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Wednesday 18 October 2023

William Thompson Wykes and Ada Doe

St Paul's Church, Deptford in Spring
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William Thompson Wykes (b. 1869), youngest son of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, married Ada Doe (b. 26 May 1867 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk), daughter of George Doe and Susannah Gates, in the 2nd quarter of 1894, in the district of Greenwich. Ada was born at Garland Street, Bury St Edmunds (PDF), where the family still lived in 1871, and was baptised on 20 Sep 1868 at St Edmundsbury Cathedral (parish church of St James).

William and Ada had three children:
  1. William Thompson Wykes b. 1895 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1073, bap. 22 May 1895 at St Paul's, Deptford
  2. Daisy Ann Elizabeth Wykes b. 15 Jan 1897 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1097
  3. Ada Florence Wykes b. 17 May 1905 J Quarter in SAINT OLAVE BERMONDSEY Volume 01D Page 232
All of the GRO birth registration have the mother's maiden name DOE.

In 1901, William Wykes (31) Light plater iron work, was at 5, Abinger Road, Deptford with Ada Wykes (33), William Wykes (6) and Daisy Wykes (4).

In 1911, William Wykes (41) Light iron worker was living at 12 Neckinger Street, Dockhead, Bermondsey with Ada Wykes (43), William Wykes (16) Printers layer on; Daisy Wykes (14) and Ada Wykes (5). 

William Thompson Wykes died, aged just 45, in 1915 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1586.

I've found no further records for William Thompson Wykes Jnr either after 1911. He's certainly not listed in 1921 or 1939. Was he lost in WWI?

Ada and daughter, Ada Florence Wykes, were still in Bermondsey in 1921.

In 1939, Ada Wykes, Money Taker (Retired) (assume cashier, not criminal LOL) and Ada F Longhurst, Shop Assistant, were living at 23 Sylvan Grove, Peckham, with a Stephen Mason in the household, presumably a lodger.

Ada Wykes died, aged 73, in 1940 D Quarter in CAMBERWELL Volume 01D Page 1299.

  • Daisy Ann Elizabeth Wykes married Frank George Collins (b. 10 Mar 1887 in Rotherhithe), son of Thomas Frederick Collins and Amelia Martha Roberts, in Southwark, in 1920. They had three children: Frank William Collins b. 1 Oct 1920; William Thomas Collins b. 6 Feb 1923 and Joan Emily Collins b. 1926. In 1939, Frank G Collins, Paint Warehouseman; Daisy A E Collins, Frank William Collins and William T Collins were living at 76 Harp Road, Ealing, where the couple remained for the rest of their lives. Frank George Collins died on 10 Aug 1973 and Daisy Ann Elizabeth Collins, on 17 Sep 1975.
  • Ada Florence Wykes married Frederick Richard Longhurst (b. 1 Feb 1912), son of Frederick William Longhurst and Hannah Eliza Warner, in Deptford, London, in 1935. In 1939, Ada F Longhurst was living with her mother, in Peckham, while Frederick Richard Longhurst was serving in the Royal Artillery. They had one son, born in 1941. Frederick Richard Longhurst died, in Lambeth, in 1992. Ada Florence Longhurst died, also in Lambeth, in 2002.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

John Thomas Wykes and Mary Ann Mercury

Classic Trains South Africa
Image by Martin Hatchuel from Pixabay

John Thomas Wykes (b. 1864 in Deptford, London), son of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, married Mary Ann Mercury at Baptist Church, Cape Town, South Africa on 16 Jul 1889. John Thomas' job was listed as Waiter.

The couple had five children:
  1. Elizabeth Lilian Wykes b. 13 Mar 1890, bap. (as Elizabeth Mary) on 28 May 1891 in Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa
  2. William Ernest Wykes b. 7 Aug 1892 in Germiston, bap. 9 Oct 1892 in Transvaal, South Africa
  3. Martha Ethel Wykes b. 12 Feb 1894 in Germiston, died aged 20 days and was buried, on 4 Mar 1894 in Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
  4. John Thomson Wykes b. 16 Sep 1896 in Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa, bap. on 26 Sep 1896 at St Boniface Church, Germiston
  5. Jessie Harriet Wykes b. 18 Mar 1898 in Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa, bap. on 15 Apr 1898 at St Boniface Church, Germiston. Died, aged 3, in Apr-May-Jun 1901, in Greenwich, London.
On the baptisms of the first four children, John Thomas' occupation was listed as Engine Driver, on Jessie's, as a Fitter. John Thomas Wykes' sister, Martha O'Toole, was a sponsor at John Thomson Wykes' baptism in 1896.

