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Wednesday, 5 July 2023

William Flew and Sarah Bennett

Shop and post office, Rackenford
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William Flew (bap. 16 Nov 1834 in Rackenford, Devon), son of Richard Flew and Ann Hagley, married Sarah Bennett (b. 1845 J Quarter in CREDITON UNION Volume 10 Page 79) in the 4th quarter of 1863, in Crediton.

There is no mother's maiden name listed on Sarah's birth registration, which under normal circumstances, I would take to indicate an illegitimate birth, however, in this case it may not. In 1851, Sarah (6) was living with William and Ann Bennett at Courtlage, Morchard Bishop, Crediton, listed as their niece and researching William's children with his wife, formerly Ann Cann (m. 28 Feb 1835 in Morchard Bishop), most of them were also registered without the mother's maiden name, so this may be an error (deliberate or otherwise) that runs in this family. Either way, without this information, nor finding Sarah at home with her own parents, I have not identified who they were. Although this and various other details could be discovered by buying certificates.

In 1861, Sarah Bennett (17) was House Servant in the household of William Davy, Farmer and Miller at Stone Mill, Leverton Road, Chawleigh, Crediton.

William and Sarah Flew had four children: 
  1. Thomas Flew b. 11 Feb 1864 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 475, bap. 18 Feb 1864 at All Saint's Church, Rackenford
  2. Mary Jane Flew b. 3 Sep 1865 S Quarter in CREDITON Volume 05B Page 387, bap. 6 Sep 1865 at St David’s Church, Thelbridge
  3. Sarah Flew b. 31 Dec 1867, reg. 1868 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 470, bap. 22 Mar 1868 at All Saint's, Rackenford
  4. William Flew b. 1870 M Qtr in SOUTH MOLTON Vol 05B Page 480
The GRO birth registrations confirm the mother's maiden name as Bennett.

In 1871, William Flew (30), Sarah Flew (26), Thomas Flew (7), Jane Flew (5), Sarah Flew (3) and William Flew (1) were living at Windsor, Rackenford, South Molton, Devon. William Flew's birthplace was listed as Rackenford, although Sarah's was listed as not known; the two older children's birthplace was listed as Thelbridge and the two younger ones, Rackenford. Living with them was Ann Flew (72), William's mother, listed as Mother-in-Law.

Sarah Flew died, age estimated to 29, on Christmas Eve 1872 of "diarrhoea" which may mean Typhoid (1872 D Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 302) and was buried on 29 Dec 1872 in Rackenford.

In Sarah Child's, Rackenford, A Short History, we read that, Thomas Flew aged 11 years 3 months, was admitted to Rackenford school on May 24 1875. "Thomas came from Winsor Cottage on Sideham farm, a good two miles’ walk from school; his father was a labourer working for Mr Beedell [Robert Beedell 1817-1886] on Sideham and his mother had died three years earlier. Thomas’ sister Mary Jane aged 8 joined him at school in October."

William Flew remarried to Jane Middleton, in Knowstone on 2 Sep 1875.

William Flew died, age estimated as 40, from measles and pneumonia, in March 1876 M Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 344 and was buried on 5 Mar 1876. His widow Jane was present at that death.

The descendants of William Flew and Sarah Bennett:

On March 13 1876, however, the school records tell us that, “Thomas and Mary Flew have left, gone to the workhouse." Sarah Child in, Rackenford, A Short History, continues that, "Their stepmother seems to have managed to keep their 7 year old sister but for Thomas, Mary and 6 year old William there was no alternative." Mary Jane Flew, age estimated as 13, died in 1880 M Quarter in South Molton Workhouse and "as was the regulation, she was buried in Rackenford at the parish expense", on 7 Feb 1880.

In 1881, Thomas Flew (16) Farm Servant (Indoor) was back at Sideham, Rackenford. Sarah Flue (sic) (12) was a General Domestic Servant to Elias Mills, Farmer, at Lower Southdown, Burrington, while William Flew (11), sadly, was still an inmate of the Union Workhouse, South Molton.

In 1891, Thomas Flew (25) was still Agricultural Servant to Robert Beedell, Farmer (son of his earlier boss) at Syd[e]ham, Rackenford; Sarah Flew (23) was a General Servant at Lewiss Elstone, Chulmleigh, South Molton. William Flew, by then 21, seems to have evaded being listed on this census.

