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Sunday 12 May 2024

William Trick and Elizabeth Blake

Mount Pleasant Redoubt
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William Eastman Trick (22), Labourer, son of Elizabeth Trick, married Elizabeth Blake, daughter of John Blake and Elizabeth Leigh, at the Church of St James the Great, Devonport on 12 May 1856. Both gave their address as 27 John Street, which was in Morice Town. Eastman was the surname of William's step-father. The space for his father had been left blank.

William and Elizabeth had two children:
  1. Elizabeth Trick b. 1857 M Qtr in STOKE DAMEREL Vol 05B Pg 320
  2. William Trick b. 1858 S Qtr in STOKE DAMEREL Vol 05B Pg 286
In 1861, wrongly transcribed as William Frick (sic) (27) Labourer In H.M.D.Yard, from Bideford, Devon; Elizabeth (27) Laundress, from Launceston, Cornwall; Elizabeth (4) born in Morice Town and William (2), born in Devonport, were living at 15 Marlborough St, Devonport.

Elizabeth Trick died, aged 35, in 1869 J Quarter in LAUNCESTON Vol 05C Page 21. She was buried in the parish of Lawhitton, on 22 Apr 1869.

William Trick, Widower (on this marriage certificate he specifies that his father is Not Known), remarried on 29 May 1871 to Caroline Rickard Osborn, Widow, at St George's church, East Stonehouse. One of the witnesses at this wedding was Pamela Wonnacott (née Eastman), William's half-sister.

Baptised Catherine Rickard Townshend in Stoke Damerel on 28 Jul 1833, his second wife was the daughter of John Townshend and Betsey Coram. Her father was listed on her baptism and again on the marriage certificate as a Mariner. In 1861, he was a Boatman Coast Guard. Caroline had previously married Richard James Osborn, Seaman RN, in Stoke Damerel in 1853 and the couple had one son, William John Osborn [1], b. 6 Oct 1857 D Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 303, bap. 20 Dec 1857 at St James, Devonport. In 1861, Caroline Osborn (27) Ship Stewards Wife, had lived in Navy Row, Stoke Damerel with her son, William (3). Richard James Osborn died on 2 Jul 1867 and was buried on 6 Jul 1867, in Stoke Damerel.

In 1871, William Trick (37) Widower, Labourer from Bideford, Devon, was living in Morice Town with daughter, Elizabeth Trick (14) [2] and son William Trick (12). Caroline Osborn (38) Widow, Milliner, meanwhile, was living with her brother, John Avery Townshend (27) Shipwright, also in Morice Town.

In 1881, William Trick (46) Labourer H M Dockyard, Caroline Trick (46) and William J Osborn (23) Assistant Ship's Steward RN, Stepson, were living at 12, Charlotte Row, Devonport Stoke-Damerel.

In 1891, William Trick (56) Retired Skilled Labourer from Monkleigh, Devon and Caroline R Trick were living at 23 Herbert Place, Devonport.

In 1901, William Trick (67) Caretaker at Mount Pleasant Redoubt was still living in Herbert Place, Devonport with wife Caroline R Trick (66).

Caroline Rickard Trick died, aged 71, in 1904 D Quarter in DEVONPORT.

In 1911, William Trick (77) Retired Park Caretaker, Widower, was living in the household of his grandson, William Henry Trick (26) Dairyman in Chilton Trinity, Wembdon, Bridgwater, Somerset.

William Trick died at the age of 80 in 1914 M Quarter in BRIDGWATER.

  1. William John Osborn (b. 1857), Caroline's son from her first marriage, William Trick's stepson, married Fanny Kelland, daughter of John Kelland and Betsy Maria Palfrey, in Stoke Damerel, in 1882. They had one daughter, Lilian Osborn b. 1884 S Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 359, who died, aged 4, in 1889 S Quarter in STOKE DAMEREL Volume 05B Page 231. In 1901, William John Osborn was a Retired Ship's Steward, and in 1911, his occupation was Writer Naval Pensioner, seemingly employed at the Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, Plymouth. Fanny Osborn died at 81, in 1936 J Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 428. William John Osborn died, at 82, in 1939  M Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 539. What is absolutely certain is that William John Osborn is NOT the same person as William's son, William Trick (b. 1858), which I saw claimed on one website! 
  2. [So far], I've been unable to identify any further records relating to Elizabeth Trick (b. 1857), after 1871.

Sunday 11 June 2023

John Blake and Elizabeth Leigh

Launceston - St Mary Magdalene Church
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John Blake, said to be son of John Blake and Margaret White (bap. 27 Aug 1786 in Launceston, Cornwall) married Elizabeth Leigh (bap. 23 Apr 1793 in Tregony, Cornwall), daughter of William Thomas Leigh and Rebecca Harris, on 11 Jun 1812 at St Mary Magdalene's Church, Launceston.

