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Wednesday 10 April 2024

Charles Archer and Kate Trevail

St Saviours Church, Pimlico
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Picture taken from Chichester Street

Charles Archer (bap. 29 Dec 1861 at St Paul's, Poole, Dorset), son of Charles Archer, Queen's Messenger, and Ellen Briggs, married Kate Trevail (b. 12 Nov 1857 in Luxulyan, Cornwall), daughter of Joseph Trevail and Jane Rundle, at St Saviour's, St George's Square, Pimlico on 10 Apr 1884.

Charles and Kate had three children:
  1. Charles Archer b. 10 Jul 1885, bap. 10 Sep 1885 at St Saviour's, St George's Square
  2. Ellen Florence Archer b. 23 Sep 1887, bap. 6 Nov 1887 at St Saviour's, St George's Square
  3. Eileen Elfrida Trevail Archer b. 19 May 1897, bap. 18 Jul 1897 at St Gabriel's, Warwick Square
The birth of their second child was registered as Ellen Florence, but she was baptised Florence Ellen and later as an adult, mostly used Florence Ellen.

In 1891, Charles Archer (29) Collector, Kate Archer (33), Charles (5), Ellen F (3) and Lizzie Isch (20) General Domestic Servant, were in Chichester Street, Pimlico. (Kate's sister, Olivia and her family, also lived in Chichester Street in 1891.) "Collector" (to disappoint all of us thinking of antiques and curios), in the context of Charles Archer's job, is a Gas Rate Collector, i.e. the bloke who goes round collecting the shillings from the gas meters.

In 1901, still at 8, Chichester Street, Pimlico, were Charles Archer (39) Gas Rate Collector, Kate Archer (43), Charles Archer (15) Mechanical engineer's apprentice, Ellen Archer (13) and Eileen Archer (3).

In 1911, once again at 8, Chichester Street, Pimlico, there were Charles Archer (49) Collector, Kate (53), Ellen Florence (23) Lady clerk, Eileen Elfrida (13) at School and Beatrice Matthews (28) General Domestic Servant.

In 1921, Charles Archer (59) Collector (retired) from Poole, Dorset, was living at 18, Townley Road, Dulwich, Camberwell with Kate Archer (63) and Eileen Elfrida Trevail Archer (24) Music Mistress.

Charles Archer died on 17 Jan 1936, aged 74, in Hale, Cheshire.

Kate Archer, as well as Charles Archer Jnr and his wife and Eileen and her husband, were all living in Hale, Cheshire (now Greater Manchester) in 1939.

Kate Archer, of Girvan, Leicester Road, Hale, Cheshire, widow, died on 29 Jan 1947, aged 89, leaving £557 10s to her son Charles Archer.

  1. Charles Archer married Gladys Mary Pardew (b. 24 Aug 1885 in Plymouth, Devon), daughter of John Andrew Pardew and Pricilla Nichols Millard, in Bucklow, Cheshire, in 1920. Their son, Charles John Trevail Archer was born on 17 Oct 1921. In 1939, they were living at 23 Crescent, Hale, Cheshire. Charles Archer died on 31 Oct 1956 in Hale, Cheshire. Gladys Mary Archer died in Buckinghamshire, in 1961. Charles John Trevail Archer FFARCS died in St. Marylebone, London, in 1974.
  2. Florence Ellen Archer married John Leonard Ravenhill (b. 29 Dec 1881 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey), son of Henry Ravenhill and Hannah Street, at St Saviour's, St George's Square, Pimlico, in 1911. They had two children: Eileen Nellie Trevail Ravenhill b. 1912 and Harry Kenneth Trevail Ravenhill b. 27 Jan 1917. In 1939 they were at 17 Townley Road, Dulwich, London. Florence Ellen Ravenhill died on 30 Nov 1952 in East Dulwich. John Leonard Ravenhill died in Surrey, in 1970.
  3. Eileen Elfrida Trevail Archer married Frank Marsden (b. 13 Jul 1887 in Dukinfield, Cheshire), son of John Marsden and Maria Hallas, in Camberwell, London, in 1927. Frank was a widower at the time of his marriage to Eileen and had a daughter, Joan Doreen Marsden b. 16 Dec 1919, from his previous marriage to May Chadderton, who had died in 1925. Frank and Eileen added a son, John Charles Marsden b. 22 Dec 1927. In 1939, they were living at Girvan, Leicester Road, Hale, Cheshire and Frank Marsden's occupation was Managing Director, Iron Foundry. Eileen Elfrida Trevail Marsden died in Northamptonshire, in 1976.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

William Byatt and Ann Poole and Mary Ann Vale

All Saints, Little Canfield

William Byatt (b. 1814) son of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, married Ann Poole (b. 1817) on 18 Oct 1834, in Great Dunmow, Essex. 