Thomas Flew (33) Servant from Rackenford, son of William Flew, married Elizabeth Ann Marshall (32) Servant from Knowstone, at St Peter's Church, Knowstone on 31 Mar 1897. Elizabeth Ann was the daughter of James Marshall and Mary Flew. Mary was the elder sister of Thomas' father, William - so the couple were first cousins. They had one son, William James Flew b. 19 Feb 1898 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 400.

William Flew (28) Post Man, son of William Flew, married Joan Priest (bap. 28 Jun 1868 in North Molton), daughter of William Priest and Harriet Galliford, on 6 Oct 1897 in North Molton, Devon. This couple also had one son, Ernest William Flew b. 6 Apr 1902 J Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 398, bap. 20 Apr 1902 in North Molton.

In 1901, living at Zeal Cottage, Bampton, were Thomas Flew (37) Agricultural Labourer; son, William Flew (3); sister, Sarah Flew (31) House keeper and Robert Flew (5) Nephew [1]. Elizabeth A Flew (36) was a Patient (Lunatic) at the Devon County Lunatic Asylum, Exminster (later Exminster Hospital). William Flew (30) Rural Postman and Joan Flew (32) were living with Joan's widowed mother, Harriet Priest (65) at Tellacott Cottage, North Molton.

[1] Robert George Haymon Flew b. 11 Nov 1895 D Quarter in SOUTH MOLTON Volume 05B Page 395 and bap. 9 Dec 1895 in South Molton, was the illegitimate son of Sarah Flew (and, presumably, a Mr Haymon). In 1901, Robert Flew, son of S Flew of Zeal Cottage, was registered at Shillingford And Petton County Primary SchoolShillingford, Devon. A date of leaving of 31 Oct 1902 is listed on the school register. As Robert George Edward Flew, age 6, of Zeal Cottage, Bampton, he died in 1902 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 279 and was buried at Petton Chapelry on 8 Nov 1902.

Elizabeth Ann Flew, died aged 43, at Devon County Lunatic Asylum, in 1908 S Quarter in ST THOMAS Volume 05B Page 40 and was buried on 10 Aug 1908 at the Exminster, Devon County Asylum Cemetery.

In 1911, Thomas Flew (45) Carter on Farm, Sarah Flew (41) Sister, Housekeeper and William James Flew (13) were at Higher Coombe, Uplowman, Devon. William Flew (41) Rural Postman, Joan Flew (42) and Ernest William Flew (8) were living in East Street, North Molton.

William Flew, Postman, was still in North Molton in 1921.

Ernest William Flew, son of William Flew and Joan Priest, married Elsie May Baker, daughter of Richard Baker and Ellen Irwin, in Cardiff, in 1927. (Elsie May's parents were from Ilfracombe and Coombe Martin, respectively.)

William Flew died, at 63, in 1933 S Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 11A Page 368.

In 1939, Thomas Flew, Incapacitated, Widowed and his sister, Sarah Flew, still keeping house, were living in High Street, North Petherton, Bridgewater, Somerset; William James Flew was a Cowman at Manor Farm, Marsh Green, Whimple, Exeter, Devon; and Ernest W Flew, Test Baker Flour Mill (he also had a civilian role as a Special Constable) and wife Elsie M Flew were living at 7 Treorky Street, Cardiff, with Elsie's widowed mother, Ellen Baker.

No further records could be identified for William James Flew after 1939.

Thomas Flew died, at 80 in 1944 S Qtr in BRIDGWATER Vol 05C Page 310.

Sarah Flew died, at 78, in 1946 D Qtr in BRIDGWATER Vol 07C Page 103.

Joan Flew died, at 88, in 1956 S Qtr in CARDIFF Vol 08B Page 163.

Elsie May Flew died in Cathays, Cardiff on 18 Apr 1984.

Ernest William Flew died, in Cardiff on 1 May 1985.

Sunday, 2 July 2023

Richard Land (Trafalgar veteran) and Mary Rookes

St Andrew Street, Tiverton
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Richard Land (bap. 24 Oct 1784 at St Michael & All Angels, Bampton, Devon) son of John Land and Sarah Melhuish, married Mary Rookes (b. 7 Jan 1791, bap. 15 May 1791 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton), daughter of Thomas and Mary Rooke, at St George's Church, East Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon on 18 Apr 1811.

