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Sunday 28 April 2024

Francis Stephen Blazey and Hannah Minns

St. Bartholomew's Tower, Heigham
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Francis Stephen Blazey married Hannah Minns, daughter of Robert Marsh Minns and Mary Kett, on 28 Apr 1832 at this now lost church of St Bartholomew's, in Heigham, Norwich, NorfolkFrancis Stephen Blazy (or Blazey), born 26 Dec 1810, was baptised on 30 Dec 1810 at the church of St Martin at Oak, Norwich, son of Susanna Blazy and the baptism record makes it clear he was 'illegitimate born'. (Francis' mother married a John Maycock, also at St Martin at Oak, on 17 Jul 1811, but Francis never took this stepfather's name, so I do not think this was his natural father.) 

Francis and Hannah appear to have at least 10 children:
  1. Harriet Blazy, bap. 8 May 1832 at St Martin at Oak (see note below)
  2. Francis Robert Blazey b. 1 Aug, bap. 4 Aug 1833 at St Martin at Oak
  3. Samuel Blazey b. 13 Jul 1836, bap. 17 Jul 1836 at St Martin at Oak. Died, aged 5 and was buried on 27 Oct 1841. (This child's death was registered in 1842 M Quarter in NORWICH Volume 13 Page 205).
  4. Harriet Blazey b. 11 Jan 1839, bap. 13 Jan 1839 at St Martin at Oak
  5. Samuel Blazey bap. 7 Nov 1841 in the Parish of Heigham, Norfolk
  6. Hannah Blazey b. 17 Jun 1845 (1845 S Quarter in NORWICH Volume 13 Page 284), bap. 17 Oct 1860 at St Bartholomew's
  7. Elizabeth Blazey b. 1847 (1847 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 13 Page 249), bap. 17 Oct 1860 at St Bartholomew's
  8. Eliza Blazey b. 1851 M Quarter in NORWICH Volume 13 Page 324, bap. 21 Oct 1863 at St Bartholomew's
  9. William Blazey b. 7 Nov 1853 (1853 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 129), bap. 17 Nov 1867 at Holy Trinity
  10. Alice Blazey b. 6 Nov 1857 (1857 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 157). bap. 2 Oct 1867 at Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity church, Heigham, was built in the 1860's and the parish records begin in 1867, so they were among the first to use this new church. 

The first child isn't seen on any records again: Harriet born in 1832 doesn't appear on the 1841 census, whereas the Harriet born in 1839 does, with Francis, born in 1833, listed as the oldest child. There's no record of a burial for a Harriet, but there is a record of a burial of a Hannah Blazey at St Bartholomew's, on 10 Jun 1832, aged 1 month, which I feel must relate to this child. Easy to imagine confusion under such circumstances. 

Most of the baptism records list Francis' occupation as a Dyer. On those of William and Alice, he's described as a Labourer. One wonders what happened for him to give up a skilled trade to take up presumably unskilled work.

In 1841, incorrectly listed as Blazeby, the family was living at Union Square, Heigham - this address was on daughter Hannah's birth certificate in 1845 - with Francis (30), Hannah (25), Francis (8), Sam (5) and Harriet (2).

In 1851, Francis Blazey (40) Labourer was a Lodger in the household of Mary Wright (46) Widow at 1, Manchester Buildings, Heigham, Norwich. (Mary was Hannah Blazey's older sister.) There also were Hannah (38) Wife of Lodger; Francis (18) Labourer; Harriet (12), Samuel (9), Hannah (5) and Elizabeth (3).

In 1861, in Chapel Street, Heigham: Francis (50), Labourer, Hannah (48), Elizabeth (14), Eliza (10), William (7), Alice (3) and Mary A Wright (22), dressmaker, niece. Samuel (19) was with his brother Francis at at 2, St Pauls StreetBlockhouse, Worcester; Hannah (16) was General Servant to Anne Clifford (78), Widow, and her unmarried daughter, Elizabeth Clifford (48), teacher, at Earlham Road Terrace, Heigham, Norwich. (Today Earlham Road is part of the so-called Golden Triangle in Norwich, "The Golden Triangle's terraces house professionals, families and many students from the nearby University of East Anglia; its friendly atmosphere has resulted in the Golden Triangle being dubbed the Norwich version of London's Notting Hill.")