Mary Mercury Wykes of 62 Chapel Street, Cape Town, died, aged 34, on 21 Sep 1899 from Phthisis (Tuberculosis). The record of her death lists that she was from Saint Helena and was of mixed race.

In 1901, Lily Wykes (11), Willie Wykes (8) and Jessie Wykes (3) were in the household of John Thomas' sister, Elizabeth Burch, in Deptford, London. Also there was Martha O'Toole, who I imagine took the children to England.

John Wykes, widower, engineer, remarried, on 3 Oct 1901, to Esther Mercury at St Mark's, Cape Town. Born Esther Margaret Mercury on 19 June 1870 in Saint Helena, daughter of Francis Mercury and Rachel Michael, it is highly likely that she was either Mary Ann Mercury's sister, or her cousin.

But Esther Wykes (née Mercury) of 5 Osborne St, Cape Town, died, aged 33, on 21 May 1904, also from Phthisis (Tuberculosis). The record of her death also confirms that she was from Saint Helena and was of mixed race.

In 1911, Elizabeth Wykes (21) Domestic and William Wykes (18) Stationer's Clerk, both born in South Africa, were Boarders in the household of John Trigg (59) Mantle Maker at 388 Evelyn St, Deptford.

John Thomas Wykes, South African Railway Pensioner on 72 Drake Road, Durban, died, aged 87, on 15 Apr 1951 at Addington Hospital Durban.

  • Elizabeth Lilian Wykes married Walter James Fisher on 10 Feb 1916, at St Paul's, Deptford. Walter James Fisher (25) of 388 Evelyn St, Deptford, enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery on 29 Feb 1916. He survived two tours in France in 1917-18 and 1918-19. Their daughter, Peggie Irene Fisher was born on 9 Apr 1921 J Quarter in ST. OLAVE (BERMONDSEY) Volume 01D Page 298. In 1939, Walter J Fisher (b. 9 Apr 1890) Clothier Manager; Lilian E Fisher and Peggy I Fisher lived at 16 Sanderstead Road, Leyton, Essex. Walter James Fisher of 43 Greenhays Drive, South Woodford died on 17 Jan 1958. Lilian Elizabeth Fisher of 43 Greenhays Drive, South Woodford died on 17 Jun 1967.
  • William Ernest Wykes married Martha Irene Griffiths (b. 23 Dec 1890) daughter of Seth Griffiths, Police Sargent and Elizabeth Harries, also in the 1st quarter of 1916, in Greenwich. They had four sons: Leonard William Wykes b. 31 Jan 1923; John Stanley Wykes b. 31 May 1924; Walter Seth Wykes b. 1 Nov 1926 and Alan David Michael Wykes b. 1 Nov 1934. In 1939, the two older boys were at home with their parents at 46 Canmore Gardens, Wandsworth, while the two younger ones were at the Pier Hotel, Cavendish Place, Eastbourne, Sussex, presumably evacuated. Their eldest son, Sergeant Leonard William Wykes, 466 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve was killed in action on 22 Jan 1944 when his aircraft was shot down at De Lutte 2 miles east of Oldenzaal, Netherlands, close to the German border, during a raid on Magdeburg. Martha I Wykes died, at 66, in 1957 in Streatham. William Ernest Wykes died, in 1977, in Thanet, Kent.

Monday 16 October 2023

Ernest James Burch and Elizabeth Wykes

Amersham Road, New Cross
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Ernest James Burch (b. 1858), son of Henry Burch and Rebecca Martin, married Elizabeth Wykes (b. 10 Jun 1861), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, in the district of St. Olave Southwark, in the second quarter of 1881. Five years previously, Ernest James' older brother, Henry Charles Burch had married Elizabeth's older sister, Mary Ann Wykes.

Ernest and Elizabeth had six children, all born in Greenwich:
  1. Ernest William Burch b. 1882 S Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1015. Died, 1884 J Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 569.
  2. Rose Mary Wykes b. 25 Apr 1884 J Qtr Vol 01D Page 1029
  3. Henry Charles Burch b. 6 Jun 1886 S Qtr Vol 01D Page 1030
  4. Maria Elizabeth Burch b. 25 Apr 1888 J Qtr Vol 01D Page 1027
  5. Florence Emma Burch b. 24 Jun 1891 S Qtr Vol 01D Page 1032
  6. Ada Burch b. 18 Dec 1893, reg. 1894 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1043, bap. 22 May 1895 at St Paul's, Deptford
The 1911 Census confirms that Elizabeth had six children with five living.

