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Thursday 25 May 2023

Isaac Horn and Maria Agnes Thaxter

St. George-in-the-East
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Isaac Horn (b. 1803, bap. 3 Aug 1806 in Thatcham, Berkshire), son of John Horn and Lucy Buckeridge, married Maria Agnes Thaxter at Christ Church Watney Street, St George in the East, in 1842. Born 6 Jan 1824 and bap. 21 Mar 1824 at St George in the East, Stepney, Maria was the daughter of William Thaxter, Labourer in the East India Docks and his wife, Maria. 

Isaac and Maria had seven children:

  1. William Horn b. 14 Oct 1842 D Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 103, bap. 13 Nov 1842 at St George in the East
  2. John Isaac Horn b. 18 Jul 1845 S Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 109, bap. 31 Aug 1845, as John Isaac Robert Horn
  3. George James Horn b. 16 Feb 1848 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 02 Page 132, bap. 5 Mar 1848. Died before his 1st birthday in 1849 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 02 Page 99
  4. Edmund Horn b. 1851 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 128. Died, aged 2, in 1853 M Quarter Vol 01C Page 340
  5. Isaac Richard Horn b. 4 July 1856 S Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 01C Page 406, bap. 27 Jul 1856 at St George in the East
  6. Lucy Ann Horn b. 1858 M Qtr in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 01C 452
  7. Maria Lucy Horn b. 1862 J Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 452. Died in 1862 J Quarter Volume 01C Page 314
On all of the baptisms, Isaac Horn is listed as a Plumber. 

On William's baptism in 1842, their address was 39 Lower Cornwell St and on John's in 1845, 29 Lower Cornwell St. On George's baptism in 1848, their address was 5 Back Road and on Isaac's in 1856, it was 5 China Place. 

In 1851, at China Place, Back Road (so the addresses on George's and Isaac's baptisms was the same place), were Isaac Horn (46) Plumber, although it gave his birthplace a Chippenham, Wiltshire; Maria Horn (27) Coffee Shop Keeper; William Horn (8), John Horn (5) and Edwin [they mean Edmund] (0).

In 1861, at 5, Back Road, St George in the East, were Isaac Horn (56) Plumber and Painter, again with his birthplace listed as Chippenham, Wiltshire; Maria Horn (listed as 51, but she was only 37); William Horn (18) Plumber; John Horn (16) Plumber; Isaac Horn (5) and Lucy Horn (3).

Maria Horn died, at 39, in 1862 D Quarter Volume 01C Page 367.

In 1871, Isaac Horn (67) Widower, was Coffee House Keeper at 333 Cable Street. Living with him were William Horn (24) Plumber; Isaac Horn (15) Plumber and Lucy Horn (14). At one time each part of the street bore different names, with Back Road being one of them, so it seems likely they'd been in the same premises since at least 1848. This time, Isaac's birthplace is listed as Thatcham, Berkshire. Why it had previously been given as Chippenham, Wiltshire, isn't obvious, but twice isn't an error. The two places are around 50 miles apart, so if I had to speculate, perhaps Isaac was born in Chippenham, then (given the delay) baptised and brought up in Thatcham.

Coffee Houses were a thing of the 17th and 18th centuries, places that no “respectable” woman was able to enter and many were haunts for criminals and prostitutes. By the 19th century, coffee houses had declined.

Isaac Horn, age overestimated to 75, died on 20 Mar 1874 (1874 M Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 328).

Wednesday 25 January 2023

William Ebenezer Eastabrook and Mary Connolly

Victorian villa, Marionville Road
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The house stands in the grounds of St. Ninian's and Triduana R.C. Church.

William Ebenezer Eastabrook, second son of Samuel Ebenezer Derry Eastabrook and Eliza Back married Mary Connolly, in 1909. Listed in Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Marriages in Edinburgh, Restalrig, Midlothian, this is likely to have taken place at Ss Ninian & Triduana R C Church

William and Mary Eastabrook had four children:
  1. Mary Magdalen Eastabrook b. 1910 J Q in MEDWAY Vol 02A Page 771
  2. Eliza Winifred May Eastabrook b. 1911 J Q in MEDWAY Vol 02A 782
  3. William Ebenezer Eastabrook b. 13 Jan 1913 in MEDWAY Vol 02A 1452
  4. Thomas James Eastabrook b. 1917 J Quarter in MEDWAY Volume 02A Page 1178. Died 25 Jun 1917 J Quarter in MEDWAY Volume 02A Page 999 and is buried at Grange Road Cemetery, Gillingham.
In 1911, William Eastabrook (29) Plumber Royal Navy, was living in Gillingham, Kent, with Mary Eastabrook (25) from Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, and Mary Eastabrook (0), born in Gillingham, Kent. 

(The only birth of a Mary Connoly (sic) - other records use Conley and even Connoloy - is in 1882 D Quarter in BERWICK Volume 10B Page 374, which does compute with age given at death, with mother's maiden name of MORAN. Although, I haven't [yet] found a corresponding family.)

William Ebenezer Eastabrook, born 28 Mar 1882, from Devonport, Devon, naval record shows that he enlisted in the Royal Navy on 20 Nov 1906, as a Plumber and served for 22 years, until 19 Nov 1928. Although there has to be an earlier record, as he was already with the Royal Navy At Sea and in Ports Abroad, Ships and Overseas Establishments, at 18, at the time of the Census of 1901. Notably during his career, he was assigned to HMS Falmouth (1910) from 23 May 1914 and from 24 Feb 1915 to 26 Aug 1916. HMS Falmouth was heavily engaged during the Battle of Jutland on 31 May - 1 Jun 1916, survived that, but sank off Flamborough Head, after being damaged during the Action of 19 August 1916. William was then assigned to HMS Pembroke (Royal Naval Barracks, Chatham) on 27 Aug 1916.

