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Wednesday 28 February 2024

Robert Gollop and Sophia Underdown

St Cuthbert's church, Widworthy
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Robert Gollop, son of Robert Gollop and Jane Horton married Sophia Underdown, daughter of Thomas Underdown and Susannah Underdown (also her maiden name), on 28 Feb 1837 at St Cuthbert's church, Widworthy.

Sophia, whose parents had married in Southleigh on 27 Apr 1795, was born on 20 Jan 1809 and baptised, on 22 May 1809, in Colyton, Devon

Robert and Sophia had four children:
  1. Charles Benjamin Gollop bap. 7 Jan 1838 in Widworthy
  2. Amos Robert Gollop b. 1839
  3. Emanuel Gollop b. 30 Jan 1842, bap. 25 Mar 1842 in Offwell
  4. Sophia Gollop b. 1844, bap. 9 Jan 1848 in Offwell
Their residence at the time of Charles Benjamin's baptism was Dalwood, Dorset (now in East Devon). Robert's occupation was Shoemaker.

In 1841, living in Wilmington Street, Offwell, were Robert Gollop (30), Sophia (30), Charles (3), Amos (1) and Robert Salter (15), Apprentice. 

Sophia Gollop died, aged 38, and was buried on 4 Jan 1848 in Offwell.

In 1851, Robert Gollop (44) Widower, was living in his mother's household in Widworthy, as were his three youngest children: Amos (11), Emanuel (9) and Sophia (7), while Charles Gollop (14) was employed as a Farm Servant by Abraham Cottey (63) Farmer of 80 acres at West Colwell, Offwell. 

Robert Gollop died at 45 and was buried on 10 Sep 1851, in Widworthy.

Monday 19 February 2024

James Wood and Harriet Gollop

Kentisbeare: village stores and Post Office
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James Wood (b. 1814), son of Henry Wood, Shoemaker, with residence in Bathwick, Somerset, married Harriet Gollop, daughter of Robert Gollop and Jane Horton on 19 Feb 1840 at St. Mary’sKentisbeare Devon. 

Records suggest that James and Harriet had at least seven children: 
  1. Mary Jane Wood b. 1840, bap. 14 Jun 1840 in Widworthy
  2. Henry Wood b. 1842, bap. 30 Oct 1842 in Kentisbeare
  3. Ann Wood b. 1845 and/or 1854 (see below)
  4. Charles Wood bap. 9 Sep 1849 in Kentisbeare
  5. Emma Wood b. 1852, bap. 4 May 1856 in Kentisbeare
  6. James Wood b. 1857, bap. 2 Aug 1857 in Kentisbeare
  7. Sarah Ann Wood bap. 5 Oct 1862 in Kentisbeare
In 1841, Harriet Wood (20) and her daughter Mary (1) were living in Harriet's mother's household at Lusehayne, Widworthy. It was quite common for women to go back to their mother's home to give birth to first babies. James, presumably, was away working, but I've not found where.  

In 1851, James Wood (37), wife Harriet (32), Mary (9), Henry (8), Ann (5) and Charles (2) were living at Lower Croyle, Kentisbeare. Mary J (10) was also once again listed as staying with her grandmother in Widworthy.

In 1861, living in North Street, Kentisbeare, were James Wood (47), Harriet (43), Charles (10), Ann (7) and James (4). NB: Ann's age just doesn't stack up. She should either have been 15, or this is a different child, but I can find neither birth or death registrations, nor baptisms around either date to clarify.

In 1871, James Wood (57), Harriet (51), James (12) and Sarah (8) were living with son Henry Wood and his family in Kentisbeare Village.

James Wood died in 1880, aged 65. 

In 1881, Harriet Wood (64) Widow, Unemployed, was living in Kentisbeare Village with son James (23) and granddaughter, Emma (9) [Henry's daughter].

Harriet Wood was buried on 3 Jan 1889, in Kentisbeare.

Thursday 27 April 2023

Richard Gollop and Hester Litten

Honiton : St Michael's Church
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Richard Gollop and Hester Litten were married, on 27 Apr 1770, in Honiton on Otter, Devon, which today is just called Honiton and, well, it's close to the River Otter. Not at St Paul's Church, High Street, as that wasn't built until 1835, so probably at the former parish church of St Michael's (now closed), but not as we see it now, as it was rebuilt in 1911/12 after a fire

Richard Gollop appears to be the son of William and Mary Gollop, baptised on 25 Dec 1746 in Kilmington, Devon, while Hester Litten (or Littin) was the 'Bast' (Bastard, obvs) child of Dinah Littin from Offwell, bap. 7 Sep 1741.

Richard and Hester had at least three children: 
  1. Robert Gollop bap. 17 May 1772 in Offwell
  2. Elizabeth Gollop bap. 12 May 1776 in Offwell
  3. Dinah Gollop bap. 22 Oct 1780 in Offwell
It's hard to be certain with records this old, but there was a burial of a Richard Gollop on 15 Jun 1800 and a burial of an Esther Gollop, Widow, on 11 Dec 1808, both in the parish of Widworthy, which may relate to this couple.

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Robert Gollop and Jane Horton (or Awton)

Church of St Michael and All Angels, Awliscombe
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Robert Gollop, son of Richard Gollop and Hester Litten, married Jane Horton (or Awton), daughter of Charles Awton and Mary Maurice, on 29 Mar 1802 in AwliscombeEast Devon. The marriage record says Awton, which is probably what it sounded like in a Devon accent and was thus written down that way by the church official, also given the spelling of the village name. 

Robert and Jane had at least four children:

  1. Elizabeth Gollop bap. 25 Sep 1803 in Widworthy 
  2. Robert Gollop b. 8 Dec 1805, bap. 6 Apr 1806 in Shute, Devon
  3. Charles Gollop b. 1 May 1809, bap. 18 Jun 1809 in Shute, Devon (Died, aged 20, and was buried on 22 Dec 1830 in Widworthy.)
  4. Harriet Gollop, bap. 24 Oct 1819 in Widworthy

Robert Gollop died, aged 60, and was buried in Widworthy on 4 Jan 1833.

By the time of the 1841 census, Jane Gollop (60) was living at Lusehayne, Widworthy and with her were her now married daughter Harriett Wood (20), Jane Bazleigh (12), William Horton (70) - we later discover is Jane's brother - Elizabeth Blackmore (3) and Mary Wood (1) [Harriet's daughter].

In 1851, Jane Gollop (72) Widow, is living in "A Cottage, Widworthy", with her still unmarried brother, William Horton (83) Chelsea Pensioner; granddaughter, Mary J Wood (10), plus her widowed son Robert Gollop (44) Shoemaker and three of his children, Amos (11), Emanuel (9) and Sophia (7).

Jane Gollop died, aged 81, and was buried on 12 Sep 1858 in Widworthy.

Thatched cottage, Widworthy
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