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Sunday 5 May 2024

Squire Day and Sarah Hobbs

St Mary's Church, Hitchin
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Squire Day (bap. 28 May 1797 in Ickleford, Hertfordshire), son of George Day and Mary Watson, married Sarah Hobbs (b. 28 Feb 1796 bap. 29 Apr 1796 at the Hitchin, Back Street Meeting), the daughter of Samuel Emly Hobbs and Elizabeth Saunders, in Hitchin, on 5 May 1819.

Squire as a boy's name is of Middle English origin, apparently.

Squire and Sarah had 6 children, baptised at the Hitchin, Back Street Meeting (The Independent Meeting House at Back Street, Hitchin):
  1. John Day b. 27 Dec 1820, bap. 25 Mar 1821 
  2. George Hobbs Day b. 27 Feb 1822, bap. 31 Mar 1822
  3. Martha Hobbs Day b. 26 Feb 1826, bap. 20 May 1827. Died, aged 12, in 1838 J Quarter in THE HITCHIN UNION Volume 06 Page 411
  4. Alfred Day b. 17 Jun 1828, bap. 14 Sep 1828
  5. Phoebe Emma Day b. 4 Mar 1830, bap. 18 Apr 1830
  6. Elizabeth Hobbs Day b. 22 Jun 1833, bap. 26 Jan 1834
Sarah Day must have died between 1833 and 1837, but no record identified.

Squire Day, Widower, son of George Day, Carpenter, then married Mary Ann Dear, Spinster, said to be daughter of William Dear, Carpenter, both of Back Street, Hitchin, at the Parish Church of St Mary's, Hitchin, on 20 Jul 1837.

Squire and Mary Ann added another four children:
  1. Martha Dear Day b. 1839 M Qtr in HITCHIN UNION Vol 06 Page 500
  2. Mary Ann Day b. 1841 M Qtr in HITCHIN UNION Vol 06 Page 540
  3. Squire Day b. 1843 S Qtr in HITCHIN UNION Vol 06 Page 534
  4. Sarah Elizabeth Day b. 1846 M Qtr in HITCHIN Vol 06 Page 578
In 1841, in Back of Street, Hitchin, were Squire Day (40) Grocer [1], Mary Ann Day (35), John Day (20), George Day (18), Martha Day (3), Mary Ann Day (0), Mary Kofford (20) Female Servant and John Taylor (20), who in perfect nominative determinism, was a Tailor. They were living next door to John Gascoine, Victualler, but that's probably unremarkable because these streets appear to have been full of now lost pubs. Also among their closest neighbours were a Fish Monger, two Bakers and a Shoe Maker.

[1] First wife Sarah's father, Samuel Emly Hobbs, had also been a grocer, declared bankrupt in 1829, so he may have taken over this business.

Back of Street, or Back Street, is described in this document on Hitchin Conservation Area (PDF): "A subsidiary road developed parallel to the market place on the east side of the River Hiz, probably from the 12th century onwards. Formerly called Back Street, and at its southern end, Dead Street. Biggin Lane and Portmill Lane connected the market place with Back Street and Dead Street respectively. Their name was changed to the more salubrious Queen Street in the 19th century. Queen Street was also the site of many houses, cottages and other buildings which were located close to St Mary’s Church, and which were swept away in the slum clearance of the 1920s. 

In 1851, in Back Street, Hitchin, were Squire Day (52) Grocer from Ickleford, Hertfordshire; Mary Ann Day (47) from East Barnet, Hertfordshire; Martha Day (12), Mary Ann Day (10), Squire Day (8) and Sarah Day (5).

In 1861, Squire Day (63) Upholsterer and lodging house keeper was running the Travellers Rest, Back Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire with Mary Ann Day (56), Mary Ann Day (20) Bonnet Sewer; Squire Day (17) Boot and shoe makers apprentice; Sarah Day (15) Bonnet Sewer and 19 Lodgers.

In 1871, Squire Day (74) Upholsterer and lodging house keeper, was still in Back Street, Hitchin with Mary Ann Day (65), Mary Ann Day (29) Bonnet Sewer; Sarah E Day (25) Milliner; Alfred J Day (19) Reporter and Arthur S Day (15) Photographic Artist, these last two grandsons, sons of John Day.

Squire Day died, at 81, in 1878 S Quarter in HITCHIN Volume 03A Page 228.

In 1881, M A [Mary Ann] Day (76) Lodging house keeper was still running the Traveller's Rest in Back Street, Hitchin with Mary A Day (39) assistant; Susan White (44) General Servant, Henry White (10) and 13 Boarders.

Mary Ann Day died at 79 in 1884 M Qtr in HITCHIN Vol 03A Page 256.

Monday 13 November 2023

Thomas William Colwill and Olivia Trevail

St George's, Hanover Square
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Thomas William Colwill (b. 1861 in Pimlico), son of Henry Colwill and Mary White, married Olivia Trevail (b. 1854 in Luxulyan), daughter of Joseph Trevail and Jane Rundle, at St George, Hanover Square on 13 Nov 1886. Witnesses were Kate Archer and Charles Trevail, the bride's sister and brother.