Richard and Mary Land had five children:
  1. Mary Land b. 26 Jun 1812, bap. 20 Sep 1812 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton
  2. Sarah Land bap. 8 Oct 1815 in Tiverton
  3. Richard Land bap. 25 Dec 1817 in Tiverton
  4. Elizabeth Land bap. 24 Apr 1820 in Tiverton
  5. Fanny Land bap. 16 Feb 1823 in Tiverton
The baptisms from 1815 onwards list Richard's occupation as Labourer and so many were just that, but this certainly doesn't reflect his whole story:

The records of Royal Navy Allotment Declarations - seamen and marines were able to send (allot) part of their wages to support next of kin at home - lists Richard Land from Bampton, Drummer, in 1805-10 with HMS Hibernia (1804) at which time he allotted part of his pay to his mother, Sarah. Then, when he was with HMS Ocean (1805) in 1811-12, to his wife, Mary.

"Royal Marine Drummers were first mentioned in the 1664 Convening Order, at the formation of Corps and so pride themselves as being the oldest Branch in the Corps." - Royal Marines Band Service

Marine Drummer Richard Land served at the Battle of Trafalgar (confirmed here), being a drummer serving on HMS Royal Sovereign (1786), the flagship of Admiral Collingwood and the first ship of the fleet in action at Trafalgar on 21 Oct 1805. She led one column of warships; Nelson's Victory led the other. Royal Sovereign lost her mizzen and mainmasts in the battle. Richard Land's station on the ship will have been up on the poop deck, an exposed spot (in a bright red uniform), probably to one side of the [by then missing] mizzen mast, so it's pretty much a bloody miracle he survived. 
On his pension records, Richard Land's service in the Royal Marines is listed as being 14 years, 1 month, 2 weeks and 6 days. If he left the service in 1816, it's possible he had enlisted in 1802 at 18. He was granted a pension, at the age of 32, from 16 May 1816, of £8 8s per year, for life. 

In 1841, Richard Land (55), Mary Land (50), Mary Land (3) and Thomas Rooks (80) were living in St Andrew Street, Tiverton. The three year old was their granddaughter, born Mary Elizabeth Gould Land bap. 29 Apr 1838, in Tiverton, the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Land (and someone whose surname was Gould?). Thomas Rooks, clearly, was Mary's father. 

Mary Land died, aged 58, and was buried on 10 Jun 1849, at St Peter's.

In 1851, Richard Land (66) Masons labourer (Greenwich pensioner) was still in St Andrew Street, Tiverton, with Mary Land (12) Grand child, Scholar.

Richard Land (72) 5' 4", Widower from Bampton Devon, Labourer, last ship HMS Ocean, Marine was admitted to Greenwich Hospital, London on 21 Dec 1855. (Just in time to be "regaled with plum pudding and roast beef" on Christmas Day.) The Royal Hospital for Seaman, as it was originally called, now the Old Royal Naval College, once described as the "poshest pensioners home that ever was". Life as a Greenwich Pensioner. In the column, "If wounded", it said NO, but underneath was written "Trafalgar".

This Description In 1855 is fascinating in describing their diet, clothing and facilities. It boasts that, "Their food is of the best description, varied daily by a new and liberal arrangement of diet introduced in 1853." (If a bit heavy on roast or boiled beef and mutton.) "Two pints of excellent beer is the daily allowance throughout the year, except on four days set apart as festival days, when each man is supplied with two quarts of strong ale." 

Also in 1855, it was said, "The clothing has been somewhat changed of late. The original dress corresponded with that in common wear at the beginning of the last century; but the knee-breeches have been exchanged for trousers, and round hats have been allowed for daily wear. Cocked hats are issued, however, as before, and are worn on Sundays and on ceremonial occasions."

"By all accounts the ‘Greenwich Geese’ as locals referred to them were a rowdy bunch and barely resembled our modern image of elderly pensioners."

(Not resembling any image of elderly pensioners is a good aim, IMHO!)

Richard Land died, at 82, his death registered in 1866, in Camberwell.

Wednesday, 28 June 2023

John Land and Loveday Flew

West Street, Bampton
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There's no record of a marriage, anywhere, between John Land (bap. 29 May 1791 in Bampton, Devon), son of John Land and Sarah Melhuish and Loveday Flew (bap. 14 Oct 1804 in Rackenford, Devon), daughter of Richard Flew and Jane Wright (Loveday Flew, was therefore the great-aunt of William Flew, who married Jane Middleton), but they must have got together by 1823.

