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Wednesday 5 June 2024

Alfred James Lynch and Sarah Green

Duke of Norfolk, Stepney, E1. Image: Ewan Munro Some rights reserved

Alfred James Lynch, son of John Lynch and Ann Willsher, married Sarah Green, daughter of Edward Green and Eliza Goodman, at the church of St Thomas that had stood in Arbour Square, Stepney, on 5 Jun 1871

Alfred James and Sarah Lynch had five children:

  1. Alfred Arthur Lynch b. 1873 J Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page 513, bap. 15 Jun 1873 at St Thomas, Arbour Square, Stepney
  2. Albert William Lynch b. 29 May 1874 S Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page 473, bap 5 Jul 1874  at St Thomas, Arbour Square, Stepney
  3. George Edward Lynch b. 1876 D Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page 588
  4. Sarah Eliza Lynch b. 1879 S Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page 569
  5. Ada Lynch b. 1881 J Qtr in MILE END Vol 01C Page 547
Alfred James Lynch's father, John Lynch, had been a butcher at 143 High Street, Shadwell in 1861. Then, in 1871, Alfred James Lynch was living with his widowed mother, Ann, in Sidney Street. On the baptisms for Alfred Arthur and Albert William, Albert James' occupation is listed as a Packer.

In 1881, at the Duke of Norfolk, 14 Norfolk Street, Mile End Old Town, we find A J Lynch (29) Licenced Victualler; S Lynch (27) Wife; sons A A Lynch (8), A W Lynch (7), G E Lynch (5), daughter S Lynch (2), E Turner (18) Female General Servant and the widowed mother-in-law, Eliza Green (59).

In 1891, Alfred Lynch (39), Beer & Wine Retailer, Sarah (36) and son Albert (16), a Commercial Clerk, were living in CamberwellSouthwark, London. 

By 1901, they were back at 291, Oxford Street, Mile End Old Town (which, I believe, later became Stepney Way), with Alfred Lynch (49) Laundry Man, Sarah (47), Albert (22), Railway Porter, Ada Lynch (19), Ironer, Emily Lynch (5), Granddaughter, and a Eliza Ellis (20), General Domestic Servant.

Alfred James Lynch died, in 1907, in Mile End Old Town, aged 55.

In 1911, still at 291, Oxford Street, Mile End Old Town, Sarah Lynch (56), Widow, Laundress, with her married daughter, Sarah Pope (32) and grandchildren, Joseph Pope (8), Rosa (2) and May (0).

In 1921, Sarah Lynch (67) Widowed, was living at 12, Oley Place, Stepney, Mile End Old Town, London. At the same address was Sarah E Pope (42) Attendant Ladies Underground Convenience, for Stepney Borough Council; Joseph A Pope (18), Rosa V Pope (12) and May A Pope (11).

I'm fairly sure Sarah Lynch died, at 78, in 1932.

Wednesday 3 April 2024

Thomas Clark and Sarah Wilton

Part of the carriage drive in Southwark Park
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Thomas Clark, son of Claudius Clark and Hannah Cornell, married Sarah Wilton, daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, on 3 Apr 1839 in Royston, Hertfordshire. Thomas was baptised on 15 Mar 1818 in Great Dunmow (where his parents were married on 27 May 1817). Claudius was a wheelwright. Thomas, like Sarah's brothers, was a Harness Maker.

Thomas and Sarah had ten children:

  1. Thomas Clark Wilton b. 1838 S Quarter in ROYSTON Vol 06 Page 528
  2. Ann Clark b. 1841 J Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Vol 12 Page 72
  3. Emma Clark b. 1842 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Vol 12 Page 69
  4. Sarah Wilton Clark b. 1845 M Quarter in BRAINTREE Vol 12 Page 26
  5. Alfred Clark b. 1847 M Quarter in BRAINTREE Vol 12 Page 32
  6. Robert Clark b. 1849 M Quarter in SAINT GEORGE THE MARTYR SOUTHWARK Volume 04 Page 525
  7. Caroline Clark b. 1851 J Quarter in CAMBERWELL Vol 04 Page 84
  8. Elizabeth Clark b. 1854 M Quarter in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 465 (Died at 13 in 1867 D Quarter in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 413)
  9. Thomas William Clark b. 1857 S Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D 433
  10. Walter Edward Clark b. 1862 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D 514 (Died at 18 in 1880 D Quarter in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 443)

In 1841, Thomas Clark (23) and Sarah (22) were living in Great Dunmow, with children Thomas (2) and Ann (0).

In 1851, they were at 4 South Place, Camberwell, with Thomas Clark (33) Coach Trimmer; Sarah Clark (32), Emma Clark (8), Sarah W Clark (6), Robert Clark (2), Caroline Clark (1 Mo), Ann Wilton (34) Visitor (Sarah's sister) and Stephen Wilton (3) Nephew (Ann's illegitimate son).

In 1871, in Camberwell, were Thomas Clark (53) Harness Maker, birthplace Dunmow; Sarah Clark (52), birthplace Royston; Robert Clark (22), Harness Maker, birthplace Southwark; Thomas Clark (13), Scholar, and Walter Clark (9), Scholar, birthplace Peckham. Also living with them were Ann Wilton (54), Needlewoman, birthplace Royston, wife's sister; Stephen Wilton (23), Harness Maker, birthplace Southwark, Nephew and Martha Wilton (10), Scholar, birthplace Peckham, Niece, both Ann's illegitimate children.

Then Thomas Clark died, in Camberwell, aged 59, in 1877 D Quarter in CAMBERWELL Volume 01D Page 524.

In 1881, Sarah Clark (62), widow, was lodging in the household of her married daughter, Caroline Thornhill (30) at 57, South Street, Camberwell.

In 1891, Sarah Clark (72), widow, was employed as a General Servant Nurse in the household of Henry R Weller (29) in Kimberley Road, Lambeth.

Sarah Clark died at 84 in 1903 M Qtr in ST. PANCRAS Vol 01B Page 24.