Thomas and Olivia had two children:
  1. Harry George Colwill born 1888 in Pimlico
  2. Elsie Mary Colwill born 1896 in Dalston
In 1871, at 20, was a kitchen maid in the household of Francis Gosling, Banker, at Wellbury House, Great Offley, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. (Goslings Bank was one of the banks merged into Barclays Bank in 1896)

In 1891, Thomas Colwill (29) Labourer joiner, living at Chichester Street, St George Hanover Square, with wife Olivia Colwill (33), son Harry (2), as well as four boarders: Charles Usher (26), Walter Wilham (35), Constance Wilham (25) and Ernest Aller (24). Thomas claimed to be from Taunton, Somerset. He wasn't. Following the clues, we discover that Thomas William Colwill, born in Pimlico in 1861, was the son of Henry Colwill, Joiner, and Mary White - who married in Wells, Somerset, in 1857. Thomas William Colwill was merely baptised at St Thomas, Wells, Somerset, in 1861. 

By 1901, Thomas Collwell (sic) (39) Builder's foreman, living at 24, Back Common Road, Lake Avenue Terrace, Chiswick, with Olivia (36), Harry (12) and Elsie (4), had remembered that he was born in Pimlico.

In 1911, Thomas Colwill (49) Foreman Joiner, Olivia Colwill (53), Harry Colwill (22) Joiner and Elsie Colwill (14), were living at 21 Slowmans Cottages, Ashingdon Road, Rochford, Essex. 

In 1921, T W [Thomas William] Colwill (59) Commercial Traveller; Olivia Colwill (63) and Elsie Mary Colwill (24) Clerk at the Ministry of Pensions, were living at 108, Oval Road, Croydon, Surrey.

Thomas W Colwill died, aged 69, in 1930, in Croydon.

Olivia Colwell died, aged 83, in 1937, also in Croydon.

Saturday 2 January 2021

John Day and Ellenor Hannah Wilton

View from Market Square in Hitchin, with St Mary's Church in the background
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John Day (b. 27 Dec 1820, bap. 25 Mar 1821 in Hitchin) son of Squire Day and Sarah Hobbs, married Ellenor Hannah (Ellen) Wilton (b. 5 Aug 1812, bap. 11 Jan 1829 in Royston, Hertfordshire), daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, in Royston, Hertfordshire, in 1842. 

John and Ellen Day had six children: 
  1. Henry Wilton Day b. 1843 D Quarter in ROYSTON BUNTINGFORD Volume 06 Page 563
  2. Martha Hobbs Day b. 24 May 1845 (1845 J Quarter in CAMBRIDGE Vol 14 Page 12), bap. 17 Apr 1872 at St Mary The Great, Cambridge
  3. Ellen Day b.  1847 S Quarter in THE HITCHIN UNION Vol 06 Page 487 (Died, aged 9, in 1857 M Quarter in HITCHIN Vol 03A Page 160)
  4. Sarah Ann Day b. 1850 M Quarter in THE HITCHIN UNION Volume 06 Page 575. (Died 1850 D Quarter in HITCHIN Volume 06 Page 373)
  5. John Alfred Day b. 4 Jan 1852 (1852 M Quarter in BIGGLESWADE Volume 03B Page 336)
  6. Arthur Stephen Day b. 1855 J Quarter in HITCHIN Vol 03A Page 216
In 1851, John Day (30) Cabinet Maker Journeyman, Ellen Day (32ish) Dressmaker, Henry W (7), Martha H (5), Ellen (3), George Day (29) Master Tailor (John's brother) and Caleb Burrows (15), Lodger, lived in Dead Street, Hitchin - later renamed Queen Street, but that didn't improve it much. Dead Street was compared to the worst slums of London. Even in 1919: “Some houses had earth floors. The windows and doors were small and in a few cases the only window downstairs opened to a passage where there was no light and very little air. The only bedroom was like a stable loft, reached by a decrepit stairs or a ladder. Tea chests served as tables and 5 or 6 children in one bed was not unusual. It was very much survival of the fittest.

In 1861, living in Church Yard, in the same squalid, underworld area, of which was said, "Although the area was central, the whole district was taboo for the rest of Hitchin’s inhabitants." ... were John Day (41) Cabinet Maker Journeyman; Ellen Day (46), Henry Day (17) Butcher Journeyman; Alfred Day (9) and Arthur Day (6). Martha Day (14) was a House Maid in the household of Frederick Gillum (27), Cabinet Maker, in Sun Street, Hitchin

In 1871, listed as Helen Day (sic) (57) Dressmaker, Married; and Martha Day (24) Dressmaker, were living in Melbourne Street, Royston, Hertfordshire, while Alfred J Day (19) Reporter and Arthur S Day (15) Photographic Artist, were living with their grandfather, Squire Day (74) Upholsterer and Lodging House Keeper, in Back Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

In 1881, Ellen Day (64) Widow, Dressmaker, Mother was living with Daniel Reeve (married to daughter Martha) in Water Lane, Kneesworth. (John Day had clearly died by 1881. It's possible he'd already died by 1871. Perhaps his death was the motivation for Martha's baptism in 1872, however, it hasn't been possible to isolate a suitable death in the relevant period.)

Subject to confirmation, it appears that Ellen Day died, with age estimated to 71, in 1889 M Quarter in HERTFORD UNION Volume 03A Page 278.