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Friday, 9 July 2021

William Henry Southwood and Rose Anna Land Stone

Church of St Peter, Uplowman
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Rose Anna Land Stone, eldest daughter of Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Land, married William Henry Southwood, son of Joseph Southwood and Maria Wood (née Hayes) on 29 Jun 1903 at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman. Witnesses to the marriage were Frederick James Stone and Loveday Jane Stone, who could have been the bride's parents, or her brother and sister.

William Henry Southwood, was born on 23 Aug 1875 and baptised in Chevithorne. By the time he was 14, in 1891, he was employed as a Cow Boy (Stetson optional) by farmer, Edward B Gale, in Tiverton. 

William and Rose Anna had four children:
  1. Rose Anna Southwood born 31 May 1905, bap. 16 Jul 1905 at St Peter's Church, Tiverton. At the time of this baptism, the family were living in one of the courts off Barrington Street, Tiverton. In 1927 Rose Anna Southwood married William Ernest Watts and in 1939, they were living with his parents at Chambercombe FarmIlfracombe. William Ernest Watts died in 1989, aged 87, and Rose Anna Watts in 2000, at 95.
  2. Frederick William Southwood born 19 Jan 1907, bap. 17 Feb 1907 in Cove, Devon. Frederick William Southwood married Nora Ames in 1930. In 1939, they were living at Greenhills, South Molton. Frederick William Southwood died in 1994, aged 87. Nora died in 2006 in her 100th year.
  3. Lily Southwood born 7 Sep 1908, bap. 11 Oct 1908 at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman. Lily Southwood married Percival Henry Clark in 1930 and in 1939, they were living at Steps Cottage, Stuckeridge, Tiverton. Percival died in 1982 and Lily Clark in 1999, aged 91.
  4. John Southwood born 8 Sep 1910, bap. 16 Oct 1910 at St Peter’s ChurchUplowman. John Southwood died in 1995, aged 85.
In 1911, William Henry Southwood (34) Cattleman on Farm, was living at Chieflowman Cottage, Uplowman, with wife Rose Anna (30), Rose Anna (5), Frederick William (4), Lily (2) and John (0), as well as John Land (45), Horse Man on Farm, (Rose Anna's Uncle) and her sister, Laura Alice (12).

In 1939, William Henry Southwood, Farmer (Mixed Farm); wife Rose Anna and son, John, Farm Carter Assisting Father, were living at Twitchen Farm, South Molton. Rose Anna died in 1949, aged 68, and William in 1955, aged 79.
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