Thursday 28 March 2024

Charles Hoile Baker and Amelia Young

St John's Church, Waterloo Tom Morris, CC BY-SA 3.0

Charles Hoile Baker (b. 23 Aug 1825, bap. 9 Oct 1825 at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch), son of Charles Baker and Sarah Hoile, married Amelia Young (b. 6 May 1823, bap. 14 Sep 1823 at Southwark St Saviour), daughter of Richard and Sarah Young, at St John's Church, Waterloo (interior) a..k.a. Lambeth St John the Evangelist, Surrey on 28 Mar 1847

Charles and Amelia Baker, it would appear, had six children:
  1. Charles Richard Baker b. 1848 M Quarter in SHOREDITCH Vol 02 Page 399, bap. 4 Jun 1848 at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch
  2. Frederick Hoile Baker b. 21 Nov 1849 D Quarter in ST GILES IN THE FIELDS & ST GEORGE BLOOMSBURY Volume 01 Page 65, bap. 9 Dec 1849 at St Anne's Church, Soho. Died, aged 7, in 1856 D Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 295 and was buried on 21 Dec 1856 at the City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery.
  3. Sarah Jane Baker b. 1 Feb 1852 M Quarter in HOLBORN Volume 01B Page 395, bap. 1852 at Lambeth St John.
  4. Amelia Elizabeth Baker b. 1854 J Quarter in HOLBORN Vol 01B 421
  5. Sophia Baker b. 1858 D Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 426
  6. Ellen Rosina Baker b. 1866 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 398. Registered as Ellen Susannah, the mother's maiden name is also shown as Young. Always known as Ellen Rosina, it appears the registration was listed or transcribed incorrectly.
In 1851, in Kingsgate Street, Holborn (celebrated by Dickens as the address of Mrs. Gamp's Lodging) were Charles Hoile Baker (25) Plumber, Amelia Baker (27), Charles Richard Baker (3), Frederick Hoile Baker (1) and Eliza Sandall (19) Dressmaker, who I can only assume was a Lodger.

By 1861, in Cowley Street, St George-In-The-East (which ran north-south just east of Shadwell Station), the household comprised: Charles Baker (39) Mechanic Plumber, Amelia Baker (40), Charles Baker (13), Sarah Baker (9), Amelia Baker (7) and Sophia Baker (2).

Once more in Cowley Street, St George in the East in 1871 were Charles H Baker (45), Amelia Baker (47), Sarah J Baker (20), Amelia Baker (17), Sophia Baker (13) and Ellen Baker (4). (Charles Richard had married in 1867.)

And in 1881, at 75, Cowley Street, St George in the East, were Charles Baker (54) Plumber, Amelia Baker (58) and Ellen Baker (14).

Amelia Baker died, aged 61, in 1883 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 300.

Charles Hoile Baker died on 20 Sep 1883 at 75, Cowley St, Stepney. (1883 S Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 283).

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Thomas Fossey and Esther Elizabeth Evans

St George the Martyr, Southwark
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Thomas Fossey (b. 1789 purportedly in Popar, Middlesex) married Esther Elizabeth Evans (b. 20 Jan 1793), daughter of William Evans and Esther Gabbaday, at St George the Martyr, Southwark on 6 Feb 1810.

As far as I can tell, Thomas and Esther had nine children:
  1. Sarah Fossey b. 26 Mar 1814, daughter of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman, and Esther Elizabeth, bap. 25 Apr 1814 at St Dunstan's, Stepney
  2. Charles Henry Fossey b. 26 Feb 1816 in Poplar, son of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman and Esther, bap. 5 May 1816 at All Saints Church, Poplar
  3. Edward Fossey b. 3 Feb 1818, son of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman and Esther, bap. 26 Apr 1818 at All Saints, Poplar. (Assume died in infancy).
  4. George Edward Fossey b. 15 Feb 1820, son of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman and Esther, bap. 11 Jun 1820 at All Saints, Poplar
  5. Edward Fossey b. 2 Dec 1821, son of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman and Esther, bap. 20 Jan 1822 at All Saints, Poplar
  6. Esther Fossey b. 10 Jun 1824, daughter of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman, and Esther Elizabeth, bap. 25 Jul 1824 at All Saints, Poplar
  7. Anna Eliza Fossey, daughter of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman, and Esther Elizabeth, bap. 11 Feb 1827 at All Saints, Poplar
  8. Walter Fossey b. 27 Sep 1828, son of Thomas Fossey, Lighterman and Esther, bap. 2 Nov 1828 at All Saints, Poplar
  9. Julia Fossey b. 2 Apr 1833, daughter of Thomas Fossey, Timber Merchant, and Esther Elizabeth, bap. 22 May 1833 at All Saints, Poplar
Records of Thames Watermen & Lightermen confirm that on 2 Feb 1804, Thomas Fossey, had been bound as an apprentice to William Fossey.

On 18 Sep 1816, The Proceedings of the Old Bailey inform us that a JOHN WILLIAMS was indicted for stealing, on the 10th of June, a pepper-box, value 10s. the property of Thomas Fossey. ESTHER FOSSEY: "I lost a pepper-box in the latter end of May last, out of our house; it had been in the parlour at the back of the shop. The prisoner had come for a hat, and had been asked into the parlour. After he was gone, it was missed." JOHN MACHIN: "I am a silversmith and jeweller. The prisoner brought this to me for sale; it was very much bruized (sic), and I gave him ten shillings for it." John Williams was found guilty, fined 1 shilling and discharged. From this, we can deduce that Esther Fossey kept a shop that sold hats and that they were doing well enough to own a pepper box that was still worth 10 bob, even battered.

The Binding Records of the Thames Watermen & Lightermen show that on 6 Apr 1820, Charles James Evans - Esther's brother, who would then have been the right age of 15 - was bound as an apprentice to Thomas Fossey.

Thomas Fossey (38) was on a List Of Free Watermen in Apr 1827.

In 1841, Thomas Fossey (~50) Timber Merchant, was living in Ferry Road, All Saints Poplar, with Esther Fossey (45), George Fossey (20), Edmund Fossey (15), Walter Fossey (12), Esther Fossey (15), Anna Fossey (14), John Mills (20) Clerk; Frederick Daycot (15) Apprentice and Elizabeth Weathursh (15) F.S. [Female Servant]. (Sarah and Charles having already left home.) Julia Fossey (7) was in the household of John and Eliza Jane Tolley in Lamb Street, Whitechapel (Eliza Jane was her aunt; her mother's youngest sister.)

