeare Church of England School: Ernest John Kerslake, Elizabeth Alice Kerslake, Lewis William Kerslake, Albert Henry Kerslake and Edwin Beedell Kerslake. 

In 1901 at Castle Barn Farm, Tiverton, there were John Kerslake (55) Farmer, Mary A Kerslake (42), Jenny (Jane) Kerslake (21), William (Lewis William) Kerslake (15) Tailor's Apprentice, Edwin Kerslake (11), Florence E Kerslake (6) and Charles M (Manuel Charles) Kerslake (0).

(With so many changes of address, I have visions of them driving their cattle almost incessantly around the narrow lanes of Devon!)

John Kerslake, finally of Luttrell FarmBampton, Devonshire, died on 30 Nov 1903, leaving his effects of £271 5s (worth around £33,800 in 2021) to William Henry Beedell, Innkeeper. As yet, I don't know which inn he kept. One can perhaps assume that William Henry Beedell was a relative of Mary Ann's, but again, I've not been able to find out how they might be related. 

In 1911, Mary Ann Kerslake, Widow, Needle woman, living at 1 The Works, Tiverton with Edwin Beedell Kerslake (21) Gardener, Florence Ellen Kerslake (16) School teacher, Charles Emanuel Kerslake (10) and Frederick Kerslake (8). Jane Kerslake (listed as Jenny) (29) was Cook to the family of Henry William Gould, Solicitor, at Compass Cottage, Stoke Hill, Heavitree.

In 1921, Mary A Kerslake (62) Widow; Jane Bowden (40) Widow (Jane Kerslake married Frank Bowden in 1917); Lewis W Kerslake (34) Widower, Tailor; Emanuel C Kerslake (20) Motor Driver and Frederick Kerslake (18) Grocer's Assistant were living at 1, The Works, Tiverton, Devon.

In 1939, Jane Bowden was still living with her mother, Mary Ann Kerslake, at 1 Castle View, Tiverton.

Mary Ann Kerslake (née Beedell) died in 1951, aged 93.