By 1871, Francis Blazey (60), Hannah (57), with just William (17) and Alice (13) still at home, were living at 16 Globe St, Heigham. In 1872, still in Globe Street, Francis Blazey is listed on the Norfolk Register of Electors. 

Hannah Blazey (née Minns)
Francis Stephen Blazey died, aged 62, in 1873 M Quarter in NORWICH Vol 04B Page 111. 

In 1881, the widowed Hannah (67), was living at 3, Duke Street, Norwich Heigham, with son Samuel (35), Sam's son Alfred (11) and daughter Hannah's two children, Walter White (11) and Laura White (10). 

(It is also apparently written on the back of the image of Hannah that she looked after her older sister Mary Ann Wright's children.)

In 1891, Samuel (49) and his daughter, Elizabeth (17), were still living with Hannah (78) in Manchester Street, Norwich.

In 1901, Hannah (90) and Samuel (57), still resided in Manchester Street.

Hannah Blazey died, aged 91, in 1903 S Qtr in NORWICH Vol 04B 95.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

David Minns and Hannah Marsh

St Remigius Church, Hethersett, Norfolk

David Minns (bap. 5 Sep 1755 in Hethersett, Norfolk), son of John Minns and his wife Elizabeth, married Hannah Marsh (bap. 18 Feb 1759, in Hellesdon, Norfolk), daughter of Robert Marsh and Hannah Piggin, on 20 Feb 1775, in the parish of Newington St Mary - or Newington-Butts, 'in the the hundred of Brixton and of the county of Surrey, 1¾ mile (S.) from London'. 

Nevertheless, this pair of my 5th great-grandparents appear to then set up home in Hethersett, Norfolk, where their first child was baptised.
  1. Robert Marsh Minns bap. 19 Nov 1776 in Hethersett
  2. Hannah Minns bap. 12 Mar 1792 in Heigham
  3. David Minns b. 19 Jan 1799, bap. 20 Jan 1799 in Heigham
They'd moved to Heigham, on the west side of Norwich by the time their daughter Hannah was baptised. With such large gaps between them, there may have been other children, but I've found no records for any others.

David Minns died in 1835 and was buried at St Martin at Oak, Norwich.

There is a Hannah Minns of the right vintage lodging in the household of James and Elizabeth Morrison, in Cross Lane, St George Colegate, Norfolk, in 1841. And a death of Hannah Minns (86) in Norwich in 1843.

Thursday 8 February 2024

William Harman Howes and Violet Rose Matilda Cheer

St Mark's church in Lakenham - the apse
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Built in 1843 "for the poor and very populous" district of Lakenham

William Harman Howes (b. 14 Dec 1895), son of William Harman Howes and Elizabeth Eliza Blazey, married Violet Rose Matilda Cheer, on 8 Feb 1920, at St Mark, Lakenham, a district on the south of Norwich, Norfolk. Both were 24. One of the witnesses was William's sister, Alice May Howes

On the marriage certificate, Violet gives her father's name as Edmund Cheer, deceased. The only registration of a birth of a Violet Cheer was in 1895 S Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 122. She was registered simply as Violet, with no other given names and her mother's maiden name left blank. Violet Cheer doesn't appear anywhere on the 1901 or 1911 census. 

The only record of a Violet Rose Matilda, anywhere, ever, was for the baptism of Violet Rose Matilda Fox, at St Martin At Oak, Norwich, the following year, on 8 Oct 1896, daughter of Robert and Mary Fox. Although, there was no corresponding GRO birth registration under this name. 

The answer, therefore, had to be that the potentially illegitimate child born Violet Cheer in 1895 was baptised a year later as Violet Rose Matilda Fox and, upon marriage, reverted to her birth surname. They are the same person:

Robert Fox (49) widower, son of James Fox, married Mary Cheer (45) widow, said to be daughter of William Chant, on 1 Feb 1896 at St Martin at Oak, Norwich. (Robert Fox had previously married Mary Ann Rayner in Great Melton, Norwich on 29 Jan 1876. Mary Ann Fox had died in 1894.)