The Morning Post of 25 Dec 1844, reported, under POLICE INTELLIGENCE, THAMES OFFICE- Yesterday Thomas Smith, a shipwright and barge builder, of Spratley's RowMillwall, Poplar, who is in affluent circumstances, and has long maintained the reputation of being a respectable tradesman, was brought before Mr Broderip for final examination, charged with stealing a quantity of deals from the premises of two of his neighbours, Mr Thomas Fossey, timber merchant, and Mr Thomas Snook, shipbuilder, both of Millwall.
Mr Pelham attended for the prisoner.
It appeared in evidence that the premises of the prisoner are about a hundred yards from Mr Fossey's. About the 7th instant Mr Fossey missed several deals from his wharf, and two days afterwards he missed three fifteen feet deals. On Saturday, the 14th instant, two deals, having the same marks as those he missed, a spruce batten and a pine plank were brought to Mr Fossey's yard to be cut up for a person named Philpot, who is a pattern maker, for castings, and lives at No. 7 Regent Street, Limehouse. On Mr Fossey identifying his own wood which had been returned to him in such a singular manner, he made inquiries of Philpot, who brought four deals of the prisoner on 3d (sic) of December, for 12s., and was to give him 12s more for a second lot, which he had not yet paid him. Mr Fossey waited on the prisoner, and on asking him to account for his possession of the property, he said he bought them of a man named Tom Kent, who said he had picked them up. Mr Fossey accompanied the prisoner to several houses in Narrow StreetRatcliff, where Smith alleged Tom Kent was in the habit of coming, but they could hear of no such person. This account did not tally with the one he gave to Mr Philpot when he sold the deals, and to whom he stated that a bargeman had been repairing his barge, and they were surplus deals, and at the same time he exhibited two more of the second lot in his boat shed in his premises. The prisoner had previously offered deals of a similar description for sale to various other persons. On being taken into custody on Monday the 16th instant, by Mr Evans, a Thames police inspector, he said the man of whom he bought the deals was a lighterman, about his own size and appearance, that he had known him for two or three years, and that he worked for Mr Gabriel, in the Regent's Canal. On the previous day, in a conversation with Webb, another inspector of Thames police, whom he called upon, he said he was in trouble about some deals which turned out to be stolen, and that he was in the Torrington Arms, Millwall, on the previous Thursday when a man came in and asked for Mr Smith, and said he had some deals for sale, and that he bought them for twelve shillings, and sold them for the same price. The prisoner said nothing about the other four deals sold to Mr Philpot until Tuesday morning, when he made some vague excuse. A man named Pink, in the employ of Mr Snook, the ship builder, said he missed four deals from a pile on his master's premises, and they were numbered on the ends. He afterwards saw two of them, 7 and 8, in the possession of the Thames police, who received them from Mr Fossey. The prisoner had been frequently on his master's premises.
Mr Thomas Ward, examined for the first time yesterday, said he had been fourteen years in the employ of Mr Gabriel, and that no person named Tom Kent was in his service during that time.
Mr Snook identified his property, and said he was very sorry to see the prisoner in such a position. Mr Smith had served his apprenticeship to his (Mr Snook's) father, and was afterwards employed by him for many years. He never heard anything against the prisoner's character before.
Mr Pelham contended that the second case was a very slight one indeed and not sufficient to send the prisoner for trial.
Mr Broderip said both cases must go to the sessions.
Mr Pelham said the two cases were made up principally of informers, and really they were not, prima facia, very strong to send before a Jury. He hoped, at all events, bail would be taken for the prisoner.
Mr Broderip was reluctant to say anything prejudicial to a prisoner, but he could not help saying the facts were very strong. He declined taking bail, and committed the prisoner for trial.

In 1851, Thomas Fossey (62) Retired Timber Merchant was living at 6, Burch Road, Northfleet, North Aylesford, Kent with Esther Fossey (59), Julia Fossey (18) and Mary Moon (27) General Servant from Cliffe, Kent.

Esther Fossey died, at 65, in 1858 J Quarter in NORTH AYLESFORD Volume 02A Page 187). Esther Elizabeth Fossey (née Evans) of Burch Road, Rosherville, was buried on 21 May 1858 at Gravesend Cemetery from St George's Church, Gravesend. (It appears that the grave stone suggests a date of death of 27 May 1858, but the burial date, in the correct sequence, on the original record clearly quotes the burial date being six days previously.)

In 1861, Thomas Fossey (71) Retired Timber Merchant, Widower was still living at 6, Burch Road, North Aylesford, Kent attended by Martha Hems (58) Widow, and Emily Taylor (18) both House servants.

Thomas Fossey died. at 73, on 6 Dec 1862 (1862 D Quarter in NORTH AYLESFORD Volume 02A Page 200) and was buried, on 12 Dec 1862, at Gravesend Municipal Cemetery, with his late wife.

Burch Road, Rosherville
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Chris Whippet -
The house 2nd from the left hand/far end is currently number 6.

Friday 29 December 2023

Samms Sheppard Rudd and Mary Sarah Ann Walrond

St John the Evangelist Waterloo
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Samms Sheppard Rudd (bap. 30 Nov 1834 at St Dunstan's, Stepney), son of Samms Rudd and Ann Johnson, married Mary Sarah Ann Walrond, who listed her father as William Walrond, Cabinet Maker [and Mary Scoines], at St John the Evangelist (St John's Church, Waterloo), on 29 Dec 1854

The couple had at least seven children:
  1. Mary Ann Rudd b. 2 Nov 1855 D Quarter in THE SHOREDITCH DISTRICT Volume 01C Page 98, bap. 28 Dec 1856 at St John the Baptist, Shoreditch (St John the Baptist, Hoxton). The family's address was in Aske Street (named for parish's benefactor, City alderman and haberdasher Robert Aske) and her father's occupation, Waiter.
  2. Emily Grace Rudd b. 8 Jul 1857 S Quarter in SHOREDITCH Volume 01C Page 152, bap. 1 Aug 1858 at St. James', Westminster.
  3. Alice Rudd b. 1859 S Quarter in SHOREDITCH Volume 01C Page 100
  4. Frederick William Rudd b. 1864 J Qtr in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C 83
  5. Albert Edward Rudd b. 1868 S Qtr in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C 75
  6. John Edwin Rudd b. 1872 D Qtr in HAMPSTEAD Vol 01A 603
  7. Charles Rudd b. 1876 M Qtr in ST GILES Vol 01B Page 652
On the birth registrations for Mary Ann, Alice, Frederick William, Albert Edward and John Edwin the mother's maiden name is listed as WALROND. On that for Emily Grace, it's WABRONE and for Charles, WABROUD. With such random variations, it's difficult to know if all their children are included.