John Patchett has written here that, John Land, "Joined the Royal Marines in 1810 and served to 1814 then discharged for being undersize at 5ft 2.3/4 when he was 19 and 5ft 4 in 1822. Joined the 46th regiment of foot in 1815 and served in Australia and India until 1822 when discharged with chronic hepatitis. Total service 10 years 48 days. On leaving the army was given a pension of 6d per day which he received until death." John Land had joined the 46th Regt Of Foot on 14 Nov 1815, and the record of his discharge from that service in 1822, in consequence of the chronic hepatitis, confirms his previous service in the Royal Marines from 4 Sep 1810 until 14 Jul 1814.

It seems obvious that while John was useful to the Royal Marines during the Napoleonic Wars they kept him, but once they no longer needed the numbers, his height was used as an excuse to select him for discharge. Of the 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot, "When peace came in 1814, the regiment was sent to garrison New South Wales for three years and escort convicts. It moved to India for the first time in 1817 ..."

John Land already had two children from a previous relationship with Sarah (b. 1794). Again, it hasn't been possible to locate a record of a marriage:
  1. Richard Land b. 6 Oct 1816 At Sea, off the coast of Botany Bay, bap. 5 Jan 1817 at St Philip's Church, Sydney, Australia
  2. Jane Land b. 25 Apr 1818 also born At Sea, off Botany Bay, bap. 3 Aug 1818 at Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, New South Wales
Likewise, there are no records that explain what happened to Sarah.

John Land had a further nine children with Loveday Flew:
  1. John Land b. 1823
  2. Harriet Land b. 1827
  3. James Land b. 1828
  4. Elizabeth Land bap. 25 Jun 1830 at the Church of St Michael and All AngelsBampton, Devon
  5. Loveday Land b. 1833. Died at 18 in 1851 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 10 Page 191.
  6. George Land b. 1836
  7. Eliza Land b. 1839 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 10 Page 239. Died at 19 in 1859 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 291.
  8. Maria Land b. 1841 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 10 Page 249. Died at 25 in 1867 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 298.
  9. Eleanor Land b. 1845 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 10 Page 249, bap. 26 Nov 1845 in Bampton, daughter of John and Loveday. Address given as Westgate and John was described as a Pensioner.
The birth registrations for Eliza and Maria confirm the mother's maiden name as FLEW. On Eleanor's it is merely mis transcribed as FLEX. 

In 1841, living in Gate Street, West, Bampton, were John Land (50) Loody Land (sic) (35), Jane Land (20), John Land (18), Harriet Land (14), James Land (13), Elizabeth Land (9), Loody Land (8), George Land (5) and Eliza Land (1).

In 1851, in West Street, Bampton, Devon, we find John Land claiming to be 46 (he was 60) Pauper (ag lab), Loveday Land (47), James Land (23) Ag Lab; Loveday Land (18) Invalid; George Land (14) Ag Lab; Eliza Land (11), Maria Land (9) and Eleanor Land (5) the last three all at school. 

Loveday Land died at 47 in 1851 J Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 10 Page 191.

John Land died on 22 Sep 1857 (S Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 275) from chronic bronchitis, with his age at death over estimated to 71 (66). 

Wednesday, 19 April 2023

James Land, Jane Flew and Rose Anna Beamer

Church of St Michael and All Angels, Bampton
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James Land (b. 1828), widower, son of John Land and Loveday Flew, married Rose Anna Beamer (b. 1823), widow, on 19 Apr 1863 at the Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels in Bampton, Devon. Rose Anna Beamer gave her father's name as Isaac Smith, Labourer. (Not found hers, but I've found a baptism on 1 Feb 1824 for a Mary Smith, daughter of Isaac and Hannah Smith at All Saints, Norton Fitzwarren, who may have been her sister.)

James Land had previously married Jane Flew, daughter of Robert Flew, also at St Michael and All Angels in Bampton, on 16 Apr 1854.

James and Jane had one son:
  1. George Land b. 1855 D Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 374, bap. 9 Dec 1855, in Bampton, Devon. Died, 1856 M Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 304.
Jane Land died, aged 30, in 1856 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 304.

By 1861, James Land (32) Quarry Labourer was a Lodger in the household of Ann Beamer (38) from Norton, Somerset, along with four of her children: Mary (10), Alfred (8), James (6) and Lindy (2). The civil birth registration for James in 1855, confirms that Rose Anna's maiden name was Smith.

