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Tuesday 23 April 2024

Thomas Parsons Bridle and Elizabeth Wills

East Devon : Countryside Scenery
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Looking out across the East Devon countryside with the church at Rockbeare in view.

Thomas Parsons Bridle (bap. 14 Jun 1812 in Rockbeare, Devon), son of John and Mary Bridle, married Elizabeth Wills, daughter of William Wills and Elizabeth Chown, at St Mary with St AndrewRockbeare, on 23 Apr 1840

Thomas and Elizabeth had four sons:
  1. James Bridle b. 1841 M Qtr in ST THOMAS UNION Vol 10 251
  2. Thomas Bridle b. 1842 D Qtr in ST THOMAS UNION Vol 10 209
  3. William Henry Bridle b. 1844 D Qtr in ST THOMAS UNION Vol 10 254
  4. Mark Bridle b. 1850 S Quarter in ST THOMAS Vol 10 Page 248
In 1841, Thomas Bridle (25) Ag Lab, and Elizabeth Bridle (25), were living at Upcott, Rockbeare, St Thomas, Devon, with son, James, 5 months.

In 1851, living at Hill Cottages, Rockbeare, were Thomas Bridle (38) Farm Labourer, Elizabeth Bridle (36), James (10), Thomas (8), Henry (6) and Mark (0). Living next door to them were William Wills (73) Pauper and his wife Elizabeth Wills (76), who I assume to be Elizbeth's parents.

Then Elizabeth Bridle died, in 1852, aged 36. So, in 1853, Thomas Parsons Bridle remarried to Sarah Symons, with whom he had three more children:
  1. Edwin Symons Bridle b. 1856 M Qtr in ST THOMAS Vol 05B 47
  2. Eva Bridle b. 1863 S Quarter in ST THOMAS Vol 05B Page 57
  3. Emma Bridle b. 1865 D Qtr in ST THOMAS Vol 05B Page 58
In 1861, Thomas Bridle (48) Agricultural Labourer, Sarah Bridle (36), Mark Bridle (10) and Edwin Bridle (5) were living at Ridgway, Rockbeare. James Bridle (20), in 1861, was a Carter at Coombe Farm, Broadway, Woodbury, St Thomas, Devon. Thomas Bridle Jnr (18) was working as a Mason's labourer to John Kenwood at Whimple Road, Whimple, St Thomas, Devon. 

By 1871, the family had moved to Whipton, Heavitree, where we find Thomas Bridle (58) Gardener, Sarah (45), Mark (20), Edwin (15), Eva (8) and Emma (5), as well as William Walters (11) Lodger.

In 1881, at 56, Sandford Street, Exeter, were, Thomas Bridle, Gardner, Sarah Bridle (56), Eva Bridle (17) Pupil teacher and Henry Chown (28) Boarder.

Thomas Bridle died, aged 78 in 1890 S Qtr in ST THOMAS Vol 05B Page 36.

In 1891, at Pinhoe Road, Heavitree, Eva, listed as Evangeline Bridle (27) Teacher of elementary school and has become the head of the household. Living with her were her widowed mother, Sarah Bridle (64), Emma Bridle (25) Sister, Eva Bridle (8) Niece and a William H Prall (26) Boarder. 

Sarah Bridle died, at 74, in 1901 M Qtr in EXETER Vol 05B Page 63. 

Monday 25 December 2023

Lewis William Kerslake and Beatrice Hoare

Tiverton : Bampton Street
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[Lewis] William Kerslake (b. 16 Nov 1885), son of John Kerslake and Mary Ann Beedell, married Beatrice Hoare, daughter of Samuel Hoare and Mary Elizabeth Noble, at St Peter's Church, Tiverton on 25 Dec 1908

The couple had one daughter:
  1. Beatrice Gwendolen Kerslake b. 16 March 1909, bap. 19 Jun 1909, at St Peter's Church, Tiverton, daughter of Lewis William Kerslake, Tailor.
In 1911, William Kerslake (25) Tailor, Beatrice Kerslake (22) and Gwendolen Kerslake (2) living with Beatrice's parents at 1 Richards Buildings, [Bampton Street], Tiverton. But Beatrice Kerslake died later in 1911, aged 23.

