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Monday, 9 August 2021

William Northcott and Emma Jane Wood

Fore Street, Cullompton with the grade II listed White Hart
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William Northcott married Emma Jane Wood, daughter of Henry Wood and Mary Jane Melhuish from Kentisbeare, Devon, in 1896. Five years earlier, in 1891, William Northcott (19) Blacksmith, had been a lodger at The White Hart, Fore Street, Cullompton, but I haven't been able to find him before that. 

William and Emma's children included: 
  1. Maud Wood, Emma's illegitimate daughter, born 1894 and baptised on 19 Feb 1895, when she was 14 months old, in Kentisbeare
  2. William Henry Northcott born 8 Mar 1897 (not seen after 1911)
  3. Arthina Northcott born 14 Oct 1898, bap. 2 Nov 1898 in Cullompton
  4. Elizabeth Northcott born 1900 (died 1900 aged 0)
  5. Charles John Northcott born 23 Feb 1902, bap. 23 Mar 1902
  6. Albert James Northcott born 30 Aug 1903, bap. 16 Sep 1903 in Cullompton (died 1904, aged 0)
  7. Florence Northcott born 25 Oct 1907, Emma's illegitimate daughter
The retreat, Cullompton
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The neighbouring house in the row on the left, also listed, is Church Cottage.

In 1901, William Northcott (31) Blacksmith Journeyman from Branscombe, Devon (not identified relevant birth), wife Emma Jane (30) from Kentisbeare, along with Emma's daughter, Maud Wood (7), William Henry Northcott (4) and Arthenia Northcott (2) were living at Church Cottages, Cullompton.

William Northcott (33) died and was buried on 15 May 1904, in Cullompton.

Charles John Northcott was registered at Elmore School, Tiverton in 1908, with his address shown as Elmore Workhouse. In 1911, Emma Northcote (sic) (37) Widow, Laundress was living at 7 Rices Court, West Exe South, Tiverton with William (14) Errand Boy, Arthina (12), Charles (9) and Florence (3). 

Charles John Northcott (17) joined the Royal Tank Corps on 19 Aug 1919.

In 1917, Emma J Northcott had remarried to Arthur Southcott. What were the chances?

Arthur Southcott, born 30 Jul 1883, bap. 9 Aug 1883 at St Peter’s Church Tiverton, therefore 12 years younger than his wife, was the son of Frederick Southcott and Eliza Harris

Arthur Southcott died in 1935, in his early 50's.

In 1939, Emma J Southcott, Widowed again, was living at 7 Bartows Causeway, Tiverton with Dorothy A Evans (Arthina Northcott had married Ernest F J Evans in 1918), Laundress, and Dorothy Florence Northcott (b. 16 Nov 1916 - mother's maiden name was Northcott, so appears to be Arthina's illegitimate daughter), who worked at the Lace Factory and one other person. Emma Jane Southcott died in 1947. 

Tiverton : Bartows Causeway
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Monday, 2 August 2021

Mark Bridle and Maud Lucy Medcalf

Victoria Street, Exeter
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Mark Bridle, son of Henry Bridle and Emma Lucas and younger brother of William Bridle, married Maud Lucy Medcalf (b. 20 Mar 1882), daughter of Arthur Charles Medcalf and Eliza Dale, in St Pancras, London, in 1905. Wonder how they met? Maud's father was from Ballingdon, then in Essex (now a suburb of Sudbury in Suffolk) and her mother from Kensington. 

In 1911, Mark Bridle (35) Blacksmith, Maud Lucy (29); Mark's parents, William Henry (66), Emma (62); nephew, Harry (3) and Elizabeth Deroney (72), were living in Stoke Canon, Devon. 

Their only child, Arthur Albert Mark Bridle, was born on 18 Mar 1917.

In 1939, Mark Bridle, then employed as a Chauffer / Gardener, wife Maud L and son Arthur A N Bridle, Electrician, were living at 68 Victoria Street, Exeter

Maud L Bridle died in Exeter, in 1957, aged 75. Mark Bridle of 49 West Grove Road, Exeter died on 25 Feb 1958, aged 82, at 200 Woodwater Lane, Exeter, leaving his effects to Arthur Albert Mark Bridle, Electrician.

Arthur Albert Mark Bridle died on 19 Jun 2005, also in Exeter.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

George Hockley and Eliza Crow

St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, Essex - Chancel
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George Hockley, son of Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason, married Eliza Crow, daughter of William Crow and Judith Doe on 6 Nov 1843 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow. The record of the marriage shows that George, as well as both fathers' were labourers and witnesses were John and Jane Burton.

George and Eliza's children included: 

  1. William Crow bap. 17 Nov 1842 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow [1]
  2. Tamer (sic) Hockley born 1844 (Tamar as a female given name) [2]
  3. Daniel Hockley born 1845, bap. 12 May 1850 [3]
  4. Elizabeth Hockley born 1847, bap. 9 Aug 1857 
  5. James Hockley born 24 Apr 1849, bap. 10 Jun 1849
  6. Emma Hockley born 1851, bap 13 Apr 1851
  7. Lucy Hockley born 1852, bap. 8 Aug 1852
  8. Charles Hockley born 1854, bap. 9 Jul 1854
  9. Alice Hockley born 1855, bap. 11 Nov 1855
  10. Sarah Ann Hockley born 1857, bap. 9 Aug 1857
[1] William son of Eliza Crow, Single Woman was baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow on 17 Nov 1842. Her address at the time was given as "Dunmow Union House", i.e. the workhouse. William was reputedly born in 1840, but his age on the 1861 census suggests he was born in 1842 also. He appears not to have been George Hockley's son in that he doesn't take his surname. (There was a record of a death of a William Crow (29) in Romford, in 1871 - which would put his birth in 1842 too - and buried on 20 Dec 1871 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Warley. It's possible that this was him.)

