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Monday 29 April 2024

James Ridgeway and Mary Ann Lock

Ashbrittle Village with Court Place Farm (foreground left)
Photo © Lewis Clarke (cc-by-sa/2.0)

James Ridgeway (bap. 22 Oct 1809 in Seaton & Beer), son of Jacob Ridgway and Jane Bray, married Mary Ann Lock (bap. 7 May 1809 in Ashbrittle), daughter of John Lock and Mary Nott, a pair of my 3rd great-grandparents, married, on 29 Apr 1833, at the Church of St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle. Witnesses to this marriage were Henry Vickery and Elizabeth Webber.

Mary Ann Lock, it appears, also had an illegitimate daughter prior to her marriage, Elizabeth Lock b. around 1830. There is no baptism record for her, however, I have DNA matches as half-relatives through three of Elizabeth Lock's sons, giving Mary Ann Lock as the common ancestor of all of us.

James and Mary Ann had a further seven children, with baptisms only of first two, Mary and James. Once civil registration had been introduced (in 1837), there are no more baptism records for the subsequent five children, but neither are there civil registrations until the sixth child, John, in 1847.
  1. Mary Ridgeway bap. 28 Dec 1833 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle
  2. James Ridgeway bap. 25 Oct 1835 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle
  3. Jane Ridgeway b. 1839
  4. Harriet Ridgeway b. 1841 
  5. Thomas Ridgeway b. 1844
  6. John Ridgeway b. There are three potential birth registrations: 1847 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 501 with mother's maiden name listed as LOOK; 1847 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 411 Volume 10 Page 502 and/or 1847 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 411 with mother's maiden name LOCK (As John Ridgway, died aged 4 (1851 D Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 10 Page 352) and had already been buried 6 Aug 1851 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle)
  7. William Ridgeway b. 1850 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET Volume 10 Page 505, although mother's maiden name is not listed (Died aged 29, in 1879 J Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 307.)
In 1841, James Ridgway (32) and Ann Ridgeway (33), were living in Ashbrittle Village, with children; Mary (7), James (5), Jane (2) and Harriot (0). 

And in 1851, still living in Ashbrittle Village, we find James (45) and Ann (45), with Harriot (10), Thomas (7), John (4) and William (1). Mary (19) was a Servant of William Sweet at Appley Court, Appley, Stawley; James (15) had also left home and was working as a Servant in the household of Robert Venn at Little Tadbeer Farm, Ashbrittle; while Jane Ridgeway (12), was a Servant in the household of Robert Johns of Kittisford at Stawley, Somerset. 

James Ridgeway died, aged 44, in 1854 J Qtr in WELLINGTON Vol 05C Page 235 and was buried on 18 Jun 1854 at St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle

James Marsh, Widower, son of Richard Marsh, married Mary Ann Ridgeway, Widow, daughter of John Lock, at the Parish church of St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle, on 28 Nov 1859. Witnesses were Thomas and Harriet Ware.

James Marsh (bap. 31 Jul 1814 in Bampton, Devon) son of Richard and Mary Marsh, had married Mary Cruwys - also a widow - in Morebath, on 22 Mar 1840. They had one child, Mary Marsh, born 1841 and that year were living at Exbridge, Morebath, along with three children from Mary's previous marriage. In 1851, they were still there with Mary (9) and three more children Elizabeth (7), Martha (5) and James (2). Mary Marsh died in 1858. 

In 1861, James Marsh (46), Anne [Mary Ann] Marsh (51) and William Ridgeway (11) were living at 'Cottage, Bampton Down, Bampton'. Thomas Ridgeway (18), was employed as a Carter at Holcombe Barton, Holcombe Rogus. (Holcombe Barton Farm was part of the Manor of Holcombe Rogus of Holcombe Court, "the finest Tudor house in Devon.")

In 1871, still at 'Cottage, Bampton Down, Bampton', were James Marsh (60) and Mary Ann Marsh (62). William Ridgeway (21) Postman, was a lodger in Ashbrittle, in the household of William Cude (64) Carpenter & Builder. 