In 1921, the family were listed at 19 Christmas Place, Medway, Kent.

However, Mary Eastabrook died, at 40, on 27 Mar 1923 M Quarter in MEDWAY Volume 02A Page 902 and she was buried, as Mary Ann Eastabrook, on 31 Mar 1923 at Grange Road Cemetery, Gillingham. 

William E Eastabrook remarried in 1933 to a May Cheeseman. They had a daughter, Rita Nancy Eastabrook, born in 1933, with the mother's maiden name of Yalden. Born May Yalden in 1893 in Medway, as Mary Yalden, she had married Henry Cheeseman in 1915. May had five children, born between 1913 and 1927, from her first marriage. Henry Cheeseman, born 1880, had died on 31 Dec 1930 and was buried at Woodlands Cemetery, Gillingham.

In 1939, William E Eastabrook and May Eastabrook were living at 147 Railway St, Gillingham.

William Ebenezer Eastabrook died, aged 78, on 15 Jul 1960 and is buried at Grange Road Cemetery, Gillingham

May Eastabrook, born 28 Jun 1893, died, also aged 78, on 29 Sep 1971. She is buried at Woodlands Cemetery, Gillingham.
  1. Mary Magdalen Eastabrook married Henry J Cox, in Medway, in 1929. Mary Magdalen Cox died in Q1/1986 in CHILTERN AND BEACONSFIELD (3252) Volume 19 Page 1374.
  2. Eliza Winifred May Eastabrook, listed as Winnie, living with the family in 1921. Winifred Easterbrook (40) sailed to New York from Southampton on the Queen Elizabeth on 15 Jun 1951. Winifred Eastabrook, born 11 May 1911, died at 84, in 1995 in Sutton, Surrey.
  3. In 1928, William Ebenezer Eastabrook, born 13 Jan 1913, from Gillingham Kent, was a Greenwich School Boy (Royal Naval College, Greenwich). He transferred to the Royal Navy on 1 Jan 1929 and signed up for another 12 years from 13 Jan 1931, advancing to Yeo Sigs (Yeoman of signals), being re-instated in 1943 and again in 1944. William E Eastabrook married, in 1946, in the New Forest, Hampshire. In late 1946 and 1947, as William Ernest Eastabroook, with 17 years experience at sea with the Royal Navy, he was QM (Quartermaster) on the RMS Queen Elizabeth luxury liner service between Southampton in the United Kingdom and New York City in the United States. Also listed as William Ernest Eastabrook, but birth date of 13 Jan 1913 agrees, he died, aged 62, in Southampton, Hampshire in 1975.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Charles Hoile Baker and Amelia Young

St John's Church, Waterloo Tom Morris, CC BY-SA 3.0

Charles Hoile Baker (b. 23 Aug 1825, bap. 9 Oct 1825 at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch), son of Charles Baker and Sarah Hoile, married Amelia Young (b. 6 May 1823, bap. 14 Sep 1823 at Southwark St Saviour), daughter of Richard and Sarah Young, at St John's Church, Waterloo (interior image) a..k.a. Lambeth St John the Evangelist, Surrey in Q1 1847.

Charles and Amelia Baker, it would appear, had six children:
  1. Charles Richard Baker b. 1848 M Quarter in SHOREDITCH Vol 02 Page 399, bap. 4 Jun 1848 at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch
  2. Frederick Hoile Baker b. 21 Nov 1849 D Quarter in ST GILES IN THE FIELDS & ST GEORGE BLOOMSBURY Volume 01 Page 65, bap. 9 Dec 1849 at St Anne's Church, Soho. Died, aged 7, in 1856 D Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 295 and was buried on 21 Dec 1856 at the City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery.
  3. Sarah Jane Baker b. 1 Feb 1852 M Quarter in HOLBORN Volume 01B Page 395, bap. 1852 at Lambeth St John.
  4. Amelia Elizabeth Baker b. 1854 J Quarter in HOLBORN Vol 01B 421
  5. Sophia Baker b. 1858 D Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 426
  6. Ellen Rosina Baker b. 1866 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 398. Registered as Ellen Susannah, the mother's maiden name is also shown as Young. Always known as Ellen Rosina, it appears the registration was listed or transcribed incorrectly.
In 1851, in Kingsgate Street, Holborn (celebrated by Dickens as the address of Mrs. Gamp's Lodging) were Charles Hoile Baker (25) Plumber, Amelia Baker (27), Charles Richard Baker (3), Frederick Hoile Baker (1) and Eliza Sandall (19) Dressmaker, who I can only assume was a Lodger.

By 1861, in Cowley Street, St George-In-The-East (which ran north-south just east of Shadwell Station), the household comprised: Charles Baker (39) Mechanic Plumber, Amelia Baker (40), Charles Baker (13), Sarah Baker (9), Amelia Baker (7) and Sophia Baker (2).

Once more in Cowley Street, St George in the East in 1871 were Charles H Baker (45), Amelia Baker (47), Sarah J Baker (20), Amelia Baker (17), Sophia Baker (13) and Ellen Baker (4). (Charles Richard had married in 1867.)

And in 1881, at 75, Cowley Street, St George in the East, were Charles Baker (54) Plumber, Amelia Baker (58) and Ellen Baker (14).

Amelia Baker died, aged 61, in 1883 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 300. 

Charles Hoile Baker died on 20 Sep 1883 at 75, Cowley St, Stepney. (1883 S Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 283).