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Wednesday 27 September 2023

George Taylor and Julia Ellen Kemp

Albury Street. Deptford
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George Taylor (b. 1858), son of Edmond Taylor and Ann Thompson, married Julia Ellen Kemp in Hackney, London in the 4th quarter of 1888.

After his mother seemingly died in 1864, George had lived with his mother's sister, his aunt Maria Blackett (formerly Maria Thompson, later Maria Kenward), in 1871 listed as George Taylor and in 1881, listed as George Saville, both times quoting a middle initial of S, which actually he didn't have. Saveall, if not Saville, appears to have been his paternal grandmother's surname and Saveall was certainly his elder brother's middle name.

In 1891, George Taylor (32) Schoolmaster and wife Julia Taylor (33) from Lincolnshire, were living at 19, Crompton Road, Beckenham, Kent.

There appears to be no birth/baptism record of a Julia Ellen Kemp in Lincolnshire - or anywhere else for that matter - neither have I found her, anywhere, on any census, prior to 1891 - and, given that she was 30 at the time of her marriage to George, it's entirely feasible that she could have been a widow, but without further clues, she remains a complete mystery.

There are no apparent children to this couple either, but not knowing if they would be registered as Taylor or Saville, nor whether their mother's maiden name was Kemp or something else, means with all variables, it's not possible to know what to search for or how to confirm if any records relate.

There was then a death registered of George Saville, aged 36, in 1895 J Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 227.

Quite why he kept swapping from Taylor to Saville is also a mystery.

In 1901, Julia Taylor (43) Widow, was a boarder in the household of Elizabeth Burch (39) Midwife Nurse at 20, Albury Street, Deptford, who were extended family. Elizabeth Burch (née Wykes), was the  daughter of Elizabeth Thompson, another sister of George's mother and aunt Maria. 

As yet, there are no clues to suggest what happened to Julia next.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Henry Ridgeway and Maud Emily Kemp

West Anstey: village
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Henry Ridgeway (b. 17 Mar 1876), Police Constable, son of Thomas Ridgway and Ann Tooze, married Maud Emily Kemp (b. 10 Aug 1872), daughter of William John Kemp and Mary Prouse, on 27 Jul 1899, at ;St Petrock's Church, West Anstey, Devon. Maud's father was also a Police Constable.

Henry and Maud had three children:
  1. Harold Henry Ridgeway bap. 3 Jun 1900
  2. Gwendoline Maud Ridgeway b. 8 Sep 1904, bap. 22 Jan 1905
  3. Horace William Ridgeway b. 21 Feb 1911, bap. 21 Apr 1911
The first two were baptised in Denbury and Horace in Kingsteignton.

In 1901, Henry Ridgeway (25) Police Constable, Maud E (28) and Harold H (11 months) were living in East Street, Denbury, Newton Abbot.

In 1911, at 2 Yeoman Terrace, Kingsteignton, Devon, were Henry Ridgeway (35) Devon police constable; Maud Emily (38), Harold Henry Ridgeway (10), Gwendoline Maud Ridgeway (6) and Horace William Ridgeway (1 month).

In 1918, Harold Henry Ridgeway, had joined the Merchant Navy.

In 1921, Henry Ridgeway (45) Police Constable was living at 14, Hillmans Road, Newton Abbot, Wolborough with Maude Emily Ridgeway (48), Gwendoline Maude Ridgeway (16) and Horace William Ridgeway (10)

Henry Ridgeway, Retired police constable and Maud E Ridgeway, in 1939, were living at 5 Torquay Road, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot.

Henry Ridgeway died in Newton Abbot, in 1950, aged 74.

Maud E Ridgeway of Haytor House, Kingsteignton (her daughter, Gwendoline Williams' address), died on 28 Dec 1955, aged 83. Probate was granted to Andrew John Williams, Dairyman and James Marshall, retired police officer.

  • Harold Henry Ridgeway died in 1980, in Torbay, Devon, shortly before his 80th birthday. [Found no marriage for Harold.]
  • In 1939, Gwendoline Maud Ridgeway married Andrew John Williams, in Newton Abbot. That year Andrew J Williams (b. 29 Dec 1904), Dairyman, Gwendoline M Williams and Wilfred H Green (b. 1890) Salesman Disabled War Pensioner, were living at Haytor House, Kingsteignton. Andrew John Williams of Cherry Trees, 22 Grosvenor Ave, Cadewell, Torquay died on 29 Oct 1993. Gwendoline Maud Williams died in Torbay, in 2004, at 99.
  • Horace William Ridgeway married Euphemia I Wilson, in Wetherby, Yorkshire, on 4 Jun 1938. The Aberdeen Press And Journal announced on 6 Jun 1938: RIDGEWAY-WILSON: At Wetherby Parish Church, Yorkshire on 4th June 1938, by the Rev. Milnes, Horace William, son of Mr and Mrs Ridgeway, of Torquay, South Devon, to Effie, younger daughter of the late James Wilson and of Mrs Wilson, 8 Victoria Crescent, Cullen. In 1939, Horace and Effie were living at Devon Cottage, Wharfe View Estate, Wetherby. Horace was employed as a "Sales Representative For Manager Of Glazed Tiles Fire Places", while Effie was the "Private Secretary To Director Woollen Merchants". The record says Euphemia was born 8 Nov 1906, but I have found no birth record. Not [yet] sure what happened to Effie, but Horace William Ridgeway died, in 1996, back in Torbay, Devon. He will have been 85.