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Thomas Tooze and Mary James

St Olave, Exeter, Devon
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One of Exeter's oldest churches, it was founded in 1035. It had a varied past, being closed by Cromwell and converted to a school, reopened during the Huguenot exodus as a church.

Thomas Tooze (b. 5 Jan 1805, bap. 20 Jan 1805, in Halberton, Devon), son of Thomas Tooze and Jane Burton, married Mary James at St Olave's Church, Exeter on 8 Jul 1832. Undoubtedly, this is the same Thomas Tooze who appears in court in Exeter in 1832, being tried for Larceny.

Both were listed as sojourner (temporarily residing) in this parish. Further records suggest that Mary was born in around 1806-1807, in Devon. The 1851 census reports her birthplace as 'Kintbar, Devon', which Google helpfully asks if I meant Kentisbeare. Yes, I probably did. :) 

This Thomas and Mary had at least three children:
  1. Ellen Tooze b. 1837 in Stoke Newington, Middlesex (no reg)
  2. William Tooze b. 19 Aug 1839 (1839 S Quarter in OF THE HACKNEY UNION Volume 03 Page 133). A 1879 record, British Civil Service Evidence Of Age (Post Office), gives William's birth date.
  3. Elizabeth Tooze b. 10 Jan 1842 M Qtr HACKNEY Vol 03 Page 196
The mother's maiden name on both birth registrations is James.

They were in the London Borough of Hackney by the time of Ellen's birth, but there are no baptisms, so there could have been other children that were never recorded. There is no birth registration, but there is also a death of a 3 year old Eliza Tooze, in Hackney, in 1849, who could also have been theirs. 

In 1841, Thomas Tooze (rounded down to 30), Mary Tooze (30), Ellen Tooze (4) and William Tooze (1) were living in Brook Street, Hackney.

In 1851, Thomas Tooze (47) Brewers Servant - no surprise, his father was a Maltster - from Halberton, Devon, and Mary Tooze (44) from Kintbar, Devon [Kentisbeare] Laundress; William Tooze (11) and Elizabeth Tooze (9), both born in Clapton, Middlesex, were living in Assembly Row, which Victorian Villas in Hackney (PDF) suggests was in Northwold RoadClapton, London. Ellen Tooze (14) Domestic Servant, born in Stoke Newington, Middlesex, was employed in the household of Thomas F Wilson (33) Stock Broker, in Wellington Place, Hackney. (An offshoot from the high road, called Wellington Place, had eight gentleman's residences by 1821; it had been extended due east as Wellington Road (from 1939 Shacklewell Road).

In 1861, Thomas Tooze (56) from Halberton, Devonshire 'Formerly Brewer' and saying formerly and being only in his 50's, I would read to indicate that Thomas had become infirm; Mary Tooze (54) Laundress and Elizabeth Tooze (19) Dress Maker, were living at 5, Queens Road, Hackney.

Thomas Tooze died, at 65, in 1869 D Qtr in HACKNEY Vol 01B Page 335.

In 1871, Mary Tooze (69) Pauper, Widow, Domestic Servant from Devonshire, was a resident at Hackney Union Workhouse.

Mary Tooze died at 66, in 1872 J Qtr in HACKNEY Vol 01B Page 287.

So what relation are Thomas Tooze and Mary James to Thomas Tooze and Mary Summers? The chance that they are NOT related, given they all hail from the same Devon villages, is infinitesimally small, however the link is further back than available records, so we can only speculate.

Baptisms for William Tooze (b. 1727) and Thomas Tooze (b. 1735) are not available online, however, with only eight years between them, it would not be a surprise to discover that these two were brothers. If this is so, then the first common ancestor that Thomas Tooze (b. 1801) and Thomas Tooze (b. 1805) would share would be their great-grandfather, making them 2nd cousins.

William Tooze and Mary Ann Tovell

Autumn flowers in Burgess Park
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William Tooze, son of Thomas Tooze and Mary James, married Mary Ann Tovell, daughter of George Tovell and Ellen Toose (sic) (m. at St James's Church, Piccadilly on 6 Oct 1831) in Greenwich, in 1868.

George Tovell died at 60, in 1868 J Quarter in STRAND Vol 01B Page 332.

In 1871, William Tooze (31) Tea Broker, born in Clapton, Middlesex, was living in Greenwich with wife Mary A Tooze (35) born in Vauxhall, Middlesex and Ellen Tovell (64) Widow, Mother-in-Law, born in 'Alberton, Devonshire' - methinks an H has dropped off the front of that once it got to London. :)

Unfortunately, I've not been able to find a baptism record for Ellen Toose (certainly a spelling mistake) to find out how she may be related to Thomas Tooze, but there has to be a possibility that this couple were cousins.

Ellen Tovell died, at 74, in 1881 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 640. 

In 1881, William Tooze (41) Commercial Clerk was living at 5, Domville Grove, Camberwell (Domville Grove was off Albany Road, Camberwell. After it was demolished the land was covered over by the grass of Burgess Park), but this time living with Annie Tooze (29) whose birthplace was given as Long Sutton, Somerset. With a 16 year difference in birth years and a different birthplace, these look like different women, but I cannot confirm.

William Tooze died at 48, in 1887 D Qtr in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 590.

She does not appear on the 1891 census, but Mary Ann Tooze died, at 64, in 1901 M Quarter in GREENWICH Vol 01D Page 673.

The couple don't appear to have children.