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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Charles John Northcott and Emily Stone

Tiverton : The Barley Mow
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Emily Stone, only daughter of Charles Stone and Emma Middleton, sister of CharleyAlbert and Harry, married Charles John Northcott, son of William Northcott and Emma Jane Wood, in Tiverton, on 26 Oct 1929. 

The couple had one daughter, Beryl Emily Northcott, born 19 Feb 1930.

In 1939, Charles John Northcott, Coal & General Carter, wife Emily and daugher, Beryl, were living at 93 Barrington StreetTiverton, Devon (next-door-but-one to The Barley Mow, partly over the entrance to Martin's Lane).

Emily Northcott of 93 Barrington Street, Tiverton, died, aged 66, on 22 Dec 1967. Beryl Emily Northcott died, aged 44, in 1974, leaving a daughter. It appears that Charles John Northcott's death has not been registered, which I don't find surprising with just his young granddaughter left by then. 

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