In 1921, Lewis W Kerslake (34) was living back with his widowed mother at 1, The Works, Tiverton, while his daughter, Gwendoline B Kerslake (12) was still living with and brought up by her maternal grandparents, Samuel and Mary Hoare, at 1, Richards Buildings, Bampton Street, Tiverton.

Electoral Registers confirm that Louis William continued to live with his widowed mother, Mary Ann Kerslake, at The Works, Tiverton and was still there in 1930. At the same time, the 1930 Kelly's Directory listed Kerslake, Lewis Wm. tailor, at 72a, Bampton Street & 1 Newport Street, Tiverton.

Lewis William Kerslake remarried to Nellie Bridle, only child of William Bridle and Lucy Jane Stone, in Tiverton, in 1931. Their only child was: 
  1. William John Bridle Kerslake b. 21 Apr 1932.
In 1939, Lewis W Kerslake, Air Ministry Contractor Fabric Work - he was a materials inspector, undoubtedly working on parachute fabrics at the Heathcoat factory - Nellie Kerslake and William J B Kerslake, were living with Nellie's widowed mother, Lucy J Bridle, at 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton.

Then on 24 Aug 1949, their only son, Billy Kerslake, died, as reported on the front page of the Western Morning News, 25 Aug 1949:

WENT FOR BATHE "A shock from an electric cable is believed to have caused the death last night of 17-year-old William Kerslake, son of Mr and Mrs L W Kerslake, of 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton. Kerslake in a bathing costume, was in a fairly shallow part of the leat running behind the old Heathcoat School, Tiverton, when he was seen to collapse. Mr Tom Pook, of Kings Crescent, Tiverton and Mr W Copp, of 2 Bridge Buildings, Tiverton, went fully clothed to his rescue and tried artificial respiration. Dr G Lowe and Dr P F Haggart were summoned but it was found that the boy was dead. Assistance was also given by Constable D F Levett."

The subsequent newspaper report after the inquest and funeral took up almost four columns. Much was made of it being private property. Today, I feel, emphasis would be placed on why was a live, broken, unmaintained, dangerous electrical cable dangling in water where kids could access.

William John Bridle Kerslake, 17-year old shop assistant, 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton, was killed instantaneously when he grasped a live 230 volt electric cable while bathing, on Wednesday evening, in the Factory Leat of Messrs. John Heathcoat and Company Ltd. At the inquest at the Tiverton and District Hospital on Saturday morning, the dangers of swimming in the Leat were stressed by the Coroner (Mr J A Young), who said, "Quite apart from the fact that it is private property, it is not a suitable playground for anybody, as there are other dangers quite apart from the unusual danger which caused this tragedy. Parents should prevent children from going there."

Sadly, the boys seemed to have first though that it was an electric eel: Giving evidence at the inquest, Billy Kerslake's friend, Thomas Percival Stratford, said, "An eel came by me where the electricity was and touched my legs. I nearly fell over. I said to Bill that I had felt something like an electric eel and he laughed." "He saw the wire hanging down ... the end of it was in the water. He said 'Perhaps that is causing the trouble?' He started to pull the wire up ... he must have touched a bare spot. He screamed and shot up into the air."

Many tokens of sympathy
William was the only son of Mr and Mrs L W Kerslake. He took a leading part in many local organisations. He was a Patrol Leader of the 1st Tiverton Scouts and a member of the Tiverton Platoon of the Devon Army Cadet Force. A good athlete, he was a member of the Tiverton Harriers and the Tiverton Swimming Club. He was a member of Elmore Church, of which he was formerly a choir-boy. Chapel Street was in mourning for the funeral on Saturday [27 Aug 1949]. A service, conducted by the Rector (the Rev W E Lane), assisted by Mr E Penny, was held in Elmore Church. The cortege was met at the cemetery gate by a guard of honour of the Tiverton Platoon of the Devon Army Cadet Force and Councillor H Lee and Messrs B Homer and G Woodward, representing the Tiverton Swimming Club. At the grave side was a guard of honour of the 1st Tiverton Scouts under Scoutmaster J Gollop. [...] Chief mourners included: Mr and Mrs L W Kerslake (parents); Mr H Kerslake (uncle); Tom Stratford (friend); Mr & Mrs C Burt, Mr and Mrs E Kerslake and Mrs J Bowden and Mrs C Kerslake (uncles and aunts); Mr C Ridgeway, Miss J Burt and Mrs and Miss Northcott (cousins). Mrs Kerslake (grandmother) was unable to attend. [She was 91 by then.] Her floral tribute read, "Till we meet again", with fondest love from Gran and Auntie Jenny (Jane Bowden).