James Marsh died at 58 in 1871 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 273 and was buried, on 3 Jul 1871, in Bampton.

Mary Ann's son, William Ridgeway died, aged 29, and was buried on 15 Mar 1879, in Uplowman. "Administration of the Personal Estate of William Ridgway (sic) late of Uplowman in the County of Devon Letter Carrier a Batchelor who died 9 Mar 1879 at Uplowman was granted at Exeter to Mary Ann Marsh of Uplowman Widow the Mother and only Next of Kin."

In 1881, Mary Ann Mash (sic) (74), Widow, was living with her son, Thomas Ridgeway, in Whitnage, Uplowman. 

In 1891, Mary A Marsh (83), was living with her daughter, Harriet Were (sic) (50), in Chettiscombe.

Mary Ann Marsh died, at 86, in 1894 D Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B 279.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin

A Fine Day in February (Hellesdon) - John Middleton (Before 1856)

The earliest record of a marriage of my ancestors in Norfolk are of a pair of 6th great-grandparents, Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin, who married in Hellesdon on 25 Feb 1758. Let's hope it was a fine day for them. Haven't been able to find a baptism for Robert, nor Hannah, and there is actually more than one Hannah Piggin in Norfolk at around that time. Most likely, I think, to have been one of those born in around 1733 to 1735.  

St Mary's church - view east
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Evelyn Simak -
St Mary's church - C14 baptismal font
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Evelyn Simak -

However, Robert was recorded to have been a widower at the time of his marriage to Hannah. Records show the burial of the wife of Robert Marsh, Sarah Marsh, in Hellesdon, on 24 Dec 1755, with whom he had several children, all also baptised in Hellesdon, Norfolk, including: 
  1. Keziah Marsh bap. 7 Jan 1738 
  2. Samuel Marsh bap. 27 Oct 1740
  3. Robert Marsh bap. 6 Sep 1741
  4. Kerenhappuch Marsh bap. 5 Mar 1744
Keren-happuch (Hebrew: קֶרֶן הַפּוּךְ‎ Qeren Happūḵ, "Horn of kohl") was the youngest of the three beautiful daughters of Job, named in the Bible as given to him in the later part of his life, after God made Job prosperous again. Keren-happuch's older sisters are named as Jemima and Keziah. (Clearly, they knew their bible, but I didn't find a record for a Jemima.)

Robert Marsh's second marriage only seems to have produced one child: 
  1. Hannah Marsh bap. 18 Feb 1759
Parish Church of St Mary, Hellesdon
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Evelyn Simak -

Tuesday 20 February 2024

David Minns and Hannah Marsh

St Remigius Church, Hethersett, Norfolk

David Minns (bap. 5 Sep 1755 in Hethersett, Norfolk), son of John Minns and his wife Elizabeth, married Hannah Marsh (bap. 18 Feb 1759, in Hellesdon, Norfolk), daughter of Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin, on 20 Feb 1775, in the parish of Newington St Mary - or Newington-Butts, 'in the the hundred of Brixton and of the county of Surrey, 1¾ mile (S.) from London'. 

Nevertheless, this pair of my 5th great-grandparents appear to then set up home in Hethersett, Norfolk, where their first child was baptised.
  1. Robert Marsh Minns bap. 19 Nov 1776 in Hethersett
  2. Hannah Minns bap. 12 Mar 1792 in Heigham
  3. David Minns b. 19 Jan 1799, bap. 20 Jan 1799 in Heigham
They'd moved to Heigham, on the west side of Norwich by the time their daughter Hannah was baptised. With such large gaps between them, there may have been other children, but I've found no records for any others.

David Minns died in 1835 and was buried at St Martin at Oak, Norwich.

There is a Hannah Minns of the right vintage lodging in the household of James and Elizabeth Morrison, in Cross Lane, St George Colegate, Norfolk, in 1841. And a death of Hannah Minns (86) in Norwich in 1843.