In 1861, listed as Samuel S Rudd (26) Waiter from Kentish Town, Middlesex, was living at 41, New North Street, Shoreditch with Mary S Rudd (26), Mary A Rudd (5), Emily G Rudd (4) and Alice Rudd (1).

In 1871, the family were in Islington, with Samms Sheppard Rudd (37), Mary Sarah Ann Rudd (36), Robert Cockare (19), Mary Ann Rudd (15), Emily Rudd (13), Alice Rudd (11), Fred Wm Rudd (7) and Albert Edwd Rudd (2).

In 1875 and 1876, Samms Sheppard Rudd was listed as the Licensee at the Globe, 58 New Compton Street WC2New Compton Street in the London Borough of Camden, runs to St Giles High Street in the north.

In 1881, apparently transcribed as Thomas Rudd (47) Licenced Victualler from Kentish Town, London, he was at the Prince of Wales, 17 Riley Street, Bermondsey SE1 with Mary A Rudd (43), Emily Rudd (23) Barmaid from Hoxton; Alice Rudd (21) Barmaid from Finsbury; Frederick Rudd (16) Clerk; Albert Rudd (12), Edwin Rudd (8) and Charles Rudd (5).

In 1882 and 1884, then The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory and the Post Office Directory still place Samms Sheppard Rudd at the Prince of Wales, 17 Riley Street, Bermondsey SE1. Son Frederick William Rudd had taken this over by 1899 and his widow, Amelia, by 1901.

In 1891, Samms Sheppard Rudd (57) Retired Publican was living in Bayston Road, Hackney, with Mary Sarah Ann Rudd (56), Albert Edward Rudd (22), Charles Rudd (15) and Emma Nash (53) Sister, Widow. (There was a marriage, in 1865, in Shoreditch between Emma Walrond and Thomas Henry Nash, who had died, in Shoreditch, in 1876. I still cannot find birth registrations for either Mary Sarah Ann, nor Emma Walrond.)

In 1901, listed as James S Rudd (67) from Kentish Town, London, living on own means, was living in Albert Road, Croydon with Mary S Rudd (66). 

Mary Sarah Ann Rudd died, at 66, on 7 Jun 1901 (1901 J Quarter in CROYDON Volume 02A Page 173) and was buried at Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries.

In 1911, Samms Sheppard Rudd (b. 1838), was once more living in Croydon, with his sister-in-law, Jane Walrond (69). [1]

Samms Sheppard Rudd died, aged 81, on 3 Dec 1915 (1915 D Quarter in CROYDON Volume 02A Page 470) and was buried along with his late wife, on 8 Dec 1915, also at Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries.

[1] There are no birth/baptism records for Mary Sarah Ann nor Emma Walrond, however, their sister Jane Walrond b. 1841 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE THE MARTYR SOUTHWARK Volume 04 Page 405 was the daughter of William Walrond and Mary Scoines, who married in Stepney, on 20 Sep 1824. Jane Walrond died, aged 75, in Croydon, in 1918.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Samuel Heywood and Emma Eliza Horn

The Watch House, Bermondsey Street, SE1
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On the corner with Abbey Street, a grade II listed building, described as early 18th century.

Samuel Heywood (b. 1865 in Bermondsey), son of William Haywood and Jane Harris, married Emma Eliza Horn (b. 1868 in St George in the East), daughter of John Horn and Emma Green, on 29 Oct 1888, in Newington, Southwark St Saviour. (William Haywood, a Tanner, was originally from Devonshire.)

In 1891, Samuel Haywood (26) General Labourer and Emma Haywood (23) were living in Abbey Street, Bermondsey. (The street takes its name from the former Bermondsey Priory that occupied this site until the Reformation.)

Samuel and Emma had one daughter: 
  1. Emma Edith Haywood b. 1892 J Quarter in SAINT OLAVE SOUTHWARK Volume 01D Page 233, but who sadly died in the same quarter.
Samuel Heywood died, at 36, in 1902 M Qtr in CROYDON Vol 02A 189.

In the 2nd Qtr of 1904, Emma Eliza Heywood remarried to William Henry Mann, at St Thomas, Stepney, that had stood in Arbour Square, Stepney.

William Henry Mann (b. 1 Apr 1863, bap. 31 May 1863 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk), son of Charles Ditcham Mann, Sailmaker, and Ann Lee, was a widower when he married Emma Eliza Heywood. His first marriage, on 6 Jul 1887, at St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (now Great Yarmouth Minster) was to Emma Eliza Jackson (b. 1866 in Medway, Kent (Chatham), daughter of William Jackson, Carpenter, and Maria Bratt. The first Mrs Emma Eliza Mann (née Jackson) had died, in 1904 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 328. That William Henry remarried within three months, was probably to provide care for his four children from his first marriage:
  1. William Henry Mann b. 1890 J Qtr in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C 236
  2. George Joseph Mann b. 23 Jun 1893 S Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C 548
  3. Sarah Eliza Prudence Mann b. 1895 M Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C 594
  4. Maria Louisa Julia Mann b. 7 Jun 1898 J Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C 539
In 1911, William Henry Mann (48) Fishmonger from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk was living in Bow Common with the second Emma Eliza Mann (formerly Heywood, née Horn) (43) whose birthplace was curiously not listed (with the same two first names and only a two year difference in the birth years of his two wives, it would be easy to assume this was one person); Prudence Sarah Mann (16) and Maria Julia Mann (13), both born in Old Ford

Sarah Eliza Prudence Mann died, at 21, in 1916 M Quarter in POPLAR. 

Emma Eliza Mann (formerly Heywood, née Horn) died, at 48, on 24 May 1916 J Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 444. She was buried at Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries, with her father, John Horn, and step-mother.

Private William Henry MannLancashire Fusiliers, son of William Henry Mann, of 78, Harley Rd, Great Yarmouth, died, aged 27, on 21 Mar 1918, the first day of the German spring offensive on the Western Front during the First World War. He is commemorated at the Pozières Memorial.