Records exist for at least eight children of this marriage:
  1. Rebecca Blake bap. 31 Oct 1813 at St Mary Magdalene, Launceston.
  2. Harriett Blake bap. 7 Sep 1817, died at 20 weeks and was buried on 4 Jan 1818, both in Lawhitton, Cornwall.
  3. Mary Anne Leigh Blake bap. 18 Feb 1821 in Lawhitton, Cornwall.
  4. John Blake bap. 26 Oct 1823 in Lawhitton, Cornwall.
  5. Solomon Blake bap. 16 Oct 1825 at St Mary Magdalene, Launceston.
  6. Harriot Blake bap. 30 Sep 1827 at St Mary Magdalene, Launceston.
  7. James Blake bap. 4 Oct 1829 in Lawhitton, Cornwall.
  8. Elizabeth Blake bap. 27 Oct 1833 in Lawhitton, Cornwall.
In 1841, John Blake (55) was living at Lower Luckham, Lawhitton with his wife Elizabeth Blake (45), John Blake (15) and Elizabeth Blake (7). Rebecca Blake had married in 1834 and was living in Lezant, Cornwall; there was a Mary Blake (20) working as a Female Servant in Fore Street, Callington who I believe was Mary Anne Leigh Blake; Solomon Blake (15) was a Male Servant in the employ of John Stevens (55) Farmer in Linkinhorne, Cornwall; Harriot Blake (13) was a Female Servant in the employ of Henry Paynter also at Lower Luckham, Lawhitton; there was a James Blake (11) employed as an Ag Lab at Guncott, North Petherwin, then in Devon, and to add to the reasons for accepting this as him, his future wife was from South Petherwin.

In 1851, son John Blake (37) Agricultural Labourer was the head of the household at Luckham, Lawhitton with wife Mary Blake (33), John Blake (66) Father; Elizabeth Blake (58) Mother and James Blake (25) Brother. Mary A Blake (29) from Lawhitton, Cornwall was a House Servant to Thomas Coode (53) Attorney At Law in St Austell; Solomon Blake (26) had married and was living in Cardiganshire, Wales; Elizabeth Blake (17) was visiting Robert and Harriet Cundy (Harriet Blake, as was) at 12 Keates St, Stoke Damerel.

John Blake died, aged 69, in  1853 S Quarter in LAUNCESTON Volume 05C Page 21 and was buried on 29 July, in Lawhitton.

In 1861, Elizabeth Blake (68) Pauper was living alone in Lawhitton Village.

Elizabeth Blake died, at 79, in 1871 D Quarter in LAUNCESTON.
  1. Rebecca Blake married Richard Braund on 16 Apr 1834 in Lawhitton. They went to live in Lezant, Cornwall. Records list their surname as Braund, Bround, Brawn or Brown. Richard Brawn died, at 77, in 1886 J Quarter in LAUNCESTON Volume 05C Page 23. Rebecca Brawn died in 1905 J Quarter in LAUNCESTON Volume 05C Page 18, at 93.
  2. Mary Anne Leigh Blake (39) married William Metters (34) Widower, Yeoman, on 12 Nov 1860 in Stoke Damerel. The bride's brother-in-law, William Trick, was one of the witnesses. William Metters died at 55, in 1881 D Quarter in LAUNCESTON. Mary Ann Leigh Metters died, at 68, in 1887 S Quarter in LAUNCESTON Volume 05C Page 17.
  3. John Blake married Mary Stanbury in Lawhitton on 10 Oct 1843.
  4. Solomon Blake married Maria Williams in Cardigan, Wales on 31 Jan 1849. The couple reputedly had 20 children. Maria Blake died, at 60, in 1888 S Quarter in CARDIGAN Volume 11B Page 3. Solomon Blake died in 1889 M Quarter in CARDIGAN Volume 11B Page 5, at 70.
  5. Harriet Blake married Robert Cundy in the 4th quarter of 1845, in Launceston, Cornwall. Robert Cundy died, at 51, in 1871 D Quarter in TAVISTOCK Volume 05B  Page 318. Harriet Cundy died in 1906 M Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 225, at 78.
  6. James Blake married Mary Ralph Martyn in Werrington, then in Devon, on 30 Mar 1852. James Blake died at 47, on 30 Jun 1878 (1878 S Quarter in LAUNCESTON Volume 05C Page 21) and was buried in Lawhitton, Cornwall on 3 Jul 1878. Mary Ralph Blake died, in 1917 D Quarter in DEVONPORT Volume 05B Page 404, at 86.