Lewis William Kerslake of 111 Chapel Street, Tiverton, died on 18 Dec 1971. 

Nellie Kerslake of Belmont Hospital, Tiverton, Devon, died on 15 Aug 1982.

111 Chapel Street, Tiverton (with the white door)

Monday 16 October 2023

William Bridle and Lucy Jane Stone

St Peter’s Church, Uplowman
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William Bridle (24), son of Henry Bridle and Emma Lucas, and Lucy Jane Stone (23), daughter of Henry Stone and Mary Ridgeway, married at St Peter’s Church, Uplowman, on 16 Oct 1895. Witnesses to the marriage were Lucy Jane's elder brother, Francis Stone and her niece, Ellen Stone

In 1891, William Bridle (20), Horse Driver, was a boarder in the household of Mary Jennings in Westexe South, Tiverton. Lucy Stone, was a General Servant in the employ of Charles E Tutton, Chemist, in Gold Street.

The couple had just one child, a daughter, Nellie Bridle, born 20 Feb 1898, and baptised on 7 Apr 1898 at St George's Church, Tiverton

In 1901, William Bridle (29), Coal Yard Labourer, Lucy Jane (28) and Nellie (3) were living at School Board House, 111, Chapel Street, Tiverton. (111 Chapel Street was also the address given by Lucy's brother Charles at the time of his marriage to Emma Middleton in 1896.) There was a school, where there is a green bush, just beyond these houses, on the map of the area in 1890.

In 1911, at the same address, with William Bridle (40) employed as a Carter; with Lucy Jane Bridle (38) and Nellie Bridle (13) was still at school. 

In 1921, again at 111, Chapel Street, Tiverton, were William Bridle (50) Driver Motor Lorry, working for Shell Mex Ltd at the GWR Goods Yard, Tiverton Depot; with Lucy Jane Bridle (49) and Nellie Bridle (23).

William Bridle died relatively young, at 55, on 5 Aug 1926. 

By 1939, Nellie had married and she and her husband, Lewis William Kerslake and their son William were all living with the widowed Lucy Jane, who was undertaking Sewing and Domestic work, still at 111 Chapel Street. 

Lucy Jane Bridle died on 18 Apr 1944, aged 72. Probate was granted on 8 Jun that year, to her daughter, Nellie Kerslake. Lucy Jane left effects valued at £1912 15s 2d, worth approximately £85,345 today.

111 Chapel Street, Tiverton (with the white door)

Monday 14 August 2023

William Henry Bridle and Emma Lucas

Interior of St Thomas a Becket's Church, Thorverton, Devon
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William Henry Bridle (b. 1844 in Rockbeare, Devon), son of Thomas Parsons Bridle and Elizabeth Wills, married Emma Lucas (bap. 2 Sep 1849 in Thorverton, Devon), daughter of William Lucas and Eliza Bamsey, at St Thomas a Becket's Church, Thorverton, on 14 Aug 1870

The births of their four sons are widely spaced, but I found no others:
  1. William Bridle b. 1871 in Brampford Speke
  2. Mark Bridle b. 9 Jan 1876 in Newton St Cyres
  3. John Lucas Bridle b. 11 Jun 1879 in Newton St Cyres
  4. Harry Bridle b. 7 Aug 1887 in Stoke Canon
In 1871, Henry Bridle (26), Agricultural Labourer, Emma Bridle (21) and William Bridle (1) were living at Pound Cottage, Brampford Speke

In 1881, in Lilly Road, Newton St Cyres, were Henry Bridle (36) Railway Labourer; Emma Bridle (31), William (10), Mark (5) and John (1).