William Henry Mann died on 17 Mar 1939, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and left his effects to Maria Louisa Julia Mann and George Edward Todd.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Samuel John Regelous and Emma Byatt

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Saffron Walden, Essex
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Samuel John Regelous (b. 15 Jul 1848 in Saffron Walden, Essex), son of John Regelous, Policeman, and Sarah Pilstow, married Emma Byatt (b. 1847), daughter of William Byatt and Ann Poole, on 28 Oct 1866 at St Mary the Virgin, Saffron Walden - the largest non-cathedral church in Essex.

Samuel and Emma had four children, but only one survived infancy:
  1. Sarah Emma Regelous b. 1867 S Qtr in SAFFRON WALDEN Vol 04A Page 401. Died 1867 D Qtr in SAFFRON WALDEN Vol 04A Page 229.
  2. Charles John Regelous b. 19 Oct 1868 D Quarter in SAFFRON WALDEN Volume 04A Page 403, bap. 12 Mar 1871 in Saffron Walden.
  3. Emma Elizabeth Regelous b. 1870 J Quarter in SAFFRON WALDEN Volume 04A Page 415, bap. 12 Mar 1871 in Saffron Walden. There was an Emily Elizabeth Regelous buried on 13 Aug 1872 in Hackney, Middlesex. (There was family in Mile End to place them in the area).
  4. Henry John Regelous b. 1871 S Quarter in SAFFRON WALDEN Vol 04A Page 393. Listed as John Henry Regelous died, aged 2, in Kensington, in 1874 J Quarter in KENSINGTON Vol 01A Page 51.
In 1871, in Saffron Walden were Samuel Jn Regelous (22) Warehouseman; Emma (23) from Little Canfield; Charles J Regelous, Son was listed as 2 months (he'll have been 3 years) and Sarah E Regelous was listed as 4. I have no explanation why they listed Sarah who had died in the first three months of her life, but not listed Emma Elizabeth who'll have been a year old.

In 1881, at 53, Portland Road, Kensington, London, were Samuel Regelans (sic) (39) Carman; Emma Regelans (sic) (33) and Charles Regelans (sic) (12). 

In 1891, Samuel J Regelous (43) Servant Gardener and Emma Regelous (43) were living in Underhill Road, Camberwell, Southwark, London with Arthur Ralfe (15) Grocers Porter, who was listed as Adopted. Various later records for Arthur using the surname Regelous, give a date of his Immigration into Canada as being somewhere between 1891 and 1895.

Charles John Regelous married Margaret Rolls on 5 Nov 1896 in Carbery, Manitoba, Canada. In 1891, Margaret, with birth year listed as 1871, had been living with Thomas Rolls (b. 1864 in England) in Marquette, Manitoba, Canada, with their two children, Bessie Rolls (3) and Joseph Rolls (4m). I haven't found a birth record for Elizabeth (Bessie) Rolls in 1888, however, the birth record for Joseph H Kellaway Rolls on 16 Feb 1891 in North Norfolk, Manitoba, Canada lists his mother as Margaret Stephenson, his father's name is left blank and his parent's marriage status given as unknown. I haven't found any record of a marriage, anywhere, between a Thomas Rolls and a Margaret Stephenson, so it may be that the couple were never married. 

Charles and Margaret had a further two sons:
  1. Charles William Regelous b. 23 Aug 1897 in North Norfolk, Manitoba
  2. Edward Samuel Regelous b. 22 Apr 1899 in North Norfolk, Manitoba
On the birth record for Charles William, his mother is listed as Margaret Stephenson and this time, it is specified that his parents were married.

In 1901, in Macdonald, Manitoba, Canada, we find Sam J Regelous, Head; Emma Regelous, Wife; Charles J Regelous, Son; Margaret Regelous, Daughter-in-Law; William Regelous, Grandson; Edward Regelous, Grandson; Bessie Rowls (sic) (10), Lodger and Albert Rowls (sic) (6) Lodger. On the 1901 Census, Margaret's year of birth is given as 1866, which is more reasonable, but either date, with only the information that she was born in England, it has not been possible to identify her origins. Meanwhile, Arthur Regelous (24), also in Macdonald, Manitoba, was a Lodger in the household of Thomas R McCartney (whose sister, Evelyn, Arthur later married.)

In 1906, Charles J. Rylous (sic) (39) was living in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, with wife Margaret (36), Bessie Rolls (17) Daughter; Joseph Rolls (15) Son; Willie Rylous (sic) (8) Son; Edward Rylous (sic) (6) Son and R Davis (22) from England, Boarder. While Arthur Regelous (listed as 39) was also living in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada with wife Evelyn M (formerly Evelyn Matilda McCartney) (24) and their family.

In 1911, Samuel Rebelous (sic) and Emma Rebelous (sic) were living in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada with Albert Rolls who is listed as being born in 1873, and as Adopted. Also in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, were Charles Regelous, Margaret Regelous, William Regelous [Charles William], Son; Edward Regelous, Son; Elizabeth Rolls, Step-Daughter; Joseph Rolls, Step-Son, along with seven male lodgers. Arthur Regelous was living in Winnipeg with Evelyn (30), and three of their children.

Emma Regelous died on 15 Apr 1912 and is buried at Sidney Cemetery, Sidney, Manitoba, Canada.

Samuel John Regelous remarried on 7 Jul 1914 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to an Elizabeth Elliot.

Charles John Regelous died at 46, on 20 Sep 1915 and is buried at Sidney Cemetery, Sidney, Manitoba, Canada.

In 1916, Samuel J Regelous (67) Widowed (again?), was living in North Norfolk, Neepawa, Manitoba. Margaret Regelous (46) Widow, was living in Tupper Street, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada with Bessie Regelous (26) Daughter; William Regelous (18) Son; Edward Regelous (16) Son and a Lidia Setter (22) Lodger. Arthur Regelous (39) was living at 412 Victor St, Winnipeg Centre, Manitoba with is wife Evelyn (34) and four children.

In 1926, Samuel John Regelous (78), father, was living in the household of Arthur Regelous (49), in Springfield, Manitoba, Canada. Margaret's son, Joseph Roles (sic) (listed as 28) was living in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada with wife Viola Doris (26) and son William Joseph (1). 

Samuel John Regelous died, aged 84, on 21 Aug 1933 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and is also buried at Sidney Cemetery, Sidney, Manitoba, Canada.