With a two year old in 1861, one might assume that Rose Anna (Ann) had only recently been widowed, but the only record of a death that may be that of her husband - I haven't been able to find the earlier marriage, but son Alfred Beamer's marriage gives his father's name as James Beamer - is that for a James Beamer, aged 37, in the last quarter of 1854. That would make James Beamer, born 1855, a posthumous child. Although, it would also make Lindy Beamer the child of another liaison. Not exactly unheard of.

John and Rose Anna had at least three further children together:
  1. George Land Beamer born Q4 1862 (died Q1 1863, aged 0)
  2. Loveday Jane Land born 1864, in Bampton, Devon
  3. John Land born 3 Feb 1866, in Stoodleigh, Devon
In 1871, in High Street, Bampton, we find James Land (41) and Rosannah (46), with just Loveday J (7) and John (5). Not one of Rose Anna's family are living with their mother. It's not the first time I've seen a first family "disappear" when their parent remarries. Rose Anna's daughter, Mary (b. 1850), I've been unable to find any mention of; Alfred Bimmer (sic) (19) was working as a [Farm] Servant for Thomas Chave in Morebath; James Beamer (16) Masons Labourer was lodging, with Henry Beamer (21) Ag Lab, elsewhere in Bampton; there are no other records of Lindy Beamer.

In 1881, at Westbrook Cottage, Bampton, at a guess, on Westbrook Farm (PDF), were James Land (54) Ag Lab; Ann Land (58); Jane Land (18) Domestic (Out of Service) - just given birth; John Land (16) Gen Labourer; Henry Beames (sic) (8) Grandson and Rosana Land (0) Granddaughter.

James Land died, aged 56, in the first quarter of 1884.

There is a death of a Rose Anne Land in 1889, with her age estimated as 40. This would be a 20 year discrepancy, if typical lie about a woman's age.

William Parsons and Mary Ann Stone

Barnstaple railway station
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Mary Ann Stone, fourth daughter of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, married William Parsons (b. 4 Jul 1882), son of John Parsons and Emma Burrows, at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman, on 19 Apr 1906, just weeks before her elder sister, Bessie Ann married there. Witnesses were the bride's father, Frederick James Stone and James Parsons, the groom's elder brother.

John Parsons was a carpenter in Bampton, where William was baptised on 30 Jul 1882 and, in 1891, lived at the Turnpike Gate Home, North Hayne, Bampton. William's father, John, died in 1894 and his brother James moved back home to support their widowed mother and grandmother. 

In 1901, William Parsons was Stockman at Mill Head, Bampton, but by the time of his marriage, he'd become a Railway Platelayer, residing in Landkey.

William and Mary Ann had two children: 
  1. William James Parsons born Q4 1906
  2. Olive Mary Parsons born Q1 1908
In 1911, William Parsons (28) Railway Platelayer, Mary Ann (24), William James (4) and Olive Mary (3) were living at 2 Abyssinia Terrace, Barnstaple.

Unable to locate them on the 1939 census, I haven't [yet] been able to identify William's death. There's a death of a Mary Parsons of roughly the right age, in Barnstaple, in 1966, but neither is this confirmed.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

John Kerslake and Mary Ann Beedell

Mid Devon : Higher Pitt Farm
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John Kerslake married Mary Ann Beedell, in Tiverton, in 1880. The marriage record names her merely as Mary Beedle (sic), but on each of their children's baptisms, she's listed as Mary Ann and on each of the civil registrations of the births, her maiden name is Beedell (a name we've encountered before, when Temperance Southcott married her second husband, Francis Thomas Beedell.) So far, I haven't been able to find the births or parents for either John or Mary Ann to be able to establish the link (if there is one) between these people.

John and Mary Ann Kerslake had ten children: 
  1. Jane Kerslake b. 19 Mar 1880, bap. 4 Jan 1881 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. Their abode at the time of Jane's baptism was Clayhanger.
  2. Ernest John Kerslake b. 5 Aug 1881
  3. Alice Elizabeth Kerslake b. 21 Jun 1883
  4. Lewis William Kerslake b. 16 Nov 1885, bap. 31 Dec 1885 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. Residence was Burlescombe.
  5. Albert Henry Kerslake b. 6 Dec 1887
  6. Edwin Beedell Kerslake b. 2 Jan 1890
  7. Geoffrey Kerslake b. 1892. (Buried 29 Jun 1892 in Washfield.)
  8. Florence Ellen Kerslake b. 1894, bap. 2 Dec 1894 in Loxbeare. Address was Buttermoor Farm, Washfield, John Kerslake was Dairyman Farmer.
  9. Manuel Charles Kerslake b. 17 Nov 1900, bap. 24 Dec 1900 at St George's Church, Tiverton. Residence was Castle Barn Farm, Exeter Hill.
  10. Frederick Kerslake b. 5 Nov 1902, bap. 4 Dec 1902 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. At East Bicknell Farm, Cove, John was a Dairyman.
In 1881, John Kerslake (35) is a Farmer of 30 acres at Goldsmoor [Farm], Sampford-Peverell, with Mary Kerslake (25), Jane Kerslake (1), William Kerslake (4) Visitor and 'Eles' Biddle (13) Servant.