In 1891, at Barrow Cottages, 4, Barrow Road, ReweStoke Canon, were William Henry Bridle (45) Agricultural Labourer; Emma Bridle (40), with Mark Bridle (14), John L Bridle (11) and Harry Bridle (3). William Bridle (20), Horse Driver, was a boarder in a household in Westexe South, Tiverton.

In 1901, at Hill Cottages, Netherene Village, Nether Exe (24 households in 1086), were Henry Bridle (56), Emma Bridle (51), and Harry Bridle (13). 

In 1911,  in Stoke Canon, William Henry Bridle (66), Farm Labourer, and his wife, Emma (62), were living in the household of their son Mark and his wife, Maud Lucy Medcalf (who he married in St Pancras, London in 1905), along with Mark's nephew, Harry (3) and Elizabeth Deroney (72), boarder. 

In 1921, William H Bridle (76) described as 'Blind Retired' and Emma Bridle (71) were still living in Stoke Canon, Devon.

[William] Henry Bridle died, aged 84, on 22 Dec 1928 (1928 D Qtr in EXETER Vol 05B 114) and is buried at St Mary Magdalene, Stoke Canon

Emma Bridle died, aged 88, on 21 Jul 1937 (1937 S Quarter in EXETER Vol 05B Page 73) and was buried at St Mary Magdalene, Stoke Canon.

Thursday 21 January 2021

Percy Samuel Pugh and Evangeline Fanny Bridle

Inchmery Road, Catford

Percy Samuel Pugh (b. 18 Jan 1879), son of John William Pugh and Sarah Cole, married Evangeline Fanny Bridle (b. 21 Jan 1883), daughter of Edwin Symons Bridle and Lucy Lindsey, in Hackney, in 1909. 

Percy and Evangeline Pugh had five children:

  1. John Stanley Pugh b. 1910 J Qtr in ST ALBANS Vol 03A Page 847
  2. Frank Pugh b. 1911 J Qtr in ST ALBANS Vol 03A Page 847
  3. Percy Godfrey Pugh b. 30 Apr 1912 in ST. ALBANS Vol 03A Page 1637
  4. Grace Margery Pugh b. 31 Oct 1913 in CHORLTON Vol 08C Page 1278
  5. Evangeline Ruth Pugh b. 5 Aug 1921 in STOCKPORT Vol 08A 180

In 1911, living at Exon, Brampton Road, St Albans were Percy S Pugh (32) Buyer of textiles for Australian house; Evangeline Fanny Pugh (28), Helena Sarah Pugh (25) Assistant house keeper, Sister; Elizabeth Mardell (47) Monthly nurse; Hannah Swift (23) General domestic servant; John Stanley Pugh (1) and Fredrick Albert Baker (26) Commercial clerk, Visitor.

In 1921, living at 15, Lea Road, Stockport, Heaton Norris, Cheshire were Percy S Pugh (42) Textile agent; Evangeline F Pugh (38), John S Pugh (11), Frank Pugh (10), Percy G Pugh (9), Grace M Pugh (7), Ivy Woodfield (15) General Domestic Servant and Jessie E M Merritt (56) Visitor.

In 1939, at 23 Inchmery Road, Catford, were Percy Samuel Pugh, Officer Wheat Commission; Evangeline F Pugh; Percy G Pugh, Shipbroker's Agent Assistant; Evangeline R Pugh, Student School Mistress and Eunice L Holliday, Housekeeper (Evangeline's sister). Grace M Pugh was Assistant Kitchen Superintendent at Queen Mary's Hospital For Children Carshalton.

Grace M Pugh married Kenneth P Woodcock in 1944 and Evangeline R Pugh married John R Hutchins in 1947, both in Aled, Denbighshire, Wales.