In 1891, Ernest J Burch (32) Stone Mason and wife Elizabeth Burch (30) were living at 20, Evelyn Street, St Paul Deptford with Rose Mary Burch (6), Henry Charles Burch (4), Maria Burch (2), Martha Buzzacott (38) Visitor [Elizabeth's sister], Maude Buzzacott (4) Visitor [Martha's daughter], James Green (17) Shoe Maker, Boarder and Hariett Armstead (30) Boarder.

By 1901, however, it's clear the couple had separated. Ernest J Burch (42) Stone Mason, was living in the household of his brother, Henry Charles Burch, at 2, Octavius Street, St Paul, Deptford, while Elizabeth Burch (39) Midwife nurse was living at 20, Albury Street, St Paul Deptford. In Elizabeth's household were Rose Mary Burch (16), Henry C Burch (14) Apprentice Stone Mason; Maria E Burch (12), Florence E Burch (9), Ada Burch (7), Elizabeth Doe (21) Tin Solderer, Boarder; Julia Taylor (43) Widow, Boarder [widow of Elizabeth's cousin, George Taylor]; Martha O'Toole (48) Visitor [Elizabeth's sister] and Lily Wykes (11), Willie Wykes (8) and Jessie Wykes (3) - all three were listed as visitors, born in South Africa [they were the children of Elizabeth's brother, John Thomas Wykes].

In 1911, it gets even more interesting, as Elizabeth Burch (49) Midwife, was living at 13 Amersham Road New Cross, St Paul Deptford with Marie Burch (22), Florence Burch (19) Book keeper; Mary Weston (26) [Rose Mary Burch, as was]; Lily Weston (3) Granddaughter; William Barber (50) Lodger, Norah Barber (30) and Dora Barber (1). While Ernest James Burch (52) Married, Stonemason was living at 20 South Crescent, Cold Bath Street, Greenwich with a whole new family: Alice Newman Burch (35) Single, 'Housekeeper' (a euphemism, clearly) born in Peckham; Dorothy Burch (12) born in Hackney; Ellen Burch (10) born in Lewisham and William Burch (5) born in Greenwich. The original 1911 Census lists that Ernest had been married 29 years (yes, but to Elizabeth Wykes, not Alice) and lists 4 children, of whom 3 were still living at that point, clearly referring to the children of this relationship.

Alice Newman gave birth to five children:
  1. Dorothy Alice Newman b. 14 Jan 1899 M Quarter in HACKNEY Volume 01B Page 558, with no mother's maiden name listed, i.e. illegitimate.
  2. Ellen Newman b. 1900 S Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 01D Page 1206, curiously, with BURCH listed as a mother's maiden name.
  3. Edward William Burch b. 1902 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1075. Died, aged 1, in 1904 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 541
  4. William Burch b. 20 Jan 1906 M Qtr Vol 01D Page 1117
  5. Ernest George Burch b. 16 May 1912 J Qtr Vol 01D 1884
On the records for the 3 boys, the mother's maiden name is NEWMAN.

In 1921, Elizabeth Burch (60) mother-in-law, Midwife, was listed in the household of Richard Charles Weston (38) - married to Rose Mary Burch - at 62, Florence Road, St Paul Deptford. One imagines she was there to assist with the birth of the couple's son, Charles Albert, then under one month old, as her usual place of work (and presumably residence) was in Tring, Herts. Ernest James Burch (62) Stonemason, was living at 58, Vanguard Street, Deptford with his 2nd family: Alice 'Burch' (44), William Burch (15), Dorothy Alice Burch (25), Ellen Burch (20) and Ernest George Burch (9).

Ernest James Burch died, at 73, in 1932 M Quarter in LEWISHAM.

Elizabeth Burch of 23 Western Road, Tring, Hertfordshire (daughter, Ada and her husband also lived in Tring) died, also aged 73, at 4 Whitehouse Terrace, Western Road, Tring, on 9 Jan 1935 (M Quarter in BERKHAMPSTEAD Volume 03A Page 1240). Probate was granted to her surviving son, Henry Charles Burch, Stonemason, leaving effects of £459.

In 1939, Alice Burch [really Alice Newman] b. 13 Mar 1877, 'Widowed' was living at 3 Summerfield Street, Hither Green, Lewisham with youngest son, Ernest G Burch, of 'No Occupation Owing To Bad Health'. 

Listed again as Alice Burch [Alice Newman - there was never a marriage between her and Ernest James Burch, not even a bigamous one] died at 74 in 1952 D Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 05D Page 16.

