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Monday, 21 February 2022

William Tubb and Sarah Chard

The nave at St Mary's, Portsea
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William Tubb (b. 1785), son of William Tubb and Jane Bound, married Sarah Chard, who was reputedly the daughter of George Chard and Ann Hellier, at St Mary's Church, Portsea on 27 Dec 1807. They will, of course, have married in the first church on that site, not the one shown, which is the third incarnation, but there was a shortage of photos of the original one for some reason. 

The font at St Alban's, Copnor
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Basher Eyre
This William and Sarah appear to have had eight children, all of whom were baptised also in that first church of St Mary's. The font still exists, now located in St Alban's Church, Copnor, Portsmouth.
  1. William Tubb bap. 1 May 1808
  2. James Tubb bap. 23 May 1809
  3. Samuel Tubb bap. 16 Jun 1811
  4. Sarah Jane Tubb bap. 3 Jul 1814
  5. Mary Tubb bap. 3 Jul 1814
  6. John Tubb bap. 12 Feb 1816
  7. Thomas Tubb bap. 24 Apr 1820
  8. Alfred Tubb bap. 2 Oct 1820
Although Sarah Jane and Mary were baptised together in 1814, Sarah Jane was born on 30 Sep 1812. (There's a burial of a Jane Tubb, aged 1, on 28 Aug 1814, which I think, sadly, might relate to this child.) 

Thomas' age on later censuses suggest he was born in either 1818 or 1819.

This was the same period, same church (and font) in which Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Charles Dickens were baptised, in 1806 and 1812, respectively. Even though the Brunel family moved to London in 1808 and the Dickens only moved into the area in 1809, the chance that this Tubb family and those of Brunel or Dickens - even if not moving in the same circles - being under the same roof at the same time, has to be quite high. It's a quite mind-blowing thought really.

Sarah Tubb (née Chard) died, aged 45, and was buried, on 4 May 1831, at St Mary's Church, Portsea.

In 1841, William Tubb (54) was living in the household of daughter Mary (27) and son-in-law, John Windel (37) in Bow Street, Portsea. 

In 1851, William Tubb (64) Widower, Ropemaker is still, listed as a visitor, in the household of John and Mary Windel in Bow Street.

Still in Portsea in 1871William Tubb died, aged 87, in 1872.
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