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Tuesday, 4 April 2023

Thomas Cotterell, Sarah Bowerman and Sarah Tooze

Holcombe Rogus, All Saints Church: Eastern aspect
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Thomas Cotterell (b. 1785), son of Thomas and Agnes Cotterell, married for a second time, to Sarah Tooze (b. 1802) daughter of Thomas Tooze and Jane Burton, on 11 Dec 1822 at the Church of All Saints, Holcombe Rogus. The record of the marriage specifies that Thomas Cotterell, Chairmaker, was a Widower. It says that Sarah was 22, but she would have been 20, still a minor in those days. One of the witnesses to this marriage was John Tooze.

Thomas Cotterell had previously married Sarah Bowerman (bap. 21 Jun 1789 in Ashbrittle, Somerset), daughter of William and Susanna Bowerman, again in Holcombe Rogus, on Christmas Eve, 24 Dec 1813.

Thomas Cotterell and Sarah Bowerman had four children:

  1. William Cotterell bap. 17 Sep 1814
  2. Susanna Cotterell bap. 18 Aug 1816
  3. Sarah Cotterell bap. 28 Mar 1819
  4. Thomas Cotterell bap. 18 Mar 1821
All four baptisms, in Holcombe Rogus, list their father as a Chairmaker.

Then there is a record of a burial of Sarah Cotterell, in Holcombe Rogus, in 1822, her age then estimated as 35. With potentially four young children to bring up, it's no wonder Thomas married again quickly. Before her marriage, Sarah Tooze had given birth to Elizabeth Tooze, bap. 14 Oct 1821, the record specifying that the child was the daughter of Sarah Tooze, Spinster. This fact alone probably made her ideal to nurse the youngest of Thomas' children.

Thomas Cotterell and Sarah Tooze then added a further eight children:

  1. James Cotterell bap. 21 Sep 1823
  2. Jane Cotterell bap. 24 Dec 1826
  3. Mary Ann Cotterell bap. 7 Dec 1828
  4. John Cotterell bap. 25 Dec 1831
  5. Caroline Cotterell bap. 16 Feb 1834
  6. Robert Cotterell bap. 5 Jan 1837
  7. Charles Cotterell bap. 7 Jul 1839
  8. Richard Cotterell bap. 11 Apr 1847

On the baptisms for James, Mary Ann, John and Caroline, Thomas' occupation is listed as Labourer. On that of Jane's it was listed as Mason, but there is a note on that record that it had been copied, which gives the opportunity for error. On Robert's, Charles' and Richard's baptisms, Thomas Cotterell is once more described as a Chairmaker. The different occupations might suggest two different families, but as most of these children do appear with this family on census returns, that cannot be the case. Probably more likely that Thomas' first wife's death caused the temporary change in his circumstances.

In 1841, Thomas Cotterell (listed as 45) Chairmaker was living at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus with Sarah Cotterell (35), Mary (12), John (9), Caroline (7), Robert (5) and Charles (2), as well as Elizabeth Tooze (20) Female Servant. Jane Cotterell (15) was a Female Servant at Widhays Farm, Uplowman.

In 1851, and still at Twitchen, we find Thomas Cotterell (62) Chairmaker, Sarah Cotterell (54 - she was only 49), Richard Cotterell (4) and John Cotterell (2) Grandson. Caroline Cotterell (17) was a House Servant in Sampford Peverell, Devon. Meanwhile, Robert Cotterell (14) was a House Servant to John Cork, Farmer of 132 Acres, in Holcombe Rogus.

In 1861, at Twitchen Cottage, were Thomas Cotterell (75) Chairmaker, Sarah Cotterell (64) and Richard Cotterell (14) Chairmaker. Charles Cotterell (21) Chairmaker was a visitor in the household of James Tristram (63) Gardener, at Lower Greenham, Ashbrittle. Charles married Emma Tristram that year.

Sarah Cotterell died, at 63, in 1866 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 227 and was buried in Ashbrittle, Somerset. This did not make sense. However, the first Sarah Cotterell (née Bowerman), had come from Ashbrittle. This, the second Sarah Cotterell (née Tooze) was born in Holcombe Rogus. Thomas Cotterell was 81 when his second wife died. Had he confused them and is this suggestive, perhaps, of dementia?

In 1871, Thomas Cotterell (84) Pauper, Widower, was living in the household of his son-in-law, Thomas Tooze - married to daughter Caroline [1].

Thomas Cotterell died at 93, in  1878 D Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 240 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus.

[1] Still trying to establish the relationship between Thomas Tooze (b. 1801) and Thomas Tooze (b. 1805) - my belief is that they're probably 2nd cousins - but here I can provide evidence of one way in which they are certainly linked: Sarah Tooze (b. 1802) was the elder sister of Thomas Tooze (b. 1805). Her daughter, Caroline Cottrell, later married Thomas Tooze, son of William Tooze the younger brother of Thomas Tooze (b. 1801).