Of Ernest and Alice's children:
  • Dorothy Alice Burch married Arthur Henry Bown, in Lewisham, in 1925. In 1939, they were living at 47 Scylla Road, Peckham, Camberwell. Arthur H Bown died, at 56, in Camberwell, in 1951. Dorothy Alice Bown of Templeton Nursing Home, Streatham Common died on 15 Sep 1987.
  • There's a record of a marriage of an Ellen Burch to a James Joy, in Lewisham, in 1924, but without a corroborating record, I cannot be certain this relates. There's also a death of an Ellen Joy b. 12 Aug 1900 (same quarter as birth registration) in Bexley, Kent, in 1997.
  • William Burch married Elizabeth Gardiner, in Lewisham, in 1933. In 1939, William Burch, General Labourer, Elizabeth and their son, William Edward Burch b. 31 Dec 1933 (reg. 1934 M Qtr in LEWISHAM Vol 01D  Page 1102), were living at 45 Battersby Road, Catford. William Burch died, in 1970, in Lewisham. 
  • Ernest George Burch died, at 30, on 12 February 1943 (1943 M Quarter in LEWISHAM Volume 01D Page 923) and was buried at Hither Green Cemetery.

Friday 13 October 2023

Edward William Wykes and Mary Jane Austin

Brixworth Union Workhouse
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Erected in 1835-6 to accommodate 265 inmates. Conditions were described as "prison-like and spartan", while food was "meagre and tasteless", according to Brixworth History Society

There appears to be no record of a marriage between Edward William Wykes (b. 30 Jun 1859), son of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson and Mary Jane Austin (b. 1861), daughter of Stephen Austin and Ann Wykes - the pair were first cousins: William Wykes (b. 1829) was the elder brother of Ann Wykes (b. 1842) - however, this appears to be their story.

In 1871, Mary Jane Austin (9) had been living at home with her parents at Holdenby Rectory, Holdenby, Brixworth, Northamptonshire. 

In 1881, however, Mary J Austin, erroneously listed as 30, was a Prisoner at HM Prison, Northampton St Sepulchre. The Northampton Mercury, on 2 Apr 1881, details: NORTHAMPTON imprisonment. Theft by a Pauper. Mary Jane Austin (20), Holdenby, was charged by Samuel Giles, master of the Brixworth Union [Workhouse], with stealing a pair of shoes. One assumes Mary Jane was an inmate of the workhouse for the birth of her illegitimate daughter, Kate M Austin, who at 6 mts, was also at the prison.

In the fourth quarter of 1881, Mary Jane Austin married Thomas Austin (b. 1844), son of William Austin and Jane Smith, at All Saints' Holdenby. How Mary Jane and Thomas were already related, I've not yet established.

Mary Jane had three Austin daughters:
  1. Kate Mary Austin b. 28 Oct 1880, bap. 23 Nov 1880 in Brixworth
  2. Bertha Minnie Austin b. 1882 D Quarter in BRIXWORTH Volume 03B Page 117, bap. 16 Sep 1883 in East Haddon, Northamptonshire
  3. Emily Jane Austin b. 4 Jan 1885 M Qtr in BRIXWORTH Vol 03B 131
There was no GRO registration for Kate, clearly born before Mary Jane married. We cannot be certain whether Thomas Austin was her father. On the two GRO registrations for Bertha and Emily, the mother's maiden name is AUSTIN, that is to say, not left blank and defaulted, as in illegitimate births, but specifically listed to confirm that both parents had this surname.

Thomas Austin died, at 41, in 1886 M Qtr in BRIXWORTH Vol 03B 98.

In 1887 and 1888, Kate Austin was enrolled at Holdenby School and Emily Jane Austin was also enrolled there on 13 Jan 1890. The record lists that Kate left the school on 15 Oct 1890, which fits in with them going to London.

Mary Jane had a further three children with Edward William Wykes:
  1. Edward John Wykes b. 1891 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D 1018
  2. Mary Wykes b. 1897 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1029. Died 1897 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 610.
  3. Annie Wykes b. 15 Dec 1899 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1054, at 6 Charles Place, Kent, London, England, bap. 15 Dec 1899 at St Paul, Deptford. Died 1899 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 739.
All three, once more, have the mother's maiden name of AUSTIN.

In 1891, Edward W Wykes (31) Boilermakers' Labourer from Deptford, Mary J Wykes (29) from Northampton, Kate Wykes [Kate Mary Austin] (10) and Edward J Wykes (0) from Deptford, Kent, were living at 16, Czar Street, St Paul Deptford. Emily Austin (6) was living in The Village, Holdenby in the household of her maternal grandparents, Stephen and Ann Austin.