Percy Samuel Pugh died, at the age of 95, on 30 Jun 1974, in Trafford, Lancashire and is buried at Stretford CemeteryStretford, Manchester

Evangeline Fanny Pugh of 20 Willowtree Road, Altrincham, died, at 92, on 12 Aug 1975 and is also buried at Stretford Cemetery.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Edwin Symons Bridle and Lucy Lindsey

Terraced houses, Hargwyne Street, SW9
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Edwin Symons Bridle (b. 1856), son of Thomas Parsons Bridle and Sarah Symons, married Lucy Lindsey (b. 1853), daughter of James Lindsey and Emma Stile, in 1880, in the London Borough of Lambeth. They were both from Devon: Edwin from Rockbeare and Lucy, the village of Aylesbeare

Edwin and Lucy had eight children, all born in Lambeth:
  1. Emma Sarah Bridle b.  1881 M Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D Page 558
  2. Evangeline Fanny Bridle b. 21 Jan 1883 in LAMBETH Vol 01D Page 580
  3. Eunice Lucy Bridle b. 18 Apr 1884 J Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D Page 530
  4. Ernest Edwin Bridle b. 15 May 1886 J Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D 535
  5. Herbert Lindsey Bridle b. 1888 D Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D Page 491
  6. Winifred Helena Bridle b. 1890 D Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D Page 447
  7. Robert Thomas Bridle b. 8 Sep 1892 D Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D 491
  8. Maurice Henry Bridle b. 1896 S Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D Page 475. (Died 1896 D Qtr in LAMBETH Vol 01D Page 285, aged 0.)
In 1881, at 21, Hargwyne Street, Lambeth, were Edwin S Bridle (25), Lucy Bridle (27) with Emma S Bridle (0). Edwin was a carpenter.

In 1891, they were living in Arlingford Road, Brixton, where the family had grown to include: Edwin S Bridle (35) Carpenter from Rockbeare, Devon; Lucy Bridle (37); Emma S Bridle (10); Eunice L Bridle (6); Ernest E Bridle (4); Herbert L Bridle (2); Winifred H Bridle (0) along with Emily Richardson Lodger (28) Cook and Matilda Richardson Lodger (23) General servant.

By 1901, at 52, Pentney Road, Clapham, we find Edwin Symons Bridle (45) Carpenter & joiner; Lucy Bridle (47); Evangeline Fanny Bridle (18) Pupil teacher; Ernest Edwin Bridle (15) Apprentice fancy saporie; Herbert Lindsey Bridle (12); Winifred Helena Bridle (10) and Robert Thomas Bridle (8). Eunice Lucy isn't listed, I think by omission: she was alive and does not appear to be staying elsewhere. Emma Sarah Bridle (20) was employed as a "Useful maid domestic" to three spinsters at 61, Philbeach Gardens, Kensington.

Lucy Bridle died in 1905, aged 51, in Hackney.

In 1911, Edwin Bridle (55) Widower, was living at 73 Leverson St, Streatham, in the household of Fanny Lindsey (52) his late wife's younger sister. Eunice Lucy Bridle (27) was General domestic servant to the Dickinson household at 96 Wyatt Park Road, Streatham; Ernest Edwin Bridle (25) Commercial Clerk, was staying with his uncle, John Thomas Lindsey, Insurance Agent, at 29 Pulross Road, Stockwell; Winifred Helena Bridle (20), was employed as a General domestic servant to the family of Edward Butcher Adams, Accountant, at 129 Pathfield Road, Streatham Common; Robert Bridle (19) Errand boy, was lodging at 35 Chestnut Grove, Balham.

In 1921, Edwin Symonds Bridle (63) Carpenter, Widowed, from Rockbeare, Devon was a Patient at the Merchant Taylors Mens Home, High Street, Bognor, Sussex (a Convalescent Home for Men).

Edwin Symons Bridle died, in Wandsworth, in 1927, aged 71.

  • Eunice Lucy Bridle, at the age of 50, married Thomas H Holliday, in Steyning, Sussex, in the third quarter 1934. Thomas H Holliday died, aged 81, in also in Steyning, Sussex, in the last quarter of 1934. In 1939, Eunice L Holliday was Housekeeper to her sister, Evangeline and her husband at 23 Inchmery Road, Catford. Eunice Lucy Holliday of 67 Squires Lane, Finchley, widow, died on 10 May 1962, at West Hendon Hospital, leaving her effects to Percy Samuel and Evangeline Fanny Pugh (her sister).
  • Ernest Edwin Bridle married Ada Winterman, in Lambeth, in 1911 and in 1939, were living at 11 Meopham Road, Mitcham, Surrey. Ernest E Bridle died in 1966, in Sutton, Surrey, aged 79.
  • Herbert Lindsey Bridle, aged 17, sailed on the S.S. Tunisian on 10 Aug 1905, from Liverpool to Montreal, Canada. Herbert L Bridle (56), died in 1944 and is buried at Prospect Cemetery, Mankota, Saskatchewan, alongside his wife, Florence.
  • In Nov 1920, Winifred Helena Bridle (30), Nurse, sailed on the RMS Victorian to Quebec, Canada, bound for Winnipeg, Manitoba. I've been unable to discover if she settled, or married there.

