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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Richard Gollop and Hester Litten

Honiton : St Michael's Church
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The marriage record for Richard Gollop and Hester Litten shows that they were married, on 27 Apr 1770, in Honiton on Otter, Devon. Honiton on Otter is what today is just called Honiton and, well, it's close to the River Otter. They won't have married in St Paul's Church, High Street, as that wasn't built until 1835, so may have married at the former parish church of St Michael's (now closed), although not as we see it now, as it was rebuilt in 1911/12 after a fire

Richard Gollop would appear to be the son of William and Mary Gollop, baptised on 25 Dec 1746 in Kilmington, Devon, while Hester Litten (or Littin) was the 'Bast' (Bastard, obvs) child of Dinah Littin from Offwell, bap. 7 Sep 1741.

Richard and Hester had at least three children: 
  1. Robert Gollop bap. 17 May 1772 in Offwell
  2. Elizabeth Gollop bap. 12 May 1776 in Offwell
  3. Dinah Gollop bap. 22 Oct 1780 in Offwell
It's hard to be certain with records this old, but there was a burial of a Richard Gollop on 15 Jun 1800 and a burial of an Esther Gollop, Widow, on 11 Dec 1808, both in the parish of Widworthy, which may relate to this couple.