In 1891, at Higher Pitt Farm, Washfield, were John Kerslake (43) Farmer, Mary Kerslake (33), Jane Kerslake (11), John Kerslake (9), Alice Kerslake (7), Lewis William Kerslake (5), Albert Henry (3) and Edwin Beedell (1).

In 1894, five of the children were enrolled at Loxbeare Church of England School: Ernest John Kerslake, Elizabeth Alice Kerslake, Lewis William Kerslake, Albert Henry Kerslake and Edwin Beedell Kerslake. 

In 1901 at Castle Barn Farm, Tiverton, there are John Kerslake (55) Farmer, Mary A Kerslake (42), Jenny (Jane) Kerslake (21), William (Lewis William) Kerslake (15) Tailor's Apprentice, Edwin Kerslake (11), Florence E Kerslake (6) and Charles M (Manuel Charles) Kerslake (0).

(With so many changes of address, I have visions of them driving their cattle almost incessantly around the narrow lanes of Devon!)

John Kerslake, finally of Luttrell FarmBampton, Devonshire, died on 30 Nov 1903, leaving his effects of £271 5s (worth around £33,800 in 2021) to William Henry Beedell, Innkeeper. As yet, I don't know which inn he kept. One can perhaps assume that William Henry Beedell was a relative of Mary Ann's, but again, I've not been able to find out how they might be related. 

In 1911, Mary Ann Kerslake, Widow, Needle woman, living at 1 The Works, Tiverton with Edwin Beedell Kerslake (21) Gardener, Florence Ellen Kerslake (16) School teacher, Charles Emanuel Kerslake (10) and Frederick Kerslake (8). Jane Kerslake (listed as Jenny) (29) was Cook to the family of Henry William Gould, Solicitor, at Compass Cottage, Stoke Hill, Heavitree.

In 1939, Jane Bowden (Jane Kerslake had married Frank Bowden in 1917) Widowed, was living with her mother, Mary Ann Kerslake, at 1 Castle View, Tiverton. Mary Ann Kerslake (née Beedell) died in 1951, aged 93.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

James Beamer and Mary Jane Snell

Old Toll House, Briton Street, Bampton
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James Beamerson of James Beamer and Rose Anna Smith, brother of Alfred Beamer and half-brother of Loveday Jane Land and John Land, formed a family with Mary Jane Snell - that's the maiden name listed on several of their children's birth registrations - but [so far] I've been unable to find a record of their marriage. Mary Jane is listed as being from Plymouth. 

James and Mary Jane had at least seven children:
  1. Mary Jane Beamer born Q2 1884 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name SNELL. (Died and was buried, on 13 Apr 1884, in Bampton.)
  2. Ethel Anna Beamer (no civil reg), bap. 26 Apr 1885 in Bampton.
  3. (Unnamed male child) Beamer born Q3 1886 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name SNELL. (Died in the same quarter, age 0.)
  4. Sarah Jane Beamer born Q3 1887 in Tiverton, mother's name SMALE
  5. Tom Beamer born Q3 1890 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name listed as SUELL. Bap. 3 Aug 1890 in Bampton.
  6. Rosanna Beamer born Q1 1893 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name SNELL. Bap. as Rose Anna Beamer, on 30 Apr 1893, in Bampton. (Died, aged 16 months and was buried, on 22 Aug 1894, in Bampton.)
  7. Mary Ann Beamer registered Q1 1896 in Tiverton, mother's maiden name listed as SNELL. Bap. 29 Dec 1895 in Bampton. (Died in Q2 1901, aged 5. Buried on 27 Apr 1901 in Bampton.)
There could, of course, be other births that I've missed, particularly given the number of discrepancies in the information, such as the mother's maiden name, which I attribute to either errors in transcription, or registrars writing down what they heard, that the parents probably couldn't have read to check.

