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Monday 25 December 2023

John Daines and Sarah White

St Andrew, Thorpe St Andrew - East end
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John Daines (bap. 10 Apr 1837 in Langley, Norfolk), Shoemaker, son of Isaac Daines, Wheelwright, and Maria Atmore, married Sarah White (bap. 26 Jun 1836 in Mattishall), daughter of William White and Ann Francis at Thorpe Episcopi, Norfolk (Thorpe St Andrew) on 25 Dec 1859. Witnesses were William White (Sarah's father or brother) and Rebecca Arthurton.

John and Sarah Daines had six children:

  1. Arthur George Daines b. 12 Apr 1860 (1860 J Quarter in BLOFIELD UNION Vol 04B Page 188), bap. 6 May 1860 at Thorpe Episcopi
  2. Annie Laurie Daines b. 1863 S Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 154
  3. Maria Louisa Daines b. 1866 M Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 173
  4. William Henry Daines b. 9 Apr 1871 (1871 J Qtr Vol 04B Page 160)
  5. Emily Marella Daines b. 3 Jul 1873 (1873 S Qtr Vol 04B Page 148) 
  6. Edith Marina Daines b. 1875 D Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 139
In 1861, living in Plumstead Road, Thorpe, Blofield, Norfolk, were John Daynes (sic) (23) Cordwainer - a shoemaker who makes new shoes from new leather - from Langley, Norfolk; Sarah Daynes (sic) (24) from Mattishall, and Arthur G Daynes (sic) (11 months) born in Thorpe St Andrew.

In 1871, John Daynes (sic) (33) Rivetter (Shoe) was living in Derby Street, Heigham, Norwich with Sarah Daynes (sic) (34); Arthur G Daynes (10), Anna L Daynes (7) and Maria L Daynes (5).

In 1879, William Henry Daines was registered at St Stephen's Boys School, Norwich and Emily Daines was registered at St Stephen's Girls School.

In 1881, John Daines (42) Boot Operator was living in Upper Rupert Street, Heigham, Norwich, with Sarah Daines (43), Arthur G Daines (20) Rivetter (Shoe); Anna L Daines (17) Boot machinist; Marie L Daines (15) Dress maker; William H Daines (9), Emily M Daines (7) and Edith M Daines (5).

In 1891, John Daynes (sic) (53) Shoe Operator was at 70, Heigham Road, Norwich, with Sarah Daynes (54), Emily M Daynes (17) and Emily M Daynes (15). Arthur Daines (32) Shoemaker was a lodger at The Crown, 117, St Benedick Street, Norwich (This pub was destroyed by bombing in 1942).

In 1901, at 70, Heigham Road, Norwich, were John Daines (64) Boot & shoe operator; Sarah Daines (65), Arthur G Daines (38) Boot & shoe rivetter; Emily M Minns (27), Aubrey G Minns (4) and Leslie H Minns (3) Grandsons.

Sarah Daines died at 68 in 1905 D Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 92.

In 1911, John Daines (74) Boot maker, Widower, was living at 21 Connaught Road, Norwich with his son Arthur G Daines (50) Boot printer.

In 1921, John Daines (84) Wife's father, Boot repairer, was living in the household of Arthur Frederick Browne (55), along with Edith Marina Browne (45) and Arthur G Daines (61) Boot maker (Wife's brother).

John Daines died at 89 in 1926 S Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 148.