In 1901, Edward Wykes (41) Iron foundry labourer; Mary Wykes (39), Emily Wykes [Emily Jane Austin] (16) Tin Worker from East Haddon and Edward Wykes (10) were still living at 6, Charles Place, St Paul Deptford. Bertha M Austin (18) was a Housemaid in the household of Herewald Wake (48) (Sir Hereward Wake, 12th Baronet (1852–1916) Magistrate, landowner and farmer at The Hall, Courteenhall, Hardingstone, Northamptonshire.

Mary Wykes died, at 39, in 1901 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D 596.

On 15 Jan 1908, Edward Wykes (50) Labourer, pleaded guilty at Greenwich Police Court to "Stealing five hundredweight in weight of iron and steel castings, the property of Samuel Isaacs and another." He also fessed up to "Receiving the same well knowing them to have been stolen." He was [lucky he was merely] bound over into his own recognisance for 12 months. 

It appears that Edward Wykes, with his age estimated at 79, died in 1936 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 909.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

William Houseden Wood and Eliza Wykes

The Tigers Head, Bromley
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William Houseden Wood, son of George Wood and Harriet Goddard, (bap. 7 Jan 1855 at St Michael's ChurchEast Peckham where his father was Parish Clerk and Sexton) married Eliza Wykes (b. 22 Mar 1857), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, in Bromley, Kent in 1885.

William and Eliza had eight children:
  1. William Thompson Wood b. 1886 J Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 404. Died, aged 5, in 1892 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 901
  2. Frank Houseden Wood b. 25 May 1888 S Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A 388
  3. George Frederick Wood b. 1890 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1125. Died 1890 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 607
  4. Harriet Elizabeth Wood b. 23 Jun 1893 S Qtr KENSINGTON 01A 104
  5. Eliza Kathleen Wood b. 4 Jul 1895 S Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 436, bap. 21 Jul 1895 in Bromley, Kent
  6. Edith Mary Wood b. 30 Nov 1896, bap. 27 Dec 1896, reg. 1897 M Quarter in BROMLEY Volume 02A Page 440
  7. William Tompson Wood b. 1898 D Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 433, bap. 6 Nov 1898. Died 1899 M Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 303
  8. William Jeffrey Wood b. 23 Jan 1901 M Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A 472
In 1891, William H Wood (30) was at the Duke of Kent, 9, Point Hill, Greenwich with Eliza Wood (33), William Wood (5) and Frank Wood (3).

In 1901, William Wood (47) Licenced Victualler, was at the Tigers Head P H, Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent. (The Post Office Directory also places him here in 1903 and 1913.) Also listed there were Eliza Wood (44), Frank Wood (12), Harriet Wood (7), Kathleen [Eliza Kathleen] Wood (5), Edith Wood (4), William Wood (0) and Eva Bryant (20) Servant, Barmaid. 

In 1911, William Houseden Wood (56) Licenced Victualler was still at the Tiger's Head, 14 Masons Hill Bromley (More historyMore images. Now the Crown of Bromley) with Frank Houseden Wood (22) Quantity Surveyor; William Geoffrey (sic) Wood (10), Eliza Wood (55), Harriet Elizabeth Wood (17) Telephone operator; Eliza Kathleen Wood (15) and Edith Mary Wood (14) - note the sexist order. The 1911 census also confirms that the couple had eight children during their 26 year marriage, with five still living.

In 1921, William Houston Wood (sic) (66) Retired was at 14, Queen Road, Bromley, with Eliza Wood (64), Harriet Elizabeth Wood (27) Civil Service Telephone Asst Supervisor; Eliza Kathleen Wood (25) Teacher; Edith Mary Wood (24) Civil Service Clerk and William Jeffrey Wood (20) Bank Clerk.

William Houseden Wood died, at 77, in 1930 D Quarter in BROMLEY.

In 1939, Eliza Wood (b. 22 Mar 1857), Widow, Retired, Incapacitated, of Private Means, was living at 10 Hawes Lane, Bromley, Beckenham with Sarah M A Wise, Domestic Servant, who I assume was looking after Eliza.

Eliza Wood died, aged 82, in 1939 J Qtr in BROMLEY Vol 02A Page 828.