There is a record showing that Mary Chant had previously married Edward Cheer, in the 4th quarter of 1879 at Saint Mark, Old Street, Shoreditch and in 1881, Edmund Cheer (42) Ostler (huntsman) from Shepperton, Middlesex, wife Mary Cheer (27) Charwoman from Wilton, Wiltshire were living at 218 Old Street, Holborn (see 1884 photo of the Holborn Restaurant, 218 High Holborn), along with four of Cheer's children from his previous marriage (1853 in Kensington) to Eliza Cass, who had died in 1878.

By 1891, however, Mary Cheer (36) Widow, was employed as Officers Cook at Bakers Row Infirmary Whitechapel Union (Whitechapel And Spitalfields Union Workhouse), although the record suggests that Mary herself was 'on the parish' (receiving charity from local authorities). We must assume (no record found) Edward or Edmund Cheer had died in the interim decade. 

In 1901, Robert Fox (56) Farm Labourer from Eaton, Norfolk was living at Hudson Buildings, Norwich; with wife Mary Fox (48) from Wilton, Wiltshire; Violet R Fox (5) Daughter; Kate L Fox (0) Daughter and Alice L Cheer (16) Step-Daughter, born in Whitechapel. (Kate Lucretia Fox b. 1900 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 165 mother's maiden name was CHANT. Alice Louisa Cheer b. 1884 D Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 506 also had the mother's maiden name of CHANT.)

This still leaves the question as to whether Edward / Edmund Cheer was Violet's father, as claimed on her marriage, which is highly unlikely in 1895, when it appears he was dead before 1891, or was it Robert Fox, who claimed her as his daughter in 1896. It could, of course, have been neither.

In 1911, at 52 Coburg Street, Norwich, were Robert Fox (63) Gardner labourer; Mary Fox (57) Charwoman; Violet Rose Fox (15) Chocolate Maker (guessing at Norwich's chocolate factory, A J Caley and Son); Lucretia [Kate Lucretia] (10) and Dora Bush (4), who was also listed as their daughter. (Born Alice Louisa Bush in 1907 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 114, 'Dora' was actually Mary's granddaughter, the daughter of Alice Louisa Cheer, who had married George Bush, in Norwich on 23 Jul 1905.)

In 1921, William Harman Howes (25) Cordial Maker at A J Caley and Son, was living at 3, The Elms, Unthank Road, Norwich, Norfolk with Violet Rose Matilda Howes (25) and Joyce Mary Howes (b. 1920).

In 1939, William Harman Howes (b. 14 Dec 1895), Mineral Maker, Violet Rose Matilda Howes (b. 10 Aug 1895), Joyce Mary Howes, (b. 27 Jun 1920 J Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 380), another daughter born in 1924 and a son born in 1932 - the latter two could, theoretically, still be alive - were living at 49 Unthank Road, Norwich, Norfolk. 

We can assume that William and Violet had met working for the same employer: Albert Jarman Caley had begun selling a range of mineral waters and soft drinks in Norwich in 1863. He diversified to produce cocoa (1883), chocolate (1886) and Christmas crackers (1898). Caley’s bought The Elms, 49 Unthank Road which became the HQ of the Recreational Association with space for 250 people plus six grass tennis courts and a large bowling green and was also the location of almshouses for retired workers of John Mackintosh's chocolate factory. A J Caley chocolate company in Norwich, had finally been bought by Yorkshire confectioner, Mackintosh's, in 1932.

In 1942, Joyce M Howes married James D Wright, at Holy Trinity, Heigham.

William Harman Howes died in the 2nd quarter of 1977, aged 81.