Robert Thomas Bridle and Mary Jane Strange

Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium
WernervcCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Robert Thomas Bridle (b. 8 Sep 1892), son of Edwin Symons Bridle and Lucy Lindsey, married Mary Jane Strange (b. 1890 in Cholsey, Berkshire), daughter of William James Strange and Mary Jane Freeman, in Wandsworth, in 1915. 

They had one daughter:
  1. Lucy Mary Bridle b. 1 Nov 1915 D Quarter in WANDSWORTH Volume 01D Page 1116
On 11 Dec 1915, R T Bridle (24) of 17, Caistor Rd, Balham, enlisted in the East Kent Regiment. However, on 17 Oct 1917, Robert Thomas Bridle (26), 36th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, husband of M. J. Bridle, of 17, Caistor Rd., Balham, London, died of wounds, no doubt sustained during The Third Battle of Ypres (Battle of Passchendaele). Private Robert Thomas Bridle is buried in grave ref XI. I. 18. at Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium.

In 1921, Mary Jane Bridle (30) Widow was living at 19, Caistor Road, Balham with her daughter, Lucy Mary Bridle (5).

In the 4th quarter of 1925, Mary Jane Bridle remarried to Thomas Hartland (b. 1888), son of Joseph Hartland and Fanny Silke Stone, again in Wandsworth. 

They also had one daughter:
  1. Ruby Eileen Hartland b. 1926 D Quarter in WANDSWORTH Volume 01D Page 927
In 1939, Thomas and Mary Jane Hartland were living at 16 Chetwode Road, Upper Tooting, Wandsworth

Thomas Hartland died, in Wandsworth, in 1951. Mary Jane, in 1979.

  • In 1938, Lucy Mary Bridle married Leslie Charles Cogger (b. 6 July 1913 in Wandsworth). In 1939, Leslie C Cogger, Shop Assistant Tailoring and Lucy M Cogger, Tailor's Machinist, were living at 54 Templecombe Way, Merton, Surrey. Lucy Mary Cogger died in 1989 and Leslie Charles Cogger, in Merton, in 1990.
  • In 1953, Ruby Eileen Hartland married George Percy Bailey (b. 1926 in St Pancras). George Percy Bailey died in 2015 and Ruby Eileen Bailey in 2016, both in Southampton, Hampshire.

Frederick Joseph Archer and Emma Sarah Bridle

The Royal Standard, Wandsworth
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Frederick Joseph Archer married Emma Sarah Bridle, daughter of Edwin Symons Bridle and Lucy Lindsey, in Wandsworth in 1902.

Frederick and Emma had four children, all born in Wandsworth:

  1. Emma Phyllis May Archer b. 1902 J Qtr in WANDSWORTH Vol 01D 725
  2. Leslie Percy William Archer b. 3 Oct 1903 in WANDSWORTH 01D 700
  3. Elsie Winifred Archer b. 1911 S Qtr in WANDSWORTH Vol 01D 1248
  4. Reginald Charles Archer b. 12 Mar 1913 in WANDSWORTH 01D 1194

In 1911, Frederick Joseph Archer (30) Coach trimmer, Emma Sarah Archer (30) and two of their children, Phyllis May (8) and Leslie Percy William (7) were living at 8 Calder's Row, Wandsworth. 

On 28 Nov 1914, Frederick Joseph Archer, enlisted in the Royal Navy for the hostilities. He served, as a mechanic, on HMS Ark Royal from 21 Jan 1915 until 13 Nov 1917, in the Mediterranean - she was supporting the Gallipoli campaign - after which he appears to transfer to the R.A.F.

