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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

William Hockley and Mary Ann Day

The George, E14
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Corner of the former East Ferry Road and Glengall Road, both now renamed Glengall Grove.

William Hockley, born William Crow, son of Eliza Crow, Single Woman, married Mary Ann Day (bap. 21 Jul 1844 at All Saints, Writtle, Chelmsford), daughter of Thomas Day and Rose Knight, in 1865 at St MatthiasBethnal Green, London. The marriage is the first time William had used the surname Hockley. At 19 in 1861, he was still listed as William Crow, but it was finding Mary Ann looking after his brother Daniel's son, that led me to find him. 

William and Mary Ann had twelve children:
  1. Tamar Rose Eliza Hockley b. 1866 S Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 524. Died, aged 15, in 1881 S Quarter in POPLAR
  2. Frederick William Hockley b. 1868 M Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 624. Died, aged 5, in 1873  J Quarter in POPLAR
  3. Alice Jane Hockley b. 1869 D Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 714
  4. Laura Lucy Hockley b. 1871 D Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 675
  5. Charles John Hockley b. 31 Mar 1873 J Quarter in POPLAR 01C 668
  6. Hannah Elizabeth Hockley b. 1875 M Quarter in POPLAR 01C 746
  7. Edith Caroline Hockley b. 1877 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 756, bap. 25 Feb 1877 at Christ Church Isle Of Dogs, Manchester Road
  8. Ben Albert Hockley b. 1878 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 715. Died 1878 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 504
  9. Maud Day Hockley b. 1879 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 757. Died, aged 1, in 1881 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 526
  10. Daniel Hockley b. 1882 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 742
  11. Arthur Hockley b. 27 Oct 1883 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 704, bap. 9 Dec 1883 at Christ Church Isle Of Dogs
  12. William Hockley b. 13 Apr 1886 J Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C 688
In 1881, William Hockley (37) Labourer and M A Hockley (36) were at 55, Glengall Road, Poplar with Tama (sic) Hockley (14), Alice Hockley (11), Laura Hockley (10), Charles Hockley (8), Hannah Hockley (6) and Edith Hockley (4).

In 1891, at 75, Glengall Road, Poplar, London, we find Mary Ann Hockley (49) with Laura Hockley (19) Domestic servant; Charles John Hockley (18) Dock labourer; Daniel Hockley (10), Arthur Hockley (8), William Hockley (5), Christopher Hockley (2) Nephew - son of William's younger brother, Daniel - and John Parker (21) Dock labourer, Boarder. William is not listed in the household and [so far] I have no explanation for his absence.

In 1901, at 77, Glengall Road, Poplar, were William Hockley (59) General labourer, Mary A Hockley (58), Hannah E Hockley (26) Housemaid, Daniel Hockley (19) General labourer and William Hockley (14).

In 1911, still at 77 Glengall Road, Cubitt Town, Poplar, were William Hockley (68) Boro council pensioner - now we know who he had been labouring for - and Mary Ann Hockley (66). All of the kids had flown the nest.

William and Mary Ann Hockley were still in Poplar in 1921

William Hockley died, aged 82, in 1925 M Quarter in Poplar.

Mary Ann Hockley died in 1926 S Quarter in Poplar, also aged 82.

Sunday, 10 July 2022

John King and Dinah Doe

St Martin's Church, Little Waltham, Essex
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John King married Dinah Doe, daughter of Henry Doe and Elizabeth Stones, at St Martin's Church, Little Waltham, Essex on 20 Nov 1810.

John and Dinah had four children: 
  1. John King bap. 7 Apr 1811 in Little Waltham, Essex
  2. Elizabeth King bap. 21 Mar 1813 in Little Waltham, Essex
  3. James King bap. 14 Jan 1816, died aged 1 and was buried on 20 May 1818, both events at St Mary & St LawrenceGreat Waltham, Essex
  4. George King bap. 5 Jul 1818 in Great Waltham, Essex
Elizabeth's baptism record lists her father's occupation as Labourer.

There is a record of the burial of John King, aged 47 (b. 1790), in Great Waltham, Essex, on 22 Feb 1837, at the end of the reign of William IV.

In 1841, Diana (sic) King (50) Servant and her youngest son, George King (20) Servant - ages rounded - were employed in the household of Robert French (60), Farmer, in Boreham, Chelmsford, Essex.

In 1851, Diana King (64) widow, was still a General Servant in the household of Robert French (71) Farmer of 310 Acres, employing 12 Labourers, at Bulls Lodge, Boreham, Chelmsford, Essex (Grade II Listed Building).

In 1861, Diana King (73) widow, born in Great Canfield, Essex, was living at Wakerings FarmGreat Leighs, Essex with her daughter, Elizabeth King (46) and son George King (43) Agricultural Labourer.

Dinah King died, aged 83, in 1869 J Quarter in CHELMSFORD Volume 04A Page 111 and was buried in Great Leighs, Essex.

It is worth noting that in 1881, George King (65) Agricultural Labourer and his sister, Elizabeth King (68) were living together, both still single, in Little Waltham. Elizabeth King died, aged 88, in 1900 M Quarter in CHELMSFORD Volume 04A Page 383. George King died, aged 94, in 1915 M Quarter in CHELMSFORD Volume 04A Page 884. Neither ever married.
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