Violet Rose Matilda Howes, born 10 Aug 1895, died in 1978, aged 82.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Robert Marsh Minns and Mary Kett

Ruins of St Bartholomew, Heigham, Norwich, Norfolk

Robert Marsh Minns (b. 1776), son of David Minns and Hannah Marsh, married Mary Kett on 19 Oct 1801 at St Bartholomew's, the Parish Church for Heigham, Norfolk. Mary Kett, baptised here at St Bartholomew's on 1 Oct 1780, was the daughter of Hannah Kett and, just in case there was any doubt, the record of Mary's baptism states that she was 'Baseborn' (illegitimate). (I wonder if they were related to Robert Kett, leader of Kett's Rebellion.)

Robert and Mary also wasted no time in starting a family:
  1. Robert Marsh Minns b. 1 Apr 1802, bap. 4 Apr 1802
  2. Mary Ann Minns b. 17 Jan 1805, bap. 20 Jan 1805
  3. John Minns b. and bap. 19 Jul 1807
  4. Ann Minns b. 14 Sep 1810, bap. 16 Sep 1810
  5. Hannah Minns bap. 24 Jan 1813
  6. David Minns b. 22 Jun 1815, bap. 25 Jun 1815
  7. Elizabeth Minns b. and bap. 29 Mar 1818
  8. Harriot Minns b. and bap. 15 Feb 1824
Several of the baptism records, which all took place at St Bartholomew's, Heigham, list Robert's occupation as Husbandman

In 1829, Mary Minns (née Kett) died, aged 49. She was buried on 17 Jun 1829 in the churchyard at St Bartholomew's, Heigham. The church was destroyed by German bombs on April 27, 1942 and the graveyard was grassed over in the 1950s. No trace of any grave remains.

St Mary's churchyard Hellesdon
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Robert remarried Ann Clark, widow, on 13 Nov 1831, also at St Bartholomew's, Heigham. 

In 1841, Robert Minns (55), Ann (55) and his two youngest daughters, Elizabeth (20) and Harriet (15) were at Upper Heigham. 

Robert Marsh Minns, of Heigham, died in 1865, aged 88, and was buried on 31 Jan 1865 in the churchyard of St Mary, Hellesdon (where his grandparents had married and his mother was baptised). 

Saturday 2 September 2023

William Harman Howes and Elizabeth Eliza Blazey

St. John the Theologian, Norwich
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St. John's at the junction of Ber Street and Finkelgate in 
Norwich is historically known as St. John Sepulchre.

William Harman Howes (b. 15 Jul 1874), son of John Robert Howes and Martha Burrows Woodhouse and Elizabeth Eliza Blazey, daughter of Samuel Blazey and Elizabeth Wiggins, both of 3 Butchers Arms Yard, Ber St, married on 2 Sep 1895 at St John Sepulchre, Norwich. Witnesses were William Walter Tillett and Martha Elizabeth Hunt, the groom's sister.

William and Elizabeth had three children:
  1. William Harman Howes b. 14 Dec 1895
  2. Alice May Howes b. 31 Oct 1899, bap. 16 Mar 1910 at Holy Trinity
  3. Maggie Dorothy Howes b. 4 Apr 1910, bap. 1 Jun 1910 at Holy Trinity
In 1901, Elizabeth Howes (27) - no sign of her husband - was living at 15, Manchester Street, Heigham, Norwich, with William (5) and Alice (1).

Before 1911, William Howes (37), Elizabeth (37), William (15), Alice (11) and Maggie (0), had moved to 19 Manchester St, Norwich, where her father and grandmother had lived. Alice May Howes was born at this address.

In 1921, still at 19, Manchester Street, Norwich, were William H Howes (46) Bricklayer's Labourer for Norwich Corporation; Elizabeth E Howes (47), Alice M Howes (21) Chocolate Moulder at Caleys Ltd; and Maggie D Howes (11).

And in 1939, still living at 19 Manchester Street, Norwich, Norfolk, were William Howes, Builder's Labourer Retired and wife Elizabeth.

William Harman Howes died on 27 Nov 1944, aged 70, at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, St Stephen's Road, Norwich, Norfolk. 

Eliza Elizabeth Howes (née Blazey) died, aged 78, from Cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, on 19 Jan 1951 at 60 Suffolk Street, Norwich, Norfolk.