Emma S Archer died in 1918, aged 38.

Frederick J Archer remarried to Edith E B Mullins, in Wandsworth, in 1919.

In 1921, Frederick Joseph Archer (40) Coach Trimmer; Edith Emily Archer (37), Emma Phyllis Archer (19), Elsie Winifred Archer (9) and Reg Charles Archer (8), lived at 86, Larch Road, Balham.

In 1939, Fred J and Edith E Archer were living at 107 Deer Park Gardens, Mitcham, with Leslie P W Archer and Reginald C Archer.

Frederick J Archer died, aged 76, in 1957, in Surrey North Eastern.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Alfred Morley Hayward and Eva Bridle

Parkholme Road, Dalston
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Eva Bridle (b. 1863), daughter of Thomas Parsons Bridle and Sarah Symons, a Teacher of elementary school, poetically calling herself Evangeline in 1891, by the census of 1901, is found, aged 37, as a Certified teacher, boarding at 68, Mortimer Road, Hackney in the household of Thomas Shorey (49), Solicitor's Clerk, whose daughter, Edith (15) was a Pupil teacher.

Then in 1909 in Hackney, London, Eva Bridle, at 45, married Alfred Morley Hayward. Born in 1874, in Eastbourne, Sussex, the son of Ebenezer Hayward a Jeweller from Ashford, Kent and his wife Ellen Morley (m. 1868 in Greenwich), he was therefore ten or so years younger than his wife.

In 1911, Alfred Hayward (37) Patent agents chief technical assistant, Eva Hayward (47) Head teacher and Emma Bridle (45) Sister-in-law, with Edith Baker (24) Domestic servant, were living at 27 Parkholme Road, Dalston.

In 1921, Emma Bridle (55) Invalid was listed alone at 8, Waverley Road, Enfield, Middlesex, although she was originally described as Sister-in-law and the return was completed by Mr Hayward. Alfred and Eva do not appear to be listed anywhere and one wonders if they could have been travelling.

Emma Bridle died, aged 59, in 1924 in Edmonton

On 7 Nov 1925, Alfred Morley Hayward (51) and Eva Hayward (62) left Southampton on RMS Berengaria (The first Cunard "Queen") bound for New York, with Auckland, New Zealand listed as their final destination. 

Then on 28 Jun 1932, we find Alfred Morley Hayward and Eva Hayward travelling from London to Sydney, Australia on the SS Orsova of the Orient Steam Navigation Company. The address where they were going to stay was given as c/o W. J. House, 12 Billyard Avenue, Wahroonga, Sydney.

Alfred Morley Hayward (77) Patent agent, of 36 Henley Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, died on 31 Mar 1952. He was buried, on 3 Apr 1952 at Purewa Cemetery, leaving his effects to Eva Hayward, widow. Eva Hayward died on 25 Sep 1957, aged 94. She was buried, on 28 Sep 1957, in the same plot, along with her husband. Both profess their religion as Brethren.

Saturday 2 January 2021

Frederick John Bridle and Florence M L Coleman

Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Verity CridlandCC BY 2.0

Frederick John Bridle, youngest child of John Lucas Bridle and Alice Brewer, married Florence Melita Louisa Coleman, in Bristol, in 1934. 

They had a daughter in 1935. And in 1939, we find them in Wells Road [Totterdown], Bristol, with Frederick working as a "Labourer Arp Shelters". 

Frederick John Bridle (30), Driver, Royal Army Service Corps, son of  J. and Alice Bridle; husband of Florence Melitia Bridle, of Totterdown, Bristol, died on 9 Feb 1943. He is buried at Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, near Majaz al BabTunisia. (Tunisia was the scene of Operation Torch (8 Nov 1942 – 13 May 1943), the Allied invasion of North Africa. CWGC Commonwealth War Graves in Béja & Medjez-el-Bab, Tunisia, North Africa.)

Frederick's widow, Florence M L Bridle, died in 1988, at 78, in Bristol.

John Lucas Bridle and Alice Brewer

Stoke Canon Post Office & Stores
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Bill Boaden -

John Lucas Bridle (b. 11 Jun 1879), son of Henry Bridle and Emma Lucas, married Alice Brewer, in Exeter in early 1899. Alice, born in Newton St Cyres, on 29 Jul 1881 and baptised there on 2 Oct 1881, was the daughter of Thomas Brewer from Morchard Bishop and Sarah Heywood.

