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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Four More London Stops on the Family Pub Crawl

The "skull & crossbones" entrance to St. Nicholas' Church, Deptford Green Photo © Mike Quinn (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Four more pubs with family connections - The White Hart in Deptford Green; Old Centurion Pub on Deptford BoadwayClock House in Holborn and the Holly Tree Arms in Lewisham - and if even the first was a surprise, finding three of these south of the river was much more unexpected. These pubs are discoveries numbers 4 to 7, for those who, like me, are beginning to lose count

Sarah Elizabeth Thompson (bap. 15 Dec 1833), eldest child of Daniel Thompson and Mary Adcock and eldest sister of Dan Thompson, married Daniel Botterill (bap. 20 Dec 1831), son of Stephen Botterill and his wife, Mary Thompson at Christ Church Watney Street, St George in the East in the 2nd Quarter of 1856. Mary Botterill (née Thompson) - Daniel Botterill's mother - is the sister of Daniel Thompson - Sarah Elizabeth Thompson's father. Daniel Botterill and Sarah Elizabeth Thompson are therefore 1st Cousins.

In 1841, Daniel Botterill (10) is living with his parents in West Haddon, Northamptonshire, with his father, Stephen, then listed as a Publican and also listed as staying with them, is Solomon Tompson, who was a Brewer.

Flagon Row 1880
In 1861, Daniel is living at 3, Wellington Street (formerly Flagon Row), St Nicholas, Deptford. He's listed as a "Boiler Maker Tobaconist", though I imagine the latter trade is more obvious, being that he's sandwiched between a Butcher and a Shoe Shop on one side and a Baker, a Greengrocer, a Chemist and a Clothes Dealer on the other. He has Emma Thompson (16) as a Servant. While his wife, Sarah, is visiting her brother George and their widowed mother, back in Northamptonshire, along with sons Daniel (4) and Benjamin (0).

A report in The Era of 17 Nov 1867 lists the transfer of the licence for The White Hart, Deptford Green to Daniel Botterill. Situated at 33 Deptford Green, the pub closed c.1896 and has now been demolished. We find Daniel and Sarah Botterill there in 1869 and again on the 1871 census, where Daniel Botterill (39) is listed as a Licensed Victualler and living with him are his wife, Sarah E (37), sons; Daniel Stephen (14) and John (6), daughters; Elizabeth (4) and Mary (0), as well as Sarah's sister, Louisa Thompson (26), listed as "Barmaid" and Sarah's widowed mother, Mary Thompson (61). 

(1) Houses In Old Flagon Row, North Side (2) Corner of Flagon Row (3) Deptford Green c.1897

Daniel and Sarah have the following children: 
  1. Dan Stephen Thompson Botterill, born 1857, baptised at West Haddon, Northamptonshire on 13 Sep 1857. Birth registered in Greenwich. 
  2. Benjamin Adcock Botterill was also baptised at West Haddon, on 6 May 1861. (Died in the 2nd quarter of 1862, aged 1.)
  3. John Benjamin Botterill (b. 25 Aug 1864) was baptised on 27 Jan 1867 at Saint Nicholas, Deptford.
  4. Elizabeth Cox Botterill (b. 1867) was also baptised on 27 Jan 1867 at Saint Nicholas, Deptford. (She died in 1871, aged 4 years.)
  5. Mary Louisa Adcock Botterill (b. 19 Apr 1870) was baptised at Saint Nicholas, Deptford on 8 May 1870. (Died 1947, see below.)
In 1874, D Botterill is listed as the licencee of The Old Centurion Pub on Deptford Boadway. Given the two following reports in the newspapers of the time, it would seem that this was probably a pretty rough establishment. The pub closed in 2004 and was converted into flats.
Kentish Mercury 9 May 1874
Jane Bartlett, about 70 years of age, a hawker, residing in Hales Street, Deptford, was charged with stealing a drinking glass, value 6½d., the property of Daniel Botterill, landlord of The Centurion, public house, Deptford Broadway. It appeared from the evidence of the barman that the prisoner came into the house on the previous evening, and remained there some time drinking with a navvy. After he had gone witness saw the prisoner place the glass under her arm, and upon speaking to her about it she dropped it. The prisoner, who denied any intention of stealing the glass, was sent to Maidstone gaol for seven days.

Kentish Mercury 6 Mar 1875
James Chapman, of Wood's lodging-house, Mill Lane, Deptford, was charged with being drunk, and assaulting the landlord of the Centurion public house, Deptford Broadway. Daniel Botterill, the landlord, said the prisoner came into his house on Saturday night and annoyed the customers. He was ejected, but got in again, and commenced another row. Witness put him outside, when the prisoner ran at him, and kicked him several times. Mr. Patterson sentenced the prisoner to 14 days' hard labour, refusing his application for the imposition of a fine. 
(Top left) The White Hart, Deptford Green, (Top right) The Old Centurion Pub on Deptford Boadway, (Bottom left) Clock House, Leather Lane, (Bottom right) Holly Tree Arms, Lewisham

On the 1881 census and in 1882, Daniel Botterill is listed as landlord of the Clock House (formerly Coach & Horses), in Leather Lane, Holborn. Sarah's sister, Louisa, who married John Soppit in 1875, is living there, but Sarah was not with them on census day. Instead, she is lodging in the household of John Snell, a Lodging House Keeper, in Torquay in Devon. The transcription of the record describes her as "Sister to wife". That does not make sense and I believe the original actually says "Licensed Victualler's Wife" which is what she was: she was probably just there on holiday or a health break.

By 1891, the Botterills are back south of the river at the Holly Tree Arms, then in Holly Tree Terrace, between Hither Green and Lewisham. Staying there at that time are Daniel (59), Licensed Victualler, wife Sarah E (57), daughter Mary L (20), grandson John (11), granddaughter Alice (6), Alice J Pretty (28) Domestic Servant General, niece Catherine S Soppett (15), Edmund Allen (16) Pot Boy and Catherine Hancock (59) Laundress. A report in the Woolwich Gazette on 16 Feb 1894, shows Daniel Botterill as the outgoing licensee in the transfer of the licence of the Holly Tree.

Given they only seem to stay in one place for a couple of years at a time, there may well be even more pubs in the years between these various records. 

In 1901, Sarah, 'Wife of occupier (away)', is living at 49, Wisteria Road, Lewisham along with daughter Mary L A (30) a Teacher of Dressmaking and grandson John (21) a Sign Writer, while Daniel Botterill (69), "Living on own means", is away in the household of his son, John Benjamin Botterill, in Croydon, where Daniel is listed as a 'Widower'. Clearly he isn't, as Sarah is alive, so this leads one to think that they may have become estranged. 

Daniel Botterill died, aged 76, on 12 Feb 1908. 

Sarah died just a month later, on 11 Mar 1908, aged 74. The probate record shows that she left £2449 1s 3d (almost £300,000 today) to her three children. 

Their eldest son, Daniel Stephen Thompson Botterill married Mary Jane Harris in 1878. He died on 16 April 1917, aged 60 and was buried in Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery together with his parents.

If you were looking for a happy ending to this story, then I'm sorry, you aren't going to find it here. The Probate record for Mary Louisa Adcock Botterill, who obviously never married and was still living at Wisteria Road in 1911 and at 69 Old Road, Lee, Lewisham in 1939, show that she was resident at Leavesden Hospital (The Imbeciles Asylum) at the time of her death on 4 Feb 1947. Leavesden Hospital was a mental health facility - Leavesden Asylum for Idiots and Imbeciles - as it was called when it opened. She was buried, on 11 Feb 1947, along with her parents and bother.

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