Grandsons, Charles William Regelous died on 3 Apr 1942 and is buried at Brookside Cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Edward Samuel Regelous died on 20 Dec 1944 and is buried with his brother at Brookside Cemetery

Adopted son, Arthur Regelous died on 18 Feb 1949 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Joseph Kellaway Rolls died on 26 Nov 1955, aged 64, and is buried at Carberry Plains Cemetery, Carberry, Manitoba, Canada

Sunday 22 October 2023

James Maslin and Ann Jones

Former St James church, New Cross
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St James, Hatcham was created in 1845 from Deptford, St Paul. The church
was designed by W Granville and consecrated on 17 October 1854.

James Maslin (20) Blacksmith of 9 Clifton Hill (Clifton Rise?), son of William Maslin, Brass Finisher, married Ann Jones (20) of 10 Vance Street, daughter of John Jones, at St James Hatcham on 22 Oct 1877. There was a death of an Annie Maslin, aged 19, in Greenwich, in 1878, but this more closely fits the unmarried daughter of a Joseph Maslin in Deptford, so I can find no record, that can be corroborated, of what happened to Ann. She disappears.

There's no record of a marriage between James Maslin and Jessie Dunford, but, in 1881, they were living as husband and wife with James' parents, William George Maslin and Charlotte Bland. James (23) was a Blacksmiths Labourer, while Jessie (21) Collar Ironer, was reputedly from Southwark.

James and Jessie had three children:

  1. Jessie Elizabeth Maslin b. 1883 J Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 994, bap. 6 Jul 1883 in Hatcham, presumably St James Hatcham
  2. Florence Charlotte Maslin b. 1886 J Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1021, bap. 23 Jan 1890 at St James Hatcham
  3. James Thomas Maslin b. 1890 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 1032, bap. 23 Jan 1890 also at St James Hatcham
(Hatcham largely corresponds to the area around New Cross.)

All three have the mother's maiden name listed as Dunford. On Jessie Elizabeth's baptism, her mother's name is also Jessie Elizabeth; on those of Florence and James, only Jessie. Those records are the only sources for identifying who she was: I found no previous records of a Jessie or Jessie Elizabeth Dunford anywhere, let alone near Southwark ~1860.

In 1891, one of two families living at 15 Batavia Road, New Cross were James Maslin (33) Blacksmiths Labourer, Jessie Maslin (31), Jessie (8), Elizabeth (5) - clearly, they mean Florence Charlotte - and James (1).

Jessie Maslin died, at 35, in 1895 M Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 905. She was discharged from the Poor Law Hospital in Greenwich (St Alfege's Hospital), having died there at 8:35 am on Saturday, 2 Mar 1895.

In 1901, James Maslin (43), listed as single, and employed as a Potman (a man employed in a public house to collect empty pots or glasses), was living at the (Common Lodging House), (formerly Brunswick House), 124, Tanners Hill, St Paul Deptford (Common Lodging Houses, also known as the doss-house, were an option for those who could scrape together a few pence to stay out of the workhouse, though they were scarcely any better and notorious for overcrowding); Eldest daughter, Jessie E Maslin was employed as a General domestic servant in the household of Sydney T Wayment (33) Grain merchant at 194, High Street, St Nicholas Deptford; Cannot be sure of where Florence Charlotte was in 1901, but at 15, she was almost certainly also in a situation somewhere as a domestic servant; Son, James Maslin (11) from New Cross, Surrey, was a boarder in the household of Edward Cheeseman (39) Potman (public house) at 4, Morden Street, Greenwich. 

James Maslin died, aged 44, in 1901 D Quarter in GREENWICH Volume 01D Page 667. James Maslin was discharged from the Poor Law Hospital in Greenwich on 26 Dec 1901. Reason for discharge, simply 'Dead'.

  • In the 2nd quarter of 1910, Florence Charlotte Maslin married Albert Robert Williams, in Woolwich. In 1911, Albert Robert Williams (25) Soldier A S Corps, Sergeant, from Clonmel, Tipperary; Florence Charlotte Williams (24) from Deptford and their one-and-a-half month old son, Robert Ronald Williams, were living at Caxton House, Godfrey Hill, Woolwich. 2nd child, Irene Dorothy Williams, was born, in Woolwich, in 1912.
  • James Maslin (21), in 1911, was with the 2nd Battalion The King's Shropshire Light Infantry, in Trimulgherry (Tirumalagiri), India.

Monday 4 September 2023

Stephen Wilton and Sophia Watson

St George's Church, Wells Way, Camberwell
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Stephen Wilton (b. 1848), son of Ann Wilton (although his father was listed as an 'invented', non-existent John Wilton), married Sophia Watson at St George's Church, Camberwell on 4 Sep 1871. Sophia was the daughter of James Watson and Sophia Barker, who had also married in Camberwell, in 1843, although, Sophia was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1851, where her father was listed at that time, in Wellington Street, Westgate, as a Leather finisher and dyer. Stephen Wilton was a Harness Maker: a trade he undoubtedly learned while apprenticed to his maternal uncle Thomas Clark, who was one of the witnesses to Stephen and Sophia's marriage.

Stephen and Sophia had thirteen children, all born in Peckham, however, I have only been able to identify records for 12 of them:
  1. Matilda Wilton b. 1872 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 737
  2. Edward Wilton b. 1873 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 771
  3. Stephen Wilton b. 1875 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 794
  4. Sophia Ann b. 1878 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 834. (Died 1878 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 516)
  5. Rose Wilton b. 1879 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 804. (Died, aged 1, in 1881 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 513)
  6. Jane Wilton b. 1881 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 915
  7. William Wilton b. 1883 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 918
  8. Minnie Wilton b. 1885 S Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 917. (Died 1886 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 500)
  9. Robert Wilton b. 16 Apr 1887 J Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D 962
  10. Florence Wilton b. 1891 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 882
  11. Maud Wilton b. 1893 M Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 943
  12. Edith Wilton b. 1895 D Qtr in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 860
In 1881, at 29, Sumner Road, Camberwell, were Stephen Wilton (33) Harness Maker; with wife Sophia Wilton (30), Matilda Wilton (9), Edward Wilton (7), Stephen Wilton (5) and Jane Wilton (0).

In 1891, in Camden Grove North, Camberwell, we find Stephen Wilton (43), Sophia Wilton (40), Edward Wilton (17) Soldier - records show that Edward had joined the East Surrey Regiment in 1890 - Stephen (15) Tin plate maker, Jane (10), William (8) and Robert (4) - the last 3 at school.