[2] Tamer's birth is listed at the GRO with the mother's maiden name as Crow, but there are no further mentions of her, nor baptism, nor record of a death. 

[3] The only Daniel Hockley registered in Dunmow in 1845 has the mother's maiden name listed at the GRO as "Cross". This could be an error.

George Hockley died, aged just 42, from the all-too-common cause at that time, Phthisis (Tuberculosis (TB)) and was buried on 17 Jul 1857.

In 1861, we find widow, Eliza Hockley (40), still living at Halfway House, Great Dunmow with sons, William Crow (19) and Daniel Hockley (14), both Agricultural Labourers, seemingly supporting their mother and their younger siblings: Elizabeth Hockley (12), James Hockley (10), Emma Hockley (8), Lucy Hockley (7), Charles Hockley (6), Alice Hockley (5) and Sarah (3). 

In 1871, at High Street, Park Corner, Great Dunmow, there are Eliza Hockley (39) - erm, nope, she was 50 - Charwoman, with Charles Hockley (16) Farm Lab and Sarah Hockley (12) Domestic Servant.

On 20 Apr 1872, Eliza Hockley, daughter of William Crow, Labourer, married William Bloomfield, widower, son of Robert Bloomfield, in Felsted

In 1881, William Bloomfield (62) Blacksmith, born in Dunwich, Suffolk, and Eliza Bloomfield (55), are living at Cottage Farm, Banister Green, Felstead.

In 1891, William (73) and Eliza Bloomfield (64) are at Cock Green, Felstead. 

William Bloomfield died, aged 76, in 1893. 

In 1901, Eliza Bloomfield (75) widow living on children, is in the Village, Felsted.

Eliza Bloomfield died in 1906. She will have been 86.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

George Daniel Tompson and Alice Oldfield

St Andrew's Church, Whittlesey
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In 1908, George Daniel Tompson (22), only surviving son of Dan Tompson and his 2nd wife, Sarah Jane Baker - making George my half-great-grand-uncle - sailed from Liverpool to New York on the Lusitaniaalthough in 1910 he was back in Whittlesey for his marriage to Alice Oldfield, daughter of George Oldfield (1847-1913), a former Licenced Victualler and Blacksmith of East Delph, Whittlesey, in the parish of Whittlesey St Andrew and his wife, Caroline Hemmaway (m. 1868). Pubs in East Delph were the Anchor and The Three Fishes with the Hare and Hounds on the corner of Bassenhally Road. Records don't show which George Oldfield kept, but in 1881, he's not at the Hare and Hounds, nor The Three Fishes, as those have different occupiers listed.

George Oldfield's parents were George Oldfield and Mary Haddon. In 1851, Mary is listed as having been born in Yaxley, then Huntingdonshire. This family connection may well explain why George Daniel's three younger sisters were living in Yaxley in 1939 after they returned to the UK from Canada.

George Daniel Tompson left Liverpool on 7 March 1908 and arrived in New York on 13 March 1908, to Ellis Island. It appears from the passenger manifest that the 22 year old bricklayer's intended destination had been Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, there looks to be a line through his name, so was he refused entry to the United States perhaps? Quite when, how and why he ended up in Toronto, Canada instead I've yet to discover, if I ever do.

House on the right 133 Morrison Avenue, Toronto, Canada

After their marriage in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire on 29 Mar 1910, in 1911, George, with wife Alice, was back in Canada, where, on 25 Apr 1911, Alice gave birth to a stillborn son at 133 Morrison Avenue, Toronto, Canada

On the 1911 Canadian Census on 1 Jun 1911, living at 133 Morrison Avenue, Toronto, were George Tompson (27), Alice Tompson (32), Richard Oldfield (26), Walter Oldfield (22), Charles Oldfield (19), William Tinkler (26) and Fred Tinkler (26), the last two being boarders. Richard, Walter and Charles Oldfield were all Alice's younger brothers. Richard and Walter were Bricklayers Labourers and Charles a labourer. They hadn't been in Canada long, as they had been listed on the 1911 United Kingdom census on 2 Apr 1911 in their father's household.

Pure speculation, of course, but it would make sense that, having arrived in Toronto around 1908, George Daniel acquired the plot in Earlscourt and built the house at number 133 Morrison Avenue in the intervening years before going back to England to claim his wife once he'd prepared a home for them. The workforce of brickies' labourers turns up a year later and they build the house at 131 Morrison Avenue ready for Dad to move into in 1912. Possibly, maybe.

George and Alice go on to have at least five children: 
  1. Daniel George Tompson born 23 May 1912 at 133 Morrison Avenue
  2. Ruth Tompson born 1915
  3. Richard Tompson born 1919
  4. Charles Gordon Tompson born 1919
  5. Walter Tompson born 1921
On the 1921 Canadian Census, George Daniel Tompson (36) is listed as living at 124 Hatherley Road, Toronto with wife Alice (41), Daniel George Tompson (9), Ruth Tompson (6), Richard and Charles Gordon Tompson both 2, were they twins? And Walter Tompson, 2 months. 

George Daniel Tompson was still listed at 124 Hatherley Road, in the Toronto Centennial City Directory in 1934. His son, Daniel George, was listed in that directory as a teacher at a York Public School. In 1938, Daniel George Tompson married Dorothy Adeline Bryant, who died in 2009, at the ripe old age of 96. There aren't many Canadian records I can access online to research this branch further, but it seems obvious there will be extensive family still in Canada.

If you're related to any of the people written about, I'm guessing you'll recognise them from the surnames. If you are, do please get in touch.