John and Alice had five children:
  1. Emma Bridle b. 29 Apr 1899, bap. 18 Jun 1899 in Stoke Canon
  2. Frances Annie Bridle b. 12 Dec 1900, bap. 6 Feb 1901 in Stoke Canon
  3. William Henry Bridle b. 1902 (Died aged 2, and was buried on 14 Apr 1904 in Stoke Canon. Curiously, the burial record specifies that the child was "unbaptised" and that "Burial Service not used".)
  4. George Henry Bridle b. 6 Jan 1906, bap. 18 Mar 1906 in Stoke Canon
  5. Frederick John Bridle b. 18 Dec 1912, bap. 22 Feb 1913 in Stoke Canon
All of the children's baptisms list John as a Paper Maker.

In 1901, John Lucas Bridle (21) Paper mill labourer, Alice (19), Emma (1) and Frances Anne (0) were living at Channings Court, Stoke Canon.

And in 1911, in The Square, Stoke Canon, were John Bridle (30) Paper millhand, Alice (30) Paper sorter, Emma (12), Annie (11) and George (5). 

In 1915 the village of Stoke Canon, just north of Exeter, was the centre of a bitter strike. [...] Workers were in dispute over a pay claim and recognition of the National Union of Printing and Paper Workers. Charles Tremlett, Managing Director of the Stoke Canon Paper Mill, responded by sacking the workers and evicting them from their tied cottages. With nowhere else to go, the union bought the families tents and they were forced to camp in a local field. The strikers won widespread support from around the area. The village schoolteachers took up the cause and funds were raised to support them.

Among the strikers (pictured here) were John Bridle and family, who lived at The Square. They must have moved on, as there's a note on George Henry's school record, dated 15 Oct 1915, which says "Left the Place".

In 1921, John Lucas Bridle (42) Paper Maker at Smith Stone & Knight Avon Side Paper Works, Bristol, was living at 117, Philip Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire with Alice Bridle (40), George Henry Bridle (15) General Factory Hand at Smith Stone & Knight and Frederick John Bridle (8), 

In 1939, John Bridle, Incapacitated and Alice, were at 17 Philip Street, Bristol.

John L Bridle died in 1956, aged 77; Alice Bridle in 1964, aged 83. 

Mark Bridle and Maud Lucy Medcalf

Victoria Street, Exeter
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Mark Bridle (b. 9 Jan 1876), son of Henry Bridle and Emma Lucas, married Maud Lucy Medcalf (b. 20 Mar 1882 in Peckham, London), daughter of Arthur Charles Medcalf and Eliza Dale, in St Pancras, London, in 1905. Wonder how they met? Maud's father was from Ballingdon, then in Essex (now a suburb of Sudbury in Suffolk) and her mother from Kensington. 

In 1911, Mark Bridle (35) Blacksmith, Maud Lucy (29); Mark's parents, William Henry (66), Emma (62); nephew, Harry (3) and Elizabeth Deroney (72), were living in Stoke Canon, Devon. Could it be that they also moved away from Stoke Canon as a consequence of the strike at the paper mill, in which his brother John had been caught up in, in 1915?

Their only child, Arthur Albert Mark Bridle, was born on 18 Mar 1917.

In 1921, Mark Bridle (46) Motor Driver; Maud Lucy Bridle (38) and Arthur Albert Mark Bridle (5), were living at 68 Victoria Street, Exeter, Devon.

In 1939, Mark Bridle, Chauffer / Gardener, wife Maud Lucy and son Arthur Albert Mark Bridle, Electrician, were still at 68 Victoria Street, Exeter. 

Maud Lucy Bridle died in Exeter, in 1957, aged 75. 

Mark Bridle of 49 West Grove Road, Exeter died on 25 Feb 1958, aged 82, at 200 Woodwater Lane, Exeter, leaving his effects to Arthur Albert Mark Bridle.

Arthur Albert Mark Bridle died on 19 Jun 2005, also in Exeter.