In 1901, at 24, Middle Street, Camberwell, were Stephen Wilton (53), Sophia Wilton (50), Jane Wilton (20) Ironer; William Wilton (18) Tin worker; Robert Wilton (14) Van boy; Florence (9), Maud (8) and Edith Wilton (5).

In 1911, at 129 Camden Grove North, Peckham: Stephen Wilton (63) Harness Maker, Sophia Wilton (60), Robert Wilton (23) Deal porter - a dangerous job done by a specialist group of workers in London's docks - Florence (19), Maud (18) Ironer and Edith (15) Book folder. They list on this census that they'd had thirteen children during their 40 year marriage, with nine then still living and four having died. (Can only find records for 12.)

Stephen Wilton died aged 65, in 1913 D Quarter Volume 01D Page 833 and is buried at Camberwell Old CemeterySquare 23, Grave 23241.

In 1921, Sophia Wilton (70) widow, was living at 62, Commercial Road, Peckham, with her daughter Florrie Wilton (28).

Sophia Wilton died aged 80 in 1931 J Quarter Volume 01D Page 660.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Henry John Leese and Marian Blanche Burgess

HMS President in London
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HMS President is a stone frigate, or shore establishment of the Royal Naval Reserve; on the northern bank of the River Thames near Tower Bridge.

Henry John Leese (b. 5 Jan 1862 in Lewes, Sussex) Naval Schoolmaster, HMS Boscawen, Portland, son of John Leese and Caroline Bussey, married Marian Blanche Burgess (b. 1863 in Greenwich), daughter of William George Burgess and Emma Chisman, at All Saints, Rotherhithe, on 22 Aug 1885.

Henry John Leese began his naval career on 5 Jan 1879, having previously attended Greenwich School, with school ship, HMS Impregnable (1810), transferring to HMS President (shore establishment) on 1 Jan 1881.

In 1881, Henry John Leese (19) was an Ordinary seaman pupil teacher, stationed at HMS President (shore establishment). Although I've not found where Marian was that year (my guess is working in London) her parents were living at 6, Horsley Road, Rochester St Margaret, Medway, Kent and her father, William Burgess (51), was described as a 'Chelsea out pensioner'. 

Henry and Marian Leese had nine children, three of whom died (numbers confirmed by Henry John Leese' own account on 1911 Census):

  1. May Constance Leese b. 1886 S Quarter in BRIGHTON Volume 02B Page 228, bap. at Southsea, St Bartholomew in 1890.
  2. Elsie Christine Leese b. 1890 S Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 479, bap. at Southsea, St Bartholomew in 1890. Died.
  3. Henry John Leese b. 14 Dec 1892 in Valletta, Malta 
  4. Maude Christiana Leese b. 13 Jul 1894 in Malta 
  5. Marian Blanche Leese b. 1895 D Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 301, bap. 1896 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, died aged 1 in 1896 D Quarter in ALVERSTOKE Volume 02B  Page 361
  6. William Gordon Leese b. 17 Jan 1897 M Quarter in ALVERSTOKE Volume 02B Page 560
  7. John Stanley Leese b. 1898 M Quarter in ALVERSTOKE Volume 02B Page 540, bap. in 1898 in Forton (Gosport), Hampshire
  8. Edward Lionel Leese b. 1900 M Quarter in ALVERSTOKE Volume 02B Page 568, died aged 3 in 1903 M Quarter Volume 02B Page 355
  9. Frank Alfred Joseph Leese b. 10 Jun 1909 J Quarter in ALVERSTOKE Volume 02B Page 565, bap. in 1909 in Forton (Gosport), Hampshire
The family are not on the 1891 Census in England as Henry John Leese was stationed at Malta Dockyard between 14 Jun 1890 and 11 Dec 1894.

Henry John Leese was appointed Schoolmaster at Portsmouth Division Royal Marines, located at Forton Barracks, near Gosport in Hampshire, on 29 Jul 1896, position he appears to have held until 30 Apr 1917.

In 1901, Henry J Leese (39) Schoolmaster, Warrant Officer RMLI, born in Portobello, Sussex was living at 139 Forton Rd, Gosport), with wife Marian B Leese (37) born in Greenwich; May C Leese (14) born in Brighton, Henry J Leese (8) born in Malta; Maud C Leese (6) born in Malta; William G Leese (4), John S Leese (3) and Edward L Leese (1) born in Gosport. There are no further records of Elsie Christine after her baptism; she is not listed on this census and I can find no record of a death either, so the most logical explanation is that she must have died as an infant in Malta.

In 1911, Henry John Leese (49) Schoolmaster, WO RMLI, was still living in Alverstoke, Hampshire with Marian Blanche Leese (47), May Constance Leese (24), Maude Christania Leese (16), William Gordon Leese (14), John Stanley Leese (13) and Frank Alfred Leese (1). Son Henry J Leese (18) had joined the Royal Marines in 1910 and was that year listed in Walmer, Kent (Deal).

In 1921, Henry John Leese (59) Elementary School Teacher was living at 139, Forton Road, Gosport, Alverstoke, with Marian Blanch Leese (57), May Constance Leese (35), Maud Christine Leese (26) Elementary School Teacher; John Stanley Leese (23) Pattern Maker; and Frank Alfred Joseph Leese (12).

Henry John Leese died, aged 70, on 15 Apr 1932 and is buried at Clayhall Naval Cemetery (Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery).

Marian Blanche Leese died seven years later, on 15 Apr 1939, aged 75.

The six surviving children: 
  1. May Constance Leese died, unmarried, aged 81, in Portsmouth, in 1967.
  2. Henry John Leese (70) was discharged dead from the Royal Marines, to which he'd obviously devoted his entire life, on 15 Nov 1962.
  3. Maude Christina Leese died, aged 83, also still a spinster, in 1977.
  4. William Gordon Leese enlisted in the Royal Navy on 20 Jul 1912, but was declared invalided on 8 Feb 1921 at Haslar Hospital. William G Leese died, aged 71, in 1968 in Gosport.
  5. John Stanley Leese died, at 80, in 1979 in Stockport, Cheshire.
  6. Frank Alfred Joseph Leese joined the British Army, Coldstream Guards in 1928. Frank A J Leese married Faith K Partridge (née Stead) in Acle, Norfolk in 1947. He died in 1990, in Norwich.

