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Saturday 2 January 2021

Mark Bridle and Maud Lucy Medcalf

Victoria Street, Exeter
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Mark Bridle (b. 9 Jan 1876), son of Henry Bridle and Emma Lucas, married Maud Lucy Medcalf (b. 20 Mar 1882 in Peckham, London), daughter of Arthur Charles Medcalf and Eliza Dale, in St Pancras, London, in 1905. Wonder how they met? Maud's father was from Ballingdon, then in Essex (now a suburb of Sudbury in Suffolk) and her mother from Kensington. 

In 1911, Mark Bridle (35) Blacksmith, Maud Lucy (29); Mark's parents, William Henry (66), Emma (62); nephew, Harry (3) and Elizabeth Deroney (72), were living in Stoke Canon, Devon. Could it be that they also moved away from Stoke Canon as a consequence of the strike at the paper mill, in which his brother John had been caught up in, in 1915?

Their only child, Arthur Albert Mark Bridle, was born on 18 Mar 1917.

In 1921, Mark Bridle (46) Motor Driver; Maud Lucy Bridle (38) and Arthur Albert Mark Bridle (5), were living at 68 Victoria Street, Exeter, Devon.

In 1939, Mark Bridle, Chauffer / Gardener, wife Maud Lucy and son Arthur Albert Mark Bridle, Electrician, were still at 68 Victoria Street, Exeter. 

Maud Lucy Bridle died in Exeter, in 1957, aged 75. 

Mark Bridle of 49 West Grove Road, Exeter died on 25 Feb 1958, aged 82, at 200 Woodwater Lane, Exeter, leaving his effects to Arthur Albert Mark Bridle.

Arthur Albert Mark Bridle died on 19 Jun 2005, also in Exeter.