  • Frank Houseden Wood married Hilda Pyrke, in Bromley, in 1915. In 1918, he was listed as an Absent Voter from 97 Masons Hill, Bromley, being A/sgt Major in the 1st London (City of London) San Co. Hilda Wood died, aged 36, in 1926, in Bromley. Frank H Wood then married Annie Stella Gould (b. 6 Jan 1898), daughter of Hugh Tyler Gould and Isabel Barker, at St. Martin, London (which I take to mean St Martin-in-the-Fields), in 1929. In 1939, Frank H Wood, Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Annie S Wood were living at Whiteleaf, Edward Road, Bromley. Frank Houseden Wood died, in Bromley in 1970 and Annie Stella Wood also died, in Bromley in the last quarter of 1970. Neither marriage produced issue.
  • Alan Roy Taylor (b. 30 Sep 1893), son of Frederick George Taylor and Phoebe Harrison Player, married Harriet Elizabeth Wood, in Bromley, Kent in 1921. In 1939, Alan R Taylor, Banker's Clerk and Harriett E Taylor were living at 14 Hawes Lane, Bromley. Alan Roy Taylor of Bourne Cottage, High Halden, Kent, died at Ashford Hospital, on 26 Oct 1959, aged 66. There is a death of a Harriet Taylor, aged 70, in Maidstone, Kent, in 1964, which may relate.
  • Maurice Edward Taylor (b. 14 May 1897), also son of Frederick George Taylor and Phoebe Harrison Player, married Eliza Kathleen Wood in Bromley, Kent, in 1922. In 1939, Maurice E Taylor, Bank Clerk, was living alone at 11 Links Road, Bromley, while Eliza K Taylor was in the household of John Westacott, Farmer, at Pleystowe Farm, Capel, Dorking, Surrey. Maurice Edward Taylor of 37 Wordsworth Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, died on 3 Apr 1972. Eliza Kathleen Taylor of Lynton, Totteridge Common, High Wycombe, died on 22 July 1986.
  • Henry Robert Turnock (b. 31 Jul 1898 in Bromley, Kent), son of Frederick Thomas Turnock and Isabel Harlow, married Edith Mary Wood, in Bromley, Kent, in 1922. In 1939, Henry R Turnock, Insurance Company Clerk and Air Raid Warden, was alone at 2 Tudor Gardens, Bromley, while Edith M Turnock was a Patient at the Royal Free Hospital, Camden. Both Edith Mary Turnock and Henry Robert Turnock died in the 2nd quarter of 1983, Henry died on 26 Jun 1983, in the district of Hastings & Rother.
  • William Jeffrey Wood married Elsie Buxton Phillips (b. 19 Jan 1888 in St Pancras), thirteen years his senior, daughter of James Raper Phillips and Louisa Buxton, in Camberwell, London in 1927. In 1939, William J Wood, Chief Bank Clerk and Elsie B Wood were living at 177 Crofton Road, Locksbottom, Orpington, Kent. Elsie Wood died in 1972, in Tonbridge, Kent and William Jeffrey Wood died the following year, 1973, in Southwark, London.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Henry Charles Burch and Mary Ann Wykes

St. John's, St. John's Vale, SE8
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Henry Charles Burch (b. 1856), son of Henry Burch and Rebecca Martin, married Mary Ann Wykes (b. 1855), daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, at the church of St John's, Deptford, in the 3rd Qtr of 1876.

Henry Charles and Mary Ann had three children:
  1. Louisa Elizabeth Burch b. 1877 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 846. Died, aged 2, in 1880 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 718.
  2. Henry Charles Burch b. 1880 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1040
  3. Ernest William Burch b. 1882 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1015. Died, aged 1, in  1884 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 569.
In 1881, Henry C Burch (24) Stonemason was head of the household at 248, Evelyn Street, St Paul Deptford with wife Mary Burch (26); brothers Ernest Burch (22) and William S Burch (19) also both Stonemasons; mother Rebecca Burch (56) Widow, Nurse; sister Mary J Burch (12), son Henry C Burch (0) and Robert Martin (92) General Labourer, Widower, Grandfather.

Mary Ann Burch died, at 27, in 1882 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D 542.

Henry Charles Burch remarried to Emily Janet Norman, in Lewisham, in 1883.

The couple had another four children, of whom also only one survived:
  1. Ernest Charles Burch b. 1884 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1092. Died, aged 1, in 1885 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 633.
  2. Emily Rebecca Burch b. 1886 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 1030. Died 1886 S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 576.
  3. Ethel Mary Burch b. 6 Oct 1890 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 933, bap. 25 Jan 1891 at St Paul's, Deptford. Died, aged 1, in 1891 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 601.
  4. Alice Gertrude Burch b. 8 Dec 1891, reg. 1892 M Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D 1007, bap. 2 Apr 1893 in Deptford.
In 1891, Henry Burch (34) Stonemason was living at 16, Ffinch Street, St Paul, Deptford with Emily Burch (36), Henry Burch (10), Ethel Burch (0) and Arthur Norman (10) Stepson. (Registered as Arthur William Fenn Norman in 1881 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1028, the lad was clearly Emily's illegitimate son with, at a wild guess, a Mr Fenn.)