Saturday, 25 March 2023

Thomas Tooze and Caroline Cotterell

Cottages, at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus
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Thomas Tooze (bap. 10 Feb 1833) son of William Tooze and Sophia Disney, married Caroline Cottrell (bap. 16 Feb 1834), daughter of Thomas Cotterell and Sarah Tooze. The Banns of the marriage were attempted to be read in Holcombe Rogus, but written on the record is, "I William Tooze, father of the above Thomas Tooze, did openly in the Church this day March 13th, 1853, forbid these Banns. My son being under age." William Tooze.

The determined couple married, in Tiverton, in the 4th quarter of 1853.

Thomas and Caroline Tooze went on to have twelve children:

  1. Sophia Tooze b. 1854 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 417, bap. 7 May 1854 in Holcombe Rogus
  2. Edward William Thomas Tooze b. 1855 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Vol 05C Page 355, bap. 2 Dec 1855
  3. Sarah Jane Tooze b. 1858 M Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 416, bap. 14 Feb 1858
  4. Caroline Tooze b. 1859, bap. 26 Feb 1860 (no GRO registration)
  5. Eliza Tooze bap. 15 Dec 1861 (no GRO registration)
  6. Lily Tooze b. 1863 D Quarter in WELLINGTON-SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 396, bap. 8 Nov 1863
  7. Thomas Tooze b. 1865 S Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET & DEVON Volume 05C Page 390, bap. 10 Sep 1865
  8. Lucy Ann Tooze b. 1867 S Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 369, bap. 14 Jul 1867. Died, aged 13, in 1880 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C  Page 273 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus
  9. Emily Tooze b. 1869 D Quarter in WELLINGTON - SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 352, bap. 10 Oct 1869
  10. Elizabeth Tooze b. 1872 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 393, bap. 3 Mar 1872. Died, 1900 J Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET & DEVON  Volume 05C  Page 209
  11. William Tooze b. 1875 J Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 361, bap. 15 Aug 1875
  12. Albert Tooze b. 1880 M Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 333, bap. 16 May 1880
Caroline will have been 46 when the last child was born, which is late, so I did check that they weren't passing off any illegitimate grandchildren as their own, but all of the registrations of the above show the mother's maiden name as COTTERILL, COTTERELL or COTTRELL and all of the baptisms list the child as being that of Thomas and Caroline, so are theirs.

In 1861, Thomas Tooze (28) Carter; Caroline Tooze (28), Edward (5), Sarah J (3) and Caroline (2) were living at Knowle Cottage, Holcombe Rogus. Their eldest daughter, Sophia (7) was living with her grandparents.

In 1871, Thomas Tooze (38) Agricultural Labourer; Caroline Tooze (37), Caroline (10), Eliza (8), Lillie (sic) (7), Thomas (5), Lucy (4) and Emily (1) were all living at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus. Living with them was Caroline's widowed father, Thomas Cotterell (84) Pauper and an Elizabeth Hall (22) Visitor. Eldest daughter, Sophia (17) Fancy Worker, was still living with her grandmother; yet to find Edward; Sarah Tooze (13) was Domestic Servant to Henry Jones (73) Carpenter, in South Street, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1881, still at Twitchen, Holcombe Rogus were Thomas Tooze (48) Ag Lab, Caroline Tooze (48), Emily (10), Elizabeth (9), William (6) and Albert (1). Also living with them was Frances Tooze (6) Granddaughter (b. 1875 M Quarter in WELLINGTON SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 365), bap. 31 Jan 1875, illegitimate daughter of Sophia Tooze. Not found Sophia, Edward or Sarah Jane; Caroline married in 1879; Eliza Tooze (19) was Domestic Servant to John Howse (42) Farmer at Burrow Farmhouse, Ashbrittle; Lillie (sic) Tooze (18) was a General Servant to Alice E James (21) Schoolmistress in South Street, Wellington and Thomas Tooze (15) was a Farm Servant (indoor) to William Warren (55) Farmer at Ford Place, Holcombe Rogus.

In 1891,  at Twitchen, were Thomas Tooze (58) Coachman, Caroline Tooze (57), William Tooze (15) French Polisher and Albert Tooze (11). Elizabeth Tooze (20) was Domestic Servant to Frederick Chave (68) in Halberton.

In 1901, Thomas Tooze (68) Ordinary Labourer and Caroline Tooze (68).

Caroline Tooze died actually at 66, in 1901 S Quarter in WELLINGTON, SOMERSET AND DEVON Volume 05C Page 193. Thomas Tooze died in  1902 J Quarter in WELLINGTON Volume 05C Page 213, at 68.

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