Ethel Ann Beamer (3) "British King" from Liverpool

This curious record relates to an Ethel Ann Beamer, age 3, sailing on the "SS British King" from Liverpool, arriving in Philadelphia on 29 May 1888. Their intended destination was Chicago. Taken alone, I'd have ignored this and assumed that this was another Ethel Ann Beamer entirely. HOWEVER, in the box at the top right, it says "Accompanied by" Sarah Jane 8 months and Mary Jane 30, both of which fit. I've also found an equivalent record for Sarah Jane and both children appear on the passenger list, along with Mary Jane. It's hard to imagine them being able to afford to go to the US - and come back again - but equally hard to imagine the combination of those three names and ages cropping up together more than once. It's a mystery.

In 1891, James Beamer (39) Agricultural Labourer, wife Mary (35), Ethel A (6), Sarah J (3) and Tom (0), were living in Briton Street, Bampton

On 16 Oct 1894, James and Mary Beamer were both charged and bailed, accused of "Wilfully neglecting Rose Anna Beamer, a girl under the age of 16 years, to wit, 16 months, in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering and injury to health, at Bampton, on 15 August 1894, and on various other dates." They were found not guilty and acquitted. 

In 1901, James Beamer (48) General Labourer, Mary Jane (42), Ethel (15), Tom (9) and Mary A (5), were living on the Tiverton Road, Bampton. Sarah Jane (14), was employed as a General domestic servant, in the household of Henry Early, Watchmaker and jeweller, at 12, Angel Hill, Tiverton

In 1911, we find the family has "emigrated" to Wales. James Beamer (53) from Bampton, Devon was a Coal miner hewer living at 4 Price Street, Pentre in the Rhondda Valley, Glamorganshire with Mary (49), Tom (20) also working as a Coal miner hewer; Ethel Cappell (25), William Cappell (25) Son-in-law, and grandchildren, William (3) and Ethel (1). (Ethel Ann Beamer had married William David Cappell on 24 Apr 1907, in Bampton.)

Mary Beamer died, aged 70, in 1927 in Taunton, Somerset. James Beamer died, in 1931, aged 77, also in Taunton. (William and Ethel Cappell lived in Rowford, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton in 1939, but I could find no further records for Sarah Jane after 1901 or Tom after 1911.)

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land

Bampton (Devon), Church of St Michael & All Angels
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Frederick James Stone (b. 1854 in Stawley, Somerset), eldest child of Henry Stone and Mary Ridgeway, married the delightfully-named, Loveday Jane Land (b. 1864), daughter of James Land and Rose Anna Beamer. Frederick (26) and Loveday (17) were married on 10 Oct 1881 at her Parish Church of St Michael & All Angels, Bampton in the County of Devon. Loveday's father, James Land, added his mark as one of the witnesses to the marriage.

In 1891, Frederick James (36) and Loveday (27) were at Noblelimdrance, Rock, Halberton. And they've begun to acquire quite a brood: 

  1. Rose Anna Land Stone b. 2 Aug 1880, bap. 13 Aug 1882 in Uplowman
  2. Bessie Ann Stone b. 18 Jul 1882, bap. 13 Aug 1882 in Uplowman
  3. Loveday Jane Stone b. 6 Apr 1884, bap. 27 Apr 1884 in Uplowman
  4. Mary Ann Stone b. 1886 in Uffculme (seem to have missed baptism)
  5. Frederick James Stone b. 27 Mar 1888, bap. 27 May 1888 in Uplowman
  6. John Charles Stone b. 18 Jun 1890, bap. 27 Jul 1890 in Uplowman
  7. Florence May Stone b. 26 Sep 1894, bap. 18 Oct 1894 in Halberton
  8. Laura Alice Stone b. 9 Apr 1898, bap. 22 May 1898 in Uplowman
  9. Irene Venetta Stone b. 15 Jul 1900, bap. 19 Aug 1900 in Uplowman
  10. Stanley William Stone b. 7 Jan 1903, bap. 15 Feb 1903 in Uplowman
  11. Phillip Alfred Stone b. 14 Jun 1909, bap. 11 Jul 1909 in Uplowman
In 1901, Frederick (46), Carter on Farm, and Loveday (37) with John Charles (10), Florence May (6), Laura Alice (2) and Irene Venetta (0) are living at Stagg MillUplowman. It's from here their older daughters marry.