William Byatt and Ann Poole had ten children, all baptised in Little Canfield:

  1. George Byatt bap. 3 Apr 1836 
  2. Walter Byatt bap. 11 Mar 1838
  3. Charlotte Byatt bap. 31 May 1840
  4. Alfred Byatt bap. 25 Sep 1842
  5. Henry Byatt b. 1845 M Quarter Volume 12 Page 81, bap. 2 Mar 1845
  6. Emma Byatt b. 1847 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 78, bap. 18 Apr 1847
  7. Charles Byatt b. 1849 J Quarter Volume 12 Page 22, bap. 10 Jun 1849
  8. Mary Byatt b. 1852 M Quarter Volume 04A Page 318, bap. 21 Mar 1852
  9. John Byatt b. 1854 J Quarter Volume 04A Page 321, bap. 2 Apr 1854
  10. Rebecca Byatt b. 1856 M Quarter Vol 04A Page 343, bap. 27 Apr 1856
All of the baptisms list William's occupation as Labourer and the registrations, in DUNMOW UNION, list the mother's maiden name as POOLE or POOL.

In 1841, William Byatt (26) was living in Hickey's Lane, Little Canfield with Ann Byatt (24), George (5), Walter (3) and Charlotte (1).

Ann Byatt died, aged 42, in 1859 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 224 and was buried in Little Canfield on 6 Jan 1860.

In 1861, living in High Canfield Lane, Little Canfield were William Byatt (48) Agricultural Labourer, Widowed; George Byatt (25), Alfred Byatt (18), Charles Byatt (11), Mary (9), John (7) and Rebecca (5). George, Alfred and Charles were all working as Agricultural Labourers too, while Mary, John and Rebecca were at school. Living with them was William's sister, Catherine Wilton (35) Widow and George Wilton (1) Nephew. Henry Byatt (16) was a Carter on the farm of Thomas Bernard (59) at Little Hoddens, Little Canfield. Emma Byatt (14) Visitors Nurse Maid, was among a large number of staff at Gardeners Cottage, Little Easton (on the Easton Lodge estate).

William Byatt then remarried to Ann Vail (sic) on 18 Oct 1862

Not only had he made it easy for himself to remember his new wife's name, William shouldn't have been able to forget his wedding anniversary either. 

Baptised Mary Ann Vale on 3 Nov 1833 in Little Canfield, daughter of Robert Vale and Mary Dubry, she was listed as Ann Vale when living with her parents at Frogs HallTakeley, Essex (presumably, her father was working on there on the farm), in 1841. In 1861, she had been listed as Mary Vale (28) House Servant to Joseph Sweeting (64) at Beelfords, Great Dunmow.

William Byatt and Ann Vale had two sons:
  1. William Byatt bap. 20 Apr 1864 in Little Canfield. Died in 1864 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 236
  2. David Byatt b. 1865 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 349, mother's maiden name VALE, bap. 17 Aug 1865, in Little Canfield. Died in 1865 S Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 226.
In 1871, William Byatt (58) Ag Lab and Ann Byatt (40) were living in High Cross Lane, Little Canfield.

In 1881, William Byatt (68) and Ann Byatt (50) were still living in High Cross Lane, Little Canfield.

In 1891, William Byatt (81) Agricultural Labourer Retired, had accelerated time, while Ann Byatt (50) had succeeded in making time stand still.

William Byatt, with age 81 (actually 77), died in 1891 S Quarter in DUNMOW Volume 04A Page 296 and was buried in Little Canfield on 19 Aug 1891.

Ann Byatt died, at 68, in 1897 M Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 385.