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Monday 25 December 2023

Jonah Ing and Elizabeth Tooze

St John of Jerusalem, Lauriston Road, South Hackney
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Jonah Ing (bap. 17 Sep 1843 in Long CrendonBuckinghamshire), son of Thomas Ing and Sarah Kingsley, married Elizabeth Tooze (b. 1842) daughter of Thomas Tooze and Mary James, at the church of St John of Jerusalem, Lauriston Road, South Hackney, on 25 Dec 1865.

Jonah and Elizabeth had six children:
  1. Ellen Mary Ann Ing b. 1867 M Qtr in HACKNEY Vol 01B Page 441
  2. Jane Elizabeth Ing b. 1869 M Qtr in HACKNEY Vol 01B Page 446
  3. Laura Ann Ing b. 1871 J Quarter in STAINES Volume 03A Page 17, bap. 18 Jun 1871 in East Bedfont, Middlesex.
  4. George Levi Ing b. 1873 S Quarter in KENSINGTON Volume 01A Page 37, bap. 21 Mar 1875 in Hayes, Middlesex.
  5. Sarah Ann Ing b. 1876 J Quarter in UXBRIDGE Volume 03A Page 44
  6. James Frederick Ing b. 1880 S Qtr in UXBRIDGE Vol 03A Page 41
In 1871, living in Bedfont, Staines, were Jonah Ing (28) Farm Labourer, Elizabeth Ing (29), Ellen Ing (4), Jane Elizabeth Ing (2) and two Lodgers: Jacob Barnes (28) from Hampshire and Jonah Markham (26) from Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, both Labourers.

In 1881, Jonah Ing (38) Threshing machine labourer from Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire was living in Wood End Green, Hayes, Middlesex, with Elizabeth Ing (39) from Clapton, Middlesex; Jane (12) born in Homerton, Middlesex; Louisa [Laura] (9) born in Bedfont, Middlesex; George (7) born in Paddington, Middlesex; Sarah (4) and James (0), the last two both born in Hayes, Middlesex. Ellen Mary Ann will have been 14 and thus was most likely out at work somewhere, but I've not found her on the census.

In 1891, still living at Wood End Green, Hayes, Middlesex, were Jonah Ing (48) Threshing machine labourer; Elizabeth Ing (49), Laura A (19), Sarah A (14) General Servant and James Frederick (10).

Jonah Ing died, at 48, in 1891 D Qtr in UXBRIDGE Vol 03A Page 23.

In 1901, Elizabeth Ing (60) Widow, Laundry General Worker, was living in Wooden Row, Wood End Green, Hayes, Middlesex with just her youngest son James (20), General Labourer, still at home.

Elizabeth Ing died, at 61, in 1902 S Qtr in PADDINGTON Vol 01A 34.