By 1911, they've gone full circle to Berry, Chevithorne. With Frederick (56), Farm Labourer, and Loveday (47), are Frederick James (23), Florence May (16), Irene Venetta (Minnie) (10), Stanley William (8) and Phillip Alfred (1).

Frederick James Stone died on 21 Sep 1916, aged 62. Loveday Jane Stone died, on 21 Apr 1938, aged 74, in Bishops Lydeard, Somerset.

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James Ridgeway and Mary Ann Lock and James Marsh

Ashbrittle Village with Court Place Farm (foreground left)
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James Ridgeway and Mary Ann Lock, a pair of my 3rd great-grandparents, married, on 29 Apr 1833, at the Church of St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle. Witnesses to this marriage were Henry Vickery and Elizabeth Webber.

The couple appear to have seven children, with records existing only for the baptisms of first two children; Mary in 1833 and James in 1835. Once civil registration had been introduced (in 1837), there are no more baptism records for the subsequent five children, but neither are there civil registrations for most (only for the sixth child, John, in 1847), just their listings on the census.
  1. Mary Ridgeway bap. 28 Dec 1833 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle
  2. James Ridgeway bap. 25 Oct 1835 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle
  3. Jane Ridgeway b. 1839
  4. Harriet Ridgeway b. 1841 
  5. Thomas Ridgeway b. 1844
  6. John Ridgeway b. 1847 (Died aged 4, buried 6 Aug 1851 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle)
  7. William Ridgeway b. 1850 (Died aged 29, see below.)
In 1841, James Ridgway (32) and Ann Ridgeway (33), were living in Ashbrittle Village, with children; Mary (7), James (5), Jane (2) and Harriot (0). 

And in 1851, still living in Ashbrittle Village, we find James (45) and Ann (45), with Harriot (10), Thomas (7), John (4) and William (1). Mary (19) was a Servant of William Sweet at Appley Court, Appley, Stawley; James (15) had also left home and was working as a Servant in the household of Robert Venn at Little Tadbeer Farm, Ashbrittle; while Jane Ridgeway (12), was a Servant in the household of Robert Johns of Kittisford at Stawley, Somerset. 

James Ridgeway died in 1854, said to be aged around 44, and was buried on 18 Jun 1854 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle

In 1859 there are banns of a marriage, in Kittisford, between James Mash (sic) and Mary Ann Ridgway (sic). The banns read in Tiverton correctly identify the bridegroom as James Marsh and bride as Mary Ann Ridgeway. 

James Marsh, son of Richard and Mary Marsh, bap. in Bampton, Devon on 31 Jul 1814, had married Mary Cruwys - also a widow - in Morebath, on 22 Mar 1840. They had one child, Mary Marsh, born 1841 and that year were living at Exbridge, Morebath, along with three children from Mary's previous marriage. In 1851, they were still there with Mary (9) and three more children Elizabeth (7), Martha (5) and James (2). Mary Marsh died in 1858. 

In 1861, James Marsh (46), Anne [Mary Ann] Marsh (51) and William Ridgeway (11) were living at 'Cottage, Bampton Down, Bampton'. By 1861, Thomas Ridgeway (18), was employed as a Carter at Holcombe Barton, Holcombe Rogus. (Holcombe Barton Farm was part of the Manor of Holcombe Rogus of Holcombe Court, "the finest Tudor house in Devon.")

In 1871, still at 'Cottage, Bampton Down, Bampton', were James Marsh (60) and Mary Ann Marsh (62). William Ridgeway (21) Postman, was a lodger in Ashbrittle, in the household of William Cude (64) Carpenter & Builder. 

James Marsh died and was buried on 3 Jul 1871, in Bampton.

William Ridgeway died, aged 29, and was buried on 15 Mar 1879, in Uplowman. Administration of the Personal Estate of William Ridgway late of Uplowman in the County of Devon Letter Carrier a Batchelor who died 9 Mar 1879 at Uplowman was granted at Exeter to Mary Ann Marsh of Uplowman Widow the Mother and only Next of Kin.

In 1881, Mary Ann Mash (sic) (74), Widow, was living with her son, Thomas Ridgeway, in Whitnage, Uplowman, listed as his mother. In 1891, Mary A Marsh (83), was living with her daughter, Harriet Were (sic) (50), in Chettiscombe. Mary Ann Marsh died, in 1894, at the age of 86.