In 1901, Henry C Burch (44) General mason was living at 2, Octavius Street, St Paul, Deptford with Emily J Burch (46), Arthur W Burch (20) Stonemason - described as his son; Ernest J Burch (42) Stonemason - his brother (married to Mary Ann's sister Elizabeth); and daughter Alice Gertrude Burch (9).

In 1911, Henry Charles Burch (54) Stone mason was living at 179 Hazelbank Road, Catford with Emily Jeannett (sic) Burch (56) and daughter Alice Gertrude Burch (19) Dressmaker assistant. The census record confirmed that their 28 year marriage had produced 4 children, with 1 living.

Henry Charles Burch of 60 Church Road, Bexley Heath, Kent, died on 18 Jan 1931, aged 74 (1931 M Quarter in DARTFORD Volume 02A Page 1034) and was buried on 22 Jan 1931 at Bexleyheath, Cemetery, leaving his estate to his two surviving children, one from each marriage: Henry Charles Burch, Stonemason and Alice Gertrude Burch, Spinster.

Emily Janet Burch died at 79 in 1934 J Qtr in DARTFORD Vol 02A Page 761.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

William Joseph Buzzacott and Martha Wykes

St. Paul's Church, Deptford
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William Joseph Buzzacott (b. 1853 in Greenwich), son of William Phillips Buzzacott and Elizabeth Edwards, married Martha Wykes (b. 1853) daughter of William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson, in Woolwich, London, in 1872.

In 1861, William (8) was living with his grandparents in Broomfield Place, Deptford, while his parents William Buzzacott (31) Blacksmith and Elizabeth (30) from Ireland, were living at 4, Wellington Street, Greenwich East.

In 1871, William Buzzacott (18) Boiler Smith, along with his father William Buzzacott, Engine Smith and mother Elizabeth Buzzacott, were living in the household of Alexander Buzzacott (82) - William Jnr's grandfather - from Devon, in Hamilton Street, St Paul, Greenwich [Deptford]. 

William Phillips Buzzacott and Elizabeth Edwards had married, in Lewisham, in 1849. William Phillips Buzzacott b. 10 Aug 1829, had been baptised, in Deptford, on 30 Aug 1829, the son of Alexander Buzzacott and Sarah Stanley, who, in turn had married on 4 Sep 1817 in Lee, Kent. Alexander Buzzacott had been baptised in Honiton on Otter (Honiton, Devon) on 25 Dec 1789, and was the son of Julius Buzzacott and Agnes Phillips, who, in turn, had married on 20 Nov 1785 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton, Devon.

In 1881, Martha Buzzacott was staying with her mother, Elizabeth Wykes, at 249, Evelyn Street, St Paul Deptford. Her husband was not listed.

William and Martha's daughter, Maud Elizabeth Buzzacott was b. 23 Jun 1885 in South Africa and bap. on 8 May 1892 at St Paul's, Deptford

In 1891, Martha Buzzacott (38) and Maude Buzzacott (4), were visitors in the household of Ernest J Burch (32) at 20, Evelyn Street, St Paul Deptford, whose wife Elizabeth Burch (30) was Martha's younger sister. Again, William Joseph Buzzacott is not listed, even though Martha is listed as married.

I've found no further records for William Joseph Buzzacott and can only surmise from the birthplace of their daughter, that he remained, and died, in South Africa. There is a declaration by Martha O'Toole dated 17 Jun 1895, which I think is regarding this, but it's written in Afrikaans.

Martha Buzzacott, widow, married John O'Toole, bachelor, born in Ireland, on 15 Jan 1895, in Boksburg, Heidelberg, Transvaal, South Africa.

In 1901, Martha was once again a visitor in her sister Elizabeth Burch's household in Deptford, listed as Martha O'Toole (48). 

John O'Toole, Carpenter, died at 54, on 12 Aug 1904, at 13 Station Street, Woodstock, Cape Town and was buried at Maitland Cemetery on 14 Aug 1904. The informant, present at his death, was John Wardrop. 