Saturday 2 January 2021

Alfred John Day and Alice Louisa Gaunt

Southwark Bridge Rd
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Alfred John Day (b. 4 Jan 1852 in Henlow, Bedfordshire), son of John Day and Ellen Wilton, married Alice Louisa Gaunt (b. 1861 in Lambeth, Surrey), daughter of Henry Gaunt and Mary Ann Holt, in Southwark, in 1881. 

Alfred and Alice Day had thirteen children:
  1. William Alfred Gaunt b. 1879 J Quarter in ST SAVIOUR SURREY Volume 01D Page 79. (Thereafter listed as William Alfred Day.)
  2. Alfred James Day b. 1880 S Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D. Died 1880 S Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D Page 55
  3. Arthur Henry Day b. 24 Apr 1882 in ST SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 75
  4. Alfred Wilton Day b. 1884 M Qtr in ST SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 57
  5. Alice Florence Day b. 14 Sep 1885 in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D 870
  6. Herbert Day b. 11 Jun 1887 in CAMBERWELL Volume 01D Page 864
  7. Frank Edwin Day b. 2 Oct 1888 in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 878
  8. Walter Daniel Day b. 25 Mar 1890 in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 830
  9. Sydney Frederick Day b. 2 Aug 1892 in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D 915
  10. Fred Day b. 10 May 1894 in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 886
  11. Ethel Mary Day b. 17 Jun 1896 in CAMBERWELL Vol 01D Page 890
  12. Lillian Grace Day b. 31 Dec 1898 (1899 M Qtr CROYDON Vol 02A 260)
  13. Elsie Eleanor Day b. 1902 M Qtr in CROYDON Vol 02A Page 288. Died 1902 S Qtr in CROYDON Vol 02A Page 125
In 1881, Alfred Day (30) Compositor, Alice Day (21) and son, William Alfred Day (2), were living at 174 Southwark Bridge Rd, Southwark. 

In 1891, Alfred John Day (39) Traveller For Printing Machinery; Alice Day (33), William (11), Arthur (8), Alfred (7), Florence (5), Herbert (3), Frank (2) and Walter (1) were living in Evelina Road, Camberwell.

In 1901, at 10 Rosebery Ave, Thornton Heath, Croydon, we find Alfred (49) Journalist, Alice (41), William (21), Herbert (13), Frank (12), Walter (11), Sidney (8), Frederick (6), Ethel (4), Lily (2).

In 1911, Alfred Day (59), Journalist, was living at 116 Birchanger Road, South Norwood, with  William (29), General Warehouseman, Arthur (27), Printer's Machinist, Florence (25), Walter (21), General Clerk, Fred Day (16), Motor Mechanic's Assistant, Ethel (14) and Lily (12). Wife, Alice Day (51) born in Lambeth, married for 32 years, was listed at 89 Crowther Road, South Norwood. That record confirms they had 13 children, with 11 then living.

In 1921, Alfred John Day (69) Journalist, it appears, writing for Baker and Confectioner, an “independent newspaper and trades journal”, was living at 12, Torridge Road, Thornton Heath, Croydon with Alice Day (61), Arthur Day (39), Sydney Day (28), Ethel Day (25) and Lillian Day (22).

Alice Day died aged 64, in 1924 J Qtr in CROYDON Vol 02A Page 377.

In 1939 Alfred J Day (b. 4 Jan 1852) Bakery Trade Journalist, was still living at 12 Torridge Road, Croydon, with Horace L and Ethel M Langridge. (Horace Leonard Langridge had married Ethel Mary Day, daughter of Alfred John Day, Journalist, at Croydon, Holy Saviour, on 23 Jul 1921.)

Alfred John Day died, aged 93, in 1945 M Qtr in CROYDON Vol 02A 938.

Henry Wilton Day and Emmeline Emma Sell

St John the Evangelist Church, London SE1
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Henry Wilton Day (b. 1843 in Buntingford, Hertfordshire), eldest son of John Day and Ellen Wilton, married Emmeline Emma Sell (bap. 2 Jul 1840 in Barkway, Hertfordshire), daughter of John Sell and Mary Drage, in the 4th quarter of 1867, St John the Evangelist, in Lambeth (Waterloo). 

  1. Frank Henry Sell b. 1866 J Quarter in HITCHIN Volume 03A Page 276. Mother's maiden name blank, as illegitimate birth. Thereafter used Day.
  2. Emma Day b. 1868 S Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 23
  3. Ellen Day b. 1872 M Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 18
  4. William Day b. 1874 S Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 23
  5. Mary Day b. 1877 D Qtr in SAINT SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 22
  6. Alice Day b. 1881 M Qtr in ST SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 20
  7. Harry Day b. 1884 M Qtr in ST SAVIOUR SURREY Vol 01D 25
In 1871, in Farnham Place, St Saviour Southwark, where Henry W Day (27) Railway Porter from Royston, Herts; Emmeline Day (30) from Barkway; Frank Henry Day (5) birthplace Hitchin and Emma Day (2) born in Southwark.

In 1881, still at 2, Farnham Place, St Saviour, Southwark were Henry Day (37), Railway Porter, Emma Day (40), Frank Day (15), Ticket Writer, Ellen (9), William (6), Mary (3) and Alice (0), as well as two boarders: Henry Garrett (26), General Labourer, and George Griffin (17), General Porter. 

Likewise, in 1891, they were still living in Farnham Place, Southwark. Henry Day (48) Sorters Clerk, with Emma (50), daughter Emma (22), Box Maker, William (16), Alice (10) and John Clifford (51), lodger. 

[Emmeline] Emma Day died, aged 56, in 1897, in Southwark. 

In 1901, at 70, Linnell Road, Camberwell, were Henry Day (58), Widower, Railway Porter, Mary Day (23), Alice Day (20), Lady Clerk, daughter Emma Pocock (32), widow; granddaughters: Elsie Pocock (4) and Lily Pocock (2).

In 1911, Harry W Day (67), Pensioner and Former Booking Clerk, Widower, was living at 17 Rignold Road, Camberwell, with his widowed daughter, Emma Pocock (40) Elsie Pocock (14) and Lilian Pocock (12). 

Henry Wilton Day died, at 71, in 1915 M Quarter in CAMBERWELL.