Martha O'Toole married John Wardrop on 20 Jul 1909 in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa. John Wardrop, Harness Maker, of 33 Warwick Street, Woodstock, South Africa, born in Scotland, died on 16 Dec 1918, aged 62.

Martha Wykes Wardrop died at 91 on 7 Aug 1944 at Pinelandsa South African Garden City. She is buried in Maitland Cemetery. The record of her death lists her as a Widow and that John Wardrop was her 'last husband'.

(Maud Elizabeth Buzzacott married Woldemar Ludig in Pancras, London in 1912. However, tragically, she died at 28 in 1913 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1044, having given birth to twin girls on 13 Oct 1913: Florence Julia Ludig and Lilian Martha Ludig (1913 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1841). In 1921, Woldemar Ludwig (sic) from Pernau (Pärnu), Estonia was living in the household of Gordon Wycliffe Noakes and his wife, born Florence Emma Burch, daughter of Ernest James Burch and Elizabeth Wykes. Elizabeth being his mother-in-law, Martha's sister, Florence Emma was his late wife's cousin. Woldemar Ludig remarried to Florence Noakes, who was Gordon's sister, in 1922. They had a son, Valedemar Ludig in 1923. Florence Julia Ludig married Norman C Lovell in 1936.)

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William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson

Deptford Green, SE8
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Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married William Wykes at St Andrew'sCransley, Northamptonshire, on 26 Apr 1852. William, son of Edward Wykes and Mary Davies, was born on 29 Aug 1829 in Spratton, Northamptonshire and baptised at Great Creaton on 7 Jun 1830. Witnesses were Elizabeth's niece, Sarah Elizabeth Thompson (daughter of Elizabeth's brother, Daniel) and nephew, Daniel Botterill (son of Elizabeth's sister, Mary), first cousins who married four years later.

William and Elizabeth's family consisted:
  1. Anne Thompson born 1846 in Spratton, Northamptonshire
  2. Martha Wykes b. 1853 M Quarter in BRIXWORTH Volume 03B Page 106, bap. 22 May 1853 in Spratton, Northampton
  3. Mary Ann Wykes b. 27 Mar 1855 J Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 520, bap. 27 May 1855 at St Paul, Deptford, Kent
  4. Eliza Wykes b. 22 Mar 1857 J Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 533
  5. Edward William Wykes b. 30 Jun 1859, reg. S Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 550, bap. 19 Oct 1862 in Deptford, Kent
  6. Elizabeth Wykes b. 10 Jun 1861 in Cransley, reg. S Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 569, bap. 19 Oct 1862 in Deptford, Kent
  7. John Thomas Wykes b. 24 Oct 1864 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 648, bap. 23 Feb 1868 at St Nicholas, Deptford
  8. Maria Sarah Elizabeth Wykes b. 1868, bap. 23 Feb 1868 at Deptford. Died, aged 1, in 1869 S Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 493
  9. William Thompson Wykes b. 1869 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 782
The GRO birth registrations give the mother's maiden name as THOMPSON.

By 1861 William Wykes (29), Elizabeth Wykes (32), Anne Wykes (15), Martha (8), Mary Ann (6), Eliza (4) and Edward W (1), Edward Dodd (21) Lodger and John Wykes (21), were living in Deptford (as were Daniel and Sarah Botterill). Anne Wykes (15) is certainly the Ann Thompson (5) who was staying with her grandmother, Maria Thompson, in 1851. It's clear she is Elizabeth's child. It's not clear if William Wykes is her biological father, even though she is using his surname (no GRO registration).

In 1871, William Wykes (45) Labourer, Elizabeth (42), Martha (18), Mary Ann (16), Edward (11), [Sarah] Elizabeth (9), John Thomas (6) and William (0), were in Deptford, with Mary Thompson (85), Elizabeth's widowed mother. Eliza Wikes (sic) (14) was a Domestic Servant in the employ of Edward Allwright (40) Upholsterer, in New Cross Road, Deptford.

In 1881, William Wykes (51) with no employment, and son Edward William (21) Labourer, were living at 38, Deptford Green, while Elizabeth (52) was at 249, Evelyn Street, Deptford, with her occupation listed as Midwife. With her were married daughter Martha Buzzacott (28), Elizabeth Wykes (19) Assistant Nurse; John T (16) Apprentice Moulder and William T (11) Scholar.

In 1891, living in Evelyn Street, Deptford are William Wykes (63) Labourer, Elizabeth (62) Midwife and just William (21) Boiler Maker. 

William Wykes died, in Greenwich in 1892 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 831, aged 62. Elizabeth Wykes died, in Greenwich, in 1894 S Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 493, aged 65.